How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost in 2023?

Before you begin planning your @DisneyParks cruise, you need to make sure you budget accordingly. The cost of a Disney cruise is not cheap when compared to other family-friendly cruise lines. To help families preparing to experience some Disney magic at sea, we put together this video detailing how much a Disney Cruise costs in 2023.

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1:10 What’s Included in a Disney Cruise?
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3:50 Cruise Cost by Ship
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7:25 Disney Cruise Costs by Cabin Type
9:20 What Costs Extra on a Disney Cruise?
9:33 Shore Excursions
10:35 Internet Packages
10:58 Cruise Gratuities
11:38 Premium Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks
12:14 Specialty Dining
12:55 Souvenirs
13:28 Arcade
13:55 Spa and Salon
14:28 Exclusive Onboard Experiences
16:20 Disney Cruise Discounts
17:08 The Verdict

When looking at prices for a Disney cruise, there are several different factors you need to consider. The main determinate of the overall price of a Disney cruise will be the cruise ship cabin category. Interior rooms will be the least expensive, whereas concierge level and suites will be the most expensive.

Disney Cruise Line consists of only 5 ships. However, it is generally true that newer ships are more expensive. Further, the region in which the ships are sailing and the time of year will impact the total costs of your trip. How much a Disney cruise costs will definitely vary depending on the destination. Sought after locales, like Alaska or Hawaii, will be more expensive than the Bahamas or Caribbean. Certain times of year like the summer and school vacations are also considerably more expensive.

Once onboard the ship, the Disney cruise fare includes most food, non-alcoholic beverages, entertainment, and onboard activities. However, the price of a Disney cruise doesn’t include everything. Additional costs include specialty dining, shopping, and alcoholic beverages. Further, Disney Cruise Line does NOT offer drink packages like most other cruise lines.

Of course, Disney cruise ships also have spas and salons that cost extra as well as makeovers at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for the little ones. Not to mention, there are other upcharges like shore excursions and cruise gratuities.

When determining the total Disney cruise cost, you will need to also allocate funds for transportation to and from the cruise port. Flights and hotel stays will also increase the costs of the overall trip.

Therefore, for a week long cruise, for a family of 4, we suggest budgeting $10,000 for a Disney Cruise. Yes, it can be done cheaper, but if you want to experience a little of everything, this is a pretty reasonable estimate.

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The happiest place on Earth is also at 
Sea with Disney's Fleet of cruise ships   A voyage on board Disney Cruise Line has 
loads to offer adults as well as children   However a big consideration for those booking 
this cruise is how much a Disney cruise costs   So whether you're new to cruising or new to 
Disney Cruise Line this video is for you as   We have a complete look at how much 
a Disney cruise really costs up next Thank you welcome aboard Cruisers I'm Don B 
from eat sleep Cruise where we help you plan   The perfect Cruise so you can see the world one 
more at a time now the wife and I have been on   Over 65 different cruises with 14 different Cruise 
Lines and while we just sail the two of us we're   Actually pretty fond of Disney Cruise Line but 
unlike the competition Disney Cruise Line is a   Bit pricey so we put together this video where we 
look at various booking and budgeting options to   Help you estimate how much your Disney Cruise will 
truly cost and this will allow you and your family   To spend more time planning for the Disney cruise 
and less time worrying about how much it will cost   Now in general cruises are a great 
value as the accommodations many   Meals entertainment state-of-the-art kids 
clubs and more are bundled into one price   As you see out at different destinations now the 
cost of Disney Cruise will be impacted by several   Factors one of them of course is a time of year 
if you choose to sell during peak times say like   Spring break or winter break or anytime kids are 
out of school of course you're going to pay more   There's also seasonal themes like Halloween in the 
high seas and Mickey's Christmas party which offer   Additional events to get into the holiday spirit 
but can also bump up the rates of those particular   Cruises as do other theme sailings like Marvel day 
at sea likewise the same premise applies to newer   Ships in the fleet for popular destinations 
as well as upgrading to more spacious rooms   And while Disney Cruise does include a lot 
especially the coveted character meet and   Greets there are plenty of extras on the ship that 
can further empty your wallet from a special night   Out for the parents to a princess themedique 
geared towards the little ones splurges on a   Disney cruise can quickly add up so even though 
you're a cruise price will depend on a few factors   Type of cabin and whether you need some wine at 
dinner it's good to start with a ballpark range   So on average expect to pay about 300 per person 
per night for a Disney Cruise with a family of   Four sharing one cabin this is two adults 
and two children we arrived at that number   By plugging in a few dates and destinations 
and dividing the total cost for an entry   Level stateroom including Port taxes and fees 
by the number of nights and then again by four   Now a couple things to consider most Cruise 
cabins are sold at Double occupancy rates   Meaning two people to a cabin staterooms on 
cruise ships are unlike a hotel room in the   Sense that each person must pay that rate the 
amount isn't split by the number of occupants on   Disney Cruise Line they know that most passengers 
are sharing their accommodations the few kids  

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So Cruise fares beyond the first two people in 
the cabin are prorated for children ages 3 to 12.   They are for children who are six months to 35 
months are reduced even further unfortunately   When it comes to pricing children aged 13 to 17 
are considered adults up to five people can share   One stateroom depending on the category there's 
also the option to book connecting staterooms   Typically the cruise fare is about 50 percent 
cheaper for that third and fourth passenger if   They're under 12. but those passengers still need 
to pay the full amount of port fees and taxes   Which can still be a couple hundred dollars per 
person Cruise Line only consists of five ships but   Still a good rule of thumb to know is that newer 
ships for any Cruise Line with the shiniest bells   And whistles also tends to be the most expensive 
to book of course this is because they're brand   New and there's higher demand prices should taper 
from there with older ships in the fleet typically   Displaying the most reasonable affairs ships in 
the same class should reflect similar pricing   Depending on where they're actually deployed 
even with that in mind all of Disney ships   Are immaculately maintained and prices vary 
slightly based on the age of the ship and due   To the smaller Fleet they typically have one 
ship or at most two ships in one particular   Region so if you're thinking of taking a Disney 
cruise choosing a ship will probably come down to   Where you're looking to sail though each vessel 
has its own special design touches and exclusive   Venues which keeps guests coming back for more 
sailings on various ships for example the brand   New Disney wish is currently the only ship with a 
dinner theater based on the hit franchise Frozen   This increase line currently operates Disney Magic 
which was built in 1998 and Disney Wonder which   Was built in 1999. there's also the Disney Dream 
which was built in 2011 and Disney Fantasy which   Was built in 2012 and the brand new Disney wish 
which launched in 2022. searching for a four night   Bahamas cruise four people in September during the 
Halloween the high seas entry-level State rooms   On Disney wish were about 270 dollars per person 
per night now a similar sailing on Disney Magic   Which is over 20 years old was around 182 dollars 
per person per night which is a 30 difference and   These are entry-level State rooms if you want to 
upgrade to something like an ocean view Veranda   Or concierge Suites that will certainly cost you 
more money there are two major costs associated   Considerations when booking at Disney Cruise 
based on the destination these include the   Ports you'll be selling to including the length of 
the cruise and the port you'll be departing from   For example Alaska is one of the most coveted and 
therefore pricey for assassinations however if   Your family lives on the west coast and can easily 
jump to Vancouver British Columbia Transportation   Won't be as big of a hassle of course the same 
holds true for families in Florida Port Canaveral   Is the ultimate Disney Home Port just miles from 
Walt Disney World in Orlando so Cruisers within   Driving distance can cut costs by choosing 
a port that doesn't evolve long-haul airfare   The Caribbean is one of the most in-demand Cruise 
itineraries but there's plenty of competition in  

Those Waters thus Cruise fares remain relatively 
steady with plenty of options for three and   Four night cruises on the same token a European 
adventure with the whole crew might just be the   Ticket though you'll have to likely shout out 
more for transatlantic plane tickets to Ports   Like Barcelona plus these ceilings are usually a 
week or more at Sea which means more money down   It's important to keep the entire door-to-door 
experience in mind when considering the overall   Cost of your Disney Cruise some destinations have 
limited availability and therefore you should   Build as far in advance as possible some Cruise 
Lines offer closeout deals however the Disney   Cruise crowd is usually one for advanced planning 
leaving little last minute availability on unusual   Itineraries with only a few sale dates like Hawaii 
10 nights one way from Honolulu is 190 per person   Per night for a family of four the same one-way 
Hawaiian Adventure from Vancouver jumps to 328   Dollars per person per night as you've already 
seen one of the most obvious price disparities   When booking a Disney cruise is between an inside 
cabin and a suite choosing your cabin type is one   Of the most important and sometimes complicated 
decisions when booking any sailing and considering   The cost luckily DCL is nothing if not family 
oriented so even entry-level accommodations   Comma quote amenities like a privacy current 
that separates sleeping from living areas   Some rooms even feature a magical portal 
that displays video images of the ocean   And Disney characters at the ocean view level 
and above a half bath with a toilet expedites   Getting ready in the morning and bathtub is a 
wonderful touch for those who have little kids   Dcl's General cabin categories include inside 
Ocean View Miranda and concierge the most   Notable difference is the inclusion of a window or 
balcony at the concierge level the fares might be   Higher but rooms come with more perks these perks 
include premium bedding free Wi-Fi reservations   At specialty restaurants and a dedicated Lounge on 
the same one week Western crewing Crews from Miami   On board Disney Dream an inside cabin has a price 
tag of over six thousand dollars for a family of   Four the concierge level was more than double 
that at over thirteen thousand dollars however   The price difference quoted between an inside and 
Ocean View room was just under 127 dollars total   Remember that four night Halloween in the high 
seas Bahamas cruise on Disney Magic well to go   From an inside cabin to a balcony would be 218 
per person per night or roughly a 20 increase   Now if that family of four really wanted to 
splurge and get a concierge Suite on the brand   New Disney wish for the same fortnite Halloween on 
the high seas cruise they'd be paying over fifteen   Hundred dollars per person per night which is over 
five times as high as the entry-level Cruiser now   While the crews will include your accommodations 
most dining and entertainment there are several   Additional costs you need to budget for the most 
expensive element of any Disney Cruise vacation   Apart from the cruise fair is probably what you'll 
do in each destination which Disney Cruise Line   Refers to as Port Adventures or if you Cruise you 
know them as shore excursions short three-night  

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Getaways at Disney's private island of Castaway 
Key might help reduce additional charges as you're   Able to enjoy many of the amenities in that Port 
included in the cruise Fair but longer wow worthy   Family vacations to Alaska Europe or Mexico mean 
multiple port calls and multiple opportunities to   Book shore excursions Disney shore excursions are 
highly rated so the experience is not in question   However they can certainly add up for a family 
of four in Jamaica a beach and water adventure   Is quoted on dcl's website as 109 for anyone 
age 10 and up 99 for kids six to nine that's   A potential of 436 dollars for one day of Fun in 
the Sun but for most ports you can save money into   Shore excursions by booking through independent 
tour providers you can check third party websites   Or book directly with the tour providers that 
often get a cheaper rate and a more authentic tour   While basic Wi-Fi is included at the concierge 
level most other passengers dealing with social   Media addicted teens and iPad Reliant younger ones 
will need to pay for an internet package packages   Range from 12 to 36 dollars per day per device yet 
even the top tier package won't support certain   Streaming services Cruisers can make calls and tax 
over Wi-Fi but a regular phone call is additional   A recommended gratuity of 14.50 per guest per 
night or 15.50 for guests and Suites is added   To each Cruise fare including infants for our 
family of four that equates to additional 58 per   Night of your cruise this automatic gratuity is 
designed to support the wait staff in the dining   Room and your stateroom attendant amounts can 
be changed by visiting Guest Services on board   However this is highly discouraged unless there's 
significant service issues additional tips to any   Crew members who made your cruise outstanding 
are always welcome but at your own discretion   Disney has you covered when it comes to soda 
during meals in the teen club or from O'Fallon   Though any alcoholic beverages as well as 
smoothies bottled water and other premium drinks   The little ones comes at an added price a cruise 
line is unusual in the sense that it doesn't offer   Traditional all-inclusive drink packages still 
adults 21 years and over it can purchase bundles   Of wine Free bottles for about 95 dollars or 
six beers for the price of five any drink of   The day costs under seven dollars and Cocktails 
on the ship usually hover around 10 to 12 dollars   While the unique rotating lineup of included main 
dining rooms is unique to Disney Cruise Line there   Are restaurants that incur an additional charge 
these are referred to as specialty dining Remy   An upscale French restaurant named after the rat 
gifted with culinary arts and rat tattooi carries   A hefty cover of a hundred and twenty five dollars 
per person so 250 for a couple not including any   Drinks the venues for adults only and available 
on Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy other adults   Only at a few restaurants on board Disney 
ships are Apollo a Wonder magic dream fantasy   And Disney wish and on Shantae on wish 
inspired by the Beauty and the Beast film   Did a Disney cruise even happen if there isn't a 
character photo packages are just one of the many   Additional charges you might rack up once on board 
the ship Disney's also a master merchandising  

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Everything from glowing Lawns and plushies to 
clothing depicting the latest film characters   Are also sold in shops admittedly even us big kids 
here couldn't resist buying a Disney Cruise Line   T-shirt or two as well as some ornaments and other 
souvenirs so our advice is to set a budget with   The expectation that there'll be some additional 
treats and surprises to account for along the way   Some Disney cruise ships do have arcades and all 
it takes is a swipe of your cruise card or a top   Of your band and your kids could rack up quite 
a bit TCL allows spending limits to be set on   Board accounts for all children so don't let Miss 
Pac-Man eat through your entire vacation budget   All Disney ships have a dedicated adults-only 
pool and Lounge which is completely free   And allows mature travelers to unwind if you're 
looking for more relaxation such as a Swedish   Massage facial blowout or mani pedi there is a 
spa that comes with a price tag the census Bond   Salon has a full menu of treatments for weary 
caregivers our favorite part is access to the   Luxurious thermal Suite with aromatherapy steam 
room sauna and loungers it wouldn't be Disney   Without something for the kids so the Chill Spot 
is a dedicated self-care space for teams 13 to   17 years old with tailor-made treatments 
like an acne attack facial for 94 dollars   And then there's some exclusive Disney Cruise 
Line experiences aimed right at the little ones   Expensive and typically sold out before boarding 
the Royal Court tea is a coveted event on board   Disney cruise ships if you're a prince or princess 
is set on attending this elaborate afternoon tea   Book way in advance also be prepared to spend 
two hundred and twenty dollars per child and   69 per adult one adult is required to accompany a 
child so it's a minimum of 289 dollars note that   Teens 13 to 17 May attend for the Adele prize do 
not receive any special gifts like those who are   Ages 3 to 12. planning to make a family event a 
mission for two kids and two adults will run you   578 dollars at those prices you could easily put 
down a deposit for another cruise and then there's   The Bibby Bobby Boutique here's the opportunity 
for a child to receive a makeover transforming   Them into their favorite pirate or princess and it 
certainly makes the evening a little more special   These packages are available at the fleet-wide 
onboard Peak which is styled after Cinderella and   Unfortunately they're not cheap they range from 
sixty dollars for a pirate makeup and accessories   To a staggering 450 dollars which comes with the 
Keepsake Crystal Tiara in a box and a custom gown   In addition to hair styling makeup nail polish 
and more think your kids won't be interested   They might not be until they see all the other 
Junior Cruisers sporting glitter and eye patches   Prepare yourself for the inevitable ask or 
be smart and pack your own costumes from home   Snagged at a discount the least fun but possibly 
the most important part of budgeting for a   Vacation considering adding insurance it's get 
sick plans change and we've all lived through   A global pandemic travel insurance protects you 
from The Fallout of the unexpected and provides   Some added peace of mind you're less likely to 
hear about a wild deal on a Disney cruise that  

You might with some other Cruise Lines however 
DCL does offer discounts and occasionally runs   Promotions Florida residents enjoy up to 
30 off select Bahamas and Caribbean salons   Southern California residents are enticed to 
sail from San Diego to Baja for up to 25 off   Members of the military also are eligible for 
special rates at the time of this recording   Disney was running a promotion that allowed 
the third and fourth guests to cruise free   When selling select baits with two full Fair 
subscribers The streaming service Assistant Plus   The best way to stay on top of raids make sense 
of room categories track add-ons and Extras   Bundle packages and seek special promotions is 
to work with a Disney certified travel advisor   Who specializes in cruising based on average 
Cruise fares and accounting for inevitable   Extras we recommend that a family of four should 
budget an estimated ten thousand dollars for a   Disney Cruise vacation of course it can be done 
for Less and as you've already seen way more   Our estimate accounts for a five night sailing and 
a cruise fare of 300 per person per day it also   Accounts for things such as gratuities excursions 
some drinks one meal in a specialty restaurant   A few souvenirs and the basic internet package 
now if you still need help planning your Disney   Cruise don't worry we have you covered we have our 
complete look of everything that's included in a   Disney Cruise Line Cruise with Disney wish plus 
what will cost you extra that particular video   We give you more details about all the included 
restaurants on-board activities entertainment and   More plus we give you more insight into things 
that do cost extra like bars and lounges or some   Of those upgrade experiences to help you decide 
if a Disney cruise is right for your next vacation