Spinning The Globe And Flying Wherever It Lands

three – when I was a kid I had a glob on my desk and I used to love spinning it closed my eyes point my finger somewhere random and then open them up to see where I landed letting my imagination run free about what that country would be like and if I'd ever get to visit it and the answer was almost always that I'd probably never get to but fifteen years have passed and I've realized how life-changing of an experience seeing other parts of the world and experiencing new cultures truly is so today – leave it up to chance and throw ourselves into an unknown country we've decided to live out this childhood fantasy to make the spin more specific we've decided to rely on Google Maps as I'm feeling lucky feature which spins the globe and truly sends you somewhere random but also somewhere very specific and like a finger on a globe would Matt and I are the ones going on this adventure because Amara's Egyptian passport requires him to have a visa for most countries so unfortunately a last-minute trip is impossible for him and given that matt hasn't been able to travel for months because of his Ironman training the hype to go on this trip was high oh this is the ultimate I feel like tribal dream just fully chance decide where you go anywhere in the world you know when you're a kid that you dream of doing that like now we're actually gonna get to fly there all right oh my god I am feeling lucky right here Wow the powers wait so we're only doing one click and then we just fly there I think so my friend I think so oh boy it's actually shockingly nerve-wracking three two Australia's so far you're the Great Barrier Reef we've never been no I know we wanted to go forever where I'm aware just like a dream of mine down to go so bad that's really this could have literally sent us anywhere freakin Australia time to reveal to the boys where we're going and what do we think Wow crocodiles Gator Isis Aussie advice we are booking the flights to Brisbane right now and here is a little secret for all you people who want to travel we have a website yes–there calm on that website there is a tab called an adventure if you click this it is freaking crazy what it does we are saving $400 use our friend Guillaume who's a travel hacker set up this plug-in on our website to find the cheapest flights I had not found anything cheaper than what is on yes where we go on the bricking Pau Hana but to make this more interesting we've added a twist to it but we'll explain at airport it says Brisbane I still can't believe it thank you thank you we have decided that once we arrive in Brisbane it's a two and a half hour flights to get to the actual Great Barrier Reef we are going to find two very very lucky strangers who have never been to the Great Barrier Reef and who are from Australia we're gonna ask them if they want to join us if we're gonna go to the most iconic place of a certain continent we got to take people who have never been who lived in that confident [Music] it's always so interesting in these moments somebody that's waking up today in Brisbane Australia who has no idea about the counter them and take the moments of their life is about to go all right we're in the central of the city she's got real real fast yeah there's like nobody here right now it's Saturday morning hello the Great Barrier Reef bungy we just got in this morning and we spun a globe to decide where it would take us so picked the Great Barrier Reef we just say that we come to Brisbane and find somebody to come with us that's a good first interaction you guys gonna say a quick question we just arrived with you in LA we spin the globe in Li trying to find you people to come with us from Brisbane to go up to the Great Barrier Reef that I've never been there before we've been there yeah we gotta find somebody that has never been there before us that's the goal sure yes is good yeah yeah what are you feeling like well meet you brother Los Angeles we just flew in this morning oh really yeah okay now you happy you're locking it get a photo okay traffic control hey Luke I got a question for you yeah so the reason we're actually here yeah because we spun a glow through Google's I'm feeling lucky man it's set the Great Barrier Reef so we're gonna go up to Cairns tonight really yeah and don't want to just go us to it yes we've done a bunch of these adventures before yeah and each time we bring strangers with us yeah it's amazing so any chance you'd be down have you ever been in bayberries nah you've never been the guy yeah would you be down the coach do you have like a friends or somebody that you'd want to bring to yeah yeah he's actually been three yeah this what we do for a living yeah all right you just have to cross the road there yeah yeah what is that he's the perfect yes man yeah oh yeah it's not a very difficult yes to do it it's more of like trusting us and making the commitments of like potentially missing worth a you just doesn't know if we're being serious [Music] Travis nice to me just cold me at work and said do you want to go to the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow like I told her and she guys no don't go don't go you're gonna get kidnap do this we're going to pants on by race tomorrow with these beasts gomez yeah I know yeah yeah yeah hey that's good all evening the great Barry right I was at work and I said do you want to come to the Great Barrier I said let's go [Music] six-thirty all right I'm gonna pass out waking up at 6:30 to head out on our boat excursion the next day as we were getting ready to head out to the reef Luke decided to tell us a bit about his past all right Luke ready to hear it hey you gone name's Luke I had a I have a skateboarding action in 2013 John down the hill you know I mean no helmet on so I've hit my head I ended up in the coma for five weeks and yeah hospital for six and half months I was given a three percent chance to live well that said if I if I woke up from my coma I was gonna be completely branded and in a wheelchair for the rest of my life like not wake up yeah I get my sorry but the three side effects from the injuries I have short-term memory so which is like you forget the stuff you did that day before yesterday kind of thing I lost my sense smokers are heating that spot I hit my right side of my head side damages the left side of your body so my left arm is damaged my leg is damaged I can move it but it's getting better like a you saw go out there so I'm like always positive where things I do right now I lost complete memory I was was when I was in hospital like I had a heart monitor and um I when my family members and my friends would come in it was going like that like it would disgust right and then as soon as they come in there [Music] I like killed off that's why I'm here I just had some I support me I'm like all my family and but I would come up every day to the Gold Coast and with my family [Music] my dad every time once in horse would say don't stop never give up get stronger done in your outlook on life change its just start a cage does it comes now like I don't I don't worry about it look like kind of the Great Barrier Reef with half an hour's notice like like you know like you're never gonna get this opportunity you know I'm not one to let opportunities pass off thank you so much for sharing man yeah love you man thank you the morning has come we are officially going to the Great Barrier Reef with these two journalists who's ready line chicken in or a toy in line check the name for a tour there we go and dive [Applause] [Music] okay boys ready they're not boys these are men these are men ready and I big shot [Music] [Music] seasickness is gonna be real out here my god [Music] only one going in for his first dive ever yeah this is the spot on the map right here yesterday we're always at work they are firing [Music] right up they go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey hey gone all night I was so good like you're a mistake my god the best call my life the body walked out why a banana sure I just want to thank you and Tomo for bringing us out here doing something me and Luke would have never done before if it wasn't for you thanks for coming dude thanks for playing man ha ha ha before coming it's like nearly zero my bank account but I'll come yeah you guys to do the happiest I've ever met yeah we stay pretty positive give off positive energy positon ji comes back to you that's not Luke please it's obviously worked for him look at him hey guy Mike nice to meet you Luke [Music] I used to think people seriously oh man it was unreal has to go for you two fellas yeah you like the coolest place standard a bike as our journey to the Great Barrier Reef came to an end we were supposed to part ways the next day but after having had such an amazing time with Luke and Travis Luke decided to stay with us to explore the area it's rain forests and massive put faith back in my I wasn't very happy I was happy but I wasn't use a legends dead said legends like Richard you should be freaking for myself when we first arrived in Australia we truly had no idea what our adventure would look like we're honestly quite nervous when we start these trips because of that but then we stumbled onto Luke having no idea what he'd gone through which gave us such an eye-opening perspective that we never know what the people we walk past on the street every single day are going through and that it's so easy to forget that every human we cross is somebody totally different from us dealing with all of their own problem so next time you pass someone on the street and make eye contact I think we should all be a little bit more like Luke and give them a smile and a Hello because at the end of the day you never know how far they can take you and before we go we want to mention that from now on we're gonna be offsetting our carbon footprints by donating to Terra Pass which provides funds to green projects like wind farms and landfill gas capture we also want to take this time to thank our sponsor for helping us make this week's episode happen SeatGeek and for potentially giving one of you a free ticket anywhere around the world a seed cake is an app that allows you to buy and sell tickets and the easiest way possible by putting all the tickets in one place so you can focus on what matters most the live experience plus if you use the promo code yes theory all in one word you get $20 off your first purchase you can find all live events like Billy eyelash Shawn Mendes Queen and tons more of it to click the link at the top of the description to get $20 off your tickets go do it right now and if you comment which country you currently live in a place you've always dreamt up going and why you want to go there we'll pick one of you at random in the comments and Steve geek too would buy you the plane tickets I'll see you next week [Music] you [Music]

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