Shaktimaan Hindi – Best Superhero Tv Series – Full Episode 141 – शक्तिमान – एपिसोड १४१

"Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan is the definition
of unparalleled, existing courage." "He is the hope of
the dwindling mankind." "He is the boon of the power
of the creation of this world." "He is not an incarnation.
He is a human." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "This is inner strength." "It can change the world." "It's beautiful like the flowers
and can be dangerous like fire." "When a man realizes his potential…" "…he is called Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." All characters and incidents
in this serial are fictitious.

It has no resemblance
to any person or incident. If there's any resemblance
it's purely co-incidental I'll tell you. He didn't tell me anything. Then how did you know the secret? It happened the day both of us… …got a diary that belonged to
my father Prof. Biswas. Ranjit Singh and the
mystery of Karadunga. I'm sure something must
be written in it about him. Show it to me. Mother… That day mother had proposed
that we get married. We argued a lot and he
refused the marriage proposal. He was so excited when he left
that he forgot to take the diary. I vow that I'll never create
any problems in your life. Please go away from here, Shaktimaan. Before I become weak go away.

Go away from here. Please Shaktimaan. Go away from here. Go away. Please go away from here. The very next day I went to
office and gave the diary to Gangadhar. You forgot something
in my house yesterday. I've brought it with me. In your house?
– Yes. You forgot. You forgot to take this. Thanks for bringing it here. I think there's something special in it. Only Mr. Gangadhar
and I know what's in it. Don't worry, I won't reveal the secret.

Since that day I've kept it a
secret and never revealed it to anyone. So, this is the case. Why did he refuse to get married? Ask him. Yes tell me,
why did you refuse to get married? Come on tell me, friend. Don't hide anything from me. Tell me. He's asking you something. Answer him. You'll get the answer
at the right time, friend. You've to go through all the
circumstances that I went through. Don't forget that you need two
years time to reach where I'm today. In this journey of two years
you'll get the answer to this question. So, you won't answer even him directly.

He doesn't even answer
my questions directly. Earlier he was bound but
now he has no restrictions. But, I'm sure that we'll
get married very soon. At least thank you. He has saved your childhood
and thus saved you. He? I've saved him. He should thank me. I saved him. yes, I saved him. What's going on? Okay. I'll soon find out. Come on give me your hand. And you too. This is for you. Take it. Hold it. Now I won't get confused because… …you're not the
Shaktimaan of present times. He is the one. How did you guess that I'm
not the Shaktimaan of present times? You gave me your hand very easily.

But he didn't do so. Earlier we were close to each other
despite being far away. And today… …today we're far away
despite being close to each other. Forget it. Thank him for saving your life. Come on, hurry up. He doesn't need to thank me because… …by saving my childhood,
I've saved myself. The truth is that Dwij has saved us. If Dwij didn't come to
me with the time machine… …then we wouldn't have been alive. It seems… it seems that
the time limit set by Dwij… …in the time machine
is going to get over. I'm going back to my time. I'll forget everything after I go back. But, I loved talking to both of you. I'll leave now. But friend, I hope that you'll
face the future problems bravely… …and will build a future of truth. Okay. I am leaving.

I'm going. Go back friend, go back to your present. There are many problems
awaiting your journey of time. Face them bravely. Go. Go, my friend. Go. But why did he say that he'll
forget everything he witnessed… …during time travel? I still remember whatever
I saw during time travel. It was past.
Destiny hides the future from humans. This time is his future,
so he'll forget everything. But, you'll remember your past. We can never say what
will happen to us. Isn't it? Yes. You're right. I experienced something
that surprised me. Shaktimaan, I told you that
I want to share a secret with you. Yes. What is it? Tell me.

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I saw your childhood during time travel. I never thought that
I would see your childhood. Well, I also met your mother Mrs.
Arundhati. She was a very a nice lady. Shall I say something, Gita? She isn't my biological mother. She's my foster mother who raised me. The way Yashodha had raised
Lord Krishna as her own child. My biological parents were
Major Ranjit Singh and Mrs. Kaushalya. But they died after my birth.

I know it. What? How do you know this? I know everything,
Shaktimaan because I've witnessed… …present Kilvish sharing
it with future Kilvish. Listen to what he is saying. I thought that he died with his father
Ranjit Singh and mother Kaushalya. But my slave Kandar told me… …that the Suryanshis had saved him. But I don't understand one thing,
Shaktimaan… …how did you reach Mrs.
Arundhati's house? I was secretly handed over to Mrs.
Arundhati by the Suryanshis… …because she was childless. One day when she went
to the temple to pray… …Acharya Sanmitra kept
me on the stairs of the temple. Why is the child left alone? Who left him here? Is anyone around? Oh god! Whose child is it? His mother must be around.

Who left the child here?
Is there anyone around? Is there anyone around? He stopped crying the moment
I picked him up in my arms. Is anyone around? Who left the baby here? This child has been
left here for you, lady. God, I don't know why I
feel as if this baby is my son. Let him be my son. Let him be my son. Son, let's go home. Your father will be
very happy to see you. Mrs. Arundhati and Pandit Vidyadhar
Shastri raised me as their own son. One day Timira saw me. So, he is the child. Do you want bangles, madam? Show me the bangles. I think the food I
was cooking has got burnt. Sister, please take care of him.
I'll be back soon. I'll be back soon.
Take care of him. I came here to see him. The enemy of darkness
will be killed by me now. No! No! Move away, evil woman! So, I need to kill you before
I kill this child, Suryanshi.

You must come out with me first. Then Acharya Sanmitra escaped… …with Mrs. Arundhati and
Pandit Vidhyadhar from there. Mrs. Arundhati had lost her
way in the forest when you were small. Kilvish's men were after you. To escape from them Mrs.
Arundhati took shelter in a hut. Help! Help! Anyone around? Anyone around? She must be in the hut. Then how did both of you
manage to escape from there? I don't know.
I know only this much about my past. It's a little strange.
You don't even know about your life. Yes, I don't know. I really don't know. But Shaktimaan, I've to tell the
life story of Shaktimaan in the comics. I must tell people where
you lived and what you did…

…before you became Shaktimaan. I also want to know the details, Gita. But when, Shaktimaan?
When will you know the details? Very soon. You'll be the first person whom
I'll tell everything after I find out. I promise you, Gita. Okay. I'll wait. Bye. Well… …what about our marriage? When will we get married, Shaktimaan? You didn't answer me. Gita, go. it's late. I'm going but my mom is
eagerly waiting for your answer. Don't forget it. Bye. Answer… what answer shall I give her? But I've to share
my life story with her.

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I also want to know the facts
of my life that are unknown to me. The garbage you see is not our enemy,
Queen Shewalika. The dwellers of the city who pollute the
water with this garbage are our enemies. If we don't become alert… …then creatures like us who reside
in water will be in trouble. That won't happen as
long as Shewalika is here. It's my duty to protect my subjects. The people who harm them won't be alive. If you give us orders then
we'll destroy the city right now. No. I want to give them a chance. What do you mean? A chance to change. I want to give them
warning before wrecking havoc. They should mend their ways
or destruction will be the only option. What are the orders for me,
Your Highness? Give them warning.
– But… but… But what? If you allow me then
I would like to say something.

Yes, tell me. I don't think that the city
dwellers will pay heed to our warning. What do you mean? We must destroy them
to teach them a lesson. Joharu… you always forget that our main
motive is to protect our community… …and not to harm or hurt anyone. If violence is the only
way left to protect ourselves… …then we must resort to it. It's clearly mentioned
in our constitution. It's also written in
our constitution that… …violence should be our last option. Last weapon. I hope you'll keep it in mind. Okay, Your Highness. What's the order? Warn them. Hora, send them a warning.
– But how? By killing the people riding the boat. By killing them? What about the orders of the queen? Hora, do you want to
become the priest or not? Can I become the priest?
– Yes. Only if you listen to
the orders of your future king. What do I have to do, my future king? Hunt. Your first target will be Jalkur Nagri.

The second target will
be a man named Shaktimaan. Give me coconut water
with tender coconut meat. Drink coconut water.
It's good for health. My mother used to say
that it's free from pollution. Drink it. drink it religiously. Drink it day and night.
– Okay. Drink it while you go for jogging.
– Okay. Drink it while you go for an outing.
– Yes. Hurry up. How come it finished so soon? How much do I lose?
– What? I mean what's the cost.
– Five rupees. Five rupees. Coconut water is meant for poor people
and you're charging five rupees for it. How will the poor people drink it daily?
Take it. What do I do with it? Throw it there. Is it necessary to throw it? Will you eat this too? Delicated!
– Dedicated! Yes, dedicated. So, you're busy building
your health alone? Who are you? Don't you recognize me? Mr. Bicholia. How can I forget you, Mr. Bicholia? Come on, eat the bananas
and become healthy.

I'll definitely eat them
but while taking a walk. – What? Well it is…
– Walking? Yes. Let's go.
– Come on, have it. Come on.
– Yes. Walk… Walk… Walk… It is very good for health. Is the smoke good for health? No. not smoke. Walking. What? Walking. Walking on the beach is good for health.
– Maybe. But eating bananas
will benefit your health. You'll benefit after
eating bananas only… …if you go for a walk on
the sea beach in morning and evening. Morning and evening walk
have lots of advantages. Yes. I've written a book on it. Do you want to hear it?
– Poem? – Yes. It's great to hear
poems while eating bananas. Listen to me.
– Okay. Listen to Gangu, you fool.
– What? You called me fool? I didn't call you a fool.
– No, you did.

I didn't call you a fool.
– You didn't? Right. Why will you call me a fool?
Isn't it? – Yes. But, I addressed you as fool. What did you say?
– I was saying… Listen to Gangu, you fool…
– Yes. …one who goes for walk
in the morning and evening… …will be free from all ailments. Fantastic!
– Thank you. The bananas are so tasty. Come on, eat it. You shouldn't throw
the banana peels anywhere. Then should I carry a dustbin
with me or eat the peel? Mister, this habit can harm you. Why should you bother about me? If you've any problem then
clean the garbage on the beach.

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I'll eat the bananas
and throw the peels. Who are you? You've been throwing the
banana peels on my face and body. This is too much. Then why did you take
so much time to react? What do you say, mister?
– Right. I didn't get the time to react. What do you say?
– He's absolutely right. No one will give you any chance. You must snatch away the chance. What do you say?
– Absolutely. Chance? How dare you argue
after committing mistakes? Have you lost your mind? Leave my hand. What did you eat today? Wait, I'll teach
you a lesson right here. Oh god! Please save me. I mean why are you making a… I mean… … I mean why are you making
a mountain out of molehill. Stop it! Is it my mistake or his? It's his mistake.
Why was he throwing banana peels at you? Why are you saying that it was my fault? It was his fault.
– Yes, it was his fault.

Why was he running behind you? Hey! What are you saying? Enough, brother. please forgive him. Actually, he is mentally unstable. He was released from
the mental asylum yesterday. He should've been kept
there for some more time. Yes. We'll send him there.
We'll send him. Please go.
– Okay. Take care of him.
– Yes, I will. Please go. What did you tell him? I scared him. How? I told him that Mr.
Bicholia is a famous wrestler.

If he gets angry,
he'll break his backbone. He got scared and ran away. But you were speaking
against me in front of him. I was just pretending. You can never be wrong. You're the one who is right. Let's go.
– Yes. Mister, this is a beach. People come here
to make the beach dirty. Should we make our house
dirty instead of dirtying the beach? You're absolutely right.

As you sow so shall you reap. The future king of Jalkur Nagri,
your plan is quite good. But, I can't see its effect yet. You must always be patient. Hora. What do you mean? Do you see the outcome
of the sea storm, Hora? So the storm that you create in the evening
is going to rain down in the city? It's going to rain but water
will not come down this time. I don't get you, future king. You'll soon know. You'll soon know, my future priest. I've made the move. My targets – the city and Shaktimaan
can't escape now. You're definitely going
to be the king of Jalkur Nagri… …and I'll be your… What's this? This is Shaktimaan. He has spoilt your plans. He's powerful but only on land.

I'm the most powerful being under water. You must've heard that saying
that an elephant maybe very powerful… …but it can't win against
a crocodile while in water. But the future king of Jalkur Nagri, what if he doesn't come inside the water? He'll come. Shaktimaan will definitely
come inside water. Did you see, Hora? The target is himself coming
to get trapped by Joharu. You're great, Your Majesty.
You're great. Before I kill him
I want to play with him. What's this?
– Come on. Do something, my future king.

Do something. If he comes out of water I'll
never be able to become the priest. Only his dead body will
go out of the water. Listen. A small setback isn't important for me. Hora, watch my next move. "Shaktimaan!" "Shaktimaan!" "Shaktimaan!" "When a man realizes his potential…" "…he is called Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan." "Shaktimaan.".

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