Embarking on the World’s Most Affordable Cruise at $11/Day

The World’s Cheapest Cruise – Carnival Conquest

A Four Day Caribbean Adventure

So, I recently embarked on the world’s cheapest cruise costing just $11 a day aboard the Carnival Conquest, a seasoned cruise ship boasting 13 decks and a capacity to hold 3,000 passengers. Throughout the adventure, I experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly on this Carnival cruise, pitting it against other competitors and enjoying a wide range of experiences and surprises.

First Impressions and Boarding the Ship

My journey began in Port Miami, the largest cruise port in the world. Despite the busy atmosphere, the boarding process was smooth, and we were onboard within a short time. One thing I noticed right away was the wacky and tacky theme of the ship’s design, which I quite enjoyed. However, our room was not ready for another two and a half hours, forcing us to carry our bags around while exploring the ship.

Exploring the Carnival Conquest

As we explored the ship, we found that its spacing and utilization of real estate were well thought out. There were pools, bars, restaurants, and other amenities everywhere, creating a sense of convenience and ease for passengers. Our interior cabin, which was on the smaller side, was functional and what you would expect for $50 a night. However, I did encounter some issues when it came to the smell of sewage on some decks and faint scents of marijuana lingering throughout the ship.

The Sail Away Party and Dining Options

The sail away party on the Carnival Conquest was lively and engaging. Unfortunately, the food options were limited, and I mainly relied on the delicious Guys Burgers and the Pirate Pizza at night. The buffet dining experience was a disappointment and fell short of expectations.

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Nightlife and Entertainment Onboard

The environment and atmosphere during the nighttime events were diverse and had an active crowd. There were various incidents, like arguments and altercations, which took place throughout the cruise in areas like the smoking section and nightclub. As for entertainment, the production quality of the shows was mediocre, and the comedians ranged from hilarious to downright disappointing with inappropriate or tasteless jokes.

Exploring the Destinations

During this four-day Caribbean cruise, we had two ports of call – the private island of Princess Cays in the Bahamas and a second mystery destination. While Princess Cays was undoubtedly beautiful, it lacked activities and attractions that other cruise lines have at their private islands. It was more of a “starter pack” island for new cruisers and paled in comparison to Royal Caribbean‘s Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

While there were several incidents and shortcomings during the Carnival Conquest cruise, I still had a great time and enjoyed my vacation. This older Carnival cruise had its charm, and I would consider embarking on it again. However, for those who prefer more upscale experiences, better food options, and higher quality entertainment, I would recommend exploring other cruise lines and ships.