Our HONEST Celebrity Beyond Review! Is it the best new ship?

We are back from @celebritycruises brand-new ship #celebritybeyond and share all the details with our exclusive Celebrity Beyond review!

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The new Celebrity Beyond cruise ship is the third vessel in the Edge-class. In this cruise review, we compare this new vessel to its sister ships. We have sailed on both Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Apex, so we detail what is new on Celebrity Beyond, as well as what is the same between all three ships.

From the start, Celebrity Beyond is bigger and taller than the two previous ships in this class. The extra deck and bigger layout means the outdoor decks have been enhanced. While the Resort Pool maintains much of the same layout, the Rooftop Garden, Retreat, and Sunset Bar on Celebrity Beyond have been enhanced.

Overall, we love these reimagined spaces on Celebrity Beyond. The additional infinity pools at the Rooftop Garden help disperse the crowds. In addition, the Sunset Bar aft of the ship offers amazing wake views, with a stylish and sophisticated bar. Coupled with live music, and a new bar menu, it is the place to be outside.

In this Celebrity Cruises review, we made sure to test out several of the eateries, bars and lounges, as well as all of the entertainment

During our 7 nights onboard Celebrity Beyond we dined at 5 specialty restaurants and 2 main dining rooms. We were big fans of the Fine Cut Steak House. This venue still remains one of the best American style restaurants at sea. Likewise, we enjoyed our grilled meal at the Rooftop Garden Grill. The seared offerings here, including seafood kabobs, chicken wings, and half a chicken were fantastic. Not to mention the restaurants signature brownie dessert.

Unfortunately, we were disappointed in the two main dining room visits. While the service at Cyprus was fine, as was the lamb shank, overall, the starters, entrees, and desserts did not live up to Celebrity Cruises standards.

The new Le Voyage on Celebrity Beyond was equally tasty. This new restaurant from chef Danie Bouland is fantastic. We highly recommend you check it out.

We made sure to review Celebrity Beyond’ s entertainment too. Again, we made it a point to see all three of the signature productions in the theater. Further, we watched all three productions from the Eden cast.

The award-winning Arte was among our favorites. The ensemble cast of dancers, aerialist, and singers brought famous works of art to life. Equally entertaining was Stage Door, which was a typical Broadway review show. This production highlighted more of the singers than the other performers. Finally, in the main theater there was Elements, a spectacle which highlighted the talents of the specialty acts.

The Eden cast delivered a variety of shows with a small cast of dancers, two singers, strength act, and a acrobats. Our favorite of the 3 shows was Paradise in Eden on Deck 5. This show was the perfect compliment to this unique space. The speakeasy inspired The Jazz Joint was a light-hearted interactive show that occurred in The Club on decks 4 and 5

Overall, Celebrity Beyond delivered a fun, engaging, and memorable cruise. While specialty restaurants were great, the main dining room was a bit off this trip. Casual dining was on par with previous Celebrity Cruises sailings. We would highly recommend this ship for cruises looking for a sophisticated and more inclusive vacation on an elegant and well appointed ship.


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Celebrity Beyond is Celebrity Cruises Newest cruise ship this third vessel in The Edge class tout several new features And enhancements when compared to her Two sister ships but is it any better Than those vessels well we've just Returned from seven days on board the Ship and detail everything from the Dining entertainment Onboard activities and more with our Exclusive celebrity on Cruise review up Next [Music] [Applause] Welcome aboard Cruisers I'm DB from eat Sleep Cruise will help you see the world One part at a time with our exclusive Cruise reviews ship tours and tons of Cruise planning and advice Now Heidi and I are no stranger to Celebrity Edge class we actually sailed Twice on Celebrity Edge and once on Celebrate Apex so we have a lot of Experience with this class of ship but Still Celebrity Cruises was advertising That suburb Beyond was much different Than its two sister ships so in this Cruise review we're going to compare Celebrity gone to both celebrity Edge And silvery Apex so we'll highlight how The ship is different in certain areas As well as talk about several aspects of The Edge class in general that are Similar across the three ships right off

The bat one of the noticeable Differences is that celebrity Beyond is Larger than the two previous vessels at 140 000 and a half gross tons the ship Is longer and taller than both celebrity Edge and slippery Apex this additional Space means there are more passengers as Well the ship has an additional 179 Suites and staterooms with celebrity Beyond now having a double occupancy of 3260 guests One of the areas to get a mini makeover On Celebrity Beyond is the pool deck The new and improved pool deck on subway Beyond boasts new seating options and it Has the stylus sunken sofas and plus Chairs near the pool bar this additional Seating does give the pool deck a more Resort style vibe the ship's Cabanas Have been improved as well to now offer Pool deck views making them a more Desirable upgrade beyond the pool bar And Cabanas Cruisers still have plenty Of options to lounge with deck chairs Facing either the pool or the ocean on Decks 14 15 and 16. like its two sister Ships Subway Beyond also features an Impressive sculpture near the pool just Made for Instagram photos similar to the Other three ships Ford on Deck 14 Bears The adults only Solarium this interior Pool means you can utilize the space Regardless of the weather outside the Slurium has basically the same feel as

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The previous Edge class ships however a Nice addition to celebrity Beyond are The two Infinity plunge pools on the Starboard side of deck 15. Located near the rooftop garden And facing out to the ocean these small Pools offer amazing views Finally for those staying in the retreat There is a private Sun Deck with a pool On Deck 17 forward This is a completely new space that's Been added to celebrity Beyond The South door area is for those sting In qualifying celebrity Suites only this Retreat Sun deck includes plenty of Comfortable furniture and a pool bar as Well Celebrity Beyond doesn't feature a Typical Sports deck like more Family-friendly cruise lines so you Won't find rock climbing walls Basketball courts or water slides on This class of ship for us we don't miss Those spaces that can take up a valuable Outdoor real estate on Mega ships Instead we gladly accept the upscale and Elegant additional outdoor spaces on Celebrity Beyond like the rooftop garden That replace these courts on other ships Still there are plenty of ways to stay Active on slow to Beyond there is a Multi-deck jogging track that rises from Deck 15. to deck 16. similar to the Other two Edge class ships for the most

Part the track provides a dedicated Space to enjoy the outdoor weather for Those looking to go for a walk or run During the cruise Yes there's also a fitness center on Deck 15 and like modern cruise ships the Fitness center on subway Beyond provides Plenty of cardio equipment free weights Weight machines and even a few Peloton Bikes Group classes are available for an Additional fee while Aqua class guests Even get a few included Fitness classes Why not technically a sports Deck the Rooftop Garden on Deck 15 does offer Some outdoor activities These Garden games feature larger than Life size games From Bago to giant Jenga and ladder ball These long games are a great way to pass The time Now I want to be a cruise ship review if We didn't talk about the dining There are several casual dining options On Celebrity Beyond now for the most Part these offerings are exactly the Same as other Edge class ships Overall the casual dining on this ship Men are expectations based on our Previous sailings The Ocean View cafe afternote 14 is your Standard cruise ship Buffet the Ocean View cafe offers diverse selections for Breakfast lunch and dinner

Honestly we're not huge fans of buffet Style dining so we only hear a couple Times for breakfast and lunch The food was pretty standard and the Crowds were manageable We did like that the buffet featured a Pizza station at the very back which is Also open until 2 A.M If you're looking for healthier options Grab-and-go items are available at the Spa Cafe in the solarium Spa Cafe was Open from around 7 A.M to 10 a.m for Breakfast and around 12 pm to 2PM for Lunch Near the main pool you'll find a more Typical Lido offering the mass Grill is Open most of the day grilling up Hamburgers and hot dogs with some Addictive french fries Indoors you can grab sandwiches and Salads at the Eden Cafe on deck 5. on Sea days from around 8 A.M to 9 30 a.m The cafe offers some tasty breakfast Options my go-to here was to steak an Egg on a bagel sandwich From noon to 1 30 every day the Eden Cafe serves up paninis and daily carved Sandwiches Lastly you'll want to find some Scrumptious Sweet Treats at Cafe Albacquiao It starts with breakfast pastries and Continental items in the morning the Land Cruisers can Delight in Cookies

Cakes and other desserts in the Afternoon and the evening Like the other Edge class ships Celebrity Beyond bows four complimentary Main dining rooms with celebrities like Dining there are no traditional seating Times and said Cruisers can make Reservations pre-crews for these Different themed restaurants Or you can opt for walk-up service like A restaurant on land Each of the main dining rooms offers an Exclusive menu of regionally inspired Cuisine This menu Remains the Same throughout The cruise Four main dining rooms also offer the Same signature selections which change Nightly And classic dishes that stay the same The entire cruise Four main dining rooms include the Greek Cypress The Italian Tuscan The French Normandy And the American cosmopolitan Now we've dined at these restaurants on The two previous ships and the exclusive Menus has definitely been updated for Celebrity Beyond For this Cruise review We dined at Tuscan and Cyprus Further we dined at Blue which is the Main dining room for aqua class cabins

Sadly we were a bit disappointed in the Food quality and service at these Complimentary venues During our sailing our experience did Not live up to the high quality we Expect from Celebrity Cruises At Cyprus I did enjoy the lamb shake and The wait staff there were the most Attentive and prompt although we felt Many of his daughters entrees and Desserts were not up to Celebrity Cruises usual standards We did not die in the main dining room For breakfast or lunch Though each morning Cosmopolitan served A sit-down breakfast from around 7 30 A.m to 9am On sea days this main dining room opened For lunch as well Given that this was our first time Staying in an aqua class cabin we did Not find the food or service to be any Better in the Blue restaurant During the two times we dined there once For breakfast and once for dinner During our seven nights on board Celebrity Beyond we dinette four Specialty restaurants These meals were the highlight of our Dining on subway Beyond and definitely Worth the up charge New to the ship is a specialty Restaurant Le voyage From Executive Chef Daniel belud this

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Exquisite and intimate restaurant is Nestled in the heart of the ship on Deck 4. with a cover charge of 75 dollars This globally inspired menu offers a Taste of Cuisine from around the world I was particularly fond of The Tamarind And peanut crusted prawns And the Brazilian okeka it's one of the Best meals I've had at sea The other specialty restaurants on Celebrity Beyond are also on her sister Ships With a few menu changes Among my favorites is the fine cut Steakhouse It's one of the top American style Steakhouses at sea This restaurant offers amazing starters Like a lobster cocktail and regarded Yaki further the several premium cups of Beef pair well with the Gourmet sides Like the bacon mac and cheese And gruyere tater tots More Grill favorites are also available At the rooftop garden Grill this Alfresco restaurant is on Deck 15 Offering cruises a unique dining Experience with some newly added wind Protection which was a big Improvement Smoky favorites here include the chicken Wings the seafood skewers And the baby back ribs cruises compare Dinner with a show at the La Petite Chef On Celebrity Cruises this digitally

Enhanced dinner theater on Celebrity Beyond offers a new menu And a new show Unfortunately the show nor the menu Items were a favorite of ours Other dining options include raw and Five serving fresh seafood and land Meats that are price a la carte there's Also the experiential menu at the Eden Restaurant located all the way aft on Deck 4 This restaurant's newer menu offers some More approachable items Like the Aegean Sea Ceviche and the Tandoori style beef During the first Revenue sailing from Fort Lauderdale celebrity Beyond was Rather full Overall we would say the ship was Lively But did not feel crowded The martini bar in the grand foyer was Popular yet you could find seats most Times and we never waited too long for a Drink the same was true for the rest of The bars on the ship Service was usually prompt regardless if You ordered at the bar or with wait Staff While Cafe El bacchio usually had a long Line The staff were quick to make espresso Beverages and to shout sweet treats Although it would have been helpful to Have a separate line for desserts and

For drinks Arriving at the theater are between 20 And 30 minutes before Showtime was Adequate for Prime seats at the Production shows and headliner ax Although the theater did fill up by Showtime For the Night 10 shows in the Eden and The club Prime seats were gone 30 Minutes or more before Showtime These smaller venues offer unique Seating arrangements so if you want good Seats with prime views you do need to Show up early Luckily each of these venues has a bar To order some drinks while you ate At the complimentary restaurants we did Walk up dining and never had to wait More than a few minutes for a table The specialty restaurants we were Promptly seated when we arrived for our Reservations However service at these restaurants was Slow with all the dinners taking at Least two hours Oftentimes a piecing of the meals was Inconsistent too with long delays Between some courses Further our water glasses were often Empty and most times our wait staff Didn't even check in to see how the meal Was going Lara Voyage was the exception as our Wait staff here were very attentive

The same could be said about our estate Room attendant while he was cordial he Didn't interact with us much and it Often took a while for our cabin to be Serviced Unfortunately the personalized servers Were used to on Sunday cruises was Missing on our celebrity Beyond Cruise You often Rave about the service on this Cruise Line But for this trip the service was on par With other contemporary Cruise Lines Particularly when it came to dying Perhaps this issue is related to Staffing as we commented that many of The venues did seem a bit short staffed During a total of seven days on board There were only two ports of call With several days at Sea the cruise line Offered the typical lineup of Daytime Nighttime events During the day there was trivia in the Morning and the afternoon Further there were other brain teasers And events like Sudoku scavenger hunts And an escape room experience All these activities are complementary On Saturday Beyond and our first come First serve One fun activity is the regular Officer's first guest challenges From Bago to pool volleyball and table Tennis These interactive activities were back

On Celebrity Beyond Other Cruise Staples like dance classes Live music adult coloring and the silent Disco as well as deck parties were on The agenda as well These included the cruise Line's Reimagined White Party The celestially Inspired Cosmic night party and ritmo The upbeat Latin party It was nice to see Cruise director Luigi About the ship and partaking in many of These activities From a Duo the several acoustic Performers and solo vocalists to a Cellist and DJs the outdoor attacks and Inside venues alike were filled with Music day and night Further outdoor movies and featured Sporting events were showcased on the Screen in the rooftop garden In the evenings during game shows like Yes or no and deal are no deal as well Regardless of your interest there is Always something fun and engaging to do On Celebrity Beyond For this celebrity Beyond Cruise review We were able to watch all of the new Shows happily we can report that these Signature Productions were phenomenal in The main theater the award-winning Arte Is a new production show With a talented cast of 22 dancers Singers and featured acts it brings Famous art pieces to life what truly

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Sets this show apart is the dynamic use Of the digital screens and the circular Stage While a toss-up my next favorite was Stage Door while Heidi enjoyed elements More Stage Door is a more traditional Broadway review show found on cruise Ships featuring a varied range of songs And energetic dance numbers Elements showcase various acts from Acrobats to strength and balance Performers Again it was also a captivating a show With strong vocals and talented Performers In addition to the main theater there's Another production cast This troop performs two shows in Eden And one in the club The Jazz joint held in the club Transforms the venue to a Prohibition Era speakeasy I enjoyed the era theme Songs Dance numbers And the more intimate setting of this Show In Eden we both agreed that paradise was The best of the two shows this Whimsical 30 minute production included great Costumes And a Fantastical set of dance and song I feel like the perfect fit for this Grand space with earthy finishes and

Decor Decadence was a second show before Though it felt more appropriate for the Club Still with tap dancers Strength performers Dancers And two vocalists this bubbly show is Worth checking out Overall somebody Beyond exceeded our Expectations in the entertainment Realm These original Productions definitely Caught our attention even if they Weren't as flashy as the state shows on Its sister brand Royal Caribbean Celebrity Beyond has made the signature Bars and lounges found throughout Subway Cruises Fleet however one bar you won't Want to miss on Celebrity Beyond is a New and improved Sunset Bar This two-story space embodies the Elegant and thoughtful design of the Entire ship Located on Deck 15 aft the Moroccan Design offers less seating amazing views And a new signature menu that includes Cocktails and light bites We love the decor and lay it off the Space not to mention there was live Music here in the evenings Although we love the space we weren't Huge fans of the new cocktails Still the most happening bar in the Evenings is Martini Bar

This Hub of nighttime activity boasts a Signature Martini menu A grand chandelier and the most talented Bartenders on the ship There are a variety of cocktails Including the popular espresso martinis On tap These drinks pair perfectly with the Craft Mixology skills Vibrant chandelier shows And live music For something more exotic the Eden Bar Offers some of the most unique drinks at Sea These Libations are as photogenic as They are tasty but be warned many of These drinks are above the 15 allowment For the premium Celebrity Cruises Beverage package Making its sophomore debut is the craft Social This bar is not on Celebrity Edge and Debuted on slippery Apex as a beer lover I was in heaven with the diverse Selections of ales pilsners and loggers At this deck for a venue plus there are Small bites priced a la carte to nibble On throughout the day Found on sources class ships the World-class bar makes a comeback on Celebrity Beyond the stack 5 midship Establishment showcases fresh Ingredients and the finest spirits for a Sophisticated

Fine drinking experience Another bar with the signature menu on Celebrity Beyond is a magic carpet when Docked on Deck 5 or up near the resort Pool this bar offers fantastic views With exclusive drinks Of course all your poolside favorites Are available at several outdoor Locations as well Including the pull bar in deck 14 and The newly added Mass bar Now on Deck 16. We stayed in an infinite Veranda Aqua Class stateroom during our five-day Sailing cabin 9246 with a starboard side Stateroom located next to the AFT Elevators It offered the ideal location for Accessing either the pool deck or the Indoor areas According to the Celebrity Cruises Website the room measured 243 square Feet With a 42 square foot balcony Immediately upon entering the room our Bathroom is on the left likewise our bed Was located right after the bathroom Facing aft with the closet tucked around The corner Between the closet and dresser drawers There was plenty of storage space Beyond the bed there was a sofa on the Left And a desk and dresser on the right the

Desks includes several outlets in one Centralized location for charging Multiple devices Honestly we're not fans of the infinite Veranda we prefer a more traditional Balcony for us this Arrangement is Essentially a glorified window Still the king bed was comfortable and The finishes in the room were sleek and Elegant the color palette was mostly Muted featuring light wood tones with Pops of red color The marble bathroom is also more Chic Than most contemporary Cruise Lines it Has plenty of counter space storage and An oversized stand-up shower During the two-day media sailing we Actually stayed in a sky Suite also Located on Deck 9. this cabin was a Noticeable upgrade in size measuring a 319 square feet This extra space is evident in both the Main cabin and the bathroom The skies we also featured a traditional Balcony and access to the exclusive Retreat let's just say we got a little Spoiled with The State Room As big fans of The Edge class we're Happy to report that celebrity Beyond is A lovely addition to Celebrity Cruises Fleet with a few small upgrades and Tweaks it's perhaps the best ship in This class We were particularly fond of the

Additions to the outdoor decks the Enhancements the resort pool rooftop Garden and Sunset Bar really shine The redesigned martini bar offers more Seating And a new way to enjoy the diverse Nightlife there Voyage is a great addition to the Specialty restaurant lineup offering Upscale menu items and an intimate Dining space Now if you enjoyed our cruise review for Celebrity Beyond why not check out our Cruise review for celebrity Edge In that video we cover everything from The dining to the entertainment onboard Activities nightlife and more We have our honest celebrity Edge Cruise Review to help you decide if that ship Is right for your next Cruise vacation