Mutig: Franz (62) lebte 1 Jahr im XXL Wohnmobil: Controvers Full GFK Slide Out Sattelauflieger.

the suisse caravan salon he has so many to offer news and this vehicle yes the trailer is actually made in Germany a slide out procedure is coming in short he is the owner of the vehicle and it's such a great one possibility with a c1 driving license in to drive very heavy loads in switzerland without considering a lot of things and the nice thing is at the campsite you have a car that can be uncoupled i say five minutes and then you have one trailers on the back were not good hello it's nice here in bern or yes and how and they're really excited about it car yes damn the washing machine that is a smaller one there and that is it really is the eye catcher I did it right at the entrance had the exact same washing machine I have a slightly larger one now I have to say but it does its job yes completely and enough for the whole which one you might have from it bed which is the slightly larger so that the clutch will screwed on it was the towing vehicle new or something built that was new that towing vehicle and thorn there is then the the fifth wheel was added and he can simply be pushed in and then the loading area is completely flat here and also from the whole area edible so that electricity and air viz on or rice emergency power because the brakes they are and therefore no air that is usually a huge problem with the approval of electric brakes in europe but that is usually the case do they have an extra battery? including that they always work the brakes are here too no extra battery for the for the braking, the battery works itself out also required for all other electricity is in the vehicle and the registration is really also in the swiss problem been that means it very boring because nobody knew that on the test center but now that is done and all other vehicles can be imported practically without delay by control that is a huge problem buying vehicles you know not one hundred percent whether they later on to be admitted to switzerland i have the.

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Already reports on vehicles had to go back to Germany the accounts in switzerland do not to be admitted yes that is so itself because at customs it is very difficult like that importer should always use the same one continues to know the people and the whole process is recorded there and they know heitz will come back with the vehicle and everything is running you can almost automatically get one here move that it doesn't work or that means you have to be able to drive no it gives a book roughly similar to a sketch and man can him here on the trailer engage and then really take advantage of it so and there it is or yes so that we wipe inside because of too straight in here in front is are whole a lot of things you have one rear view camera on the clutch or as the easy to latch to one is problem i have to have mine an adhesive strip on directly to the disc made the orientation and don't you see here because that's not my style but on the back white adhesive strips and different office and even then I know as I drive in there and it drives itself a bit strange at the beginning so if you are so used to caravans because the fulcrum is somewhere else yes it will be but much easier just one thing lacked more stable the whole and regarding side wind also because the edition on the axle is on the rear axle it works the technique is actually very simple comes from the boat building namely to gfk four centimeters thick with construction foam washed out in between in sandwich that means you can do it all if you do an accident happened you can repair that's practically a boat on wheels that is one way or the other normally they are all exterior walls that look terrible after a hail devices after this vehicle have nothing what payload what it was still too loud here it is paris a kilo by a kilo payload allows something really great get so you don't have much at all thought and tightness but a small solo is included as standard and that ensures that, for example and leaves cannot fall in exactly and also that the rain a bit expires where it doesn't matter plays when it falls on the ceiling now but it is not protected by law right so I can too imagine that of course the seals if someone of the sun are also they also age faster protection additional or that is more dense there is something to maintain the direction yes with the special determine from about 3 4 months to ensure that it remains supple otherwise goethe will feel the way it is built for life that's what it looks like bit like the showmen vehicles that you see at the fair the sometimes 20 30 years I would say run that it professionally or yes that is very professional because that is no series production but then niche product and that a vehicle that you want simply because it's exactly this advantages just offer it top quality is and that it is durable and above above all every technical detail that was installed is also accessible so That means the shell was built first and then the inner workings and not like that with mobile homes the inner workings and then will all this be technical with the times like that built up so that it is no longer accessible is that means you get him too theoretically from the cabin or if you you could want yes you could as an office or soy so ask that comes straight out america or yes that is from america yes now you have electricity here bitterly or is the heating yes you can see that that the heating support facility yes How high is it and you can see everything there accessible also the rear water pump everything clean accessible the board battery lithium 200 ampere the country secretly that country by far that's 64 solar panels on the roof I assume really autonomous viktor energy that has a bit of a reputation that it always works so yeah that is so never had problems so and roma always works, it's gas or diesel what do you have in it that is gas hot water and heating combined in the same modules installed you are now a lot of people on the way and take part in a coming out my wife that's enough and is the occurs when you are at the campsite com collects yes we are first looked can a few child that is somehow that he's behind puts us also a bit under pressure but see you always worked now then they stand around four times and have a thousand questions like the slide out that's just a little bit about a meter or a little later comes out and 85 centimeters out but that brings so much space inside or exactly exactly that's my wife and I have there too already danced that easily this time there was another page right on the escalator right here that is the slot as it is there, you know that from many showmen at the fair which is there but that also makes one room something completely different or yes there is a different sense of space there is air and there is space to move and to turn and you don't have to touch each other chatting over but one can really easy to move in it the shopped other sits can at sit down and can too walk past anything possible franz die the wall is made of aluminum or that's also the women stopped was that is called GRP all around and the federal government gives it means there can't be anything there can't be anything betray nothing can betray nothing nothing breaks the lamps are cool in was just then since they really have times out of the big box of tricks asked oh yes that's all leds khaimah the door that is likely for vehicles or what individual no this is actually the service door of the manufacturer there he is with the long ones components invite to us yes that use my shop has no further function or looks yes nothing more only very much it's no use, darling, not like that over there is it there you can see the sandwich her are of course Switzerland in winter too that means on the go and in winter one has them and so on that goes don't do a job so we have known jula do of course you have that here space for them you can put them in the take the towing vehicle here so it's pretty awesome you have one very simple interior chosen very useful easy to clean smooth surfaces there is a love mini day oh yes me three and a half kilos is rainhard kilo disco worth having there we always did our laundry for two years washed that worked wonderfully requires 36 liters of water per wash I see very little tank volume 300 liters of fresh water and 180 liters so with the towing vehicle even 220,000 euro you can also see the very nice here structure the structures that's all over the commercial vehicle sector that means everything a bit for eternity built yes it is whenever possible no goods from the camping area Headroom phenomenal when I first got here take a look, you have well over two meters of snow higher that creates space here in it or yes and we will be the people also larger here because it is very pleasant So a possibility that also do what I do for taller people totally awesome find here you have one wallpaper fixed in the sideout that find I so awesome that you can customize do exactly that is from the manufacturer no specifications because everyone can choose what will requirement of course that it is technically feasible so that could also to be in bed to be in bed again later lower the table and the thick pad to slide that's completely gone moderate if you sit down in one height you are one meter wide 83 83 that doesn't feel like in the caravan you are here in the room or one beautiful yes yes it is important one living room with also a cozy light with curtains like at home yes if I now look right kissmann do you have one from munich best refrigerators in the world even better yes that is an absolute press that one can get at the moment sure needs it very little electricity I was surprised and cool perfect as had im above the fish was fresh in the freezer caught salmon was the real filled to the brim has jeopardized everything everything is fine, I assume you are from switzerland his wife is called probably heidi yes yes yes I already know what I'm doing now heidi Yes, I read it over there always at the fridge look, there it is heidi strasse ja and franzstrasse see buy in germany I know that's exactly it when you shortly wake up to provide you don't hit it yet you are not allowed to sleep at the fair you could theoretically yes yes yes without problems so there it is how old the car and there's nothing to it or that has eventually nothing at all everything works like never before so what is the value gets that is if you are good today at the moment he is camping ground when you bought it there there was no camping boom then that was because so I'll say the people today if they could buy it directly do it will probably be the money lay back again or what he did back then paid reported few yes yes yes on in any case so and more complex so installed with top and bottom heat that means you can bake in it offered everything everything made bread made casseroles made cake done everything there is still a lot to come better you have a lot of space we're not going to pigeonhole again this is household quality household quality because also of stones was built you got the whole thing emptied for the fair that was it quite a lot of workers that is called one lives in it you have everything from setup we cleared everything and stored what i exactly ladies come on that's for pots and such continue that but not only 3 I say drawers you have 6 yes you have the right closet like too home and I we like to cook that made it don't watch, so cook properly rehwiese because everything is why they are so not just pasta with tomato sauce then you have upper cabinets you are big fan of netflix have you tells me amazon prime apple tv and such further and that's why you have a Beamer installed, I'll show you at the moment a corresponding it awesome or more exactly that nice is all the way down drive that was once see and there can you turn on the beamer that is namely a very small one up here from asus and it takes a nice picture and yes it makes a nice picture and up to a meter tall the picture on the canvas wonderful to sit and and later when you go in then you have you can really corner yourself so let's lounge around once so right and the cruiser pastor a you can put that in there and can then really nice in the corner I'm imagining that if you then the latest james bond comes out then here you look at the beamer did you still look there is of course maybe for them heidi a bit high or could that being cookbooks and that's awesome space growth without end so the very will now where built actually it will be in germany built near cologne in cologne so by professionals and the wallpaper has to be show that's so awesome but I think that's so great because that creates this this warmth or exactly this cosiness atmosphere we really wanted one living room atmosphere here have in the corner and that's why we decided which is unusual for campers or is it a little words there you have more storage space what fits there comes usually with you there is that most important may be not from any plastic glasses drink or ok so keep it up you still have it let's go in now you have What a great thing you have even more closets for clothes of course now the exhibition of the Of course it's great that you don't have the optics with the giant closet but you come upstairs once but the whole thing he doesn't seem like that huge and you can really do things take away or just in the right place and I can also adjust the tabla that goes up to that hollow stabilization the sides then like that and a router from alpha then yes then a plate air conditioning that power really steam because one actually laughs for everything yes yes yes we have them all rarely used because it's so good is isolated and neither are we skylights do not have extra there not they will come in here dance I put my shower please say so not careful you know meter 83 and giants and I can take a shower here through me here comfortably space in height says in the bathroom room you can open up yes there is a sliding door there is not limited and actually please turn over sleeping area so under fans don't become the french if that's right wanted to know he has one incineration toilet installed a good old cinderella that means that is has evaluate the now accordingly practice they are in it the good yes they are very well before then you have to yourself none search black water and can easily every two weeks are hot ashes throw away wherever it smells not that no toxins either training absolutely nothing real window that means I'm different from you Has it ever made contact with my tree or with appropriate food that's that an even more extreme one is of course the volume from outside went up is this is phenomenal but now all the other windows are run when we open up one will a not what pretty cool you you're very high in here so it is really a lot of great things but are also not cheap are installed here the real windows really go into money but you should treat yourself to that or yes absolutely it actually states a feeling of an apartment this this plastic window that's more like it gaming fans are totally okay three weeks vacation work but in it life is really great of course another one completely different number from where you live stuck in the car yes we have two years lived there were there on the way in order to and that was our home two years ago dem vehicles lives yes and he probably all of europe or where we are were in canada and the usa with it dem shipped yes really yes is that difficult the whole simply from from hamburg to halifax with lake view das is a really professional companies that offer that and worked one and free and probable to recommend you have high seats in you are already in the middle this is like home yes this is like too home and whatever is the bathroom has one heating under the mattress so that one never climb into the cold world if you want to yes still cold sharp pass from big window can see the stars yes constantly and is at the same time the denied access to the roof then is here large wardrobe open again everyone has twitter on both sides he can have his own one part wants exactly that more than enough space with the drawer below and then it also holds still storage space shows once again but you can not that one that means that that means here and down one lives so has because here jam in it that's huge yes you are now the owner there is also a company who sells the whole thing in switzerland who is that that the company controversy this is one of the ones in switzerland [Music] he accompanies every buyer during construction and advises them des with his huge experience and then accompanies you in the factory at the production and makes the whole imports really great all the approval so you buy it registered here with a swiss number 1 is and finally his big question again very briefly here the you are professional done a few times this is the kitchen so it feels like a real one come home like that out there can yes other people go back in i I have a few more questions for you because if someone has two years in his car lives there he probably has a lot made experience how do we go whole big out car released again hello I greet you cordially I think if you market is so kind and that you make the mask there that you no longer forgiven so i learned a lot about that vehicle it's not that easy that one I already have that heard but now it goes goes on everyone case so the question is simply what and where we existing developed so i am completely impressed slide out of gfk I have just the comparison done that's professional technology that is not a toy that is too probably not a large series that will be individually manufactured that is individually manufactured by customer requests and it is genuine pig yes and it is understatement that is not so shout it yes with so had stickers and something on it if it's almost too simple, you will but that's what people say want or whether people want it knows I don't have it's our style there also everything just we have none frills and we build for people the urgent do not want so little lose or break or whatever always said he hates it since now three years nothing has broken gone so it's madness so everyone day every day in use and he was two years traveling in canada in america with that and that is the claim that has to work that one has to us not that is but if you do that now my luxury mobile home right away nothing against the manufacturers now build that in series but if you get in there look in here look this is correct household technology is in you we use because I get that too the portugal they are blocking them got talk learned i can at the plumbing called and it comes and is repaired yes, if I am interested now you have are now where in which canton st im canton thurgau that's a middle thing women's field and controversial means you are the c standing for just petri and yes i am totally thrilled i have totally many questions to him still i leave now times rest so if you are interested did you take care of yourself in switzerland fell only once so if you briefly with comes to love gives and you really have two years in it yes my freedom together i have two years to wait let's say there were and that photos of you or That's controversial but either way similar it could look the same will be it the same according to other air conditioning on it but then of course you have yourselves for many things were decided what was then so what was said then so I did suppose once have to prepare if you go away for so long yes we were not quite without driving the buses namely what we wanted we had previously a house and are have one other house sell us for travel decided and then you have certain actually have claims vehicle what it was that it must have the so that you still during construction things accordingly reconfigured you did that yes, there and there we have the manufacturer with our wishes we still don't have one tried it all to implement and finally it is really like that came out as we wished we also thought that we being able to live in it, GRP is natural a great material so the value retention of the class, these are the high shooters was there ever a problem in the protect no not at all and to you don't know them by hand bend what that works, do that again is a fallacy from the professional sector that was when you drove off you have a queasy feeling dissolved or that was still there the acid dissolved abandoned in his residence the furniture set in a room and then drove off and took with them what we think we need it for the next time on the way that is not very much despite the many places like have had more brought into the boxes that's something completely different topic to the house or the apartment wasn't exactly small then you here together you have to be love or yes of course if you you don't get caught either a trip like this together that's clear you should try it beforehand whether the partner is also compatible yes we should have that below where mobile rented and stayed longer for the holidays on the way and then confirmed get that we live already that means edges to where now exactly what was the first have wait the election went from hamburg by ship to halifax in canada in canada so then did you start there of course first time in canada goes on how long he can about a year three years he can therefore Is it possible that one year stay but also why but you click for half a year some after alaska is in the usa and then come back and it's war again half a year that's for them normal, many do that as well or yes that's what most of them do americans the canadians and in winter see you in florida and im taking care of us him in alaska or yukon im just im it's north i have a lot of people met in america is like that that travel there that here is a little model in america so there is a lot there much larger but you he comes with it people in contact who then looked Swiss license plate there is still a lot to consider was was there and now another number plate with swiss number plate but no one was interested in that how to no one that i there so but what interested is that driven and she has the the him a lot of it wins immediately seen that it is qualitatively different the thing in america about faire and varese a court it is so you have you it was a bit queasy at first feeling as he because also the crossing he was since with the same ship Yes, exactly from Hamburg with the same cargo ship to halifax that lasted a long three weeks we were two weeks on the road two weeks that means there is a cabin you can looking out is not a luxury cruise no way that is really a cargo ship and that became also told us clearly it's just not passengers and cargo always has Priority were there only on passengers had our dream and its own it is the team also ate it's really a cargo ship nobody cares about us you you have to look yourself work can of course see a lot if the otherwise never she is there the rehearsals were always welcome we were at it for hours each of your daily newspaper clearly absolutely yes you learn a lot about that theme travel the ship or yes of course and if the ship then on the open sea how are the people on the bridge very relaxed because there it is for them also self-sufficient and then explain they each and everything there on the bridge for repairs are there once here funk if you yes I'll tell you in the middle of the saber star is nothing cell phone received or so there was a beginning yes the voters to stuck harder about 15 minutes a day granted to us wlan length not white apparently they are for the shipping company wlan and that would primarily for the team used and not through the passengers get used to it really wasn't a problem anymore after two days leaving you no price from crossing what free with the person with two people and that vehicle in our size has 7500 euros it's much more expensive now so they say everything is more expensive become in terms of transport it probably will again cheaper you arrived then it was day or night as landed was earlier tomorrow than we arrived thick fog around at some point you saw then still applies the silhouette of halifax and the was that such a real incoming fly then you fall somewhere on one airport a bit exaggerated and you really get the ship firm in the bay in the hair then the ship is rotated and that lasted about two hours until then really is created and then comes the customs on bau and then it's his again time before you can go from there now my question if you with the ship sails around 12 weeks on the way there Is there no jetlag or no not at all not at all siebels every day an hour longer or so yes there is badener 67 times the clock ticked by one lesson deferred that is of course still times that you realize that the body doesn't even notice it anymore that means it's for people who suffering from it very much is one shipping better or yes of course that the worst was eating an hour were later okay the swiss there were also from the one question you can't put it in vehicle while driving you can don't see or no that i'm deep in stomach between machines and all sorts transported by water or whatever those were on top of it like 10,000 10,000 year really praise had already yes and how we are stubborn after such a big ship electricity electricity what storm we had for luck not because that's a topic there the people said there you have it really scary was that one ship a huge attack surface we in winter worry the wind yes that was now also a corresponding channel in panama canal was exactly so that one arrived the ship has turned it took a long time to unload the vehicle it will take a little longer only yes it takes 24 hours for you then it is loaded then it goes through space two days later the subscription is ready great to pay or not was with too so pay again all the best from zebra charles organized really clicked the papers from cebit with those must you to the customs officer in halifax who has made his stamps is that a problem if i now driver from switzerland now in canada that you have a special insurance I need or go in Canada too know no that is not valid in canada over there freak a post-insurance though everyone has to decide for themselves it was an insurance from bbh young project no but if there is an accident came goes then it gets really bad and then what did you do we did have swiss insurance works for for canada usa as you are because there had been shopping probably the first thing he did has or of course no buy anything gearing up again for oiling is the time the huge parking lots in front of the shopping centers with this vehicle no problem at all that you do that to over 34 kw parking spaces above without problems can happen that's legal have enough private parking of course also in the area where not only the actually but also French is spoken there you were, of course we had to also by important west coast yes it is different there it is a little bit French or is the son mishmash it is very on I was amazed at how similar do you see that in french switzerland? you can tell they are francophone something similar all over the world speaks no english at all not that one is nobody they can but they don't speak so that we can that like media or something like that or like here in Switzerland of french switzerland diagonale des don't speak I know that yes that is so if you make an effort then there are two speak French for a few minutes then go now thank you now exactly you speak ok that helps of course it went further than it has since too he can then go through the woods Of course yes, now it was natural around the ears and the whole middle one east are only forests and is largely flat see you then brought willstätt gets with exactly that 13 years fields and and hot and dry or that is a sea of ​​white fields like yes yes yes skate racing selmani dober this area is from wheat fields few canada expect now of course in summer we were in Spring is here and it was this year there were huge floods parma was based ends around the high water dodge but next to roads again blocked or said this well under control not everyone is used to that but she and other pieces could do that developed I have a big request so that's it now turned a bit here history yes in that they yes lived two years until i need photos maybe a few of yours the things you did that we the times show encourage people if you email me the man then yes that will install you can than 50 pieces that we the times clean that was probably the journey of your life or you were before also gone for years yes I was two sometimes longer time wears the whole drove the panamericana panamericana where he three years and the world of the panamericana from the very top to the very top but is nice long ago but we also need one a little money for that means you have to the preparation you buy the vehicle that doesn't even cost 200,000 francs more then we need one little play money what you spend there In theory, anyone can afford it if he says a little something puts aside lives his dream or yes you really have to live your dream want and it costs so much more not at all because of course you have many does not have fixed costs that one has at home So everything the house costs with the field takes way out of the garden and nothing like that anymore watering the lawn cutting trees but stones free him from everything underpants proportion of underpants that man takes with him on his journey 20.30 number with so theoretically needs two objections exist because a filthy man me I already have a lot more gh she is need shirts t-shirts hour non-stop with it probably winter dress and a real one again winter clothes proper hiking clothes then of course we had it with us summer tires in winter years are in traveled all seasons and since would you already have everything with you yes if you park it here like this, yes and there there are now a quarter of a million and you drive the vehicle on tour das have you ever done it? she has it you probably parked there don't worry that we will come back no longer there there one has no further can't hang on why it's special clutch is trailer hitch and the love not know this urgency name first looked through but there was never a situation where he said it was and how dangerous or so except bears or so they do not at all not at all guided with it too near towns so safe now that I been very pleasant, yes, quite a bit I'd say it's over there theme camping and travel had quite high priority there are thousands permanently on the move that means that is quite normal here there you fall with so no longer on a car or you you'll notice because it's the smallest too the 1st in the area as well as could in the smallest place on the campsite in the middle of main occurrences last the longest because we once had that for 40 meters is here of course 40 meters right yes so you have the whole thing, of course used in the summer then came the winter probably in america or since took a little down to florida further in florida is that's what thousands tens of thousands of american and canadian that they go to florida i know that from australia there is a core and rhythms where the people because I have times in summers are in brisbane and in the butt kerns and that's because in kerns can't stand it in the summer somehow 50 degrees or so and in winter do you have your 22 23 degrees florida what is also a climate that was there all winter through 20 degrees of sunshine sometimes a little wind you could outside sitting was wonderful now for the dunking now i got so i have a little bit of the impression you are not someone who does every day was on the move but you were also standing already two three days there exactly that longest were once after the same location nine months jabloner has us also paralyzed where he was yes yes somehow was was was the time where actually it was totally the partially totally travel ban it was very regional very different regulations and we were there around in colorado was really travel ban we stood once again at a farm and hofer says he made it at that time because always like garden tidy from the people in front of yes everywhere where something to work it was a really nice people who have said stay as long as you want no problem so there is a car been that there on the product no no, that's not my other one either yeah that's pretty interesting we have a lot of things now heard what was the most beautiful thing experienced have or was there at the moment itself not put it into words that one the most beautiful are very many are also not always the people are spectacular things too the ones you meet at the right moment in the right place that maybe only one evening where been impressive especially when you now not so the super communicative type is you don't have to every evening a bottle of wine to go to the neighbors neighbor also comes with the painting and communicative form to come here and the are interested in the vehicle das optically, of course, not to America fits and they just come and ask quite uncomplicated even if you are outside sitting when eating is very narrow so I now times 230 240 25 at 25 that is a swiss measure and also Germans of course but they can be even more comfortably on our roads would move in width better not say two meters fifty 55 or that had to look at all liberal less space in width need additional rearview mirrors on the car what I don't need now and so you can use the normal mirrors were okay the thing moves a lot more comfortable if you have a second car don't really need that for the place means when he drives out now you were also in these parks in these national park was also here we also yes and also there at the championship problems that are also international parks huge pitches and it's hard there so you can get in any approval or simply drives in is there is there in front because in principle senate Reception where you drive in as louder yes it must be added to most parks then you pay entry it is recommended also very to reserve those of the camping was they are very full we have one bit of luck but got through it not released quite so violently yes there there is one can be on the internet from january you can reserve and it recommends also by february at the latest to have done summer travel situations because then now full but the places are of course not arranged in such a way the individual are parking spaces are many further apart and there you are really mostly on their own although the campsite is full it a lot of people come into the car, they have many questions what are the most ask the washing machine yes that's the one big coup because that means something for 380 euros or 500 euros you landed the hit reported the washing machine yes thank you very much fans the next journey is going where now that nothing planned as they do not long plan we do it spontaneously you now have no house mail is now where that put now in the barn at construction and is for sale and after let's do something else okay that has build an apartment or house again or yes we have a house again or bought an apartment and enjoy life is a journey offers so price we always before want to sell should cost 150 thousand swiss francs in a short time can you close it again in germany you can leave it no problem than 150,000 swiss questions and you say except for a few slight ones signs of use the thing almost like newer yes it was practically like new even after the trip to the plant in Germany and became complete there outdated and franz and heidi heidi if you do that now the one great man i need the photos of you I'll give you mine right away send the e-mail address at short notice then we will include the photos with I am so proud of you for doing this did but you are basically are small been a globetrotter before Yes, I've always had the travel bug grabbed me and I was always kinda between the further education and on the road again what do you have in life done so professionally what was so me was sales manager in a large company for paper handle paper acts so that he's still heavily in trend paper or Naturally it's got to be natural adapt to the new situations and new looking for business areas i had that always done here because that that paper is in decline has been known since 15 years this is no surprise and the company has also mastered it well where the vehicle would have been a bit too small for the thurso the size you would say it was exactly right for wishes and it depends on the needs the year before i was in handle volkswagen t2 road and that had the feeling that's enough you have you unfortunately sold or that was yes last time put a barn yes that would have been better today would be real an expensive lover's item that's how we come a bit of advertising for the great one company that does this here in switzerland controversial point ch how to get in the switzerland says the whole thing is natural also in Germany but I am correct impressed of you you have a great time explains everything and how to practice driving it takes a long time to do that with the I say reverse parking and stuff like that that's a week or yes i would say reverse park five times the hartmannstrasse i've fell twice just like with the caravan that's how it is, yes, there is no drawbar on it and that's mobile products that that chassis and with the special couplings yes many thanks franz and greetings to heidi yes important as a thank you

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