“Disney Wish Cruise Full Tour: Essential Guide to Everything You Need to Know”

I’m going to give you a full tour of what to expect when you go on a cruise ship specifically we’re talking about like a Disney cruise ship but this actually will apply for like

Almost every cruise ship or every Cruise Line you go on we’re going to talk about food we’re going to talk about merchandise we’re going to talk about entertainment we’re talking about the cabins we should be everything you need to know about going on a Disney cruise

Oh by the way this is the only thing I asked I’m gonna give I’m not like an amazing Pro Tour Cruiser so people who know more than I do so if I miss something really cool and vital put it down in the comment section below that

Way people are planning to go on their vacation they can learn and they can peruse the comments they learn some cool tips and tricks from you to put down your favorite tips for cruising down the comments down below let’s get started hahaha let’s talk about your stateroom your

State room is a room that you’re going to be staying out now on the day that you get on the ship that’s called the embarkation the day you get on the Chicago side usually most Cruise Lines don’t let you into your stateroom until after 2 p.m now you’re gonna be able to

Get this shipped usually anytime from like it’s like 10 in the morning all the way up to two so you’re gonna get your big luggage that’s gonna be checked in and they’re gonna deliver that to your stateroom sometime in the afternoon but you can have a little small carry-on

Luggage maybe like a swimsuit or some cool things you might need while you’re waiting to get in a stadium but be aware that you can’t drop that bag off at your statement until after two o’clock so you have to carry that bag around I mean get

On ship go do all your fun activities and have a lot of fun a lot of times I thought you had to go in check into your your stateroom language activities not at all get on the cruise ship go have all activities the welcome Buffet swimming all that fun stuff and then

After two o’clock you’ll be able to go into your stateroom and then sometime later on in the afternoon they’re going to deliver your luggage let’s check out our room here we go check it out oh my gosh I cannot even handle this oh it’s so cute oh it’s so magical oh my

Gosh look at that it lights up the little mural lights up I love it okay so let’s do a little tour so you guys can see a whole room tour here here we go where do you want to start right here this is the bedroom obviously but they have this little

Divider see these little curtains that can divide this into a separate room you have a little room for privacy okay no look closely okay can you see that look at that oh yeah you can soothing it is it’s Disney right but it feels luxurious and it feels calming and

It feels peaceful not like cool so let’s see let’s continue on here oh my gosh we got this here is this is a little pull out bed this will pull out so uh like for miles and then you also have a nice little sitting area and then

And then over here oh oh my gosh look at this there we go we have a balcony we have a balcony we haven’t taken off yet we’re just barely here so look at this balcony we got little chairs I love it a little chair over here so let’s go back inside

And I’m gonna show you the rest of this room here look how cute this is huh the mirror I think that’s one of those The Continuous line drawings right it starts at one end it never stops it makes a hole that’s amazing okay look at this huge mirror and it makes the room

Feel humongous that’s awesome so you can you know check out your outfit before you go out for the day all right so right over here we this is the credentia okay they give us a little bag a little bag is uh like layers for a nice carry keys

And then you got your drawers let’s check this out there’s a big door oh my gosh that’s for like entertain what is that for jewelry I think it’s cold is this for your like that you’re bringing wine on board or something yes absolutely okay okay so your fridge okay

This looks yeah these all look like oh what is this hair dryer hair dryer okay good good hair dryer yep um and then underneath you’ll see that underneath it there’s a little that’s the little seat for the vanity perfect and then over here now we have two

Things over here to take a look at right okay let’s do this the first one here open it up look at that shower then over here you got your sink you have your towels look at this nice little area hi hi well but let’s take a look at the

Shower opens up actually has a bath and then look at this you got the wand shower head and then you got it can supply it while you’re so body washes and everything you need there okay so as a mom I have to say the bathtub is huge huge that’s one

Of the questions I asked the most when we’re visiting hotels or cruise ships is do they have a bathtub that is humongous for the little babies little kids that want to take baths or I mean yourself if you want to take a bath that feels extra

Nice okay then moving on before we knew the next area open that up there and see what’s in there number one okay so there’s our closet you guys always like to look at closets big closet space big closet space there’s your uh life vest if you ever

Need them yeah Safety First more life down here I have closets they have uh you’re safe there is a laundry bag it’s it’s it costs extra if you want to send out for laundry you’ll do that and then even more yes I love this the robes and even more

Closet space okay you guys this is huge to put your suitcases away because you don’t want them all out and about or you can put them under the bed too yes your nice clothes I brought some nice clothes for our dinners and I don’t want them stuffed in our suitcase and there’s

Plenty of space to hang stuff up okay let’s look at the next room yay oh there’s more there’s well yeah there’s one thing we’re missing what if you ever feel a bathroom Oh I thought it wasn’t there no that was separate yes so you notice they have

They have there’s a mirror there for you which is super nice okay right here then you have the little bathroom the commode if you ever happen to use that I don’t know a little light underneath there I have no idea that they were separate okay I

Am oh look at the towel look uh yep I can see it they’re separate that’s incredible 10 out of 10. I love it 10 out of ten like seriously when we walked in it was like this calming like luxurious feeling with just like a touch of pixie dust

I flew my mind you see how this right here in the ceiling there’s this little key there there is a bunk bed up there that you can sleep if you’re like a little child so check this out let me show you what that looks like now we

Happen to have a model of a little child here laying down showing you what that bunk bed looks like he’s above the couch they also this room here it says Mimi’s estate room they also have a little bit of a Murphy bed in theirs and this bunk

Bed but that has a bunk bed and you see a little ladder they can climb up and down miles is thrilled I just wanted to show this options here so here this room here this is where Mimi and miles are sleeping so this here bed can sleep two people

That couch actually unfolds into a single bed like this so that that means three you can have four up here and then you could have five this Murphy bed so this makes it really convenient if you have a family with like three children you get one state room and fit everybody

Here in this one state room here’s another really cool thing about your stateroom that you’re gonna it’s gonna be full service they’re gonna clean it and make your beds and do all that for you and so when you go up in the morning you go out and have you find the day

When you come back your state room is going to be completely clean and then again in the evening they’re gonna do the turn down service and the evening you go on they’ll have the lights turn down low for you maybe a little chocolate on your pillow or some kind of

Animal on your bed I gotta made out of towels or something fun so that’s gonna be done in the evening it makes it really nice your room’s always going to be clean you guys I just have to show this they came of course they you know they clean up your room and everything

While you’re gone but look what they did to our cords they like tied them up and everything how cute is that they did that for us I can’t even believe it see that they make up your bed and the they took a miles little sunglasses and

Put it on me this amazing little oh it’s so fun and then they get the room prepare for you as you come in the lights are all dimmed you’re ready to go the curtains are drawn so that way you go right to sleep we just came in to get

Ready for bed and we realized look at it look at this the crew they came in here and they put Avengers pillowcases and a blanket for miles in his little bunk bed Yeah what a crab chocolate chocolate crab I’m already eating my chocolate oh my gosh they did do a crab with chocolate I’m already eating my chocolate what they do in our room miles thinks it’s an ant eater it looks like an anteater I think it’s kind of like a cuttlefish or like a

Like a is it a stingray The Stingrays don’t have long thinner tails you say it’s an angelfish look the chocolate’s like right there and then a man it’s excited for vacation less cha-cha real school eyes All right time to wave goodbye to everyone Oh they’re waving they’re waving Maybe not maybe they’re not ready I thought they were waving Chris but they’re not you’re waving to no one we’re waving to nobody goodbye bye Florida they are they’re busy working they’re out This is the grand entrance we first come in you actually come in when you first enter right down there this is a little ballroom and it lights up and they have music playing right below us they have Cinderella right there Statue we have this grand staircase that you can walk

Up and walk around it’s so pretty it’s so fun there’s Amanda sitting right over there [Applause] just sitting over there there’s Daisy and look there’s the band coming in A lot of fun the music’s great they’re always oh there’s Mickey just walking around right behind the chandelier there he goes and there’s Minnie Cheers oh and there is Goofy so much fun right here in the grand Lobby Atrium foyer what have you music characters are just walking around it’s goofy just jamming along I cannot handle this There She is again look at good Minnie There goes Daisy oh it looks like somebody’s all tuckered out with all the fun activities we’ve already been doing Spot by you don’t see that every day you don’t see that every day she literally just walked in feet bumped in I couldn’t handle this get it Daisy You look so good it’s crazy goodbye what is going on but I love it I love it like this is seriously a wish come true you see these characters and they’re in their sailing outfits and they’re just beef bopping around the ship like they own the place because they do they

Really do I’m surprises this is just Insanity I love it there’s a table there’s the chairs look it makes a Mickey everywhere everywhere you look there’s little touches of magic oh a really cool thing about a Disney cruise it kind of sets it apart from other Cruise Lines is they have Disney

Characters walking around that’s right they have meet and greet with Disney characters it’s like a tender thing it is it just feels so tender and you go up there and Mickey’s and it just gives you all his attention and it just is such a tender moment it makes you feel so

Special even as an adult like you just feel so special and then seeing Mickey interact with the little ones it’s just all too much it’s so sweet let’s talk entertainment cruise ships are jam-packed with entertainment they have amazing things from giant huge like Broadway shows all we got little Teen

Titans shows like little dance parties they have on their Disney wish they have the aqua Mouse it’s like a kind of like a little water roller coaster they have swimming pools they have like water slides there’s all different types of entertainment things from shuffleboard I mean everything they think are children

It’s a lot of fun there’s all kinds of entertainment but I’ll say this no matter which cruise ship or Cruise Line you’re on they’re gonna have a cruise app if you download that app the cruise ships will give you internet just so you can get on the app on the internet so I

Can let you get on everything but allow you to access the app and it’s gonna have all the activities like every 15 minutes there’s a new type activity Bingo trivia karaoke singing dancing I mean everything so you have make sure you download the app or your cruise line

Before you get on so that way you can see all the different offerings you can do it all or you do none of it if you just want to relax in the sun whatever you want to do okay so here I am up on the 14th floor it’s the highest level of

The boat they have a little pool area up here and you kind of relax and get a bunch of sun look at this nice awning where you sit underneath so you don’t have some shade over here and you can go out and you look out over the ocean and

See everything now directly below us this is the adult area right down there we kind of go down there and just relax no kids are allowed in that area that way if you just want to get away and have a little quiet area you’re welcome

To go that area Okay so right now I am on the 13th floor it’s the Cove bar this is an adult only a bar it’s like they have coffee here they have drinks here it’s very rustic feeling it feels very nice and on the 13th floor it’s just for

Adults it’s a quiet area they do have like a little infinity pool they have some hot tubs they have a little they have little tiny pools and only about six inches deep where you sit and just get your feet wet and so as you come

Here as adults you come up here and kind of relax they have like soft music up here playing just some place to come visit adult and relax that and that’s the adult area right at the back of the boat you look out you see the beautiful ocean something so interesting and cool they

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Have this little area here the water goes down the wall there’s a little splash area that you little kids or Mom and Dad can sit there and then right behind me you’ve got the pool so really cool foreign Coaster it looks so much fun two people can stay on it so they’re gonna go now I’m gonna try a little bit later but like they’ve been talking about the aqua Mouse and asking for the aquamouse and wanting to do the aqua Mouse forever and the time is finally here all right

They’re ready All right I’m ready And here they are starting to rain look at them how was it when you go up they have cartoons outside the tunnel you’re watching Mickey Mouse now when you come on a cruise ship you’ve got if you have little ones they have these amazing areas there’s four different clubs for children

This area here this is for uh the It’s a Small World nursery this is for zero uh six months up to three years of age it’s a fun little area for kids to play in they also have the ocean near the Disney oceaneers Club this is for ages three up

To age 11. miles loves this like when you check them in he just wants to play there and hang out there all the time have so much fun he gets new friends they have activities they have planned activities for them it’s super fun they also have Edge which is from 11 to 14

And then Vibe is like 14 to 17 year olds so I mean like the kids are completely entertained here all right guys I just want to show you this this is the cargo based Star Wars room now this is normally for a kids club this is where

The kids come in they play with different things they have different aspects of this they are having a little bit right now the doors are closed so the kids aren’t in here so letting everybody else come in here to see what the kids can do and hang out how how fun

Is this area for kids to hang out in for the ocean ears there’s my mom checking it all out so yeah they get to play like hit the buttons and touch all these different things So the way that this works is I give the kids like little iPads they tap the thing to start and then they go on a hunt throughout this room for animals and it’s like the augmented reality or they get to see like a little animal sitting there or whatever and the kids

Just really love it oh look at that here we are in the Walt Disney theater it’s at the front of the ship and they offer amazing shows nightly shows and you come in here and watches and be entertained there’s a show at 6 30 I

Know another one at 8 30. it is huge it’s a double decker theater so it’s a city above and below and the show that we’re seeing is called Disney Seas Adventure at Sea hey guys I want to show you they have these amazing Cinemas where you come in

And they have different movies they’re showing like Quant Ant-Man and Quantum media and this is like the theater you see the theater room have a nice seating here they do different movies and you get popcorn you can sit here and watch your movies and then it’s just fun for

The kids coming here they have different movies they have um they’re showcase Peter Pan and Wendy they have Ant-Man they have uh wakanda you get to salute his Libations when you get your like popcorn and snacks before you go to the movie theater and there’s another movie theater right over here there’s two

Movie theaters this one here is the Wonderland Cinema and they’ve got Ant-Man going they’ve got Lightyear coming Ant-Man the wasp and awas so the different theaters different movies okay this is so sweet we just stumbled on shuffleboard and the Sun is setting it’s the most perfect evening out here it’s

So pretty it’s so gorgeous and we’re having a little family game time until it’s time for us to go to dinner this is so nice and relaxing it’s like a great way to kind of unwind and settle down and enjoy the evening before dinner so we’re playing this game

And Miles goes hey Mom do you want to play you can play outfielder and she’s like what is that he’s like you know he’s like if we hit a puck off you’re the one that goes and retrieves it and she’s like I’m not doing that I’m gonna play play

Can make it do it we give miles the benefit of the first line the first line okay what try it one-handed you’re not like doing a broom oh yeah she’s happy now all right here he goes come on little guy walk all the way up walk all the way

Up push your heart push it hard oh we don’t really know what we’re doing oh wow shove it hard really good at dress though I mean let me be honest you look great babe you got it come on oh I guess I was gonna stop filming but I

Figured some of you might be invested in who wins this round so let’s we’re gonna keep going I turned the camera off and Mandy did a little Trash Talk in there guys it’s like thanks yeah thanks for helping me concentration concentration concentration now it’s a final shot

I think she did that on purpose miles is at 18 Amanda’s at 16. okay just one more because I have to show you Mimi’s gonna try it’s gonna disaster you got it not bad yeah her walk up because she can’t get all the way there so

You can do this let’s go meet me almost all right here we are getting ready for Mickey’s pirate Caribbean party this is unique to the wish only the pirate party here once again who here be ready to party like a pirate [Applause] Pirate Daisy red goofy Baby it’s a pirate’s life for me Are you ready for pirate on an adventure Can you dance a pirate king commence to death Thank you [Applause] congratulations I now declare All of You official members of Captain Minnie and Mickey’s lucky fan we got company do pardon my Interruption of your festivities but you’ll be mean to make way immediately what’s up Direct Hit captain You caretaker and overseer of this fine vessel simply put this ship is mine but this is our show yeah what if we were able to win it back with a captain’s challenge if I win you are the plan agreed about the first thing any means happy those

It gives you an order Ed all right he will test you what do you say all right impossible lucky guess sweet give them the next one they’ll throw Pirates love the most Treasures Congratulations everybody So now what we’re about to do is we’re gonna go do our very favorite activity of any cruise ship that you could ever go to this is so much fun it’s like too fun for its own good and you wouldn’t even think it was that fun the first

Time I heard about it I was like oh that doesn’t sound very fun and then it had the time of my life and I didn’t want to leave it‘s called The Silent disco or silent dance party and you get there and they give everybody the DJ gets everybody headphones and you have

Different options to listen to music and then you dance and you dance hard and nobody can hear what you’re dancing to it is so fun so miles right now he is down at the ocean ears kid Club we’re gonna go pick up miles we’re gonna go

Take him to the dance party Mimi is going to meet us at the dance party let’s go get her groove on there’s a silent disco party Mimi just got here it’s the song give me all your loving done down down [Applause] this way okay so I am getting such a kick out of

This um we now have the place to ourselves and it’s like a private silent DJ dance party I’m taking what more could you want for really nothing nothing more than a private uh finally disco freaky shoes but like the whole place all to ourselves one two three jump I don’t know why more

People are here this is so fun I love it this is like my favorite part ever and you just come here with your family and your friends and you just dance and nobody can hear what you’re dancing to or listening to and you don’t care if

You make a fool yourself you just have fun Amanda is super happy because the song is Car Wash and she loves 70s music so much working at the car wash yeah yeah car wash baby anything 70s Amanda loves [Laughter] something interesting did you know about

I think 40 of people on this Cruise do not have children you think it was a Disney cruise all children no it’s I mean they have they have activities just for adults too it’s a really cool stuff they had a Trivial Pursuit contest with Lady Tremaine you know from Sleeping

Beauty and the two ugly were they step sisters yeah the two ugly sisters the three of them were on stage and they were doing like this Trivial Pursuit thing and it was hilarious we did dizzy villain trivia my mom got a pin because she only got one question right

The question the question was is scar Simba’s brother and she put fault and that’s the only question she got right good job Mom you want to PM for being the the least knowledgeable I’m right oh wow Luna Lounge they come here they have all kinds they do game shows they do karaoke

They do funny well games they do this is where they did the silent disco party and it’s two levels you got the lower level and you also have the upper level and it is fine we did the villains trivia and next we’re gonna be doing is dizzy songbook starring you some fireworks

Thank you [Applause] [Applause] Thank you So every night at 7 30 10 o’clock at night and then again at 11 o’clock at night here at the chandelier they do the wishing of the lighting of the star the one you wish upon a star on a chandelier but because tonight is Pirates night I

Guess we were told they’re gonna do something special for Pirates tonight at chandelier let’s check it out Oh [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Oh look at that it was amazing they have this amazing statue of Cinderella right here in the foyer but if you look you see blue Lucifer back there with a cut like going doing something why is Luke suffer looking at Cinderella well because if you look

Under the dress what do you see the two hidden mags Gus Gus and Jack Jack love these little touches right you see on the ground and look at this picture it’s just Mickey and the Beanstalk and Goofy’s swing in there Donald’s head’s moving the butterflies are moving oh look

And then if you look if you wait a second I could have sworn I just I saw this I saw the giant peep oh look you can see what is going on there’s lots of little things there Hang on we’re gonna get it all there’s a Disney cruise ship moving in the background

And now we see Mickey going up oh the mini it’s mini and Pluto on a little oh and there’s the giant the giant just sorry this popped up giant just popped up Pluto’s just relaxing no not a care in the world and there it is it’s the same

There they are little teeny tiny Pluto barely there maybe they went up this road and now they’re going up this road right there I am gonna say there is one thing that I thought was a little bit I wish that was a little bit different as you see I’m

Walking down the stairs I wish that as you walk down the stairs like right here they would have the floor number and so they have it so tiny right there and it’s hard to see I wish they had a big plaque so you could see which floor

You’re on very easily that would be like my one little small thing to say about that because uh like we watched the fire fireworks show on the 11th floor at uh eight o’clock and then our dinner was at 8 15. so we walked down the stairs all the way from

Um the 11th floor down to floor number three where dinner was and as you’re walking down stairs everyone kept looking like we couldn’t find her numbers because those numbers are there a little too small to see I just wish it was bigger and just brighten your face

Floor seven so you know exactly where you are without having to hunt for it now when you go on a cruise ship like this they have staff and they take care of you and they want to make sure you have a magical experience so one of the

Things that you want to do is when you book Cruise you can include gratuity into the cost so that way at the end of the cruise ship it’s done and it’s all taken care of that’s a really easy way to go or if you want you can you could

Bring a little bit of cash maybe and tip them and say thank you for uh for doing a good job now the one thing is is that when you come on a cruise ship you’re going to take your credit card and you’re going to tie it to your selling

Card you have like a little key that you use to get in and out of your room that’s the same card as you use your key room is what you use to charge for everything like if there’s anything you want to charge like merchandise or like alcohol or anything extra use that key

Card in order to pay for everything so you don’t have a lot of cash so that’s why I would really recommend doing the prepaid gratuities because you when you get here there’s like like where I don’t have any cash and I want to tip somebody so it’s just included it’s already taken

Care of the other thing that I want to say is on a Disney cruise there is no Casino did you guys know there’s no Casino for adults they do have lots of different adult activities and adult trivia and adult match games and fun things like that but there is no no Casino Purchases when you your key cards be connected to your credit card and all that stuff you go so it’s an easy way where you don’t have to carry cash or credit cards around on the cruise ship let’s talk merch merch merch merch merch merch cruise ships particularly the

Disney Cruise Line they offer exclusive merch just found on the cruise ships and people go Gaga for this type of merchandise because you get Spirit jerseys and all kinds of things that say like Disney cruise lines so be sure to check out the merch on the cruise ships

Because no matter which line you’re on they’re gonna have some amazing exclusive merch only to be found on the cruise ships okay so now I can show you the Mickey’s main cell gift shop let’s check all the merch out every time I’ve been in here it’s been like a mad house

There’s so much stuff so many people buying it they have like the Disney with sweatshirts sweatpants these shirts have been so popular see like the polo shirts tank tops more t-shirts they have lots of spirit jerseys the Disney wish is he wish dizzy wish Cinderella I’ve been told whenever you show merch

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Try to go slow so I’m trying my best to do that whether torn like a you know weathered hat gray sweatshirt aprons I don’t even know what this is towels different Cruise Line mugs tumblers wow so much stuff ornaments for the holidays oh my gosh they’ve got you covered

The Dizzy wish Lounge fly and look at this Donald wow what is this this Disney Cruise Lounge flight it’s like aerial they have suitcases and they’re almost all gone I think people come here and they end up buying some stuff there to buy suitcases like a windbreaker more hats mini plush

The Disney Cruise Line one of the spirit jerseys they have there’s the front and Amanda told me she goes whenever you buy something like this you wanted to say like the cruise line or where you went because that’s half the fun I love this shirt awesome here’s another spirit jersey they have

The Disney Cruise Line great this might be one of my favorites this is the Disney cruise line but with the Parisian Mickey that looks like Amanda if I’ve ever seen anything look at these sweatpants they got like a sundress gosh look at that can you handle that is there anything in the back

Oh that’s what’s on the back there’s there’s the handbag there’s the Dizzy wishes Cinderella these art bag I have to go take a look over here just a few more things look at these they have patches I love it I think this is for your phone

I think it’s a little beach chair for your phone yeah a cell phone holder which is cute look at those ears oh I guess can you handle that this line dizzy wish got a little Minnie Mouse right there shirt there it’s got a little bit of Sparkle it’s kind of hard to see

This is the inaugural season of the Disney where show it says inaugural sailings Disney wishing Agro sellings the inaugural sellings giant towel bag because there’s just a lot there’s so much stuff here and every time I’ve been here in the gift shop it’s just it’s jam-packed with people they’re just

Waiting to get this stuff they can’t wait to get it all because that’s such a cool merchandise here awesome Amanda and miles and Mimi are at a character dance party I need to go tell Amanda about that uh mini Parisian stuff where the ice cream cone I think she would love it

So the only thing is Amanda likes she likes gray she likes black she likes white not much so much of yellow but let’s see if she likes it and this is the character dance party and the characters are down there dancing with them oh my gosh how fun is this there’s Goofy

This Minnie Mouse dancing right there oh my gosh how fun oh it’s Pluto all right guys I found Mimi miles Amanda we’re gonna go in the gift store and look at some emergency if Amanda likes this stuff here I am with the Bandit let’s go

Look at this I want to see if you like this or not all right so check it out if this was black or gray guaranteed home run oh okay but since it’s colored Amanda we’ll see if she likes it we’ll see oh I like some colors yeah oh it’s

Thank you oh my gosh what do you think I love it do you love it yes I do and look at the back oh okay actually crazy and Minnie no want to see what caught my eye though yeah I thought it was I thought you

Would like the the snow cone on it that is really well look at this are you serious I love this this caught my eye oh yeah oh yeah no way yes way I never know yes what about this but look this looks like you this reminds me of you that is cute

That is cute I wish that was different but this is very oh my gosh you never know guys you never know you’ve been together for 10 years you still never know this is practice Amanda loves this oh I like that one too love that yes the thing that Amanda said

Tell them what you said it has to say where you are and what you’re doing so you have proof of what you did right because if this was just like I don’t know something Mickey Mouse on the beach you’re like I don’t know where this is

From but it says Disney Cruise Line on it so when I’m in Disneyland Paris or Disneyland or Disney World or Aulani like you want to say where it is okay so you need to remember this Mickey bracelet the one here on top okay see that Mickey bracelet the one there

On top with a little Mickey’s on it now remember that bracelet because I’m gonna talk about it here in just a second remember that bracelet that I showed you I filmed my mom loves Cinderella it’s her favorite right then the next is Mickey and Minnie those again almost interchangeable maybe maybe she loves

Mickey she’s walking along and she’s like I saw a charm bracelet I think of Mickey Mouse I think I want to get it I’m like okay so we go in she points to that bracelet and she asks like I’m interested in this bracelet he’s like oh

She walks over and my mom’s like how much is this bracelet the lady’s like 22 000 dollars I’m like and the lady is like I understand ma’am if we didn’t get that bracelet but she did find the store that got charm bracelets and she got this Cinderella

Charm bracelet it’s got and also it’s got Mickey and a little Cinderella character you did with my mom’s favorite very nice my friend taught me this he’s like when you think about going on a cruise ship he goes add all the costs together because what you have to

Realize is not you think about if you’re going on a normal vacation when you go on a normal vacation you got to pay for the hotel then you got to pay for your entertainment and then you got to pay for your food that’s all three separate

Things before you go to cruise ship you make one purchase that’s your hotel room your stay room that’s all your food that’s all your entertainment it’s all included in that particular your uh cruise ship uh pass so that’s really it’s usually such an amazing value

Speaking of value if you want to get a great deal on cruise lines any Cruise Lines not just Disney if you want to get a great deal on any Cruise Line call this number one a 877-510-2929 and when you call be sure to ask for Sunshine as for Sunshine and

When you get a hold of sunshine say this say Provost park pass sent me and when you do that you’re going to get the very best deals on Disney Cruise Lines Royal Caribbean uh Carnival whichever Cruise Line you want you’ll get the absolute best prices and when

You tell them purple’s perk guys send you they’re going to throw in some little bonus there and they change that bonus every single week so you guys it’s the best way that you can get the lowest prices on your cruise vacation there’s all different types of food offerings on a cruise ship everything

From all you can eat buffets to 24 hour pizza the all the time ice cream to fine dining to whatever you want so let’s talk food are you going to news I don’t know if you notice a lot of people are aware but I just want to make sure that

You do is that the food is included with your price or the other cruise ship so like all the fine dining that’s it’s included the all the like the buffet restaurants that’s included and the food is going and just it’s a free fall free-for-all of all the food that you

Can eat so you want to just take advantage of all this amazing food now there are a few things that do cost additional money of course alcohol alcohol is going to cost additional money uh here on a Disney cruise ship um if they have any like specialty shops

Sometimes those cost a little bit extra money they also sometimes have some specialty like little especially things that cost a little bit extra money and you can choose to get that but if you don’t want to spend a zero zero dollars on food and it’s phenomenal food it’s amazing

I’m going to show you some food offerings now I kind of waited until they kind of closed this because they don’t want to interrupt people’s bills but like right here you have like Donald’s Cantina Mexican food uh you’ve got tacos burrito bowls burritos and it’s amazing this here is the Donald’s

Cantina salsa bar now what I’m about to tell you is next level secret that most people don’t know one of the things they do not provide you on cruises and this is pretty much any cruise ship any industry is they don’t provide you chips so they’re gonna have this amazing salsa

Bar with like pineapple sauce and mango salsa all these different salsa there’s no chips but one thing you can do is you can bring your own bag of chips and I recommend you bring your own bag of chips they won’t stop you you do that and then you have your chips and you

Come over here to the salsa bar you get a big bowl of sauce that you sit down by pool and eat chips and salsa until your heart’s content bring your own chips if you like chips and salsa because they’re going to provide you amazing salsa but

No chips that’s like a secret that most people don’t know then we also have pizza bites here and the pizza pizza bites here they go serve all amazing type of pizza there’s I mean everything you want four cheese pizza pepperoni Margarita and plant-based Pizza it is delicious and amazing and they just

Reminded me you can customize your pizza like if you want it like I love the prosciutto and they’ll put it on prosciutto and it’s it’s awesome this is going 24 Hours by the way just you want pizza they’re up there cooking it all the time here’s another amazing

Cream this is the pizza staff Pizza staff is amazing and they make all kinds of Amazing Pizza here this got pepperoni it is going it is what is your favorite pizza that they have here pepperoni yes they’re so smart my favorite is 14. oh the four cheese

See anything you get is gonna be amazing and they’ll make your own pizza you can tell them what you want and they’ll make it for you guys it’s so fun such a fun step all right now looking right over here behind me this is the uh Mickey’s smokestack barbecue and then they serve

The barbecue wings here they’ve got like uh ribs uh barbecue chicken the potatoes they’re particular in your normal barbecue stuff that’s served there it is excellent you go right around the corner next up we have goofy squirrel this is also open pretty much 24 hours and they

Make they make the hot dogs they’ve got chicken tenders they got the impossible Burger yeah absolutely and this is where they and like uh I mean it’s on your cheeseburgers the french fries they make the french fries fresh and they’re good to go plus they also have like your

Pasta salad potato salad and everything here when I was here with my son he came right here and he’s like I would like a plate of fries please and I was like what and they gave him a plate fries he just had it he’s like I love this it’s amazing plate of fries

This is this uh sweet Minnie’s ice cream parlor the ice cream is Flowing here you can pretty much get it almost 24 hours a day you have different types of ice cream cones you grab it miles got mango they’ve got chocolate they got vanilla all everything you want it’s so good

So the ice cream Ice Cream Sweet mini ice cream next up this is the lookout bar and they have this this way coming in you get your drinks whatever you want to drink but they offer something super cool here every day they have a drink of the day

They have an alcoholic version and a non-alcoholic version and you come down here and every day it’s gonna be different and that was a lot of fun for a family to come down here and look up we’ll see what the drink of the day was we could order something and get the

Non-alcoholic version and Miles felt really cool because they got to see something fun and there’s all different crazy flavors they have like mango and papaya and like I mean just everything it was awesome now on a Disney cruise ship the soda pop is included which is different than other cruise ships so you

Can you can Coca-Cola your diet coke your uh was that fused tea water you even got some vitamin water Sprite ginger ale and a little cups here so when you’re coming down to get your meal you can go ahead and get your little uh soda which is included so it’s included

You don’t you’re not paying extra for that some other cruise lines make you pay extra for a soda not here at Disney they also have coffee machines just get a normal coffee here and get coffee or decaf they also have five different coffee bars that you can go to and you

Can order different types of coffee like specialized coffee like in uh Alfredo avocado maconado you can order anything you want and have some fun with that and order some really cool coffees but those specialty coffees they do cost money just to be aware of that so you just get

The normal coffee that’s free but if you want to get a specialized coffee at these different five coffee bars that cost a little bit extra and then for breakfast right it’s actually for breakfast they have like Mickey Mouse pancakes and Mickey waffles and like um eggs benedict and yogurt and uh I

Mean just all the breakfast foods you want pastries and that is right back there that’s it’s closed for it’s only shows with breakfast so crowded in there is I didn’t really know how to film it to show that without you know make it too crazy so I’ll just try to grab

Little bits and pieces as we could but they have eyed all the food there that you want they also have like some different adult uh areas this is called keg Encompass it’s kind of like an adult bar they go in there and just relax it’s kind of so you can see like the

Aesthetics there’s Sports going on it’s just really fun area for adults to come relax keg and compass this is the entrance to Arendelle the dining experience and this is where you queue up a lineup before you go in it’s really a fun immersive show where they do singing and

Dancing and you get to eat this the stage is right in the center of the right and center of the dining room and this is the Arendelle dining room so you got the welcoming rug you walk in and have all these tables it’s just a feast to have a lot of fun

They do two shows a night here stage is right there in the center of the rim here’s a hidden Easter egg right here on the Shelf you can see these blue gloves those were the blue gloves that Elsa wore during coordination here’s a really cool Easter egg you can see Elsa’s blue gloves

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Frozen one all right so let me show you some amazing the sweet treat shop called Soulful sweets I meant it’s called the joyful sweets now this one this is an additional add-on you have to pay for this food here this is some sweet treats really cool stuff like this is not included

With your ticket to be on the cruise ship there’s sadness and all the core memories I’ve made there’s joy right there and if you look down here you can see you can see all the different ice cream flavor that they have and they always talk about these big huge

Australian flavors of ice cream and then over here they have all types of gelato like just anything on his chest absolutely amazing gelato they have all kinds of toppings to put in your ice cream I mean just whatever you want and they have some amazing treats you look at this this is the

Disgust Oreo cookie that’s the anger Oreo cookie and this is called a chocolate sphere this is joy and this is fears chocolate sphere and you got the sadness Rice Krispies and of course you got chocolate dipped marshmallows and they have these fabulous cupcakes Donald Duck vanilla cupcake fear bubble gum

Cupcake angry red velvet joyful lemon and then Mickey’s happy birthday cake then you got all these little sweet treats down here as well now again this is an additional add-on but it’s a lot of fun you come here and just use an add-on if you want we are

Now going to go to Worlds of mar s we just walked into the Avengers dining area guys and this is our table we’ve got an Avengers menu we got a Pim I don’t even know what this is what to find out oh miles has a button

To push we’ll find out what it does and look at our place our metal Adventures this is our menu and this is like a metal placard on the beginning of the menu and you flip it over you got your showcase apps kind of salads from the sokovian kettle bread service

You got entrees a symbol we have vegetarian and a lighter notes we were told that this is a Quantum core that we will use maybe to fight some evil hope maybe let’s say hopefully but do you want to hopefully fight evil I don’t know okay and this is what is this

This is your salt and pepper this red they brought it out colored I don’t know it’s just it’s just normal bread but they color it make it fun well they are starting the show um before we start let me address the elephant in the room there’s a lot of chatter out there

Asking why I didn’t shrink down go in and uh kill Thanos first of all gross technology that for the first time allows us to specifically Target our pin particles to shrink or grow just about anything I got the shrimp ass appetizer Amanda got a salad oh just vegetables just vegetables so

This is Justified of vegetables it wasn’t even on the appetizer menu right but they offer a side of vegetables and I asked if I could have bathroom appetizer and they said yeah so that’s what I love about these dinners is they will like customize and work with you

For what you want I’ve got a wedge salad yours is wonderful cheese sticks with it and I also ordered an iceberg you want to cruise Oh no what just happened so this was cute a little play on words when they were talking about it I heard Honey I Shrunk the cruise ship little play on Honey I Shrunk the Kids and now I got broccoli soup [Laughter] stop that right now don’t judge me and

Now we’re to the beef tenderloin show hers too of course like vegetarian not vegetarian whoa Spider-Man’s password And wiping out all of mankind and later we’re going to have a serious talk about bringing Quantum Tech to a cruise ship look at this crowd you tried keeping their attention but look that guy is still eating oh imagine I’ve ever been on a cruise ship before young lady we

Have to work on you know your focus you’re an Avenger now in trainings That was awesome thanks but uh you know what happens to people in movies that say that right of course where they keep the children All right they target every chord Ultron No no no no no no no no no Wow I’m here I can’t believe this thing I just took down the giant robot that guy over there is still eating yeah Spider-Man got here right as the battle is over they did thank you And now it’s time for dessert I got this like a it’s got a caramel and chocolate they got like a sticky pudding cake Mimi got the key lime and Miles got a Mickey bar all right guys now we’re gonna go to the Arendelle dinner all right we’re walking in and they have

A little portraits this hallway is super long to get the dining room though a little spin action you all right they’ve got Anna and Elsa very nice I can’t remember that character’s name that’s my favorite part of the movie is when they’re when Olaf is doing a recap and he’s like and then

His parents died he’s like what what when you go into dinner the first thing to do is make you wash your hands get those hands all washed now you just drop it right in there we have our same server for last night from uh from uh Avengers and now you’re here

In Arendelle yes I love it it’s a little bit different than Avengers oh it’s way different than Avengers but there’s a stage right in the center of the floor right there are you able to see him and but then they also told us that characters walk by here

And Miles has the children’s menu It’s like a flag oh there we go oh look how sweet the royal family hereby welcomes you to an enchanted evening smork is born I don’t know how to pronounce these but everything looks very awesome little authentic Nordic dishes All right here’s vegetarian I think I’m getting clean how do you pronounce it potato Leaf I don’t know I’m so sorry I just probably butchered that but this looks really good I just brought our bread oh and it’s warm do you guys do this okay I have my roll right

I love so much butter butter on the roll is the best part of the Roll that is a lot of butter oh my gosh well it’s a lot of better my Butter’s melting oh man that is a lot of butter wow wow I put one whole Butterball

In here I have expanded my training clothes and someone else in a mouth proud teach me sooner party planning services available number going on Amazing guys I ordered two appetizers white and green it chilled asparagus cheese and ham tart then I had my mom order this other one for me it’s Cod salmon and shrimp which I want okay this looks delicious this was troll Valley baby greens with a lingonberry dressing the good berries

This is so cute so as we’re eating our appetizers look they’re going around and saying hi to all of the tables so sweet thank you so much oh Starstruck all right for my next course I got a cucumber carrot potato salad it’s chilled and it’s so good A little bit of

Dill on it it’s a big deal I now have my carrot soup spins special miles ordered the children’s salmon and this ham and cheese like tart all right for my main meal I have a Swedish meatballs or Norwegian meatballs I guess with egg noodles and they covered it with

Parmesan cheese because I requested that Mimi looks like the beef uh looks like a prime rib almost I don’t know a vegetarian offering it smells really good though does anyone else here like trivia yes okay did you know that water has memory true fact it’s disputed by many but it’s true

I have another one did you know that snowflakes are magical and no two are alike it’s a rainbow at night did you know that one quarter of all your bones are located in your feet my fingers snowballs do you want to know what I call snowball fights

Very good I am so thrilled it’s absolutely delicious like a flaky crisp so good um like fake bread crumbs on the outside packed full of vegetables on the inside and then it’s surrounded by a cream sauce it is very delicious packed full of vegetables guys we have desserts we have apple cake

Norwegian pancake this butter cake you say is the best family Rock chocolate bar no sugar added sugar mama cake and ice cream sundaes look at my little pink my little uh sweet my Norwegian pancakes my mom got the chocolate bar and we got the butter cake what they say

Is the best and the miles has the uh dessert that comes in kids meal s’mores it’s a s’more it’s a crate that’s been cut filled with strawberry cream cheese The ceiling just lit up all bright and colorful look how pretty it is so pretty Elsa is doing her magic look at her girl whoa look at them no now it’s time for a fun parade with the kids there we go well done well done oh that was really

Fun guys what a great dinner it’ll a lot of fun a lot of singing and food was excellent okay so here we are in in the 1923. that is the year that Walt Disney established their company dizzy uh so it’s like the 100 Year celebration but

Here on the cruise ship they have a club here or dinner place that’s called 1923. This is the app the menu you got the appetizers a whole bunch of different things here we’ve heard that the Hyperion four cheese tri-color tortellini is the winner they also have salads they have from the kettle the

Pork the pole guinea hen corn chowder has been talked a lot about I also ordered a different brand services that they’re bringing yes I also heard the um peppered filet mignon was very yeah and then I also heard the lamb was okay so as far as the entries what you heard

Is that the uh filet mignon is the winner on that one there and then we have vegetarian down here and then they have a lighter note this is the lighter note is you’ve got your uh Lois Feliz lobster salad or grilled sirloin steak what’s cute is your restaurant changes

And rotates but so do all the members of their cruise ship so like a third a third a third right so today I was talking to a group of people we were sitting in the hot tub they’ve been to this restaurant before they were here

Last night and so they told me like all the things that they loved and they told me that the foods that they didn’t love so much yeah the servers rotate with you so you have the same servers every night but it’s cute because then like by the

End of your cruise ship you can all like compare and contrast and like talk about different meals and give recommendations and stuff to your other Christmas this is the four cheese tortellini little appetizer and they came out a big if you like pepper they’ll do fresh ground

Pepper like Amanda likes it I don’t I’m not a big pepper fan and they could bring out some Parmesan cheese and they just put some Parmesan cheese on for us and Mimi wanted to show hers is guinea hen corn chowder that’s it sounds wonderful so um they just came and cleared away our

Tortellini right gone gone and as we’re taking manners away man it’s like I think I’ll have another tortellini all right sure it’s the benefit of the cruise just all the food just keeps coming so we’re bringing her another tortellini that was good good full dish of pasta like that that

Was very yummy so you told you how you have the same servers this is one of our other service at Magda she’s from Ireland hello hello so do you love potatoes do you love potatoes I do love it she’s been an amazing server and taken such a wonderful care of us and

That’s when you come out of Disney Cruise you’ll have the same server every single night I’m still here you can come and find me yeah I’m still here come find her I live here okay I finished my second bowl of tortellini and while they’re doing that

They brought out I got the filet mignon so did my mom that’s delicious right Patty oh Amanda your soup oh yummy well we we said we couldn’t eat any more Magna told us that this is the best one the Barbarian cream okay I did hear that and

Then what is this one again an orange flowerless cake orange flourless cake and this is pudding we’re gonna see oh sure which one’s the best one again cream but they’re all amazing we’re doing it there’s berries inside it’s so good and this was so good too

Man is so so on this I’m not so sure it’s not so sure she likes it but the so these this was this is a this is a winner and this is a winner for sure 100 hands down what am I supposed to do this try it what is this

Well in restaurant etiquette they never put anything in plate that you can’t eat I know but what is it it’s like this green blob go for it I don’t know what it is okay I just wanted to show the Aesthetics of 1923. it’s such a pretty dining experience it’s absolutely gorgeous

Thank you so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video hit that like that like oh wait a minute okay all right thank you for doing that I also want to take a quick little brief moment to tell you how amazing you are did you know that you were absolutely

Wonderful and you make the world a better place and thank you so much for watching our videos and being part of the Provost podcast family you are part of our family here and I think of that and I want you to know that I think of

Every each and every one of you I think about the guy who’s a mechanic in La who’s you know working lots of hours I appreciate all the work you do I’m thinking about the single mom who is wondering she’s like am I doing enough to be a good mother you are you’re being

A fantastic mother I think about the student who’s struggling in school I was like I don’t understand everything you are intelligent and you’re smart and you’re going to get it I think about the dad who’s like wondering he’s like am I what’s going on who’s working they feel

Like in a day-to-day job they’re just trying to provide for the family I want you to know that you are appreciated and you’re amazing I’m thinking about that Family who just received some bad news about a loved one that you know maybe there’s some health issues there I am so

Sorry that’s going on I just want you to know that you are amazing and you’ll be able to get through this I appreciate each and every one of you I want you to know that I think you are amazing you absolutely are and you make the world a

Better place alright guys thank you so much for watching hit that like button the Subscribe button I hope you like this video it’s all about cruising cruising cruising cruising I like cruising do you like cruising I hope you like cruises it’s fun and you don’t get seasick and everybody

Thinks you do but you really don’t it’s a lot of fun it’s really the boat is really stable Thank you