What Cruise Lines Don’t Tell You About Bringing Alcohol on a Cruise!

Are you planning to bring alcohol on your next cruise? Do you know your cruise line’s policies? In this video, we share what the cruise lines don’t tell you about bringing alcohol on a cruise ship.

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0:00 Introduction
1:05 Drinking Age at Sea
1:45 General Policies
2:35 Types of Alcohol Allowed
3:05 Where You Can Consume Your Own Alcohol
3:58 Alcohol Purchased During the Trip
4:47 Sneaking Alcohol On
6:00 Cruise Lines That Prohibit Any Alcohol
6:30 Cruise Lines With No Alcohol Limits
6:58 Cruise Lines Allowing Some Alcohol

Cruisers always ask us whether you can bring alcohol on a cruise. Unfortunately, the answer is both “yes” and “no.” Alcohol policies vary for major cruise lines. They range from no outside alcohol allowed onboard to letting cruisers bring as much alcohol as they choose for a sailing.

If this sounds complicated to you, then you are not alone. So, we put together this video covering the alcohol policies for 14 major cruise lines. Plus, we discuss whether you should try to sneak alcohol on a ship and answer common questions about the drinking age and other cruisers’ concerns regarding libations onboard cruise ships.

In this guide to bringing alcohol on a cruise, we also discuss what types of alcohol can be brought onboard the ship on embarkation day. Plus, we highlight what the cruise lines do to your alcohol purchased at the ports of call. Even when cruise lines allow you to bring alcohol onboard, it is usually limited to bottles of wine and champagne and there might be a corkage fee. These fees are applied even if you don’t physically have the staff open the bottle of wine.

Further, many cruisers ask about sneaking alcohol onboard a ship. This is not advisable. At best, your contraband will be confiscated from you and returned after the cruise. At worst, you could be barred from boarding the ship.

Of note, if your cruise line does allow you to bring alcohol with you, it needs to be in your carry-on luggage.


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It's almost hard to Envision a cruise without 
a tropical drinking hand letting loose having a   Few cocktails pool aside or a few glasses of wine 
at dinner is part of the vacation experience but   What if you want to bring your own booze on board 
your next Cruise is that allowed unfortunately the   Answer isn't as clear-cut as you would think 
that's why we put together this video about   Everything you need to know about bringing alcohol 
on your next cruise up next [Music] [Applause] Welcome aboard Cruisers I'm Don V from eat sleep 
Crews for helping you see the world one port at a   Time we get a lot of questions on the blog and 
here on YouTube regarding the alcohol policies   Cruise ships many individuals want to know if 
they're allowed to bring alcohol on a cruise ship   Or anyway not so nice terms they ask us how do 
you sneak alcohol on a cruise ship well that's why   We decided to make this video to help you break 
down what to expect if you want to bring your own   Alcohol on a ship including what you're allowed to 
bring on where you can drink your alcohol as well   As what happens to rule Breakers who attempt 
to bring items on board that are not allowed   Before we even discuss alcohol policies 
on cruise ships do know that most Cruise   Lines stick to the US drinking age 21 on board 
their fleets this is especially true for cruises   That are closed looped that begin and end in 
the same U.S Port say like Miami Florida or   Seattle Washington so just because your cruise 
ship enters international waters doesn't mean   That the cruise line lowers that drink however 
some lines do lower the drinking age 18 when   Selling for ports outside the U.S for instance 
Costa cruises drinking age is 21 when leaving   From United States however on any vessel leaving 
from a non-us port that particular Cruise Line's   Drinking age is only 18. when flat out asks can 
you bring alcohol on a cruise the answer is yes   And no to be honest it really depends on the 
cruise line plus it depends on the type of   Alcohol you want to bring on board each Cruise 
Line's alcohol policy spelled out in your cruise   Contract which you receive when booking and to be 
honest these policies are all over the board some   Cruise lines that you bring in as much alcohol as 
possible some don't let you bring in any alcohol   At all but most Cruise Lines allow you to bring 
some limited amounts of alcohol on your cruise   So before you book with a cruise line make sure 
you review the frequently asked questions or the   Cruise Line's website to find out that people 
Cruise Lines I'll see but in this video we give   You the most up-to-date Cruise policy for most 
major Cruise Lines unless you're sailing on an   All-inclusive Luxury Line most Cruise Lines allow 
Cruisers to ring a limited amount of wine on board   Many Cruise Lines allow two bottles of wine at 
embarkation day but no other beer or spirits   For instance Carnival Cruise Line allows two 750 
milliliter bottles of line to be brought on board   At embarkation per stateroom but they do not allow 
any six packs of beer or handles of spirits like   [ __ ] before heading out to the Packy you do need 
to know that cruise lines that allow passengers to   Bring their own alcohol on board typically do so 
with restrictions mainly many of them charge a  

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Corkage fee consumption of your alcohol is allowed 
freely in the privacy of your own cabin however   Outside your stateroom this corkage fee applies to 
consumption essentially a corkage fee is a set fee   You pay or take in your own stash this fee applies 
whether it's wine at dinner or booze in the lounge   Despite its name the fee has nothing to do with 
whether you physically uncork your bottle but   Rather your choice to drink your alcohol in public 
area like a bar or a restaurant again you need to   Check with your cruise line regarding the corkage 
fee but it might range from somewhere to 10 to 15   Dollars to consume your own bottle of wine in 
a restaurant to 25 for enjoying your bottle   Of wine or your own tequila in the casino cruise 
lines that have no restrictions on bringing your   Own alcohol on board also do not typically have 
corkage fees of course your cruise ship will also   Bring you to some amazing destinations and you 
may consider purchasing liquor at some of these   Ports of call if you do know that the cruise line 
will most likely not let you consume that alcohol   Once on board if your cruise line does not permit 
you to BYOB you'll have to check that bottle of   Rum for Puerto Rico or the Prosecco from Italy 
add security upon reboarding the ship at that   Port of Call a crew member will typically write 
a description of the item next to your name and   State Room guests can retrieve these bottles at 
the end of The Voyage prior to this embarkation   Or there'll be a designated pickup location 
that guests can go to to gather their own   Alcohol purchases similar to alcohol purchased 
off the ship in court any booze purchased in   The ship's onboard boutiques are also subject to 
being withheld until the end of your cruise this   Is typically arranged with a cashier upon purchase 
now before we get into the details of each Cruise   Line's alcohol policy we do want to caution you 
about trying to sneak alcohol on a cruise any   Alcohol in your position beyond the allow limit 
for your particular Cruise Line may be confiscated   Or destroyed by security this rule equally applies 
to an extra bottle of wine packed in your carry-on   As it does to liquor that snuck through a water 
bottle or a plastic flask or any of the other   Containers that are typically referred to as 
Rum Runners if you're shopping on Amazon several   Cruise lines have very strict alcohol policies 
like Royal Caribbean and you might be denied   Boarding if this prohibited alcohol is found again 
either in your check luggage or in your carry-on   So we highly recommend you don't even try to sneak 
alcohol on the ship there are several options for   You to consume alcohol on the cruise and if you 
really want to go on a big Bender just upgrade to   A premium or luxury cruise line that might allow 
you to bring alcohol on board or has alcohol   Included in the cruise Fair or you can upgrade to 
a drink package and many of these drink packages   Allow Cruisers the ability to consume an unlimited 
amount of selected beer wine and spirits but of   Course keep in mind the cruise lines can always 
deny you service if you're obviously intoxicated   So exactly what are those Cruise Lines well 
we're going to start with the cruise lines   That don't let you bring any alcohol on board both 
MSC cruises and Margaritaville at Sea do not allow  

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Passengers to bring any alcoholic or non-alcoholic 
beverages on board during embarkation   MSC cruises does offer several different drink 
packages while Margaritaville offers a drink   Card where you can buy a set number of drinks for 
the two-day cruise at a discounted rate on the   Other end of the spectrum there are four cruise 
lines that allow unlimited alcohol on board with   No corkage fees and those include silver C yborg 
Viking ocean cruises and region Seven Seas many   Of these Cruise Lines include alcohol as part of 
the cruise fare and permit guests to bring alcohol   On board during vacation and they also allow 
them to bring alcohol on board at ports of call   Norwegian Cruise Line allows guests to bring an 
unlimited number of bottles of wine and champagne   However there is a 15 corkage fee for all 750 
milliliter bottles of wine and a 30 corkage fee   For one and a half liter Magnum bottles of wine 
and champagne I'll call policies for the remaining   Cruise Lines do vary a little bit most these 
Cruise Lines allow guests to bring on board too   750 milliliter of bottles of wine or a champagne 
per stateroom in their carry-on luggage these   Cruise Lines include Royal Caribbean Carnival 
Cruise Line virgin voyages and Celebrity Cruises   Windstar Cruises lets passengers bring 
two bottles of champagne or wine per cabin   For cruises that are seven days long or shorter 
they may bring three bottles of wine for eight   Day cruises or longer voyages likewise Oceana 
Cruises let's guess bring up to six bottles   Of wine or champagne on board during their 
Cruise her lucky guess sailing on a full world   Cruise the wine limit jumps up to 60 bottles per 
state I don't know how you fit all that carry on   On America line let's guess bring unlimited 
bottles of wine or a champagne on board but   There's a 20 corkage fee for each bottle 
no matter where the gas consumes it   In addition quantities of wine being by the 
cruise line to be excessive will be refused   Similarly each passenger on a Princess Cruises 
ship can bring one bottle of wine or champagne   That's no larger than 750 milliliters any 
additional bottles of wine can be brought on   But there is a 15 corkage fee regardless of where 
you're consume those additional bottles of wine   Finally you might be surprised to hear that Disney 
Cruise Line has one of the more generous alcohol   Policies guess 21 years and older may bring 
a maximum of two bottles of unopened wine or   Champagne again no louder than 750 milliliters or 
six beers no larger than 12 ounces on board at the   Beginning of the voyage and at each Port of Call 
These beverages must be packed in the carry-on   Not your check back but like other Cruise Lines 
Disney Cruise Line will check any spirits that you   Purchase at the Port of Call and guests are not 
allowed to consume those Spirits while on the ship   Now that you know more about the alcohol 
policies on the various Cruise Lines you   Might be considering purchasing a cruise line 
drink package well lucky for you we have several   Brand new complete reviews of drink packages 
right here on YouTube where popular cruise lines   Like Royal Caribbean Celebrity Cruises Carnival 
Cruise Line and Princess Cruises in each video  

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We walk you through all the drink package 
options the inclusions the prices and run   The numbers let you know if purchasing a drink 
package is right for your next Cruise vacation