First Greek Isles Cruise 2023 Review: The Good, Bad, & Ugly Unveiled

An Honest Review about Cruising the Greek Isles

Taking a cruise to the Greek Isles is an adventure that lies on the bucket lists of many individuals. This year, we decided to pursue the experience and bring you firsthand accounts of what to expect in these pristine islands. Hello, we are Jordan and Jared, and we are excited about sharing an overview of our escapade in Greece. If you’re planning a cruise to the Greek Isles, pay keen attention because the information herein comprises vital tips that could either make or break your wonderful experience.

The Good about Cruising the Greek Isles

Let’s start with ‘the Good.’ We experienced vibrant people, breathtaking landscapes, and delectable foods, all of which rendered our trip memorable. The people in Greece stood out as being exceedingly hospitable and friendly.

The Beautiful People of Greece

The Greek locals are sterling in their generosity and warmth, inviting visitors into their homes, restaurants, and shops with open arms. They also harbor immense pride in their culture and customs, which they love to share with strangers. Freedom to interact with these cordial nationals fosters an extraordinary connection with Greece and spurs the delight of adventuring in this captivating country.

Remarkable Landscapes and Architecture

Furthermore, the alluring landscapes and architecture that beautifully paint the Greek Isles present the ideal backdrops for your vacation photos. There is a perfect blend of cultural richness and aesthetic brilliance that makes the Greek Isles perfect even for sightseeing. From the glorious cliffs of Santorini to the rolling hills and beaches on other islands, every iota of Greece makes for an unforgettable experience.

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The Toothsome Greek Dishes

At the heart of every successful trip is food, and Greece doesn’t hold back in this aspect. Greek food has mouthwatering delicacies, all served in astonishingly generous portions. Particularly, Gyros and lamb meals were standout favorites. However, with the delectable servings come large plates that might challenge individuals with smaller appetites. So, it might be a good idea to consider sharing.

The Bad and What Could have been Better

Conversely, holidaying in Greece had its caveats, which we approach as good things to know rather than bad experiences. Most tourists might not like the fact that many ports are Tinder Ports, a factor that would require an individual to plan accordingly.

The Tinder Ports

Going on a cruise means you may have to get Tinder tickets early and miss out on some sleep. Greek Isles cruises demand punctuality and meticulous planning.

Lots of Walking

Additionally, Greek tours involve walking long distances on sometimes challenging terrain. If this may not favor you, consider signing up for excursion options which will avail van travels and additional amenities to enhance your comfort.

Hot and Humid Weather

The weather in Greece might also be a cause for concern, especially for individuals not accustomed to hot and humid climates. The dark marble surfaces below retain heat, so it often feels hotter than the forecasted temperature. Also, for those who plan to visit Santorini, note that the island lies on top of cliffs which you have to climb to enjoy the view. While the sightseeing reward is worth the effort, the ascent can be tiring for some people.

Accessibility Issues

For tourists with accessibility needs, Greece might be a challenging destination. There are rough terrains, stairs, and arenas with limited mobility, again largely due to much of the historic locales that weren’t initially designed to cater to accessibility needs.

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The Ugly of Cruising the Greek Isles

While there’s a lot to love about Greek Isle cruises, there’s also a side that some visitors find a bit disturbing, the crowd. Greek Isles cruises can sometimes be teeming with as many people as some of the world’s most populous cities.

Dealing with the Crowds

However, you can strategize to make your vacation manageable amidst the sea of people. Consider visiting at the very start or the end of the tourist season when there are fewer visitors. Alternatively, hire a private tour guide who can help maneuver hidden gems away from the crowd and still have a fantastic Greek experience.

Overall, the Greek Isles offer a thrilling cruise experience, with just a few challenges that when approached correctly can lead to an unforgettable adventure.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are planning your own Greek Isle cruise, consider these pointers. Excursions are essential but can be costly. Many beautiful spots are within short walks; save your money and get a bit of exercise by exploring on foot. Early dinners can be a problem, considering you’ll want to maximize your daytime adventures. Planning for your meals is crucial if you want to enjoy each moment.

Keep in mind the aspect of crowd-navigation, and you will be sure to have an amazing Greek Isles cruise experience. If you’d like, reach out to us; as travel advisors, we can help plan your Greek Isle cruise. Remember, the goal is to enjoy an unforgettable cruise. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed.