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Idiotic Cruise Passengers Make Headlines Yet Again

Greetings to all the lovers of Salisbury steak and metal tray TV dinners out there! The subject of today’s discussion might make you drop your forks or even possibly laugh out your dinner. We’re going to look into the bizarre behavior of two particularly boneheaded cruise passengers, making waves for all the wrong reasons.

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I am your cruise news host, Chuck Darwin and this is La Lido Loca. I feel obliged to keep you up-to-date with diverse cruise news, astonishing passenger behavior and, of course, chuckles that some cruise occurrences inspire.

The Spider-Man Act

To kick things off, allow me to introduce you to the first award-winning candidate of the Idiotic Cruise Passenger Award. This gentleman was on the Carnival Mardi Gras and made a spontaneous decision to make a very adventurous maneuver. Instead of using the cruise ship’s elevator or the provided stairwells like normal passengers, he decided to ape Spider-Man and climb from one deck to another, on the outer side of the ship, using the balconies!

Thankfully, he walked away unscathed but it brings back memories of other unfortunate passengers who’ve attempted similar stunts and didn’t live to tell the tale. One of the stark examples was a teenager aboard a Royal Caribbean International Cruise Ship in 2019 who lost his life attempting a similar daring act. This story is causing quite the uproar on social media.

Cruise companies are expected to respond accordingly once they catch wind of these antics. Punitive measures like banning passengers from cruising on their ships or restricting them to inside cabins may be on the cards.

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Cruising into Fast Internet

Moving on to more sane and joyful news, the Holland America line MS Koning’s Dam Ship captivated the audience by adopting the slick SpaceX low earth orbit internet, marking it the first ship to have the fastest internet at sea with this technology. Passengers can now access their emails, social media, and perform a range of internet-based activities seamlessly while cruising.

The revolutionary technology will be put to bigger tests as the Koning Dam embarks to cruise to Alaska. How the low earth orbit satellite technology performs there is a subject of immense curiosity due to possible limitations imposed by the curvature of the Earth as one goes further north.

Lessons from the Past

While discussing innovations and advancements, it’s also important to remember our roots. And that’s successfully catered to by Princess Cruises who just announced their inaugural Colonial Heritage voyages for the 2024 season. These cruises will traverse the most iconic Colonial towns in the United States like Yorktown, Boston, and New York City. There’s also a cruise set to voyage from Fort Lauderdale to Canada, showcasing the prolific journey of the United States on their 250th anniversary in 2024!

Downside of Chartering A Full Ship

Norwegian Cruise Line recently had to cancel a substantial chunk of Norwegian Spirit’s highly-anticipated summer program in Alaska. The reason? Someone chartered the full ship. The passengers who had bookings were understandably disappointed to have their cruise canceled for such a reason. However, the cruise line has offered adequate compensation to all impacted guests.

The Incredible Embezzlement Stunt

Finally, remember the second idiotic cruise passenger incident I was telling you about earlier? Well, it involves considerable criminal activity. A woman from Alabama was sentenced 26 months in prison for embezzling around a million dollars from her employer and using some of it to book a European cruise holiday. The embezzlement does need to be regarded as a severe crime, but it does make you wonder about the extents people would go to satiate their desire to cruise.

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Wrap Up Thoughts

There you have it, folks – a snapshot of cruise mishaps, advancements, nostalgic routes honoring the past, and some unexpected criminal incidents in the world of cruising. It’s important to remember that embezzlement is not your ticket to a free cruise, and neither is climbing between balconies aboard a cruise ship. In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your favorite cruise money-saving tips or if you have any interesting cruise stories of your own you’d like to share.

Until our next episode, stay safe sailors! Please consider subscribing for more up-to-date cruise news as there’s plenty more where that came from. This is Chuck Darwin signing off for La Lido Loca. See you on the Lido!