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How's it going. Are you didn't go for the over one now I did it yesterday thank. I will thank you both for joining me- we have got a nother. Day today- full of dead interviews good stuff like rainbow six extraction coming up in a couple of minutes- Dave you spoke to- spend from Larian about Golden State three. Was it we will be sharing the Xbox extended showcase because just one showcase. Isn't enough I it's gonna be hosted by our friend parris lilly and there are going to be deep dives in and updates on games like.

Forza horizon 5 I don't knows that's that's one thing that I'm I'm I'm really looking forward to and then we have a couple of trailer blocks and India in there there's a few trailer so I'm excited to see we've got. You know a unique explosives trailer is so one of them is Chinatown detective agency which I'm really really excited to check out- and then there's a bunch in another trailer slot especially- no personal bravery is 1 eyes caught my eye- yes and then the influence around table I'm on they are on- the show at. The guests that we've caught include. But. Zero NuVasive video games no bicycle michael highgam. Legend and our very own Jeff this not kill- bacula- so that's going to be that's gonna be fun you need to do some of the- yeah yeah definitely please. All right coming up next- I mean we've got- Jordan's interview with the rainbow six extraction team now Dave are you excited for extraction formally quarantine known as excited yeah for sure I'm a lapsed rainbow six siege plaza and I sort of fell off the wagon when it was getting it's way to say the I fell off the wagon for Amos six is gonna be silly for me but now that I ended up with all that extra terrestrial stuff I'm like yeah no back on board now.

This is this is right up my street all of a sudden but saw them dialing back the operator is and taking another stab at like a different direction I'm I'm very careful. Yeah I'm intrigued to see more of this one I really enjoyed the presentation they had at the use of forward last weekend- so without further ado here's Jordan speaking the creative director. On rainbow six extraction. September one I'm jordan ramee and I'm joined by Patrick the tag creative director for rainbow six I was about to say seat rainbow six extraction thank you for joining me today.

It's a pleasure. So you could tell I I'm I've been playing seats like since day one I put in a lot of hours so and I'm like I'm really excited to talk about extraction with you because I'm- new. During the six game but like if I accidentally say like see each one I'm supposed to be saying extraction please just. Bear with me all. Right no problem- I'm doing I did it myself a few times. Okay that that makes that makes me feel so much better. So now obviously like extractions shares some DNA with seats like that's probably why sometimes I get a little mixed up in my mind I kind of want to pick your brain about that specifically so starting off- rainbow six siege has. A lot of operators at launch with just a few but now there's just this.

Massive roster of different characters the people able to choose from so how did you pick which ones would make the job from seats to extraction by like you said the- you. Amount of operators available- in C. chore for us it was very- very fun- and also challenging to take. A look at the roster and decide which one we would bring with us- in- in extraction. I would say there's too many too many- points that we took. For sure- the gameplay aspect of each operator some of our readers are- a best fit for IPV experience- so we pick those operators but we also- chose a few operators eater because we knew that they were really loved. By the community and in some cases I would even go as far as to say. We pick some of the operators that maybe didn't receive as much love as a- as we would have liked as in siege but- we think that they can shine- in the- context like extractions as it was one of those things that- Erin who. I can't so I checked out- extraction ahead he came back from the preview like my first question for him was like it's a bonnet still there.

Is My Girl still there my main. The curly so seeds and extraction are these two different games so how does in game progress work an extraction does it work off of seat rescue run locks are not writers and CJ Levin lock them an extraction is that a totally different process to the to game speed into each other. How does that work obviously both games are- built on the same foundations but they're two different games it's really- extraction is a standalone game. With its own- eco system- so there's no direct link in terms of progression. Between extraction and see what you do an extraction you will get the game inside extraction. I'm gonna have to probably unlock upon again is what you're saying. Probably. Well I'll I'll do it I'll put in the hours I'll get my girl back. And I guess kind of like almost jumping off of that why the decision to make that clean break away from seed as opposed to just bringing outbreak back as like a more.

Permanent mode like you've decided to now go and it's completely different T. V. direction with a separate game was the reasoning behind that. Adeoye said there's a to- to different elements that there. That brought us to this place- first off is the outbreak event like you know a few years ago there was an event clans siege. Where it was a P. V. Evan that lasted three weeks- the reception was very good at a community really- loved it. And on the other side of the- Ubisoft Montreal we're- big studios there's a lot of different projects going on and their walls always just said discussions about. Doing a PVC game- so with it was like a bit like the stars were aligned. To look at okay- could we take- the foundation of siege and come up with a standalone game- to really push the envelope in terms of a- a real that tactical coworking. And that's what we did and now that extraction is coming out as this completely separate game will seizures like future updates influenced extraction like if- new operator is coming to see just there a possibility that it.

Comes to extraction are the other two games kind of like well they divert and go down. To completely separate paths. It's too soon to- the only thing- I can say at this point go and that you into that it- in the beginning- when the siege- came. Onto the market it started with a limited amount of operators and it grew a lot from there- so I can not tell a more at this time- but we have certainly have different plans already in place- Ford in very near future. Tease tease you have my mind racing at the possibility of maybe. Getting like brand new operators and extraction possibly even unique operators I- I know you're limited I know that you can't speak to it I.

Will have to do an IRA is what's on the line. The their finger over the button it's like we'll cancel the interview right here right now don't test us. But let's let's talk story- a little bit like so what is the goal of that team rainbows trying to accomplish and extraction- so in terms of the context- three years ago they were- you preachers were facing- and I'll break. And at the time the thought that they dealt. With the trip and it was over- an extraction- they will very quickly and very abruptly realized that the trip is not only not over. But it involves it's not the same trip anymore and- and a bit like a like a the situation- worldwide situation that we lived in the last. Year they don't know much about this new truck- so as- an operator you are going incursion to go there and not necessarily to fight or to kill- the enemy but really to go and gather as much knowledge as you can. On the add. This unknown tripped. And that way- the rear team to react scientific can analyze it.

And it gives you better to- fight and- 5 district S. A. N. how exactly will extraction tell its stories it just the traditional cut scenes that like environmental world building story telling people to find clues during the levels what's the what's the deal yeah I would say it's a mix of a different things- for sure at the core of the game- once again it's a tactical- pull up shooter so we didn't want to put. Too much- constrained and to force the players to listen to very long and cut scenes we know some players love it- some players have less- interest for that so we made sure to yes there's going to be a few cut scenes- you'll- you'll have a lot of. Enter with- the handlers of the- the people that stayed behind and that gives you Intel about what's going on. In souls who about what you should do or not. And we also have what we call the codex at which is basically all the knowledge that you will gather- while doing the objectives.

Will go into context so for the players that are very interested in understanding a bit more about the lower in the mysteries. Of the trips the parasite at where it's coming from what it once- it's will. All be stored in the critics. And like you and did we have a bunch of- Easter eggs- it in the inside the different maps. So you might have the time. To find some all the way be careful the.

Game is quite challenging school. It's easy to get it going to be- mix of man I know that there's probably like a secret in here that I really want to find at the same time- my friend is dying I need to come back. And say that. Exactly and- if. They let them. Few days ago- I had to. Questions I like that- and I was not Mr Lee- aware of all the this is the day Easter egg that we're into and the maps so ask around and I ended up.

Having to go to a full. The full list and I was blown away because I've been playing a game for quite awhile now and I would say I phone maybe 10% of them. The ninety under percent I was not even aware it wasn't the game and some of them are quite impressive okay cool cool like as as an assignment you are not watching anymore just like past me the list.

We can. Lower stakes stuff like that after it. Look at it like a I like to see every minute as its price so let's talk. As a so in your own experience- playing extraction like you mentioned already that there's like it's still a bit of- tactical experience but how does it if in any way like compared to. Seats like is it the same like. Really tactical experiences in a bit more arcady does it plays pretty much exactly the same what's the comparison. I don't it doesn't play out all the same- just the nature of it having- only five opponents but 5 opponents that are you in front of you is not the same as- as being in a PC environment. But I would say that the best me. To the biggest differences if you compare- extraction to. What I would call- under- run N. gun. Or shooter I'm there this is certainly something we didn't want to do- there's great games- that the completion but on our side it was really.

A matter of making sure that you feel like you're a swat team. And your for sure you're outnumbered but if you go guns blazing- you won't have the level of success that you might think you could have- it's really a matter of surprising the enemy- being ready to retreat quickly. If things goes- but feels badly- and not it's- go in and then trench war against the enemy because it's not going to be a recipe.

For success for sure. And could some theoretical. Pick this game up. Tried to play through it completely on their own like is there an offline version of this gamer is this like. Now you should probably find some friends online to play with. I would say- for sure you can play the game from a to Z. and single player. And it's very interesting it's the same game- it's not something different to some of the different mode is the same game- but that there. The feel and the- head of the tension is not the same because when you play alone- you are much more in control of your city because there's no one. Making mistakes at apart from you that but at the same time- if things go badly- it's going to be much tougher- but we have.

Today gamer at its core when we started working on the game right from the get go we wanted to make a call up getting. Where tree players would help each other to achieve the best level of success and- and at the same time allowing figuratively alone or with a friend- so that. Because a on my side of the snap ins often I play with my friends. Every week but there's always one of them that is linked- so that we can still play and it's the same like I said it's not different gamer so it's the same progression. So you can still- continued to play and the progress that you make playing alone will translate- in Europe.

Players 1 and vice versa. Well unfortunately that's kind of all the times that we have the- thank you again Patrick it was awesome to talk to you about extraction I'm very proud of myself calling it. Extraction for this entire and- mistakenly referring to it as the- originally I thought that I would. For those of you watching at home remember stay safe out there and for more on rainbow six siege Rambus extraction and play for all content stay tuned to GameSpot. It was a fascinating look at rainbow six extraction which I did not know how to any single player component or a known online component I'm interested in checking that out as well Dave you mentioned that you are into it did anything in that stick out to you.

As as a big reason to come back to rainbow six. Yeah just the for me ability to play a- I feel like you get a closer knit group of people playing it together. When like to be brutally honest. Normal siege may my friend Sally. This feels like it's going to be something you can cooperate a bit more with and I think it's beautiful the sledge's hammer still has a place it's like the most useful tool news game despite a- despite its simplicity. Yeah let's see here- forget in an above extraction time. I definitely want to give it a go I'm really bad at just regular rainbow six siege I mean I can barely I'm also kind of nervous because I feel like there's so many different operates is now not going to keep track of everyone and what they do also the fact that I keep calling that one guys at.

Lionel it's I know that's nice name for some reason that's what I call and I'm like that's my- fun C. H. as- as people. Say I don't want to be doing bad chuckles you know because I kind I'm not up to speed on. Lauren will be operated but I am intrigued because I'd like we talk about this at length how much we want to find a new game. So whether that is extraction or back for blood then Hey I'm I'm open to it. We call we call cigna magneto in in overwatch I think we'll figure out. Anyways I'm next up we have any interview with spend from Larian talking about Baldur's gate E3 which was released in early access a little while ago but has been gain updates interview for this strikingly handsome I think you'll be floored by him when will be nice. BAndai check out ladies singles. Enjoy blush on life live stream click to have it. Defensible K. three myself included are hungry for more news so I'm going to try and roll high- my persuasion checks and get some information out of Lawrence and spending guess spend.

How you doing I. Very fine so how would you describe the current state of Baldur's gate three- Everest every time we're silence that usually means we're busy with something. So we're busy with something. At stake limit lower than expected. And so. The next update this is around the corner. And I'm gonna give you the exact date because of the weather would. Keep bad but we're trying to push it out. As so. It's an update that phone was a little. Getting so it's a more focused on futures on that's- add its goal you. And I. You will receive certain dresses at that would be reading credit reports and scores asset that's pretty much what's going on. The last major update was back in February of this year with the true to being at it was the team learned since then so there's obviously we are working on what's in there yeah we're also working on the rest of the game trying to get it finished.

And she some points. And we're learning from there's- onboarding inspection so we need to work harder on the onboarding so we're doing a lot of stuff as someone who will actually be in the next update also add to that role there's into what is it like to label doesn't fall to treat those kind of things so as not just a story also read. The whole this results do it in by the time you will see the dentist came you will see everything that we've done and that direction. I understand. Do you think about it but cool stuff so does our the- F. that making better. Comments a work whose point for and are getting feedback that's- certain players are not finding what they're looking for and so we're trying to work on that.

Trying stuff out liberation. As things that work don't work and so some of them are also coming and we're we're adding. Some of the problem is that the technical system certain things don't translate welcome video game- so this is a bit that we are yeah we're we're working on all right east Xbox tryouts and so. They're not far off into the future also for us to reset. So based on this are you making big changes to systems that are already in the game we are actually- we- you can certainly expect certain things to be turned around I think it's necessary she- mocks finding themselves in their- biggest problem we have right now. You know the players that.

On the process and they don't have enough things to do a state program that has to certain extent limitations be gamer. When you're playing at the table you can come up with crazy ideas or your DM can help you figure out crazy ideas things that are beyond which your actions. As and so putting again. In the- system so we want everything that goes in there is a system yeah it's not so easy as so- but it's something that we're working on. Example of a system that does work well at the very least losses actually better for the many process would be shopping.

Right trolling is also something that works well the system you can Chokri much everything that you can see if you're throwing off. It's a drop as those things work well in the men's the actually M. choices that. Meet also specially in the beginning of the game because that's where I work problem lies and especially beginning at.

The more things to do and we find. That a lot of players coming here and. The also they've played originals. Adam find same type of game back they want to be able to do more things than would expect. Then you can do in indie. And so we trying to out some. This is not a business of the Indy. The 5 across is the door. So at the data it is used. You to. At a result gives you limited things. From the get go. To work with. Well it all just a literal. And like this with what's- expected able to do things on.

And so we to he said this is not. Add but and it doesn't mean that people who really stuff and so we have to figure out ways of communicating that's because that's why I mentioned on boarding house. There's a bunch of things that you can actually do but I don't necessarily. A little better user experience. Six US in terms of content being added to the game can you give us any hints whatsoever to what you're working on- yes it's going to be more expensive than any of the things that we've done so far as so there's going to be things that people expect that maybe not necessarily part of the next update and I are going to be coming down the line. And it takes a little time to make because we are getting further and further. So we have much more. Things that we have to take into account that stuff as so it's a bit slower but we do have things that are being which I think will.

Well you're very welcome once we're going to restart as so at a little bit of space is going to be necessary there- it is lower. Than it used to be as- see like everybody else I've been affected by it I predict prices. And so it's just a little work don't miss a lot of stuff. And when it's all going to land it's going to. Make gamer. If you keep up with the pride of each update being being the last you're gonna hit critical mass of what you compare- some point surely. That's when we'll release right at. That's the I mean like. We are really trying to.

By next year. I mean something this year for sure and we're we're working very hard. Getting us in there but it's a very big Gaming deserves to have. And then each every single feature. There are features that you're going to see and then the next thing he didn't expect that you say why are. Anyone who played you'll start understanding- this is quite. Or maybe you'll find something. Later I don't think you really a lot of time to. Features but it's your truth you wear it for me to. Community so we already have. Additional rounds of feedback so that we read. When I guess there's hands we- when we get to see better. It's good. And if it's- something that we. Overlook we can still react with.

There saying. Yeah thanks. That the only I can say it's like a- but a long that's really good good for each. So all of both skate three leaving any access a full release is twenty twenty just ballpark what you're aiming for. And we would be happy if we can manage to release its next year I mean like we're aiming for it's- it's no guarantees and so we're we're definitely. Okay we took a big set and everything that was related to most structure and- I have always acting and I during the crisis so that St time also use working together as far.

But now- as well as getting in a better place and we are starting to pick up speed together. And so- what was the level of work like it's not as if we're we're done yet since that I'm- speaking on why I seem is a very long to do list it comes builds gave three. Last time we spoke we didn't have the new generation of consoles your hand is bringing both okay three two year Xbox series acts and pass 5 some think the you're working towards you know after all the twenty. I've got right if. You throw it I can grab it right now. Thank you again. Does not has right now.

Yeah guidance Akon Akon rewrote anything I've got I've got like a plus two to persuasions I help and okay I wish you had our next update in your hands already in my- so the fans missing you in Ijoma. The new usually bust one out for big things like a panel from hell. Is that a panel from how three in the works. Yeah I'm actually dying. And it's thirty three degrees Celsius over here so I guess that's when states aren't I don't know what and so yeah I mean like there's going to be at some point- so- it's a- yeah. The fact that we have for that 1 are very versed.

Fast so and I. Take away alone this is like we are it's not responding. Thank we're trying to focus on finishing stuff and so that this ticket comes with some silence which is not necessarily what community wants to hear. Abbott is the best way of doing things. The difference between divinity original sin two and the access and then for release was. Math is that sort of gonna be the same vibe when it comes to bowl to skate three's eventual release is going to be well it's different from what we've played now as they can be giant leaps forward that we can. Feel as players. Yes and so I think there's two quantum jumps that are gonna be KCG. First one is people that started up when they got RT access from day one. And so when they'll see it that's released it will be very surprised. Because there's so much stuff that we'll have to dramatically reduce.

Your energy access we're also keeping surprise for the ending I for the reset. Itself so it will be. I that at the start and then the- welcome but each as we do have a bunch of course you see that we absolutely. As so and- then this I saw the second one should you the final update- his first. Step certainly the intention- for which to do. But that means the difference between the three and- is that this game is possibly more Nick and it is and every last much more. And everything that it does covers- so.

It altogether actually hello releasing it- I will already happy if it didn't have to do that welcome to the goal it's going to be. Something very to the drag and some the das to have was that the master mode you've already spoken about it much in the past is that something you can talk on now. No because we honestly we don't have a development everybody else is that question but we are so focused on making the game itself and it's such a beast hello that we just the company has more than tripled in size to make the G.

Three and even that works if you look at a recruit you see the spend your jobs openings and this is just because we- so. As a Gaming and every single assets is being delivered at such a high level of quality and. It's- yeah we just don't have to this point it's a- obviously this would be a with Ruppert from it right and but- yeah for a three out is getting go getting serviced as so that when you in when you replace or when you to your about it you're eight my attention complete and you're going to say yes Corsetti you make different decisions acid that's really what we're trying to build.

And that's- the quite different. Or this is the dungeon master mode something you might look at doing pose release so I almost. Everybody right now is. Just getting the G. three dot and it seems like. The fact that it's still a long uncertain Verizon's tells you how much work still has and if you see how we've grown as people are working. On it they also tells you exactly how. Much it is- ad so the staff. If this were. Virgil saying it was already michael highgam we made it worse also correct with the most of the- and so it's just a yeah. And it's not that it's that much longer. It is just verifications the intensity with which each- minute of gameplay is being worked on so. And emissions of the team they're super of arms director so much longer into it to try to. Add I you know I like. Right and- when you play D.

So I was sort of on the beach because the beginning of mac one once you get to the door. And that means on getting better you know especially. When you look at the early access the they and I that means much better I know it's coming like that Stephanie so much but so let's just each this actually makes. Thank you for. Depending on the choice you made. And then the door which has in. Those things in you you were you look at it you want why am they do all the effort of putting- and that's yeah I mean it makes and there's a letter to the US for of. There when did you see what it is. You said okay the ramifications this are. Large at so yes they are large so. Would it through the entire. Said and when you play them that's you just you say Hey I'm that somebody enough about we keep our costs PC to finishing of the all there.

Just me and your people the world see this we're happy to somebody cared about. And that's that's the world we invents the effort. And to. Think that you will see. And when you see them you're happy that's- looking. The people going to go back to this to be now try to. Figure what exactly- teasing here. The figure I'll figure it out. Maybe on the next time we checked you out yeah well you remember when you said that and then I'll tell you exactly how many.

Imitations distinguished. So did the list in the documents Mahtomedi because I was present at a couple of them and- that were read work on for a long time. Just make this possible it's like a it's everything about me is this is the thing with this game you're always surprised by how much work every single thing is just because of.

The pros that taking with it and trying to sustain its- cinematically also. Throughout the entire thing right so. It's fair. Yeah it's amazing thing did the minute to minute gameplay. RPG calling the way that we're doing it. Thanks to all of our efforts and you don't want to compromise. Because you're doing cinematics which is the thing that. People forget. And because it's much easier to make. RPG like we used to making. I just added a couple clients. Here's a new branch of the darkest but put it in there no I would he Steve diets rather comes with. Putting it cinematically in there. And at. And single player- each party member position. You know and we're we're taking that's- and I'm happy of time when see I'm really happy that they spend time this yes good but it is. I keep it is it is it is so it's been a while since you've the can EA but you've got it now you've got the flow is there anything you want to say too hungry fans- I he- I mean there's- like a- and- we are passionate about making really really.

Really good RPG that can be very proud of that you are going to. That is going to respect your choices there. And to be able to deliver that. And so and I know that there's a lot people are engaged they want us to we call on just grammatical like that do needs add. Something that we can be proud of who needs thank it's right over its and that we don't want just like. She here's a bunch of crime in questo instructs actually so that you can. We were not good at and SO I had.

But that takes time to do it the other way. And so hang in there honestly I think the most I see on the bow gave separate is just. You in armor again anyway. Hopefully it will be too long now until we can see both you and- a- and more bold is K. three until than ever in a home for mobile does get three news and updates whenever we can get them. Make sure you subscribe to GameSpot. Welcome back to GameSpot's playful showcase that was passed me now you've got. Present time line may. Sam we've spoken a few times about actually playing. Real life dungeons and dragons. And now you've abandoned me and traveled across an ocean.

Why do we labeled skate instead with. I am not sure. Every public I was harsh we were going to couples therapy and therapists definitely said don't hang your laundry out in public and we did it I'm fine I am excited to check out about his game three- I like many people jump in and play the starting over and I was like this seems great Formoso trapped in like a weird bug right now so I'll come back to this later and rethought and re all the character.

I'm tempted not to jump back in because I've made a lot of improvements I'm also super super keen on seeing where it goes based on what's wrong with saying that excited to see I know it's kind Ruppert something cool. The saying similar use of check out when it was when it first came out of it access is but- I know you're a big fan of RPGs. And I've recently been playing since the RPG's. Are you gonna use of waiting until the full release comes out will. Be tempted again. Yeah because it really go is hooks in me and then I realized that I would get to the point where. I can contend with and I would just be sat there waiting for them to update and so I wanted to just kind of hold off. As well like I wasn't having as 5 time with bugs etcetera as some people that I knew but- at the same time it still wasn't. Like the best. Way to play at the obscure wait for the final product I'm very excited I loved wisely.

I honest I love. I played. Sons in dragons- on the tabletop. Civils gate is gamer I really adore. I do want to see it. When it's in its full full version. But for now we're at we're going to. Check some exclusive gameplay from the Sherlock Holmes games which is gonna be. Big because it's three bricks currently watching so. You can get that here awful. Funny accents just after this. Hello and welcome to Sherlock Holmes chapter one. An open world action investigation game that explores the first steps of Sherlock becoming the world's greatest detective. You were sure lock a twenty one year old expiring privatized struggles to prove himself to the world. Before you lies Cardona an exotic island under a British protectorate in the Mediterranean Sea.

Don't expect a warm welcome here most folks are prejudiced against foreigners especially those who are well dressed and easy on the eyes. That makes your job as a rookie detective even more complicated. Whether you're vaccinated or not Sherlock Holmes chapter one won't hold your hand as you investigate core donors darkest secrets. It's up to you to find your way around the island into decide what your next step will be. In this video we want to give you a glimpse at the seemingly elegant paradise and more importantly. Your disposal analyzer environment in planting. Let us also briefly take a look at the island itself we designed it to be as varied as possible with 5 unique districts for the player to explore each area offers fascinating vistas colorful characters and new side quests the old city district is an area mostly populated by the Ottoman descendants.

It's architectural styles are influenced by eastern and southern European cultures. Giant fortress walls famous Turkish bathhouses the bizarre in the caravanserai hotel make at the tourist Mecca. The Scarlatti- district is a bustling administrative center mostly controlled by the British Empire. This area is as European as it gets with city hall the trolls museums banks and hotels all built by the Venetians in the before times. Answer writes in uptown district lined with opulent villas and juries establishments it's a popular exotic vacation destined for the rich. Then we have minor sent worst district on the island it is a shanty area an abandoned silver mine with decrepit buildings and slums in last we have silver to an industrial district full of factories and warehouses some intact some abandoned. Rest assured each and everyone of those districts were treated like a stranger most people won't take you seriously you sure you're in the right place we don't serve cocktails EA I'm looking for information about a sailor who recently drowned in Scolari- would you happen to know anything about him. The maybe not one of the two two and then.

I in order to get closer to your suspects and gain their trust you will need to change your overall appearance and how you act this is where our new disguised mechanic comes in handy. Can I get your money. Not I'm good don't know and a lot of the guy who drowned in the fountain instruments in many throughout the game new outfits can be purchased from vendors for earned by completing quests across the island. There are dozens of outfits hats facial excess res and cosmetic items at your disposal. Use them to customize your Sherlock to your liking and role plays a senior policeman local trader or even a pirate to get into closed off areas. Sneak into the police's prison cells or on private venues as you pursue the truth of core donors weirdest transgressions.

However while many situations require specific outfit it's only a piece of the puzzle. As a stranger on the island you will need to approach it citizens and ask for help. There are several social classes within the game like aristocrats workers lowlifes eccentric. Knowing who to approach what questions to ask and how to disguise yourself is key to getting the job done every item you select for your skies will have to be accurate enough to give you credibility overall so that each class is more likely to take you seriously and want to share information with you.

If you I mean. Keep in mind everyone on the island will react to your new identity either positively or negatively. Asking Intel from a policeman while dressed as a thug will get you nowhere. But put on an aristocratic outfit in some will give you the world. In order to check the potential reaction of someone use the concentration about. All the people of course don't have three different default labels that will help you gain an overall view of who they are first is ethnicity and occupation. Second is dynamic will change according to the person and your current disguise the third is a specific trade of this person all Cordani ins are unique and you have to adapt to them to find your way through the island's mysteries. Let me give you an example. We're on the hunt for a mermaid apparently there's someone going around killing sailors and the locals believe it's a water.

Well this sounds preposterous we still need to find the culprit. So where would be the right place to start let's choose to head to the local saloon at the sailors frequent and talk to the bartender. The issue is all we know was the saloons name but its whereabouts are sort of on the hush hush. We can ask one of the sailors about it but they are unlikely to talk to some fancy pants rich boy. So here's how I'm going to approach the situation. I'm going to buy a sailor's outfit and put it on. Then I'm going to open up my casebook. Selecting Penn the right evidence the one that mentions the name of the salon. With this piece of evidence penned I can approach people on the streets and asked them if they know something about it since I'm dressed appropriately. I'm more likely to get a reply so as you can see. We aim to create gameplay elements that synergize with one another and give you engaging tools that are fun to use.

At the same time we leave it up to you to discover the synergy think about how and when you want to apply. After all. What makes a great detective is your intuition. That's what we want to engage we want you to use your gut feeling follow what your intuition says. Sherlock Holmes chapter one is coming to PC PlayStation five Xbox series X.

And last Gen platforms sometime in twenty twenty one. If you like what you're seeing consider which listing the game on the platform of your choice and subscribe to our social media for more news in game play. Thanks for watching our video. I'll see you in the next one. It was a look at some gameplay from Sherlock Holmes chapter one a prequel to the frog whereas at detective game. Series Monday just before going to the game but you said. We're gonna be judging the British accents but we were greeted with a- what I can to see was an American voice over. However we do know that the person playing Sherlock Holmes. Is as vibrant it is a friend of games so I'll X. I Jordan Voght use also the- the main male voice actor in. The missiles so very excited to play well I.

Love the Sherlock Holmes games daily. Despite like. Being quite a lot to do with like puzzle game wise to solve the case that they do. Like really succeed in making you feel. When you do manage to solve- coming up next so we can look at Doki Doki literature club. Plus you can add def trailer. I if you please a woman is this came out.

Laying it yeah it was- people described it as being like a little creepy and- anything even slightly creepy I will avoid like the plague because I have- the bravery of smokes while without. I will scream and seeing a six for Harriman scream is not the violent crime pines the world but I've heard nothing but good things about the original so maybe I will finally. Dig deep and build some courage and play the next patient maybe no promises. Tell me looking to go back and replay- yeah I that was a game that I'd like Ubisoft all the way through because I could not stop playing and so. Hello mom Monika just money coming from Monica Monica only so I'm excited to go back to and see how they do the cool things on other platforms. But because it was very PC focused. Yeah I was gonna say one of the really cool things that they did was the way you could exhort of mass with the game's files to change the outcomes I'm interested to see how that would work on something like PlayStation Xbox or switch- but let's find out here is a look at Doki Doki literature club.

Plus. Hello my name is Dan Sabado. And the creator of the psychological horror game Doki Doki literature club. And now after a lot of really passionate work from a whole bunch of people. I am delighted to share Doki Doki literature club plus review for the first time– some of you already can't wait to revisit your friends in the club. But if you're new to Doki Doki literature club we're excited for you to meet the club members for the first time on PC Nintendo switch PlayStation or Xbox this summer. DLC plus gives the original PC game high definition visuals and brings it to a number of new platforms.

It's also packed with all kinds of new features and content for both existing fans and new players to experience and enjoy. There's a lot of cool stuff for me to go over but there are also some things that you'll have to discover for yourself when you play the game. DLC is a game that explores the unique kind of relationship that people can have with fictional characters. And the relationship they have with video games in general.

I want to make a game that causes people to think more deeply about how they mentally and emotionally process their experience for fiction. And using psychological horror too deeply disturb them is really effective way of achieving that. I always felt like the members of the literature club deserves more space to get to know each other and kind of explore their interpersonal relationships. So for DLC plus I wrote a new story line that I call the side stories. The side stories are unrelated to the events of the original game. And instead focus on how all the club members went from first meeting each other to becoming close friends. Really wanted to create an environment where these characters. Have to. Learn to overcome their communication barriers and- each other's needs and reflect on themselves and I think that will be really meaningful to those of you who relate to the characters maybe even find yourselves in similar situations I think this is a great time for some wholesome storytelling I can help keep us inspired to continue improving ourselves and our relationships with others.

The side stories also have a brand new soundtrack to go along with them. Music has always been an important part of DLC and really important to me personally as part of playing video games I love how music tracks sort of absorb all the emotions feel during the game and how it all comes rushing back whenever you hear the songs again.

So for the side stories I brought in a new composer Nikki Tyler the shares the same passion and understanding of the special impact of video game music Nick and I worked really closely together on songs that have some familiar catchy melodies along with a bunch of brand new ones. To make it even better DLC plus has a built in music player music player has twenty six music tracks in total. I really hope you enjoyed discovering the music as you play the side stories which will also unlock.

Speaking of unlockables another fun new feature is the picture gallery where you can unlock pictures as you play the game. There are more than a hundred unlockable pictures like gamer work wallpapers and never before seen concept sketches of certain memorable scenes from the game. I think it's a fun way to encourage people to try new things and DLC. And see if they could discover all the content.

It's not easy to reach 100% content completion. But but if you and your friends share each of your own discoveries you'd be able to do it together. That's about it for the stuff I'm ready to talk about today. The thing else you'll just have to discover yourself. I know that there is always a concern with re releases or special editions having a whole bunch of changes to them or the original content being tampered with in some way so we thoughtfully included all the new content in a way that ensures the main game. Doki Doki literature club is as authentic and true to the original as possible. Overall I really wanted to make DLC plus. Not only really special for existing fans also a fantastic and sensible way for new players to get in on the psychological horror experience. Another cheery and upbeat look at WWE literature club but we know there's something else going on beneath the surface and I'm ready for Monica to. Do things to me again- but- did you see anything in there Dave that your- that you're like cool that looks interesting I'll check out.

In other than Monica like. They went inside reading Hosey and adorable. What is the decline from like the accommodations of overhead this is making is making me a little uneasy I feel I I'm I'm very out of my depth because you both played it you know exactly what's going on and I can see just under the camera during this time try to get me to play. Break my brain and half. Lucy anything in a year you can go back to it- got a CD like the fact that adding ins of side stories and- EA is definitely how I mean when you said this new music because after I play docket okay for the first time the plate a couple times just to get different outcomes- the music is definitely in the air when that will stick with you for a long time. I'm Dave you're very right it sounds lovely and comforting but it's really not.

This I'm very excited to play it again. Tony next up we have. An interview. Wave that John offerings general manager of call of duty to talk about. Everything quality you know the battle royale genre and the state of the game so enjoy called fans. What you. So I come events on the ground E3 this year but the GM of college age high faxes kindly agreed to come join us and talk about everything because- thank you so much for joining us. Any super happy to be here so it's only a few years ago the corner GT was. A singular based and now it's more of a multi headed hydra- of war zone the honorable lace.

Quality mobile and its own people's right out all year round but during peak season anymore so who's playing. All of these versions is that much crossover are if you sort of seen. Individual markets taking on each type of game. Yeah I think it's really an interesting time for the franchise your point because it's expanded at such scale so quickly you know you think about what happened not just with the premium releases doing what they've done. But here comes mobile here comes wars on and now you have a whole new B. R. components the community and it's just been a really interesting. Exercise I think in how to transform the franchise it's never been stronger in many ways so when you ask like who's playing. Clearly we've seen. EIC gate open as far as new. Entrants into the system beyond what we were traditionally known for with.

Korean peace predominately- campaign. Variances prior to those releases- that I mentioned and you're also seeing a region. That have opened up I think mobile has done a tremendous job sort of lighting quality up in all these different ways in in regions where maybe we weren't as dominant- that can scale in different parts of the world now with the same he so it's really amazing you know I think we have cross pollination. We also have is sort of region specific identities that have emerged given that growth that I mentioned. And the franchise in many ways it is undergoing. A renaissance. Really consider ourselves differently who are we as a mega brand we appeal to. I in in ways that maybe have. Created new new factors for us and it's really about connecting more players all over the world removing the barriers making it easy to drop out of college we like to play with you and with your friends right I'm glad you mentioned that the R.

Spec because Boyzone is really. Hello of that genre do you feel like there is a responsibility. For quality roles on. Sort of keeping those healthy almost well we're always going to look at how we make sure we're delivering top quality experiences right so if it if it's- out there and it's got call of duty. In the name right we're going to continue to think about what's next how do we keep up leverage that experience and making it clear centric so it's just gonna be. A guard post for us but you're right I think now given. How interconnected and dynamic. Recology brand has become. We have to be sensitive zero. Components are aspects are expectations of communities that might have been. Just much different or smaller frankly. Prior worsens dominance and take over sh and the way that it's captured such attention so I love that you know personally I think there's so much we- therefore can do you to have a bigger con.

Canvas on which to pay so to speak but when that you're right columns you expectations new ways of thinking about creative new ways of thinking about connecting seasons- and what we need to deliver for awards and- experience. Let's say around. You know season for coming up here. Has its own intricacies. Has its own dimension- that might. Interplay definitely and what will show up for the core premium Cold War audience right all within the same.

Messaging framework or creative artists right mark cell we love that I mean we wouldn't have done it if we didn't think we couldn't- delivered a world class way you're right. It adds more. Conversation around you need expectations. And speaking of that full season coming up what can. What can fans expect from the season. Yeah it's a pack one we've got a lot and- from players across both or- any kind maps. Operator weapons I personally narratives arc satellites now crash on to the scene. You know the in which we can continue to keep the content fresh that's really the whole strategy here is just keep giving players reasons to come back- come and play.

And create that re engagement in a much more consistent manner and where is it affords us an ability right stretch. And in these ways and keep refreshing the content. At a seasonal positions here what we see in our major mainline release cadences so it's fun to do and I think season four is going to have something for everybody in many ways. All of the structural organizational execution level challenges and opportunities that come with running not one but multiple. Collegiate games these days. At what scale are you still pushing forward with with the mold is this or defining for sourcing it gains think of focused on or is it sort of spending all those plates at once. Well you know I think it's a little bit that we become. Our own biggest competitor in many ways right because quality has scaled so tremendously. In a way that most brands not just in Gaming but also an entertainment often aren't playing at that type of dominant level all at once.

So yeah it certainly invite you know complexity to keep pumping out top tier engagement top tier experiences year round but we're well positioned to do it I think it speaks to the health of the franchise that you know there's dynamism sort of happening inspiring and all these different cylinders. You know specific challenges come with the territory of trying to be a true mega brands but that's part of the appeal in my opinion is that you know we play big and we've lost trying to federal records and break them all over again. It's an exciting time and- how much of. The health of war zone and quality mobile if it is tied to that and you're really speaks of C.

That's huge. Time of year figure that and it brings in a lot of plays Spohn. Each individual collegiate games now strong enough for the consoles stand on their own all how much is that you get a release ready pushing for the at the secretary. I think there's no question that in many ways what hi Mobil's doing. In and of itself. And then what wars in history sort of in and of itself with its own community and its own collection points and that certainly with with mainline is doing you could make the argument. That they stand on their own merit in many ways just from the sheer scale of who's pouring into that. But you know I think the magic is how we found the synergies creative writing season three point five we just came off of our- eighties action heroes and that is a great example of that right like you really saw it laid out. Not just. In Cold War but with the war zone and then even mobile bringing some of those assets and we used to play so you felt like you were having at sort of.

Franchise wide experience regardless of which door you chose. Or internet. In it really translated- with major success for us so the search. Have own stress. And they- have the own you want. Because you never the place space and- just that making any intricacies are going to be different and you need to be sure about that. But at the same time I think. B. one plus one equals three power quality is that we can be both specific and customized and really enterprise wide to position the brand as- you know something much more than just a one. I'm really glad you mentioned the- action movie additions ox I absolutely adored that. Bandai I want to know is that. Is that more so action movie staples in the mix is this so collaboration between brands in already existing franchises.

Something that you want to do more. And do you have any in the works. Whenever it makes sense you know it's all it always comes back to strategy what we're not gonna just do something because it's cool today or it's expected to do it's gotta make sense it's got to happen at the right time- and you don't want to sort of.

Again be one note or trip wire on on just because it's work before you should do it over and over again right and so. I think there's really careful consideration around the power of those types of partnerships and- you know as you mentioned it's awesome. Enjoyed it whether you enjoyed playing is Rambo or John McClane an- hour like that tell- in many ways on. Brandon another reason. Call of duty right we're always going to about the time of this partnership. The why behind doing it right and as long as there's- a massive focus on. Spohn great gameplay I want to drop and I want to drop it with my friends so this is gonna be socially. You know connected for me- then certainly it's something. To look at but we're always gonna think about doesn't make sense in a broader sense scope and strategy before we just sort of.

Rolled them out. And into much expected. If those no object. There was there was no speed bumps in the road and you could choose any franchise that you could. Drop ins was aren't purely your choice your favorite. No one can say no to what would what would it be. I don't even think I'm allowed to answer that question I'm sure the phones will ring if I take that. Take to 1 but I will say as an as an EDC kit and I am kind of signaling a little bit of money. I loved it and in terms of. Hi and well I grew up watching a lot of Die Hard says expecting to wanna really go that route like Rambo. My heart it was just the one it took K. so you know I love that I think that the multiplicity factor that list was very cool to. We'll we'll we'll take that into consideration. And we'll keep all right well if you take your requests I'm I'm a big fan of fifth element I know you've already done Bruce Willis bought them for demolition someone on staff very happy if you put them I love both of those suggestions.

Noted it. They said this obviously very much speaks to the evolution of call to G. C. but now. It's evolved so much to from the quality that we knew. Three four five years ago now it's also 5 has its main competitors shifted somewhat he do you feel is the- the main threats to the market the moments you you know it's a great question and the reason. I love the question is because the brand has stretched in all these different ways. Whereby the competitor said is actually. Really really dynamic and wide wide ranging and sometimes the competition is really ourselves and I don't mean that with any hubris I just mean again because were.

Playing all these different spaces that oftentimes you don't find one singular brand being able to do or what I do as- sometimes it's really just about how do we want to. You know manage our own success here I see that too because even coming up the ranks in the sports side competitive part of. Right like a lot of the visionaries competing with sports. And entertainment properties and not just chapter EA sports but really the NBA's yeah also the world. Sort of entry into different discussion points around- eating with it really depends on what part of the franchise or seeking to light up. Everything I say that was like competition is good you know like the morning Gaming is becoming this far transformational industry worldwide I think it's just good for quality good for EA sports it's good for entertainment for events. So you know we while we are always going to look at the competition we also sort of welcome it.

Because all. Certainly shall rise with you know the innovations just Koreans. Industries are seeing. Now you've come from the E. sports of she's. I'm speaker too how to do the- of a Spohn to two cards. Welcome I'm a little biased I say that it's very. And but it I stayed because- these are real the liberal James our sport you know I and that may be lost and- traditional once a mainstream. Sure in risk I think what qualities you enter really change the narrative around not just- professional competition but world class production. World class broadcast events world class ticketed events where you can go and have a college experience and also see. The best of the best in the world yeah the reason I say it's important is because when you think about how much our player.

Base is just expanded right in hundreds and hundreds of millions of people worldwide clans the fact that you know are EA sports community not only. Engaged as exactly as they are but they have to be so. Tremendously good justice statistically speaking to be able to consider themselves a pro and I think that often gets lost in the conversation how good these guys and women have to be ultimately to compete.

In quality just given the franchise's scale so it's something that- I think we love because it extends people's attachment now I can tune in and watch quality and have an affinity for the branch in addition to dropping into play. But I also you know I think it's about giving. Players the respect that they so rightly earned and really putting them- on on the map as it's really the stars of tomorrow. Not just in Gaming. In sports. And this is very much time of the where. People myself at chomping at the bit for a mole. Michael highgam GA. But can you actually share any details when you're actually just announcing. Thanks Caligiuri. I need to excite since at this point. I do not believe I'm at liberty to share more details- and that I don't want to get a slap on the wrist this early in my role as GM- but I will say there are great things coming. And it's I think the reason we also super energized about being a part of our duty right now because you know that the days ahead just looks so promising and so exciting sledgehammer games is working on on the next release and it's gonna be a tremendous tremendous thank- so we're excited to share more details here- as we get closer to prime time well I greatly appreciate you spending a little time with us today and everyone watching.

When we do handing about michael highgam J. we will bring its use make sure it's about the video subscribe and stay tuned for more content. China thanks so much for joining me. Thank you. Welcome back to the games as coverage of everything extra out of E3 a play for- showcase ten you know as well as I do the demolition man question from a live last interview which EIC featured and I'm sorry you're getting so much of me today by the way there are other interview is available- the time I had to I had to drive the demolition my question I yeah.

The forty gusta lo and Willis right. Yeah don't like. I mean you would put Wesley snipes and they surely and- big why is it is it is very much open for taking some cash right now- and I imagine. Yeah I think it's fox that. Is like the rights holder to that movie- but- get Simon Phoenix and they're- easy like and if you get. John Spohn in there you can recreate the opening of the movie way says send a maniac catch a maniac and then jumped out of that plan goes Future.

Well there's ever anything to get you deeply. The plans because she was a- it would be. In demolition man but he's gonna be played out. Here in that. Is that going to be like for Chinese sets but that would like really that will what it would do to town the demolition on that. The well if J. if demolition man was another would have to be some kind of tie in a Taco Bell in the US and Pizza Hut and you can just do you know like if you go get me only get code for skin or something- I'm- ten AM. Emily Bennington is been a lot but like if it was a ten minutes to pack specifically. I would love. Not that that at sixteen the eighteen nineties action movie. I'm still I still want them to go fully fully dash and end up in this life I will. And do she thought in the but next up we've got a- news as talented as he is handsome.

Looking for the fine folks Nintendo three. Watching games was coverage of E3 twenty twenty one almost forgot what year it was that I know is my pleasure to be joined by bill and Nate from Nintendo treehouse how you doing and folks. Hi great great you're just showing off the Nintendo direct where according to strap in tendering and- showed us some really cool stuff there so what we're gonna do is we're gonna talk about some of that stuff almost looking to test you on how well you know your Nintendo direct which should be fun. So first questions first the Nintendo direct opening animation depicts a bunch of red arrows moving from left to right how many individual arrows okay on the screen during this. Seventeen I'm gonna say. Fourteen well the say seventeen I did you nailed it. Did you kill did you know that had a son I know everything. I spent ages killing that there's one arrow that just kept going between did letters of Nintendo direct SO nine anyways I'm working on that.

Smoothly transitioning from that why because- yeah in smash brothers interesting pick- interesting pic I think- I mean obviously is an iconic character from tech and- you know going back to the early games in that series but it is also one who's kind of evolved over time. I think Mr soccer I talked a little bit about- about his interest in the character but- there will probably be a lot more on that when we see Mr soccer I presents. Him hitting later this month which is going to go into quite a bit of detail on the characters and move sets. And and how is incorporated into. So at one point in the- showcase their for this much from this part- causing a throws a character into a volcano before activating his double mode what character was that. I think the last one was. Man man yeah those marks I'm going north. Bill there definitely was another one out there and then- yeah I yeah I don't know. They got it was not. All experten zu E3 michael highgam it was the last. He did- so in terms of picking characters right now at this point- how are you kind of make I mean you're running out of characters- or that you've promised anywhere you'd like 1 left I think it is right for I'm how do you approach all house do you have any insight into how the team is approaching picking that character you go go out with a bang right.

Everyone obviously is like crash bandicoot N. smash but what are you guys thinking do you know what the inside you have any inclination of what they're trying to go for that. Finish it up I think they're probably like this at this point. To the internet like stop telling me what to do. I don't know bill it's like I have going that- in general you always know that you're never going to. Please everybody there's far too many picks out there right now so- I do agree that it should end with a bang. The crash bandicoot- because they- in the smash- gameplay demo has a ten hit combo what is the official name of that move as shown on the screen during the direct- maybe you should know this one as well I think it was just ten head count but wasn't. Well I. Had thought about Knox I'm confusing it with the final smash- I guess I'll also go with ten a combo.

Yeah correct there's ten hit conquering lands on. So Nintendo is a very wholesome company but you've once again decided to release a game that ruins friendships and has families apart- interesting approach for to go with an all star off version of a- Super Mario party what does not allow you to do in terms of putting together a- package for. Fans of- Mario party well for me it allows me to revisit all the games I worked on on the N. sixty four- which was so long ago but- I mean honestly I think what what's great about- super about Mario party all stars is that.

With it being button controls it becomes the first Mario party game on switch that's fully compatible with Nintendo switch light- it also of course brings back the board games from the N. sixty four which I think everybody loves- I'm a big fan of kind of the dual. The one the one door many games that we cease to see and Mario party two which I think- philosophy- making return here and- and then you know I think I do think you know Super Mario party is going to remain. A game of choice for people who maybe are new to the switch system or who prefer to play with joy con controls and that Mario party all starters Mario party all stars is going to be- super. Superstars raw. Stars what are you supposed as really going to be I think the game for people that have either already played Super Mario party or are long time Mario party fans and are really eager to kind of dig back into the rich history Austin I'm not sure if you're aware of the discussion around it but the- the stage where the cake has go a giant version of Donkey Kong that's called a dumper on show so- you might wanna look into that because the internet after me is.

So Mario party superstars- Rosalina rolls a- box noble and then push it into another character. Do you remember. What character was the victim of this horrible incident. I am going to say it was. Dakikada himself- eight zero tech there was. We okay it was in fact but- all right gosh I was I was getting. Fired out. One of my highlights but the showcase obviously I mean you might try to find I'm I was gonna wear the metric each up I thought. I was gonna wear the- the one with the- outlined some instance- why is it which is really cool well Metroid dread that's exactly. One thousand one know what I mean all. What if I'd wanted.

I metric threads. Around for what sixteen years now as a youth being publicly- and it was not thought to be the prime number- and then referenced in corruption and then. Some people said it was completed and I'm- kind of how much of what we see today. Aise aise hi a Ruppert is represented in that lineage or is it something that was kind of like entirely thrown away and rebuilt from the ground up I think you know obviously Mr Sakamoto will be the 1 contents that question in detail he- you touched on this a bit and the- the interview that he gave that we are right after. The Direct in the sense that. The core idea of the same is being pursued by this relentless enemy I think is really good the German that was always match right dread and- really what he- articulated was that.

He's really waiting for technology to catch up and your technology and the perfect partner in the form of mercury steam which you know after their work on. Metroid Samus returns proved it they just understand that's right that the DNA of what makes a metric gamer Metroid game and so- you know as far as the particulars of exactly how much you do without on cocktail napkins far as the overall game is.

Safely locked within Mr sok mothers had I think suffice to say that what we seen about ME. Gameplay where you're- these. Of into is your- through. On that I probably. Into from sixteen years ago. Do you think- I'm- there's more I mean I a school to say. Probably but using those more an update. Now to have like the- classic side scrolling. Metroid games that have more of a presence within Nintendo this kind of future because you know they they've been gone for so long. And now they're back on you reckon this is something that needs the company was exploring whether. And what can people do like Metroid fans like myself to show that you know we really want this to continue we don't want. That's right to go into a ball again for another twenty years or something. Like how do we how do we make sure that doesn't happen. Well I certainly want to continue- I mean I grew up with metric as well as in the first game that I played I've always loved them- and feel like.

Genre to itself it certainly never should never ever go away. So- I'd say. Certainly played a game that's one- when it comes to supporting it and- I have a feeling that you're gonna really like what you. What should. Which experience. Yeah I think the thing that the one thing I would add you know I mean this is the- mentions. Reuters or defining I think everybody recognizes that and when you look at. How is defined this game as sort of closing the story arc of the five game series of two D. Metroid games- to me this is a moment that whether you are a Metroid fan or not whether you've never played the game ever this is sort of one of those moments and Gaming. That everyone needs to experience you know yeah and that's a major for Metroid fan like yourself is get that message out let people know you know this is a series that has defined a genre yeah this is going to be a pinnacle moment in that series you've got to try this out- that that to me is the message that I'd like to see Altmetric cancel every.

Is there any more of an impetus to kind of make classic Metroid games more available like I know cemex raised pretty much on everything at this point but- no seasons a classic. Outside of like thinking that yes some bass in a program called rainy get it like. Is there any discussions happening like we were releasing a sequel to. It what is effectively a sequel to a fusion but there's a business also whole bunch of people I generation of people call Playstation.

So how do you approach that the way that the each of the games is designed as as yes there's connective tissue between all of the games and there's a story arc between them- but each game that's actually a really solid job of reintroducing what's happened prior in the series so you can sort of started any point- and then it also over the course of the action exploration will sort of drip feed these.

Little bits of story to you- and you can piece it together I would also say that as were as were- you know approaching launch- you can expect to see a kind of a steady cadence of information- that'll help get people who are new to the series up to speed on on what Metroid is- Samus Erin is- and what that what the story's been up until now it's also never the wrong time to go. On and. SO in place super Metroid. During a- trust- what's in the metro as to what your passes clear time- I don't place play I play hello and I to the IMS and later. They just love it for a like I will be helping watch the file screening that's the best I was remembering the video game so- I take it slow and steady when it comes to metric. So in the metric thread key off there are a number of enemies in the background behind Sam's do you remember how many they're all.

Behind seven. Well 5. May is right Nate Nate knows he's right as well as cemex just move on yeah. A couple times. It is the answer I had to go with something different no matter what I said it was gonna be wrong- he's on it he's on it- so not I'm complaining but- why. Why was now the right time to bring advanced was back why wouldn't it be the- I mean why wouldn't why wasn't the right time for that. Fifteen years of everyone's going on about once was coming back but why is it now. Well I mean you know every every team I think has- it has different projects that they're working on and yeah and- certainly we've seen a resurgence with fire emblem- over the years- but certainly here in North America- many of us myself. Probably being in front of the line- her our big advance wars fans and- and so I think I'm you know personally I'm just really happy to see that we it's back- and that we were able to announce it today.

Because I do think it's- it's a series that is worthy of a lot a lot of I- I have. A passion for myself. Yeah I keep my keypad DS three DS with me at all times because of the bombs fall so I'm so glad to see it come back I'm glad to see it come back because- my son lost my old cartridges and all of the play time that I had and- so- only only time I'll ever call him out for that but that did happen. With both of the- games included that is. So much came. I can't remember how long the second game was but it felt like hundreds of.

Mac your yeah it's a like a long game but I'm excited to get back in can you clarify who's developing another site said intelligence systems is it intelligences them's are they- is there a co developer or anything like that in fact we- we just confirmed earlier today that the developer is actually way forward and they're working together. With consultation and advice both from Nintendo and from intelligence systems on the project fantastic that is a great team to well not yeah we love working with them we've been fans of them for awhile what is the mood staff what a medium. Tanks in advance towards. When you got it. Man I no excuse go it was on the screen for a whole two seconds. I have no idea on this one bill you gotta you gotta save us.

I the medium tank. Is. 5 no for no wait hang on 5. 5 sure yes. Correct yes it is. Well done well done bill almost good job looks at the Gaming watch out that kind of collaboration that really cold super excited about that my one immediate thing was oh god am I going to be able to buy this you talk about about- kind of availability and are you prepared for it to be at like super super in Dimond. All our way out or should I braced for another like another new snacks classic situation weights is going to be gone and I'll have to be back in people trying. To find its- but- well hopefully we'll we are that special of my dread is already so like I but I looked away from my screen well five minutes and then I came back and it was gone outside all right yeah it's- I mean it's certainly challenging these days I think with any- just the card a perfect storm of code and people getting out to retail and- you know generally at high demands for everything I think makes it challenging but- certainly with- with the questions of the Gaming module will hopefully be able to provide enough to cover up for what we expect to be a really enthusiastic response I certainly know- I need to grab at least.

Three one for me and a couple for a couple friends so are we will certainly do our best to anticipate that demand and make sure it's built this is your chance. To ask me if you one of those I'm just. And Nnesaga. One of those friends support. Moving on to impress the well the secret Brooklyn well and- one of the main. Things are in my mind is like how much more of a focus from what you can say is now- if but the game because it's very much you know. The original game was a very light touch on the matter if you know if there is but everything I see open it seems like you're setting up a very strong- story to tell is that the right.

Way to come out here and think about it or should we brace for something I should have people who are obsessed with law get that pens and paper ready well I think. Certainly I think those people are by getting the pens and papers ready anyway it's true- but- I absolutely think it'll it'll have a strong story but I'm also I. You know. Of the mind that. That but is out of breath away. Had a pretty strong so. Which it was just. Told in a very. Interesting way. You know the game play design was. Such that. Really had to design a narrative based around. Not knowing whether or not everybody would actually.

Find all the pieces of their- so the way that you PC. The story of what happened a hundred years prior together. Based on you know finding memory locations. Experiencing cuts is it really not everybody would see. I thought was really interesting way to do things. And at the end you know for somebody like me would. Absolutely covered every inch of. Hi role in that Gaming saw everything. Really felt like it ends up being very satisfied store and I expect- absolutely. Same from the new. But course we're- not providing any real details on that. This first points where you can see like. A snippet of link with. Long hair and that steam treatment- can link Robert.

You know the guy's not that's possible. My are you asking because. You also have long hair and a beard. Yeah I would to see a long head badly but I'm- wondering like easy to young to. Like you does he have a that's he have the almost the grow bed on a is that. I think like you need to think about and maybe re issue the high road story at the like. A day that's not a handlebar mustache I do want to inform the subject here I do want to give a shout out to is in the ridge. The first. Brought the wild game. The engine armor I don't know if you ever got that full set but if you wore that set.

She achieved maximum mileage on that one yet the one yeah- so yeah I I'm holding out hope is as you. Are for us and Spohn spirits they're stuck. Yeah I mean yeah if you can just like let on and let's not know that. It would go a long way okay it's- I think. I mean like the V. P. five find images are going to be incredible if that happens because- everyone loves. A bit- during. Legend of Zelda. Portion of the discussion. Unless was. That badge on it sure. What was the badge balls. I discuss seven said Dr horse but that's an easy answer. L. I am going to say he was wearing a and in the shape of as the logo birds of a- cool both the wrong so wrong you may hear the closest it was the royal crest the crowd.

Is going to I was gonna say it was very small it was a very small- couple final questions for you about- interesting lack of animal crossing during peak Direct fashion and- can you talk about that maybe because people like. We're still playing I'm addressing what's Nintendo's what is your behind not having I'm pressing a what's the kind of plan going forward finally crossing is that still like. I was playing animal crossing morning. Absolutely there's life in it left you know we do still plan to continue to support it with updates- didn't. Yeah I think in general we were so jam packed with announcements for this Direct maybe just wasn't. The right time for more for more but so we absolutely plan to continue supporting future.

And then the final question just for me. Where it where is BAndai three like. Is it still is still exist michael highgam we're dying out. Is there any if you guys are you gonna shirtless ever what was the deal that. It definitely still exists I can confirm it. I St I'm not so I will even go one further and say not only does it exist but it's progressing well. Okay great and- well- you know I think we have a habit of we like to show things like we're going to show them- and certainly we like to show things- when- I think the developers ratio them so well- we didn't have it here at E3. But stay tuned. Well I appreciate you telling us that. Fell may thank you so much for your time today and for- entertaining they question again. I when I conduct raises everyone's a winner so as far as I'm concerned you both 1. Great job. Welcome back to games with coverage of E3 twenty twenty one that win now in play for all this is our own show where we have a bunch of exclusive trailers gameplay articles interviews- that was times interview with folks over at Nintendo.

Hi- he looked. Like they looked like they were having a great time but also. Haynes it's some of that look at how. Deep those questions where listen my whole rule is to find and expose the fake games. Cancel out I don't care where you work if you what kind Nintendo I'll find you and expose you as well luckily. Those two lads very real game is they they they did alright. And actually I an update on Bayonetta three which I'm I you asked- in slack before you went into these usually K. going into Nintendo any betting questions.

And I was right in that within a three so I'm very glad. That you asked thank you very much I appreciate that- we have the Xbox extended showcasing coming up in about thirty minutes. Before then we also have another bloc of exclusive trailers so we've got a lot- coming up including endless dungeon scape bird. Golf club waistline and Chinatown detective agencies that's coming up in just a minute. They you very excited for the Xbox showcase yeah. 100% they- many came out swinging provise throughout the entire year so far so. It's expose really ignited a renewed excitement from other franchises sea of thieves halo it's awful enough to work with both of those seeing Martha. Edible and- just even more recently for a an excuse to trailer is coming up. Oshkosh us gate bird as with most horrible thing I've ever seen to have a great screen. Absolutely well make sure you stick around here GameSpot because we'll be showing the extended showcase- in just a few short minutes but first is a bunch of exclusive you trailer. At least you we have built expertise RPG games titles such as and the space and lucy james.

And more recently humankind. When we realize it in twenty fourteen dungeon of the endless without first venture into the world like smart unique mix of strategy action and RPG mechanics never seen before. He doesn't have the end of this the player has to protect the generator of his cross cheap well exploring an almost infinite dungeon. All Y. facing waves of monsters as he tries to find his way out. End up winning a lot of awards for its game design and shall we say captured the hearts of both amplitude fans and Roglic fans but- even knowing this we didn't really expect such an enthusiastic reaction. We revealed the next game endless dungeon at the game awards in December two thousand twenty.

In this dungeon is the return of amplitude on the road like seen as our- we like a lot. The game is a spiritual sequel of the original dungeon of the endless keeping the quarters of the game. All while proposing a whole new experience for fans and new players alike. Now because of the first game success we knew the formula was loved by players who were still seeing a lot of potential. In new ideas to explore. I remember exactly how the police started we're all together having a kid in big party at amplitude to celebrate something I have no idea what it was. And we had a lot of beer and- looking with the idea of snow and- what it's made out only. So for the first time- we had particularly dated- it maybe like five days you know- after like. You know as and that's that's an amazing moment that's yeah I pretty much always. The player will still have to escort the crystal using hero skills plus weapons turrets and a good dose of good thinking to be able to make it all the way to the eggs.

The heroes will also be more important than ever in endless dungeon as you'll be able to unlock it recruit a bunch of colorful characters. Each one of her specificity special attacks the biography backgrounds and the way they react to events in the dungeon. We've only discovered for them in the previous trailers now but I know he was asking will the pot be there.

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Well we know she'd love to be there. I have to see what happens. We also believe that no one should go on the seemingly hopeless mission hello so in this dungeon is meant to be payable either solo. Or with your friends and co we hope to deliver a great crop experience so you can explore the dungeon with your friends. We would also like to step up the community engagement and not. Frequently proposing votes on our games together platform.

This will allow players to directly impact the game by voting on various topics such as lord gameplay and concepts. And I was always giving feedback to the dance team. Player feedback has always been crucial to the women making. So keep an eye out for opportunities to try the game let us know what you think. The community already chose this official name. And the christening. So now we have so much more coming for you and gives you gather so you can participate. In the production of and it's done. So sign up to get together. To stay in the loop. Cast your vote and make your voice heard. Product not yet rated. Hi I'm local spring one of the producers at team seventeen and today I'm going to introduce you to the dock fancy medieval inspired action RPG thank media. Lotions steam for windows PC lately she is by means he's one of my team seventeen indie games label trials and is being developed by our friends over bought a studio in Taiwan.

In in a world of alchemy that's been ravaged by insidious plague and populated by terrifying monsters time is it tells the story of call this a mysterious individual who's interested with the task of clearing the plate h the question Foles call this will disver untold truths and secretshe- Smedley lead to a decision on how to handle the plate to vanquish t source of the evidce putting malevolence the kingdom fall too soon hubr the destis up to him. Find easy is not for the faint of heart. The most is plaguing the kingdoms are extremely deadly I'm skilled i combat many fall into them. But luckily call th is a new comments about. As t quest tbalance thisalf human half raven would be sa you must use every to in his arsenal from so county agility to June wielding safer and I get and rocks likelaws and feathe. I spite by macabre medieva facts of blob plague doctorshenever coesteals damage to any enemies they allow some of th d abso the energy.

All th can re the play from the dAnd use a cross range of plague. Weapons s two how hi. The ly shift levelsf damage. Othe site that delirs a roof them a taste otheir own medine. Thi is thonly wao survive this solate kingdomCall vers compatibility can be further eanced integted you find eiestalent turning popng into thet's fence unleaing longernd more devastang combos. Linking togher diffent cultures on whole lot moreThese abiliti when mbined withhe plague weaponllowslayers to velopt to su their own sty of play or eve al. We'll are me byges of media over the coming wee ahead oits launchater thisear thanks for tchingowreetgs detective sleut income you tthe world Chinatownome dett ne lit point and cli venture game set in a ture Sgapore ithe year tnty thirty two It's gae danderbellyome har iledetecve Phiips ofhe cyberunk movsdscas Well well C.. D.owinup. around Chitown in e wee hos of the morni. undsike a tabloid adline. Bu t mos the gamend the onehat Is the class wre in the. wod isarmen Sandiego seesf gamf the la eighties a.

Thesarehe games that inspehit Re researchAs h pyednic. theole ofmira dhaa a ex cop r you'llncounter cases with zzles that will require u to literally look beyo ther So tha means usi Google Al N Y solfamilyodia. meerr friend or whatever o whoer i available. So for exple inne msion Amiras task witreturning care staffe origin. I'llive u th quick abridged version frieneedome help with a family c. Yeah ve a look at you're into th kinof view the status d al to yo might ao need trun tots country of igin.ou You'll nee to find ansrs to puzzles tha cover a ar science ain. History willlso see y tvelingphy. Ts theorld to exotic location ie xtead or to tck dn a pers of terestIn senct's a ge that asks you tdo rea world inveigatn iordeto progre in e game. Having said tha we so diicultyf th pzlesthe didn becomen insuountable obo your enjoynt. That's y we he meeting.

A up with inhe ge whoan really can't fige it out. The s goingo coou. Meeti doesn't wd Chinatownetecve agcy mingure u've got enough money ithe bank to parent is crucia. C. ifou go banupt it's me or. We hop youl join Ara shenravels conspicies. Infiltres criminal syncates. id the bkdrop othe chaic wod hanging by a threa. Chatown detective agency come up ter this year P and swit. You must. Six put sold. World famous. You too two eighty this call is from Los previously kick back. And reminisce. Take my hand explain to me. This project called humanity. Hello while the shura. Do B. no surprise saw line one is that- shouldn't be side. We've of the. My. I know we won't give. Let go. The signs of and I'm awful. Ste can go. The show. Contingent with take my head- sublime to on a one of project called humanity beautiful. Twenty one to go into social Showtek could still. And music to ourselves of where we are and how far we've come.

Your home away from. Welcome to bang on bulls chronicles exit plans around this most fun and then fish's game to date Namco once also office. Prompted by a team of it with years of a- create the most cold and ground game yes this that could not anime three D. please also to. It down to them thank shape could think of. This. Is hi at work creating an I think it's been B. U. blue for room during bowl may. Style is important and through extensive customization options you can become whatever you'd like. Whether it's a Polish pirate princess a Brazilian phenomenon having cowboys or whatever. This is.

You roll and jump dash smash and find your way through the most incredibly detailed and basically historically inaccurate environments. Full size we heard you like bowls. Both Greenville's will he'll fall even ten Bob into a bigger boat in order to scare. Welcome can usually be gathered then to a three. Next the questions like. That challenge to come secret to find treasures to unlock- tools to bank many items to collect. Some of these may have a special effect they can help you explore the world will give you an edge in combat as you burn.

Freeze the only 5 simply turn your enemies into chickens. If you don't want to be alive we spoke with you finally friends up to four players on nine may. The team at exit plan will continue to expand the game's universe. Titans enemies and- balls out the joy. This is the next generation of finding okay rap. Now and go have some fun. We are just under five minutes until we cut to be parris lilly Xbox game showcase extended so make sure you go and get ready for the Imran Khan snack breaks as well- but before we get to that. We can talk about some of the games that were shown in that block there was some really cool one must always skate for- gave. What do you make of that. I love skating the love birds and like you point out the flapping animation. It was it was it was adorable like it's very much reminded me old school- sorry host games where it would have you Grindal stole. It like snaps to the corner of the environment I love is a durable it's scary and more.

Lucy okay. I am it looks very very cute- I'm just excited to see more I hope they get like. Just like a little bit. DLC name what. Yeah I get loads of. And in that give the bird finds something finally- golf club wasteland was one that I was very very into- I loved it showed like golf games- and this one's got some interesting stuff going on I kind of like the radio thing happening it's got like. Low flow 5 sci fi beach golf and relax so I'm into that many of you interview- into. The idea of the idea of that day's. Yeah I understand. Like are you saying that that this is seven nation a very chill soul of. Lo fi golf games. There was- comical the very silly strange one that came out- on- what the golf okay what the Gulf. Gulf incredible game so yeah I'm very incidence of chilled golf five. Lucy unpleasant off. Well I mean my favorite kind of golf is- that place in Vegas where you can go in and get drunk and just going- difficult pulls off the driving range- took off but I didn't want the golf and yeah I go for boyfriend did have those those chill vibes so I'm intrigued I'm intrigued do I get booze with it.

That's the kicker. I mean you could always just get your own but it is easy to do. A strong independent Iran dang this. This one goes out for the well the press out there how do you feel about polls how do you feel about bang on both. So this is does anybody remember the country bowls webcomic stuff from like the yeah just just like twenty ten that with the weather web comics and they would represent countries with the small bowls in that have strained conversations instructions. This just. Gamer fight that I mean I'm all for either way it looked at first I thought this initially not sure if I if I get on this and as they're showing new features and more things feel Bangon bowls to do.

There was an S. B. Q. R. Roman legionary bowl that was Scotland the brave in bowl full of snow off like that. Persia thanks other husband has been noticed. No it is there a couple of other traders including endless dungeon thing you see- I'm trying to tell detective agency which we encourage going checkout because they look cool by wanna quickly hit on what we're about to go into which is as we said up top the parris lilly Xbox game showcase extended. I'm for those who don't know that's going to be I think it seems to be interview focused but it's gonna have a bunch of conversations where three four three industries by halo double fine I don't know about Psychonauts ninja theory for Hellblade to obsidian about how they're gonna talk about the- what's there given that trailer but I'm excited to hear about it thank RPG games before the horizon raffle see if these. And while it's H. as well as a bunch of talented yeah on his way you both most excited.

To hear about real quick Lucy. I'm I definitely know more about the C. the- parts the carribean collab and Ford said I think food so for me it was a real stand out from the presentation. We saw on Sunday. Stephanie ijoma one of those also held late. Save I'm a big in two parts carribean so I think to see if these add on will get me back into sea of thieves although it comes at a cost because whenever I watch those films I will talking apar action for about three and a half days so Ijoma so you guys gonna hate me.

Because I'm gay so. Delivered XLNX locum ready for the amount counts break and we're about to kick it over to Xbox and a friend Parris they need to show us more of these games take it away Parris. We. Bring me that horizon weekend. Hello and welcome to Xbox game showcase extended I'm your host parris lilly you may also know me from gamer tag radio and kind of funny I'm excited to be here with you today we just saw a recap of Sunday's Xbox showcase and wow thirty games from some of the world's most talented developers in twenty seven of those games are coming to you on Xbox GamePass. We saw the first in engine footage of store filled and learned that yes but that is that is bringing it to Xbox PC and day one on GamePass exclusively thanks also to battle for the twenty forty two save me a pirate's life stalker to cycle not too and how bout read full. Like they said this year Xbox it's all about the game.

Today Xbox game showcase extended is our chance to hear from the developers behind the games that are redefining interactive entertainment developers like double fine. Playground games supergiant rare three four three industries and more we also have a new assessor design program to share with you and a couple of other cool surprises. That's enough talk let's jump right in. You can see for yourselves for the horizon 5 looks phenomenal and here with us today all the way from the UK is Mike Braun from playground games Mike thanks so much for joining us. Hey great to be here now Mike for the horizon has taken driving fans to Colorado France Italy Australia and the UK how did you decide on Mexico for forza horizon 5. Yes so we knew right from the start that we wanted it to be the largest horizon yes- but it's not. Far down the path from the you realize you don't go big if it's just give me more of the same so we also knew that it needs to be the most contrasting most diverse open world without the belts.

And then we start to look at Mexico eight it really is like the whole world in one country it's got snowy peaks tropical jungles. Canyons amazing beaches beautiful architecture incredible historic cities balsam mountain cities as well it really has everything. And then you want in the culture the music the artwork the people the history and there really is no more exciting location for the horizon festival. Now that we're in Mexico what are some of the authentic elements that we can expect in the game.

Yeah totally so we've got the largest and most diverse world we have a built in as I mentioned just a moment ago. Something that really excite it does about Mexico is the culture so we've worked with creatives from all across Mexico we've had Mexican artist produced beautiful mural artwork you'll find on the walls around the game we've worked with Mexican music acts to produce original compositions for the game. What a Mexican scriptwriters and actors of all of those Mexican voices you hear in the gamer sound really authentic. And perhaps not as obvious- but the other thing they super authentic is all about like they turned skies so we had a team out in Mexico I with all twelve K.

Hasty all sky capture rig we captured more than four hundred hours of sky data. And then we recreate nine games I'm so old that the lights the shadows the color information the old is recruiting game based on real life data captured from Mexico so. Everything you're seeing batteries just has not real offenses do not doubt that feeling of the reality. A we got a peek at the vet. Lab no what can you tell us about that. Yes Sir I've been is eight AM. A at suite of tools. That will allow to community Sir. Will whatever they can imagine really we look at the video right now. All of this that we say has been built using the event lab tool sets. I did the bowling pins have been placed so someone's going the PlayStation then they've created rules that touch on them as well so.

As the every time hitting them. A rule has been set up so that it gives gives players points and then also in the in a clip you can see that. Everyone else in a multiplayer session sitting bowling pins as well. All of 5 adding into a collective team's goal. The rules could have easily been set up so it wasn't a team school that it was competitive all of our career freedom is open to plants it's- after game designer. I think it's the feature I'm most excited about in and for terrorizing 5. And I would say as a gamer is a feature of definitely excited about because it really is going to open up so unique features between me and my friends. Now with the power of the X. Xbox Series X X. in the S. what are some of the new. Technical features that we can expect. So in in service. We're really able. Ten everything from happening on ten on race race. We have a call looking. Realistic ever happen. Unparalleled but detail.

It does apply to the rest of the world as well. During the- Xbox E3 showcase the other day. I mentioned we modeled the detail and everything right down to the individual needles on the track cactus. That was just the plants that happens to be closest to the camera that points. I haven't got that level of detail is applies to everything that you see. On thanks to the power of the Xbox series consoles. It's not just things are right in front of the cameras while we read about to push out all of the- the launch in the draw distance and everything so that. Everything in the scene. Is full of detail. I'm done as I mentioned earlier we cap satellite data from Mexico. So you got this realistic lighting shadows I old it comes together to create a scene that just looks. Real now Mike. When can the world expect to play forza horizon 5.

Shaw so we're launching this holiday. On the Xbox series consoles the Xbox one consoles were on PC. About the windows ten store and steam of course wearing GamePass and GamePass ultimate. And you can place on your android device with Xbox cloud Gaming. And players who purchased the premium edition Ole if there GamePass subscribe and get the premium items bundled. You'll get early access as well so. You have to play a little bit earlier than everybody else. No my god this is huge moment for you the team what does. Mean to you. Yeah well for me personally I mean I've been working for the franchise for a really really long time but this is my- it's my first game as creative director so.

In this period of the last few days and then we call so as people are seeing it for the first time. For me it's probably one of most exciting experiences my life it's been absolutely incredible. Again might. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much problem it's been a pleasure. Later in the show we'll be hearing from the developers behind games like age of empires four. Shredders and ground. But first. The team into theory has something to share with you. Here's to me. Chief creative ninja. To explain what they've been hard at work on. For Hellblade to. Hello everyone and welcome to our brand spanking new ninja house in Cambridge. I want to give you an update on the works of awful several saga Hellblade to. We're doing right now is building a good chunky slice of the game before we dive into full production to build out the rest.

Hellblade was very special for us and- we didn't want to do a straight sequel we wanted to do something extra special and so. When making a loss is difficult as possible and that proceeds. The game is such a nice length nine century Iceland's so we've been sending out of tune with your teams out there. Doing photography photogrammetry and combining it with satellite data to recreate large sways of the landscape. On the character front with building real costumes scanning them in. Collaboration with epic games to bring your next generation digital characters. On the come up trumps we wanted to be extra real and brutal. And certainly in our main actresses been training for two years on all of our analysis of on the ground combat training.

And so when you're gonna see here is not a trailer it's not a game plan revealed. But rather a montage of the kind of what we've been up to. Hope you like it. Will you follow me- and. 5. The staff. Over the mountains of. Today my mom. You might see thank. We'll show you what lies behind my. With us. Which still. To start. Suffering. CJOnline. C. this call. Please. And one. Thing. Yeah these new- sh. This. That is Xbox design lab in here to tell us more about Xbox design lab is Nuveen Kumar I mean thank you so much for joining us thanks for so what is Xbox design lab design lab is a controller customization service on Xbox .com where you can choose nearly any color combination you want for your controller really make it yours- you can design a controller based off your favorite video game character your favorite sports team or whatever inspires you can think of design lab as our own personal design studio.

Now we've originally launched design lab five years ago and have since sold millions of controllers to fans around the world but then we had to take a pause as we brought up our latest generation Xbox hardware but now we're back offering customisation on the latest generation Xbox wireless controller now we have so many awesome controllers here right now can you kind of talk a little bit about them yeah well right off the bat you can see there's tons of color options to choose from for most the parts on the controller- you can choose among eighteen different colors for all the different different pieces on the exterior. Three of those colors are brand new to design that we have shocked blue also read in my personal favorite the electric volt color most of the colors- include post consumer recycled resins and them so there's a portion of things that are ground.

Up like automotive headlights. Michael highgam bottle jug- that make the controller more eco friendly we also have a new button options for the a B. X. Y. button set. In the view menu share. Including a really cool button options- for a B. X. Y. that's a throwback to the regional Xbox three sixty controller. You gotta check that out. And yeah this is just the beginning we're excited to introduce more customisation options over time. Now to these controls were inspired by games can talk about that. Yes so there's a blue and green purple one that's inspired by Psychonauts two we just love the key art for that one so we work with our partners- to develop controller to help bring that to life. And there's also one that's inspired. By grounded and the Asian character from that game- we had a lot of fun and design as well as a control kinda looks like a fit if you look at it. From the right angles. Now I created my own controller. Going to pick it up now. I'm a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan. World champion Los Angeles Lakers and my design was inspired by that so I went with the yellow.

On the front. I went with the purple on the back- I designed the buttons kind of with a black accent along with the- the shoulders and the triggers- but- I also didn't description. On it and my inscription says ka can't cook. And that is inspired by my good friend Khalif Adams. He does a fantastic show called Spohn on me. But he's a terrible cook. So I want to make sure that every time I pick up a controller to play on Xbox. I'm reminded how terrible of a cookie is.

And to avoid at all costs. But enough of terrible cooking. Let's talk about something that you desire. Yeah I designed the control right in front of me here. Again on my favorite color this electric bolt I just love the way. That the midnight blue accents pop against it. The dark a B. X. Y. colors- and this was inspired by a Parris sneakers I have at home so I had to make a controller based on.

That that's awesome. Now one last thing when can fans expect to start designing their own Xbox controllers. They can start today by visiting Xbox .com slash Xbox design lab. There's tons of inspirations to choose from- customisations really fun. And we're shipping controllers to U. S. Canada and most western European countries. And that these make great gifts whether it's for yourself or that special Gaming your life.

That is fantastic moving thank you so much for being here thanks for. Later in the show. Morals edge will give us a deeper look. At age of empires four. But first. Tim Schafer is giving us a closer. Look at Psychonauts two. Hi everybody I'm Tim Shaffer from double fine productions here today take a deeper look. Into Psychonauts two seconds to wasn't action adventure game starring rescue not quite a- powerful young psychic also trained acrobat who ran away from a circus home to join the Psychonauts. And expand and explore his psychic abilities one of Russia's most important thinking abilities that astral projection which allows him to project his psyche into someone else's mind and see their mental landscape made real. He can help them wrestle with their inner demons and fight their actual nightmares in person which means the levels in the game are actually brains and seconds to has even more brains than the first game. One of the first rain you'll get to visit is that of cal goes to Lobato the doctor about I was actually a villain in the first game.

But after us bottom they kind of became friends he actually has a piece of information that runs once which is who kidnapped. It was a lot of and that's a lot of want to tell you but you can't. Because of something going on deep in his unconscious mind so rest has to travel along with Sasha and mia and coach Olander into his mind and try to extract that information. There's a lot of forces at work inside the bottles mind maybe put there by someone else who are trying to stop you including some of the enemies that you might recognize from the first seconds game including the sensors entities designed to stamp out thoughts that don't belong in someone's mind. Including rats who doesn't belong here they also see a lot of new enemies such as doubts and regrets about his mind is playing with those regrets and they're very dangerous for us the mention there's a lot of teeth have I mentioned a lot he says what he's- he's- and what your dentist.

It is no longer but he really really likes them locally to fight all these enemies round let his psychic powers including his powerful psychic punch he has his hands extends like a V. from his body into a powerful melee combo. He also has a second blast we can shoot a powerful energy beam out of his brain branch also has nvidia pyrokinesis it's always handy to be able to burn things with your mind. And limitation Raskin uses own thoughts his own thought bubble over his head as a balloon to float around or ride around on to get somewhere really quickly.

So with these new powers Raskin fight all these new enemies and hopefully find out. Who kidnapped Truman's another. Now what she was thinking. The person. The second is house forced. The second end of the second month. Hollis is also head of the inter program. Which is what Raz join now that he- become. Of the site month. And he's invited into. Brains in. Houses him. A new second. Called mental connection where you can see two thoughts in someone's mind to connect them. Sometimes trading new songs making new things happen. All residents training in mental connection inside of houses middle classroom. He experimental too far and accidentally maybe slightly on purpose creates a lot of interesting gambling inside of. Houses mine because he wants to go on the mission to the lady looked at this casino. Unfortunately this connection leads to more connections and eventually the whole thing gets that arises control and holes gets. Way too interested in gambling. And the rest has to go back into our mind. Where he finds out that her memories of medical school.

Where she studied neurology. Have been corrupted by this gambling interests and it becomes a casino on spittle. And Raz has to. Actually go in there and engage with all these gambling machines in order to shut it down every. Turn houses mine back to normal. She's gonna be just be really. Inside houses you'll see bigger tougher so. That I'm trying to bouncer instead casino and also a new enemy called bad idea about ideas- Spohn actual nasty looking light bulbs over their head that become dangerously explosive imploded rather.

Face now headquarters one thing that happens in seconds to this most exciting to razz that he gets to visit the headquarters of the Psychonauts themselves. Which is called the mother of little. Business center for all Psychonauts activity and Raz gets to see his old friend Sasha Amira who are councillors like summer camp in the first game. He now is a scene where they work he gets to see their offices you can see their labs he gets to see their co workers. Other agents in the field but also he gets to see the- admin and maintenance staff as they go about their business and hang on the cafeteria. And serve the everyday happenings of the- what life what appears to be normal in the second World. Their love little hidden pathways in treasures around the base that you can find.

Side quests and scavenger hunts and things that you might. First name- just to meet a lot of fun things discover a lot of C. about the second himself and the law. Of the founding Psychonauts including the psychic six. Who were seen on stumps around the campfire in the first game but now we get to go much deeper into the story of how they played a part in the founding of the Psychonauts- how they were brought together and recruited by Ford color. And turned into this amazing international. Espionage force. One thing that was important the first games exploring this natural environment around the summer camp all the little hidden paths and caves where residences took place. Until the second game of expanded on that there's an even bigger natural environment multiple natural violence around the headquarters you can explore.

There's a quarry outside the mother load which is where they dug out this massive deposits. Attaining inside him in this. Psycho reactive mineral that amplifies and Stan changes second Parris there's lots of secrets around the quarry lots of abandoned mines and caves and things to explore. And next door to the quarry is an abandoned roadside attraction called the questionable area. A sort of power vortex of strange happenings which also caused by the city name deposits in the area. Water flows uphill animals behave strangely. There's caves dedicated to the mystery of the sass coops which is a giant one I being that. Might have existed might not have. Here the question areas Raz's family is camped out his entire family.

As if to embarrass him in front of his new Psychonauts friends. His family showed up and they want him back in the circus. It's turns out someone's family members includes I'm father have a little bit of second power themselves. And they'll be exploring that in seconds to. And you'll get to find out who put this curse on Raz's family to dine water. The quotas have been cursed by mysterious character to all dying water and this manifests itself in the- form of the hand of Bolivia.

Which is this hand that comes out of the water which is really just rises second construct presence so afraid of water because of the curse put on his family. That every time he comes near water this creepy hand comes out and tries to grab him and pull him under which is all happening inside of. Rather's had. Nine seconds to you'll get to find out who put this curse residents family. Where came from and what he can do about it. The store you will cover about the courage but I read his family. Links back into the store the foundation of the second month in rats finds out that his family in the Psychonauts family. Are actually- more intertwined that he believed.

So there's a lot of mystery to discover for the player- and wrap. And his. And friends. As they expo the can. Between this and this. A little to do. Molecular molecular is a- when the first milliseconds or 5 she's a powerful psychic and she's a mass murder. And she's been believed to be dead for many years but there's a lot of unknown things going on behind the scenes and a lot of mysteries and a lot of- plots for the player to uncover. The second step. So that's it thanks for taking a deeper look into segments to with me the game is coming out August twenty fifth. And you can pre order now. So all stop talking so you can go and do that thanks for watching. This is. Not good not good. Open the doors and just one stopping the shooting just straight to the bridge. Heavy really we come tanks I called the bricks from Latin Brutus we'd sound smart calling them fruits you don't you don't wanna get in here and opening these not I'm good.

Deanna cruises is looking like a game I didn't realize I needed in my life. And here from straight Bombay to tell us more about banner cruises is check Fellers said. Check thank you for being here thanks for having me. Now talk to me about this game banner crucis what's the concept had how did you come up with this so I grew up with late sixties early seventies sci fi I love that stuff right Logan's run is- you know Battlestar Galactica space nineteen ninety nine that wasn't cheesy to me or campy that was just the way sci fi. So we want to send a game in that world but we have this cool colors cool shades fantastical sci fi weapons and creatures. But it also lends itself to wanted something that was positive about the players the characters you're working together show. There's aliens sure you're fighting them sure you're trying to save earth when you're doing it in a positive uplifting way yeah I just after the pandemic and had to go back to jury post. Apocalyptic world I need something uplifting as we wanted to deliver that bet that's awesome now talk to me about the game play you you've said that there is an infinite replayability to this old so how does that factor in.

Yeah so this four player co op you're playing with your friends and what we wanna do is make sure that it's different every time you're playing at and so we have a lot of different systems that do that but underneath it all is the idea of the A. I. driver their driver is driving. Everything that's happening in the game with items with a placed what's happening with the creatures what's happening with your health care it's your perks all those systems are driven off fast.

And so what that means is as you're playing not only do you have those Hey this last time we played this was nothing hearing this time for being overwhelmed. And then you also those peaks and valleys of it you have some down time and you have some. Really pick up time and it. You know brought of combat happening in it we're also monitoring how people are playing so your first time playing in your team is doing very well. Ruppert health kids right on the main path for you to find. If you don't find love at first we'll we'll Spohn a couple more later really good if you're really killing it. Well we might stop anything on. The main path so if you want to go find your- one of the final.

You're to go off that means. The search for that make the games a little bit her. When we more interest. Wave and- saying. Hey let's. Double the health all the- rate. And then we do something of the actual what from specialist. As well. So if you put same three. Every week. New government can. For ten weeks a row. Well what's- up for you what is the some crew. You know seem to. In New. Only we can do that because you know. Do different. You've got to be. Because you don't have. Before or after but here. We have these really big peaks and valleys would bring you. Nothing for a little bit. When I got to go crazy. I love that it's scaling to your basically your your skill level right. So that yeah that's fantastic now.

Kind of deeper dive more into the park system that you're gonna have the game. So for the parks we looked at a lot of games were you start with. Almost a class based thing and then you know if you're playing with the same friends. Well I'm gonna be support you're gonna be. Kerry someone else may help like we can't ignore what of what systems were playing. Plan who want to build a mix it up so that every time you're playing you're also. Kind of. Choosing your role based on the Ruppert zero getting some folks coming this. The automatic compiler.

Define American. In the world once you find one. The firm wanted. Foot choose from. Then over time you're- bill. A deck for your for your character. And so you might have it where if you sign the trailer there's a pulse. Which is kind of like a- Malay Shah of. Well you can invest into that and you could have won that you can now. Recharge pulls faster. And now with protects her FPS- other players around you. And then it gets more powerful you can actually damage with this all the sudden. You went from being a support character playing in the back. To leading the charge going forward and knocking down aliens and everyone else blasting them more. We got a bunch of folks that are about. Almond investing in one weapon making it where. You do headshots that actually does damage other aliens rounds to now you're the sniper hanging back. This is really mixing up that kind of experience that you're having and you'll earn these perks as you place the more you play the more perks you have.

But since we want the. Game to always be great player friends. If you. If you've playing there also. Put me on a plane for hundred hours. Your brain. New yeah well we sure the perks. So you get all the perks that I am very. To me well so. When you hit. That X. of all the crazy. Your game as well. Because I about having fun with your- right. The share experience. With friends now. We can already talk about the inspirations like by two thousand. I look at that it was like two thousand one space Odyssey was the first thing I thought of.

But let's talk more about the enemies in the game what what was on the inspirations for that. So the enemies- is we kind of look at it of how we want the players to behave. As well as feel. In sweeping outside Plato's every week the player game. Watch them and what we see is. Really good teams that stick together really tightly. And even if you send something like the brew that demonstrates apart. They took. The form back together. So we created some. Spohn yeah. This is a good. Of kind of. We have. The design. The spotter you hear off the distance. And you know what it's doing is finding things on these little tarts the comment you're not the worst thing. But they're gonna be unrelenting until you kill the spotter. In so you'll be sticking with your team to be like oh wait a minute if spotter comes now in this turrets common we've got a guy download over there.

Mr committeeman go hunt that thing down a little killer single run off you kill you feeling good about it Nelson realize what were my teammates I'm all alone the other specials here all I'm in trouble. Mr create those kind of moments words mixing it up we're you always want to have it were kind of the almost takes turns of 1 players. The last one surviving there the last one up in there helping everybody else up and get it going and so really looking at having those enemies give you. Those moments for how it affects the players. Honest question for you. What does the ana crucis actually me so any criticism term it means the notes before the song little bit little kind of intro therefore this we have a character boards that you never meet- and the other Parris talk about it because I was fun to have this character that you never really far sure. Who they are because it's I don't know subscribing it. And she our name the barge that you're on the launch these missions Deanna crucis.

And sure Bob there was this is not the main event is not us against the eight millions with fighter pilots and everything else is just regular people. This is the free battle to the battle is finding out about the ceilings and what just happened. That sounds old school again the increase the everything that you talked about today it sounds amazing I can't wait to get my hands on it but- Chad. Thank you so much. For being here really appreciate thanks for having me. We've got so much more coming in today show including. Obsidian entertainment with grounded. By illusions and let it roll with shredders. And three four three industries with a deeper dive on that incredible multiplayer trailer for halo infinite. But first. The original stalker was one of the most intense in theory gains a bit. Next year we returned it to mobile for soccer to. Exactly from GSC game world as a closer look at the game. Let's check it out. Hi everyone it's Zack from GSC game world it has been several days since the game player you off still occurred to our game now has a subtitle heart of Chernobyl and the release date of April twenty eight two thousand twenty two by the way the pre orders are open for both PC and Xbox you're obviously here reeling to learn more so here are several details about stalker to heart of Chernobyl you probably didn't know yet.

So let's dive a little bit deeper in our trailer. This section of the trailer is the bandits gun fight on the chemical plant. You can see the actual in game animations of picking up the weapons and installing modifications on the go. The thing is you can note to the desert open your faction we are not showing the exact moment right now because we wonder if you can discover it yourself. You may actually recognize the exact location on the swamps if you played stalker clear sky you may remember this place the time did the job but the tower is definitely still there. Also in the scene you can see a venue detector skiff is using for the art of our times. Because if it's warm it's cold you'll K. which actually means a brunch in the Ukrainian. The artifact skip is going to collect it's called jelly in game it recovers your stamina.

Moving to the dancing Nancy in before you ask it yes there will be a lot of characters with an interesting fate in the zone. His hideout is located in Chernobyl to. That's a download so far from pretty bad you have seen in the gameplay teaser. We do. But they had no it about group led by. Some reports. That campfires a small pile of safety in the unwelcoming zone in place where you can finally have a little rest before another four eight. You have seen the campfire during the first trailer in the Ruka village of course it wasn't the only one. His own is full of dangers and mutants. The monsters as a result of the numerous experiments. We're not ready to show you all of them so let's stick to the old good blood sucker for now.

Should I if you need more coverage is PC was misty. Michael highgam lovely snowboard not but Golgi. Sent to Japan plus much and I need. Yes yeah yeah W. you come sort of the lumias trees moreover you Razer Razer. About the vehicle itself. Yeah this is you. In rooftop scene we had for proud of that because of animation. We made a small behind the scenes we deal our motion capture studio. The face photogrammetry process makes the final result as close to the reality as possible.

Michael highgam lovely snowboard not by college. Yeah sh. The guy was gone you're seeing in this section is one of the most powerful weapons from the arsenal. Reporter equipped with the P. forty fifty moving to the final thing for today the man at the end of the trailer is Sergi Grigorovich the creator of the stalker Sirius the- stock. Thanks for joining us today we can't wait for the moment when the time comes to enter the zone on April. Twenty eight two thousand twenty two. As you just saw stalker two is shaping up to be something special and I can't wait to play it next year when it comes to Xbox PC thank GamePass on day one.

On Sunday we saw the trailer for a plague tale requiem. The sequel to the award winning a plague tale in a sense and for those of you who are fans of the original we've got some good news for you to. E3 was what would you. The king is back and here to tell us more about age of empires four our Adam ice cream and M. a bridal from world's edge thank you both for being here thanks for having us on absolutely. The legacy excited for this now you had some news at the briefing can you kind of talk about that a little more well I mean fans got to have their first looks at two more of our line civilizations- the Addison dynasty and the French yes and they bring a lot to the table- totally different ways to play but I'm really excited to show them those and then also people got to see their first taste of naval gameplay. I which we haven't shown off at all except for a little teaser at the end of fan preview paying off that teased and we also revealed one more about campaigns the hundred years war and that Jordan Voght made an appearance at we also announced that the game is coming October twenty eighth and it's coming to windows store steam and of course the boss PC.

Earlier you mentioned the two civilizations the Abbas a dynasty and the French can kind of go into detail about that- yeah I guess I'll start- the absence of the opposite dynasty is this amazing technological powerhouse of a civilization that has a really unique mechanic that we're bringing to- them in age of empires Ford's actually unique- across all the cities that are in the game in it they they construct this bastion of knowledge called house of wisdom and they can keep upgrading it with different wings and it gives them a host of incredible technologies. That leverage their army either Connie their resources- but beyond even that they have the incredible amount of fund units- especially campus unique to the Sims again at the license Razer parts for his camera units and these camels how amazing- believes the boss the other units and their armies and so you have these wonderful diverse mixes where you always want me throwing different units together but always including camels for the different kinds of Boston advantages you can give- tears in to your civilization's great.

And the French a really really strong with trade out some great option that Gaming a late game really really interested. They have a michael highgam hers Commons. And units you really to focus on nights and lan says they use a power. Is but the French actually made appeal appearance in the trailer. As of hundred years war campaign and as you can see Joan there I'm actually wearing around my neck she's a feminist icon from history. This young woman who leads with her convictions and led to. A battle and she was a teenager and so she's beloved she's in H. two in a campaign and so we know a trans gonna love seeing her again. And the hundred years war. With it multiple missions like the battle of the thirty. Really going to bring that period of history to life and all the live action footage that you saw in the trailer on Sunday. That's all from within the game we have these multiple documentaries that will play between the missions. To storytelling really bring it to life as you journey through the hundred years war yeah taking a completely different approach to Howard- telling stories.

In fact I don't think I've seen any games knows what we're doing in terms of how we're showing the story how we're getting people involved. With history so it really. Really brings it to life and- I've learned things about English history from these documents you I didn't learn in school so. Educating is as well as moving the game for it.

Now community feedback is always important in in any game but especially in something like age now how do you take in some of that feedback and development for it for. So we formed a community council back in twenty seventeen we wanted our community a place to have a seat at the table for development when making the game for them. So they've been hands on with the game for a really long time and giving us their honest feedback and we then take that to the game team. And they look at making changes based on what they've told us so they've influenced things from. The look at the Y. icons the influence system that's built into age for.

They really really helped us with a few points make the GamePass a- one thing they really pushed for actually with naval. Yeah it's amazing- we actually you know if you look at a lot of the data you know we see data on all of the- vampires games people play. And naval is one of those things the- in H. two a lot of people. Use which is crazy. But if it wasn't. People wouldn't it so. And sometimes we have to ask those hard questions were making games ratings they like to eat do we need to do this and it was something that we felt. Weird about it and we went to the council with they were like Hey. You know. Even you guys don't play name all the time like this do we need it and then I can only see your point but you know you have to have the- and- it was great it was a great reaffirmation- and we throw a lot of things like that are counsel to make sure that we're making the game.

That's great for all the different kinds of players that love age of empires all over the world. And now heading towards lunch yeah we're branching out beyond the kinds of people gonna get hands on for the first time so we had a fan preview event back in April. And we look to the feedback from that and made changes since then so. You know you let us know that you didn't feel like the weapons scaling is quite right so we- had we've been pretty. That is fantastic now you actually hit on something.

That I want to jump in. Because H. as been around for a while. If there's been previous games but you continue to make content for those so. What some of the news you can sure as far as development with some of the legacy H. games. Well we have a new expansion coming in August for H. two definitive edition called on and the dukes.

And in that expansion we're gonna be adding two more civilizations the Bohemians in the polls. And three new campaigns for the Lithuanians the peak unions in the polls another great. Great stories about. Really cool like- brother brother brother and sister teams that work together to kind of rise of these empires and I can't wait. For people to get a hand their hands on it. And the great thing is that if you pre order age of empires four. And you get that for free that's part of the deal for pre ordering H. for on. On the. Different platforms. And- for H. three of. Because we- leave. Out in- H. three to. Were hardware. On an African PLC with new civilizations in campaigns. And I can't wait. To to show more we're not ready to. To talk about that one just yet. But if you don't miss out. Go to age of empires .com to come inside it you get little sneak peeks of things we've got coming and chance to get hands on with content.

Yeah now Shiffrin is back to the present in H. four. What some of the things people can expect as we lead up to launch. Well we've got a bit of an exclusive for you today. Is we- yeah we're gonna name our remaining loans saves an hour meeting launch campaigns in order to show them just yet that'll come closer to launch but ought to remaining civilizations. Of the holy Roman Empire and the roofs.

The names of our two remaining campaigns on the rights of Moscow the Mongol empire. All that yes transaction please no no I was gonna say I'm so excited I can get all. It's like this- we're gonna have to wait a little more to add to get information and see more detail on those civilizations in campaigns but- we're also got you know a ton of stuff planned we have a beta that's going to be coming up. So you know you can go to age of empires dot com to sign up for it need be an insider to get in our beta and get a chance to actually get hands on with the game.

And then of course again you know we're launching October twenty eight Hey. Donna long to wait on- you know on steam on windows ten and on GamePass for PC so it should be great anyway you want to play. Which really excited that it then that is great and I'm sure age fans all around the world are really looking forward to that so. Again Adam Emma thank you so much for being here thanks for having us on. No thank you. Massive battles. Across land air and sea. Have been a hallmark of the battlefield series from the beginning. In this next video. Design director Daniel Berlin. Will tell us more about what dice can do when it brings all out warfare.

To the world's most powerful console. The thing that really excites players is the introduction of all this cutting edge technology that would just if using. Into the sandbox I think of having to come back of the helicopter. On the battlefield that's just introduces a whole new layer to the sandbox it just gives players. So much more tools that makes it more battlefield than it's been in a very long time. We really enable our players to be really really creative with the tools we give them an answer about a fearless this is kind of all about being in a massive open. For setting. And being able to say like Hey there's a problem over there go solve it and the players actually choose. How they want to solve that problem and through that process crater on battlefield moments. Sun twenty forty two you will experience three really distinct experiences- the one we're talking about right now we're talking about today. Is the experience of a call to all out warfare experience that this is the place you go in twenty forty two when you want to have those classic battlefield experiences this massive war.

Worries you know air land and sea just coming together in these massive battles but we've actually made a distinction between two separate experiences with in they all out warfare- well for a franchise it's something that our fans know and love. And we're just taking the confidence to the Max this time around Congress is all about- the freedom the access to the sandbox being able to choose where you fight how you fight where you want to go. But it's also experienced that- will allow players to kind of shoes their own pacing and there's moments in concourse where it's complete chaos when a lot of players just FPS converts from a single point.

And the chaos goes up to Max. But there's also within conquest where you know you just had that big battle and now you 1 that probably going to okay you bring up your map and you have a conversation with your friends and you said OK when we want to go next all. We need to go over there to that state okay how do we get there all let's call in a vehicle a vehicle you can.

Call anywhere you want and then your friends hopped the transport vehicle you go across the top you go to a new look. What is the new so Congress is just that for free to this. And right to live- the other experience within our war for which is a break for. And this is this. More died the next. It takes- pointed. Through our the and mac. And in break there so attacker. And there's a different team- and we cannot confirm them into fighting had a- in a- space with a that that. To is short and a lot of care is real really high there's HELOC. And there's hang in does every happening and it's just come chaos break for so all out war for Kenneth these two. Favorites mon and we make them the state. Liana their space strength and that's on a series mac and the- series yes you will actually be able to PC- all that work experience up to one. And twenty eight players which a double to what we do in the and if.

And this is really you know you can have those moments when playing for forty two when you see in the house. And look down in the see this you know. Of tanks Seoul. In front. Hello. You know just making it bigger and then portion that the locations that that doesn't really work that way so we leaned into a new type of design without ever calling clustering. Now it's clustering means that you'll have a massive battle field in front of you. But within this massive battlefield you have particular clusters of objectives so the map hourglass is set in Doha Qatar. And it is I'm not gonna go into the specifics about exactly how large it is- but it is definitely one of the larger- maps that we will have an twenty forty two. It's one of my favorite math personally because it has some really really cool distinct locations within it. Down to the south of the map you'll have a- fully destructible- village this is a great space for infantry and vehicles alike because you know that's about if you're fired at infantry skulking around the sides of buildings but you know when you're in your tank right tackle like offer you can doesn't.

You know can destroy those buildings you get access to the infantry and you can go further east than you'll find a bunch of high rises skyscrapers so there's a whole section there were you content to discuss gamer should go up to the top of them you can sip line between the rooms. Have fights in between the rooftops but if you want change up even more you can basically skydive office skyscrapers and if you're playing a particular specialist that has access to a wing suit.

You can actually glide across the entire map space and get yourself all the way over to the stadium which is on the east side of the map. And at the stadium itself it's a place you go when you really want to just take out your shock on and. Have some close quarters combat. So the Mattel. Here of. Build larger maps but create. Locate with the mac. Where there's a taking a type of gameplay and with the conquest game mode for example. You will also see the fact that if you want to capture. The entirety of the stadium. It's not just to go there to capture one occasion. Yes you have to capture multiple locations within the stadium in order Future cannot. To consider it your is that your team can actually get benefits from. So lots of dynamic moments on our glass if you saw on the gameplay trailer as well there's a massive. Wall of sound moving across the entire GamePass 5. So what happens when is massive all kinds of course and golf you. In the storm itself. But acid passes by leaves that the entirety of the map in a different mood in a different light.

In exchange is the visibility for the player. It is a really good time for you to lean into our plus system we have the capability to actually. Alter the customization on your weapon. I also like to mention that the wall of sound is one thing right but there's also the possibility. Of a tornado. The tornado is this massive. Destructor that just comes into play space and it wherever it goes. Destruction follows this of massive- moving physical entity that will pick you up. For- you across the map full helicopters into it- it's just a crazy fun physics experience that happens ask you play them up so.

Everything is in the hands of the player this really is a sandbox. And these moments are in the hands of the player well in other games about a few moments our- pre scripted. Our game. If they just happen and happen differently every single time because it's- players controlling. What's happening around here that's something that you only get in battlefield. That's that's why I love battlefield so much.

Catholic action at an epic scale is what we all want from battlefield twenty forty two and dice looks poised to deliver. During the showcase on Sunday we announce an exciting collaboration between rare Xbox and Disney. With see it be a pirate's life a free update which brings captain Jack sparrow and his crew sailing into the sea at the- today we're premiering a brand new trailer showing some of the gameplay. You'll experience when you team up with Jacksboro for this all new adventure I can't wait to be a part of this group let's take a look. Remember your group was joined by. Check. To see if they because a lot of. The world at six I. Is one of the C.

Now we have a we. Eight eight on the Pollard. I think you've taken tumble on everyone's on their feet as I. This is the place where everyone appreciates. Uniqueness. You may. David Jones this is. Hi lights. He's. They'll be hi. What evidence house you it's not true. Unless it's flattering in which case it's all true but they left out the best. Sorry hi everyone Joni exit use on see if so we show this in trailer we've shown game they try to this more come so Sunday at eleven AM this to eastern seven you can at eight PM in Europe we have to see if the user pirates like show. So this is a way deep dive Justin order to detain but this caliber with Disney did we bring Jacksboro install well how do we capture humanist. An older the kind of character that are coming in as a politics unique a first look at the couple of tiles and up to game play of those gonna get some behind the scenes interviews with our development team and also just to chat with us with Disney just about how this collaboration came to be so it's going to be amazing.

Everybody seems in so we'll see once. On the. I'm ready for the dangers. We'll get to that in just a second. One microsoft flight simulator launched last year on PC reviewers and gamers alike were blown away by the stunning visuals and the depth of simulation joining us is your Newman the head of microsoft flight simulator your thank you for being here really appreciate.

Good to meet you those are cool glass. You get your jacket yeah that is well so you have some announcements is Sunday about microsoft lights and later can you go into that a little bit that was super cool enough Mike is a flight simulator is coming to Xbox series X. and S. and the franchise has an awesome history on the PC it's going back all the way to nineteen eighty two. You know it predates office and windows and- Bungie launched last year on it was on the PC only and it was a really warm welcome from seminars and from press and from people have never flown flights in before. So we're super excited that it comes to console now and- so for the first time in the history of the franchise. So I've been playing for a similar since last year on PC I have a thirty eighty but is now coming to the Xbox series X. and S. what sorcery are you doing to get this running on both of those consul at the mill I think it's a combination of two things really mad.

First off it's a super powerful contest and then we are you really using the top microsoft tech stock in an interesting way so as you know. Sirius XM as a is like a beast the jeep he was awesome super powerful CPU with multiple cores- ram fast ram we can run four K. that's super important for plans yes he said that the **** but you need to be able to read all the text SST. Fast internet so it's basically the equivalent of a really powerful hi and PC and on top of that on flights and we're using the microsoft stock a lot like we have two point five petabytes of data. It's one point six million C. visa- sitting on out on and- basically streaming that down as you go and- we also do machine learning algorithms up there and that's how we build procedurally in one time one point five billion houses and two trillion trees so it's a combination of those two things will pop a consul. Super good use of the michael highgam of tech stocks you get it to work on council that is fantastic now with Xbox game pass and with the coming to console you're gonna expose flight simulator to all a lot of new gamers right so.

What are some of the things that you're going. To do to make it more accessible to why our audience. We got. Took exact what we had a little bit of. Last we launched because we knew the flights most. This hobbies came in know everything ABA. That exactly to do but had a lot of people in so. GamePass on PC. And basically tried for the first time so we- even on the PC launch we did a bunch of work on. On boarding this to Tory oils would get some assistance us but not for this Xbox version. We're actually doing a ton more. Nash brought you little video- and so this 5 things we did the first thing. If you are becoming a pilot the first thing you do is. You do a discovery flights. It's basically you know that. You have a flight instructor next to you he does most of the work usually. And you get to steal the plan and feel. Good about yourself right and so we said we need to recreate that so we picked to put ten places on earth like some of the most compelling places like.

Mount Everest. Or we are there's a narrow or New York or the pyramids. And be busy put you on a plane it's ready to go it's beautiful weather and all you need to do. Is fly and have fun and it's it really is an onboarding experience a super good. And then we noticed on the PC side that people I really love to explore the world flotsam I did that I've- I spent like a month in South America and I've- never been to South America and was super cool- but- it was only visuals.

And it also you didn't quite understand how everything fits together so now he added labels. And being as all these labels basically for every for every- I like. Famous plays a riff off a mountain. So we have all those Namco. And we put that into the world map. It is. If you go down. And you. To play out your fly you can always. All the cities around you. It's totally transforms. Expiry same in in game so we now have labels in gamer you see you. You know he has averaged over there so you know what. Whatever the and you learn about the planet more and it's a much more enriching experience. Just just experiencing the planet however. Absolutely the next thing we did- is the B. B. B. ramp the toilets you wanted to spacey's.

Smoothing out the at the onboarding experience we wanted to retain knowledge more. So we had a tutorial on the PC even though we have twenty two. And it's they're sort all that much more focused. And we have a performance- a performance indicator system so basically it rates you and how you did. And you get a score. And honestly I can speak for myself like I'm totally motivated to get better and better and better and- without you learn more and more how do you. How you really fly. So it's been super successful and I think it's going. To help newcomers a lot. The next feature that we have is. Called fly this. Which I use a lot- it's basically. Cincinnati flyover York. Then you see. You 1 actually just look at the landscape at lunch look at the city but you.

You know it eventually want to go to Brooklyn Bridge on that flight instructor you can now. 5 system you can now click on. Go to Brooklyn Bridge and the A. I. almost like a cool part it next to you. Will fly you. To the Brooklyn Bridge you can just look around enough. An interesting time. Same with airports which are sometimes. Challenging for people like me you can click on the open so please land yet SCEI Newark airport. And then the last thing is if you really get in some trouble like. Stall out the plane or something like that you can actually now click into.

Yeah you can now go and basically say we cover. And it's almost like the pundits sitting next to super helpful I think that people will love it. And the last thing was- you know. We learned that people are. Everybody is good taking off but some people are hesitant to lance yes if you give a you look at like big international airports they seem scary and- you talk to the- traffic control and all that super technical. So. We added a new feature called manager where. Just let. Them land. And then and when you do that the for. Thing you see is. 71% of the- just water. Yes so we added basically floats to a bunch of our plans.

And you can. All everyone on the ocean or in reverse- ever. Same with snow. So we have skis and ski on on our plans now it's you can go to the polar regions mon top so when it's winter because we have we done. Been snowing- you can now land anywhere so I think those 5 things in combination will really make it. Easier for people who have never been in a flight sim because it's- you know we- we- B. as it made a decision not to. Dumb down the flights and it's not easy off it's not gamer Feyerick we made me get a few assist me give assistance is.

To help you learn how to actually play 5. Plan I think we're going to achieve that. So one thing I'm PC is there's a ton. Flight accessories that you can use as far as various peripherals and controls. What are you going to be able to bring. To the console beckon somewhat replicate that experience. Totally as a good news story- so there's two really good flight sticks already on the consul it's the Thrustmaster T. flight HOTAS one. But you have that and then there's also the whole T. hotels flights yet and so we fully support those two. And then we work with all the main. Top notch the parental make us both on PC and Xbox. And I can all I can say is there going to be some really good announcements coming out and a four course similar I can say. You can now play we have the software to have a full course of expense and we'll have the hardware on Xbox. All for the first time on a consul it's gonna be great. That's going to be great now but we obviously had the funniest start with with the Top Gun maverick expansion pack you announce that.

But can you go into a little more detail about that yeah I mean expect. We couldn't be more excited right like it I mean it's really like a dream come true if you think about entertainment and- the franchise that celebrate aviation you will actually come to michael highgam flights amid a- and- and- Top Gun. And did the it's a perfect marriage so- I can't say that much about it because the movie. This is you know kids everything's under wraps but if you look if you watch a trailer carefully solder some F. eighteens. And there's an aircraft carrier. That might be another plan. And then I can say is we're going to go fast let me get in fast and we're going to be in the danger zone. With that is one that is going to be great really looking forward to that now as we wrap this up.

There's not much else you can say about the maverick expansion pack but what else can people expect from flight simulator in the near future. A lot so- ever since launch we said we're going to launch we're gonna launch you have a new update like a big meaningful update every single month. We launched nine months ago we had nine updates- so we have something is called world updates we just because on on ours. Like the United States and Japan or- and like England and Ireland. Have you make that we- battle likely get the latest positive. Boss sublet a- B. B. credit and elevation map that business makes the mountains look better with me make. We create CD cities like. After lunch for lunch London and Paris. And then we also make mission so we celebrate the planet. Like with these updates which is going to go on the planet.

What we do we're shipping to more this year and six more next year. And then. We also have something called sim updates simulation updates we work with the manufacturers of planes. With the floods in community out there that knows tons about everything. And also with me. With with we will pilots and build but basically making the sim better and better the goal is to make the ultimate center. It's the perfect thing off totally authentic. And then. On top of that you should expect the unexpected. Like best just like with maverick which I don't think people really got saw coming. That would be more of that and I think I all I can say is. It'll get the GamePass. And the Simoes both the hearts pounding so. Keep watching the skies. That is awesome now. Again I'm so excited that more people are gonna get to play flight simulator. I've been playing it on PC. I love it. I highly recommend everyone to the flight from LA to Parris it's really good very cathartic.

But as we get out here. I want to thank you. So much for taking some time to talk about flight simulator. Can't. Wait for the expansion. Thank you so much. Thank you. Still to come we have grounded sh and of course hello infinite but first one of the best games of twenty twenty with Haiti's and it's got a ton of awards to prove it here's a closer look at what we can expect from supergiant games later this year X. Xbox Series X. X. and- we just announced that Hades our game of the year winning roguelike dungeon crawler is coming soon to Xbox and I want to introduce you to some of the gods ghosts and monsters you'll meet in our rendition of the ancient Greek underworld.

You don't need any prior interest in Greek myth to get into Hades but as you play maybe I'll get to wondering how much of the stuff comes from anthology. The answer is the whole lot. Greek myth is filled with wild fascinating often contradictory stories of these larger than life characters the Olympians are a big complicated family always bickering and always pushing each other. In their portrayals in classical mythology inspired our portrayals in Haiti's. Let's start with Hades himself. What is it. He's often relegated to the role of the villain in many modern adaptations of Greek myth but in classical mythology he's a complicated guy and much more principle than some of his brothers or sisters it's so fascinating we made a whole game about a- as the god of the dead. Hades has an imposing reputation to live up to so he even has a monstrous pet. In the three headed hound of hell server. The idea that the savage beast was still somebody's pet dog crystallized how we wanted to portray the gods in Haiti's.

But despite being immortal and all powerful they're not so different from the rest. So let's not forget Zacarias. We've heard from many players who figure exactly this was a god of our own creation. After all. Was ever heard of Haiti's having any kids. But according to some ancient sources he did. Greetings from the- transaction was a delight thank you for asking. So I'll just be on my way again. In classical mythology Zacarias is a little known Cuthona god. Meeting a god of the underworld sometimes associated with Dionysus the god of wine. But in other cases he is associated with Haiti's. How could Hades have a son nobody knows about. How does he fit into the myths we do know of Haiti's. We were so drawn to answering these questions that they form the basis for the entire story of this game. If you're the prince of the underworld. Could you get as a personal trainer. That would be a Kelly's near invincible warrior and a state once called the greatest of the Greeks. Right this. It's raining out that.

Yeah. Cady's place after untimely to during Trojans once he's a lot time to reflect on his life choices Achilles lived in glory so he's got an okay gig in the afterlife but some wretched souls end up in a really bad spot in the underworld and for better or worse they get to meet. Mac first of. Ninety nine what might make you reconsider whatever it is tempting she is one of the three ferry sisters tasked with torturing some of the absolute worst souls for all eternity and in our game she's also tasked with making sure Zacarias doesn't make it out of the underworld these two have a lot of history and since the story of Haiti's keeps moving forward each time you play the more you run into Megara the better you'll get to know her.

There's also founded. Since decide to drop in on you when he isn't busy whisking the souls of the recently departed to the underworld. If you could just get away from me did you. He is the personification of death according to Greek myth. The represents more of a peaceful death and say the kind that happened a lot. During something like a Trojan War. So even though he can seem a little sinister at first. In the spirit of the mythology we wanted our senators to have a gentler side. Senator says a couple of brothers in Haiti such as hypnosis here. The personification of sleep. Says one of the- when he's not dozing on the job hypnosis can comment on every single possible way you can die in this game of the dozens and dozens of different possibilities. Where did all these gods of the underworld come from anyway.

According to the Theogony an ancient Greek creation myth by Hestia that introduces all the gods and their ancestors many of the confining gods came from mix the personification of nine. This guy to child. This house no Sir. Should you return again here you see she is a primordial goddess meaning she is much older even than Hades or the Olympians and in our game she has an important role in the underworld not the least of which is helping you unlock some of your hidden power. There are thirty different characters to meet and grow closer to the more you play Haiti's and we hope you enjoyed getting to know the mall. Some of them feel truly ancient and got like some are funny some are scary.

We found them incredibly inspiring and hope you do too once you get to meet everybody when Haiti's comes to Xbox one and series X. on August thirteenth. The first school. To this is the holy laundering with. Here to tell us more about the grounded update Adam inherit from obsidian entertainment gentleman thank you so much for being here thanks for having us it's a pleasure to be here as our honor no absolutely love grounded love everything that you guys have been doing with it now my first question is this mushroom system what can you tell me about that yeah so that's one of the big things for the Sherman do update is on mushrooms are really changing how that the- yard is with mushrooms every mushroom that you see in the yard is now harvestable. Which is really cool so the small ones and big ones the big toad stools the ones that you find in caves now those are present in the yard before but now you can actually harvest them- get mushroom- stuff out of them- the next kind of- part of that is that- we're adding a couple base building elements- white mushroom bricks in so you have to take all those mushrooms that you find.

And then you have to grind them up in a grinder which is a new building and then you have to take them to your other than which is another new building that we're adding and- bake the mushroom- stuff into bricks and then- with the mushroom brick buildings there's a whole host of new options for base builders- minutes more fortified walls- in a bunch of other options so you can build a cool big castle. All that's really cool now we saw the brood mother so you're bringing bosses into grounded what can you tell me about that what does that mean for the direction of the game as we move forward yes so- the print others are first Boston on that so we do we actually launched with the primer there- and we didn't really feel it hit the right mark so we took the birth mother out and we want to spend a lot of time making it a really memorable boss fights.

So we put a lot of development after in a behind the brew mother and it's going to really feel like a big huge fight in a memorable one- there's a lot of kind of cool things with it I don't wanna spoil everything I want players to kind of experience it for themselves but- it definitely is something that we want our players feedback- to see like what do they like what do they not like how is. The challenge that we want to make it really challenging. I which and- a good reward. For the- mother but- it's it going to be is it too hard- we'd like to. That so. Well for featured in. On like. We want to make more bosses and so we want to get all that feedback to improve the system. Now you actually bring up a great point about community bill put a pin in that.

Come back to. The second so. I know you don't want to spoil anything about the brood mother but- is there any tips you can kind of give people ahead of time what they can do to survive that encounter. I would definitely say that he would need to make sure you have the highest your armor. Yeah really well for this site because it is going to be difficult. And then- you also have the right mutations equipped as well- and- if you're playing with your friends- it might be good to. For when your friends or yourself to.

Use the brand new crossover gonna put into the game so you have some range D. P. as well someone else like base things the brilliance of the particle. That's pretty cool so again going back to community I know you love getting feedback about grounded obviously starting as an early access game but- what are some of the things that you're looking for as far as- in this. This update is what was something that you got feedback wise. From the community that you put in this update. Yes so there's- a you know that's why thing that. We love working with community sites that's something that we will as developers we love just hearing what people have to say about the game and worse continually developing it with the community- so there's a lot of.

New things in our in our new update. On one of those things is- slipping buildings- and that's one thing that we really. Like just adding like those little features another one is just sprinting up. Ladders which is something that like. You know just hearing people how they interact with ladders on adding a sprint mode. The other one is. One of our- funny or features that we're adding is sitting in chairs. So it's something. That a lot of people really really wanted- they were also interesting like the first phase. Of take pets in the game so we're gonna start with a fade so you'll be able to tame a fade. Always run around the yard with a family also to make sure your protector if it because accidents can happen. Mac yard other there's on one other thing to achievements. So we're really excited to announce that we have an amazing grounded and that's- that's purely based on everyone's feedback everyone's been wanting achievements. And so we're finally adding them to the games. That's really good. Now it. Again sticking with this- the topic of community so this was an early access game.

And it sounds like pretty much the foundation of what ground it is was built. Off of community feedback so. How does that process work internally for you as far as- people's meaning like Hey I like I want to sit. You know I want to keep. It but how does that whole process work. We have a lot of. Bungie avenues where we gathered feedback from the community so we have. We do weekly developer streams where. Jack and ask much of questions with one half Adam on- other developers are myself- and we'll get. Gathered feedback assertions there and then. Our main source of feedback as to our official discord. I granted the game. I handle- we I hate use a series of bots. To gather a bunch of feedback from the players and then.

From there- me Adam- couple members of team and from also from the community teams team gets together. And we have a weekly meeting going over all the suggestions and- kind of prioritizing what will work and what we can but we can put. Later in a few. For the other such. Excellent gentleman. Thank you so much for taking some. To go talk to me about this new update for ground it. Looks like a lot of fun I'm gonna get to sit I guess.

That's great. Thank you so much. It's been often. It's almost time. For a closer look. At the multiplayer trailer. For halo infinite. But first. It's time to see what the snow. The slopes. And the powder springs. Look like. When powered by Xbox he respects. And S. this is shredders. Hey there and welcome to the stream for you'll get an extra glimpse on our snowboard game that's called shredders. And there shall well then project lead that phone bunch. Hello this is mark is for small take the lead on shredders stumbled upon. Yeah you've probably seen or trailer at the Xbox event. We've been tinkering on this game for a while now while it's still in development we're happy to show you more of this game. So switching to our developer drone comes I can actually Spohn wherever I want clicked instantly. The first one to show you some of the areas that we've been working on- this mountain resort is cold frozen would it's inspired by some of the resorts in the French Alps were I've been snowboarding a lot.

Of the schools he parks side kickers. Both bikes really big grills a lot of features in there will be more than you would expect in the normal mountain resort but Hey this is a video game everyone as many features as possible. So yeah like I said this is completely open and you can go snowboarding anywhere you'd like you can do some missions there's like a story revolving around the main character that wants to participate in the kick **** of additional border crossing even. We can also just cruise around and find some nice lines with a good flow like for example here in this little like environmentalists shown in the trailer. Sorry can go up there. Take some new skis and be great.

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And big park. Just look. This Regis like we've got. For indoor or since there. There's back. Hi arrive. Even an old tell you looking you can trust. Hello of these looking have been inspired by events happening all over the world snowboarding movies inspired us these past years. It's kind of a preview to effect. Also anywhere you go you can always write during golden hour computer real. Time lighting engine. Hey having a fun a realistic environment is nice it's not without feeling the writing right. So for the actual snowboarding that means. The writers news crazy stuff in the news the snowboard and of course the ourselves writing in real life just having and being creative on the snowboard that's something the we want to bring into the game conceptually trying to keep the conventional once the for the board and once for the body and directly the into the snow. Get a physical or animation.

Soon as you were touching those. It gives you a lot of to place seeking choose to be in the city views. Mr aggressive. Can change of your style. The motion skip. This was being reactive that's challenge and we had to create the system. Just for this. You can see the board interesting now people someone. Eastern can you really do things and using. Please. From this dance you can also start just as a normal writing so for the trickster system trying to give as much control as possible to use the movie or any questions that you can imagine was. Great you can also three with the four six. So basically you have to get down. And keep the body it's been that high rate and then it's just a matter of.

pexels photo 5745017

When it's time to. When we succeed in very simple. That is what we're trying to achieve a really fun game. Generation to fight. Yeah. The enemy flag. The flag is. Now. I am so excited to have Tom Alex and Quinn from three four three industries gentleman thank you for being here extrapolates now I watched as multiplayer trailer numerous times and I want to see some specific moments from it so we can break it down so can we roll the trailer to fifteen seconds and let's talk about a new character. The generation. To fight. Get. All right now who is this character she looks like she's in charge your your your senses are right there she's very much in charge that's commander Laurette she's in charge of the Spartan academy which is the kind of contextual rapper that the whole multiplayer universe lives and she is basically training a new generation of Spartans to you know become better that's really where everything wraps around- I really love this character and what's cool is not only is it kind of the contractual wrapper for the game but it's also we have a whole suite of academy features we call them where there's a tutorial that teaches the players the fundamental basics of the game there's weapon drills that let you practice with every weapon that.

Exists in the game and get improve your skills with us then there's all the michael highgam training mode which lets you play against bots- on any map basically in the game and let's you experiment with the toys and kind of learn the flows of everything so we really want to bring players on board at the Gaming again under her orders and her charge now I wanna go to fifty seconds in the trailer because there was a lot of action on. Going on I want to check that out. You may notice I sat on my chair a little bit on that one because there was a lot going on there so please if you can break that down let me know. What we're saying. First there's a lot to breakdown of we got enough time to get. All the way into- the some of the things I really love when I look at that. Trailer is that that first sequence.

With the player than the Bulldogs shocked on the running through. Shocking enemies. They grab the- commando off the off the rack. Put the shots and Lok sensor like. There's all sorts of different things that the players interacting with and that's the sandbox that's what we call. The sandbox the toys that is at the disposal for players fans and- and we just really love that.

That moment in the trailer where they- have to grapple shot. They look up grapple the ceiling. And then mid mid air. No scopes night enemy come all the way down back what the photo and- and the rest is history as you see what happened that trailer but that's just. Some of the stuff that. That players can do and that's actually the game that's not.

Just the a movie for cinematics Razer that is the game that. The players are good enough but in time they can actually do the things that you see in the trailer. And few things are more important to halo multiplayer. Man like interacting with the sandboxing combining it. Picking it up off the map and combining into awesome playstyles so. What we did was- every- sandbox item in the game. When it sponsored spawning on an object in the maps you can see where those things can be found. And then also tells you the response time of that item when it's gonna come back and you always know. I go grab that commando over this- spot like that.

That guy did so. Anyone the players you know accrue all those awesome items and do awesome things. You know you heard the return of- just icer the multiplayer announcer- shouting out metal so we always want to give players metals and they do really cool things. So you heard some there and you'll hear some later on in the trailer. That's awesome see when I watch that to me that's a little. That's a load of me I absolutely love that now. Let's skip ahead a little bit more. Into the trailer to fifty seven seconds. I heard a voice. So I want to know the voices with. See. Yeah yes does the players person I- so inhale 5 they there was a leader that- an ounce you know when weapons are gonna come up another things going on the match in an infinite we have the player Blake chief has core Tana- they have a personally I in their helmets- that is kind of telling them these things- and it's also another way that players can- show their personality on their in their characters so there's multiple personalities and characters for the- player to choose- so that they they write a eyes on their helmet helping them out in combat I want to give it a little further here because- I think I might SO big team battles sold so let's go to a minute forty in and check that out.

The enemy flag. The flag is. They look like big team battles what what what's coming in we're going into a big team battle method I mean it's not even just that I mean part it actually opens with actually a forty four with the vehicles map called behemoth in at the beginning so we actually bringing vehicles back in the forty four read about then yes it definitely transitions into the forties or the twelve V. twelve actually Beatty be part of the game where we are to make it a bigger team battle this time. Really wanted to index into the battle fantasy with the more players we had sort of like vehicles responding around the map we have pelicans drop them off importance pods the drop in new weapons and inside of the whole time you have the battle commanders Florette talking in your ear giving you orders and trying to kind of encourage you to play around with really just bringing the whole sandbox in the playstyle around this whole battle experience in building.

Yeah Tom brings up some good points there of- commander at miss you've you got your commander in the comms and then you've got the pelicans dropping vehicles and items I forget drop pods everything it's just like this this theater of war that this time around it's is this twelve B. twelve bigger team battle if you will and just that last that the ending segment which is like a capture the flag match is just so beautiful awesome where you've got. The pelican drop the banshee off teams fight over it your your unity matter just making a beeline for the bench your teammate gets picked off by the sniper and I don't know if you get this your take that cyber out jumping the banshee when you hit the jets and fly up in the sky go for the enemy flag that is.

That to us is- what is so exciting about this version of big team battle with all the toys all the vehicles the modes coming back the maps a brand new map that you see there I mean it's gonna be an amazing experience yeah I trust mac I cannot. Wait to get my hands on it for myself but- let's move on. I want to go to- in the trailer. Because at think I saw samurai. Let's that out let's go to. The tray. Now. Okay so guess next manager because that was definitely a samurai so gonna talk about that so we're gonna start seeing some more customisation with the armor yeah and I mean that is a samurai the Spartan armor and so it'll be in canton armor you'll build unlock for free in the first season which is super cool players will be at the a quick do you know gain more armor pieces and customisation options for eccentric across the season and then we actually have more of the stuff kind of coming down the line with there's actually some really cool ideas that were seen in the- that our team that's building up stuff so they'll be a lot of other cool armors besides just the really core.

Halo Spartan armor's they'll be some other different kind of twists and things for players to play with awesome look now before we get out here first of all I want to thank all of you for being here today to talk about hello infinite I'm excited I can't wait to get my hands on it and play it but before we do leave is there anything else that you want to bring up in my fans out there know about.

Well I'm excited for people to actually get their hands on I like yourself so I mean if people sign up on our halos insiders program we have in the summer we have a- a technical preview that we're gonna be launching some people finally get they have put their hands on the sticks and I was really excited for players actually finally get to play the game organ on yeah and then on launch day hello and then multiplayer is free to play which is new to the franchise the team is super excited. To hopefully bring in you know all sorts of fans that have potentially never experience a franchise or haven't played in a long time to just try it out come in and try to with your friends me with my buddies of I have some friends out there that haven't played halo before Mike was free it's just come on with the jump in download it let's let's check it out and if it's for you it's for you if it's not then Hey it's not but and I think it'll be for yourself make 5 fort yeah that's a the other big kid that.

Point is a PC right like this is as a PC game as well we've been putting a lot of effort into that so now is gonna be console but also PC a free to play at the barrier to entry is so low and that has us excited and I think it's a really just a to really think. About it is we've been working on this game and I as- anyway. On again. You want to get that GamePass. There and that- almost seems like. For us. The finish. Line but in reality. It's going to be the starting line. For all of us for us. And the halo fans. Day one. There's gonna be a bunch of content there and things that are exciting and good. But then we're gonna add more content we're gonna add more. Maps were gonna add more modes and- weapons and vehicles equipment items.

And it's just the beginning. Of this whole journey that. That we've been on for awhile and we're going to take. Everyone else with us as we- as the game comes out. I'm excited. German again. Thank you so much. Now for fans who want to learn. Even more. About halo infinite multiplayer. Check out the brand new deep dive video. With the whole multiplayer team. Over on halo waypoint .com. And allow me to give a big thanks to everyone who's joined us today. Where the you play your favorite games on Xbox PC or GamePass. The next twelve months will be nothing short of spectacular.

It has been my absolute honor. To be your host and share this experience with you. Before I go. Here's a game played deep dive from the team behind the highly anticipated. Scarlet nexus. Click on those American you know domestic. The you don't maybe journal. Square Enix system Virgil took to the call. Character limit on the total cost some of them another PC sees the day coming. Your question. Hi this is. On the second of it all. Spohn you know to stick things course at the most. The Oakland school to see. The only which is United by Swiss. Consume to submit them in ways walk to doing- okay ski DLC. Going indenture image. Do you need within you know I could article critical. Of the coca city sitting with Gettys sticker high K. closest city we've done it on the skin. Throughout Muzinich took only stack on in list documents. Not the most of the city the capital Gettys deep enough is a model to you down but this waste no time in took almost an timing and I cannot do on fox.

It doesn't you see sitting on the Capcom yes Gettys I or to not phones will him. When we in that's not and we can it on schedule almost anyone could that to clinic the- they are. Plus unlike France nine some expenses tied to some internal conflict at all goal for the gold acceptable to you did on the total cost Houston a guesstimate what. Could I do nobody most. Some sixty to the shooter to Muslims our system on. On the- thirteen emotional looked as much do much the it is a total.

Unul sweet taste so this do you know how missed it. Well it took a double booked if she want to get a local. On the corner Dennis I signed get all with one of our much or nothing at double digit officials and official a month even with she tonight most. Yes I couldn't get in a lot people in the to. County on this. So only will get us not.

What it was like you know don't go it on date please. Clans to a seat look at photos. In order to see please try to call today. All the meat on it and god so much contamination items to signpost. This holiday what does the so called clients you don't thank doing cooking I must. Dole ninety seventy artist on cuddle credit on a kinds of designs. This article within ten office it's good stuff got another more you know that. The stock was name is yours to stay on the on these look up. Capcom co schedule not cut and looking to cloud. On all. What does this machine did you only one of the saw I. And also it's good looking on need improvement EIC emotion captured sculpted into skittles so then I would love to skate on this day from all.

Nintendo what hold and I want to make it up today of course you know conditioning on Oct in complete. Hi she knew they just used as coming start you too today to discuss about this the whole ninety two we know what it takes someone of your so in Austin could. It's sort of a standing up it. All some couple misdemeanors. It's a mistake. I got screwed it up you can get more. Okay can kind of musical titles when she passed your best rockstar. If you want. Your suited up to one one to do point eighty two. At rockstar disconnect a quite to and it's called stay in your stop doing use. This. Illegal because I know most can you go to most in the. Most of the- W. W. W. dot or- the mobile. Should it wish to conduct a quick of start but some know you should conflicted character. Are you today yeah this of up to not what kind one she. I know you don't want me to muscular persia utility high dose. She's. Two for the I simply to. Hi. Your children to smoke when you don't we about the conduct of what kind of it.

Calcutta I think my mother due to low damage your to cut through this through the walls. To which I can. Such kind of. Could delay. The schedule Hey what's your coral all go Houston more. Not to put storediq cool to meet in the quarter crime yep now I know what the social or stick. How to you know. Maksud Khan the more Ranma clans- look. I Esports. Coach most. What is it about total destruction of 1 about awareness. I am also going to not known what the little book not I'm table do that and all don't I can I could I know to go it and I was in the ask you. To the system the schedule. I'm a kind of good stuff but also Jean-Luc how do you get assistance now hello Los it's the please stand up and look at. It will today michael highgam not only. I know what's going. Among Baldino told listed in the schedule. Does it assume going call me a couple.

Deduction loss which cut the thirty the total cost in distance. Hello notional keylogger posted I didn't do a lot of good on. Also it's got the he's thank you it about another also this was. That's a little dramatic emotional so it is not a- suffocated to this I said look you need to Oman. So does that mean I still in the- easily double the thought with the- posted. On the Senate this little give. I know not. Do you couple tied the. It is number one indicated that the following the schedule on all my continental stuck it in a day full okay so when you go to a vehicle a little cut. To fit within the thank you. Of course you can buy. This call given the- on. On we got a little sun scheduled muscle. Okay neat. The ticket the much even then you know it's kind of heated. Also Jean-Luc on the. Hi. This is the most visible goals and all also the whole doing that that today she not hi they do this because I table I think you know there's a lot I told if we need to get those fossil that the host of the little box most of.

You know what if he's only going to get on his good old boy she's own external. The company got I don't think I today. Pop but we do get the Lawson will. Cook on ninety yeah this morning sky high. Out of little boy isn't all. All but even look in the- this. Thank I thought going on not only. It's unlikely that the. I'm not going to it up in a the device with a lot I must they could is not looking. It is all. Set up to the couples. Some cable because I thought you'll also that now.

My doctor he'll cook was awesome. It's also skidded seasonal the most local noticeable total loans on all that's your design dot city you'll skis it's good. The hello my name. Taijiquan comical be doing much and on following an all methodical cook until is a lot of an option michael highgam. It'll not coming hi you can they could not have the skill muscle it doesn't on the cook without getting there's a- my name using a- the lawsuit to. With up the Bob o'clock I lose your stuff levels I'm going to go not what else can the following the Los of them are not you could kind of at the legal skills. To there's a little a new missiles and movie capital. You'll not ONL designed you put a lot because of.

What skills in question but the hotel so doesn't my sinking a look at the this model number. This automated look as how do you the equipment collected. On or not come up he's not it's not of the kids cases it a couple days all. Even though it's kind of a. Hello games all looking on indeed you know nobody nobody on the computer. It'll muscle nobody. Thank the see because of the little could you FPS did I mean I and taking the that full. Did you know they conducted you need content. Final I have the team we did on it a little my stuff- localizing dividend that's a lot I didn't. Movie because I get a bonus as hello my team on I please enjoy Scott it next. Welcome back to games with coverage of E3 twenty twenty one and that was the Xbox extended it showcases our Parris lilies Xbox expenditure case he did an incredible job and welcome back to him. Hello I'm back that's going that was fun I enjoyed that Parris Killin of course on the mac I've already made my- design lab Xbox controller beamed off the- character Simon Phoenix from the best movie of all time demolition man don't ask me about not- no I mean you you sent me a link to it it looks.

I want to see I think you should buy it if you haven't already. You gonna put a call on. All right yet Simon says bleed. Maybe if I can fit that in. I think it's like my old- the last time Xbox had design lab are you and I both got overwatch themed ones you unit is already 1 and I made a diva 1 that in retrospect didn't work very well yours looks great mind did not work so well because I don't. Have an iPhone- the color palette to marinate but that was a really great I deep dive into some Xbox is a biggest games I think as well the- the that.

The hint of a tease and Hellblade to look great time what was your highlight from Sharm. I think this office showed up for halo like I'm I hi I was messaging all of my friends to be like are you watching this halo thing. And buyer by all of my friends I mean two of them because- this one's- actually watching right now. About your father so you know you know. But I love everything about everything that they've shown so far filo multiplayer. I'm it looks like a classical halo experience but they brought back some of the- interesting things and kind of made good on them like I'm the ability to use grenades to like- use the explosion I'm going to move weapons closer to you and- what about in in a more meaningful way- it just looks like any. A really small the well designed halo games that ease of its own to me not like we talked about this before but like. Hello fellow oculus core in in a place where it was trying to be its own thing but having to. Kind of us to come to the design the popular design choices of multiplayer shows all the day and it became this hawk breed thing that wasn't all that interesting- I'm kind of like we- when I feel like they figured out.

Their own identity. Again and I'm super happy about that. Yeah I'm sitting to see more. Him infinite it launches later this. Coming up next we have an interview with velop is behind lost in random. As well as a friend you trailer enjoy. With random. Where everyone's destiny is decided by a rule of the one. Geis the word. We controls it when a child comes they must rule this dice. Indeed determine their fate the role. The best day. B. grade child that the queen has yeah. Day. Let's see what kind of. Trulia you. Where is this. You. Children. Hi all. Say something. Where are you. She is just our range we destroy them clean. Hi folks and welcome to this special interview today we're talking about loss and random a new dark fantasy adventure game from zoink games the folks that have brought you feet as well as goes giants flipping death and many many others and it is a huge pleasure to be joined by folks I'm a big fan of the all all of our game director in Klaus the head of development it's like.

Good evening how are you. Degree good evening michael highgam. How are your course- I'm doing very well I'm kind of like admittedly I won't beat around the bush I'm a smidge nervous. Like you James- hi- and began to go signed it was one of the has been 1 the first really tiptoeing into VR and like that was like when the first ones want to get into which all of you were in the game and art director for cracked yeah that is correct I had a lot of fun with that and actually that was my very first D. R. den project as well and also to what was the whole story is. First the art project so it was a great way to learn and do something weird and different I think. Because we didn't have much. Yeah knowledge about it. That's when I'm things can happen. I think. We'll get into that. I have. A tremendous amount of middle. Of admiration for your your guys ability to.

Seemingly not repeat yourselves but before we get into that- let's talk about lost momentum the new game that you folks have been working on- let's begin with what is it it's not out we have only a few glimpses of it but give me the pitch. Action adventure game about a girl called even and her living dice companion at dicey and it's set in the center of course darker it's a worthless you know called random- where everybody's destiny is decided by the roll of. Evil queens dark dice and even and I see are there to kind of. S. started path and the- and bring this is weird the queen is put into place throughout the world I have to ask is there a studio philosophy that you folks may have some kind in in in changing- our direction and style because at this point it really hasn't felt as those going because John the same came twice in any capacity and now lost a random it looks much much more grand it seems to be like one of the biggest gains because of put together.

Studio philosophy is that intentional yeah I think there's still some the last time you have to think about so EIC is a company that. I started out as a- six largest many many years ago you know and then. Human artist and then. Making games and then when I started sewing it was really just I just need to have a platform to make games and just a fun place to make games you know and as an artist or as something to regret somebody it's always like it's just a really really fun journey when you start out a new project that. You you try something else you know if you done it before it feels a little like you're going to the same place again you know.

And that is just it's just a really fun personal journey to let's try this. This would be fun to try I think every time we dug done something new it has always been sort of like a reason to we did this ticket and I'm not mad I'm sleeping deaths were trying to find a place where we could do games quite big story with very simple means basically. Well we did say it was about how can we do three D. games expression games and three D. but with a very very- also quite low budget in some ways you know and the simple style the budget in a way also dictated that we need to have a style that was just really cool for the- money we could build a gamer but then for lost and randomly was we like okay now we can just really.

We can finally do. I could take say you know. And it was more like if we want to do something that almost looks triple a or any sort of looking very realistic how can we do that with the style you know that's that's interesting you know not just doing religious so we thought like why don't we do small. It was public style really is the way it looks a little bit like stop motion in some ways you know I know I that absolutely does- for use as as he was like a creative and- very focused in part. What is like what is that like for you to be able to transition into different art styles- and now it's- going to Lawson random which is which as Scott said mention is as much more triple a static much grander bigger a static.

Yeah like my classmates and looks like it's always been the more our treatments. To do from the get go and- S. touched on. Since there's- just about a has been limited. It's always about the idea I'm sorry for at like really huge a realistic yet again. I'm not gonna be inspiring to me on the and it's been real by work with Klaus learned so from him just as I process and you know.

Fifteen we the really well the I haven't seen before like. It really may be and then it grows on you yeah of course it's nice to have two legs and arms and let's make a deal about that. So my idea. It develops a lot working with clouds. They go also working on train we came out of the project. Having of course it has a darker undertone of course because people now have. Actually played constraint. But on the surface it's very bright and colorful and busy. And Q. so we were had all. Built up this longing to make a little something more darker like michael highgam often say- at and on the this longing to. Now with this proper budget explore. S. fantasy and- epic story. The skin that they haven't been able to before like us on. For me it's always about started thank just like with Klaus I love to start drawings and story because everything is storytelling and the things easily grow out of a story and when we found this iconic.

Picture of a girl under dis lesson for us things really started. And you know the story started well. Question thanks for interesting. Gameplay take a dice the most iconic gameplay icon and make it your own and it has to be good game play so that's been a real challenge but also very naturally takes you for a journey because you along and can't help but- tell a great story. With it I feel. Really proud and excited to show everybody what. Yeah I think I could probably talk to both of you about the creative in our process to the ends of the earth- really. What I do kind of want to I don't I kind of want to shift into. Something you both kind of touch on especially you class about the studio starting you know. With you is a small thing six or in the moving as a means as a platform. To make creative games- what has this. Has there been any.

Interesting challenges should I say- when. From going from smaller smaller- budget games another big budget Gaming kind of. What that process is been like applying. Eight of artistic integrity to develop a bigger scope in terms of budget I was always those boring things about going bigger is basically like structure you need to look structure you need more producers handling everything does all that stuff that. Comes out of it obviously that that's it's harder to run a bigger team you know that's just how it is you know I think some of the challenges you really run into quite quickly is that on Jan figure team really need to have a- really strong vision of what you want to do which I think is great but would love to give you some love back here or love is basically have somebody who's really good at.

Telling what the vision is to the team you know and making sure that they really understand this is what we're doing right now this is what we're going for I think we are running the games a little bit similar to I guess home movies around it as a movie director who really needs it you know and has a vision for it and goes forward that this is this is what we're doing you know. There's so many decisions have to make on your way as much as you make a game and you know this thing to be blue or green red and it could be.

Could be quite good you know. The way it. Doctor wants to. This and is. Probably the best. That's a real. Good choice and- has to. That road all the way you know too make sure that that. Actually becomes. Really great in that direction. The challenge has really been to make sure that. Everybody gets it. Everybody that follows it and understands what we're doing right now and everybody. Is it's going the same direction. But I also think. Sometimes when you have an idea like.

I felt directly of. Like we're lost in random BAndai deal with the- dice and all that stuff is. It sold michael highgam senses such a strong subject that. Once we have that it was like. It's very easy to create something around it. Because it's so. Almost like you win the lottery something. Wow that's a great idea let's keep it you know that's a great idea just. Go with that you know. So happy you found it's like you're digging in your brain and suddenly thing this thing comes out and it's like that's- really cool you know. Yeah I remember. Early on when we had our smaller studio we had just started out. Prototyping lost around I felt like we were all. Just like. Little kids going on lunch break like. I'm not sure what we're trying. What do you think about programmers I don't know what you think about.

Well let's just see what this idea things- you. You want to go over there and you want to. Like just like. We started out. On short with this. Big blank. Slate and- and the core we to tell the story about such. You know general. Topic like like random. In a way it's kind of cold itself. Everybody has has. A relation to randomness. And uncertainty in life. So we have we just had a group of like. Five six people sitting together.

Everything just proved very naturally out of the- I was so much fun. Just the- funnest part. At work. All of I think you know the- that's- that really stands out to me is this. I I've only got. To under. Bits and pieces of the crew hi guys work in a creative process- but one thing you guys. Like both of you mention this kind of. Finding where I'm covering. And idea- and I kind of. Love the fact that it's- it's call Lawson random and you referred to it almost is like you're chasing these ideas that are kind of just. Maybe developing on their own or going their own way and like were you to stop those ideas from going- was. That always kind of a reciprocal thing from the start you know when thinking Lawson random or was it just something. You want covered- along the process. It's definitely something we I'm covered since but like we touched on already we started out just wanting to tell a fairy tale dark curtailing looks at artwork.

I Spohn town that's- for instance. Australian artist. At that was set you know he's artist so. Just is what it is. It leaves so much to the imagination- dreamlike. And it has a child's imagination. We waste and also like me a sake real sweet we have. And- over the garden wall we looked at all different. Things that are just very matter of fact yeah. And that at. Was some last. It would be just the at all these different. A fairy tale- just are what they are and they don't need much explanation I want to tell that kind of story and then all. No systems and teams. Snacking but we still want that kind of dreamy fairytale. All of class unfortunately this is all the time we have as though I can speak to you folks probably for hours and hours more but just know that.

I'm very excited for this it's been a huge honor to be able to spend just even a glimpse of time with you both talk about lost random but before we- go. When can we can we expect the game this year. Yeah you can definitely expect. Well yeah yeah- it's coming soon and it's coming this year that's for sure yeah and- yeah all platforms. So. I feel the exact occurrence but all of them.

Okay well absolutely amazing all of thank you so much class thank you so much- you can look out for Lawson random. I'm Kerr one last time. Thanks again folks the only other. Welcome back to a playful role A. K. A. E3 twenty twenty one the E3 that never quits that was an extended look at lost in. Austin random lost an infinite my hate my halo brain it's just like and I was gonna- lost in round and we're going to see a trailer that really cool looking. Lucy you compared it to look at my car line- what is your opinion of what you saw that seems like it was the first time you saw that came. The interested in. Yeah I never seen. Lost among them before until I the trailer and like. I Devin fear and yeah it looks like it Razer Carlijn reminds me of night before Christmas- you know the- the Tim Burton vibes. Very strong and I think as well get a little bit all of our little nightmares to. Not little time is too long my most common to. But there to those guys so that was.

I think it looks it looks it looks fine it looks wacky look really it's kind of I'm into. On yeah I did get. Burying the lead somewhat we also joined by the one the only michael highgam high and you may have seen in on the E3 streams up that. Eleven up during Gaming fresh out. Looking fresh michael highgam welcome back firstly how you doing secondly I know you want to get this off your chest quickly give us a rundown of the games that got you hyped for E3. If you haven't had a chance to speak directly to the audience that knows and loves you. The games Baldino okay tell us hello that's and we've been hyped about everything you store. Gives back michael highgam E3 okay okay I am back from E3 live from LA- and I got to work with so many great people golden boy Greg Miller. On a bunch other people that's just shortlists right there but- we were paying attention to everything at E3 because that was that was that was our job but- of the things that got me hyped up your I wish you all were there when should Megami Tensei 5.

Was revealed during the during the Nintendo direct I lost it and they were recording reactions when we're sitting on the couch watching the stream and I was. Last and all right I look like if your watching the livestreams I've lost it too Greg was let me down because I was sweating. Broly but yeah that was that was my favorite thing of the show that was my personal game show I love that they did an extended thing for tree house as well. You're the protagonist looks so sick I cannot emphasize this enough. How does the protagonist looks in S. and P. five but other than that like the Xbox showcase was just. Stole the show mainly.

Like weird watching all together in some everyone's getting hyped about something else for me was stopping to. M. earlier when we were running the extended Xbox showcase I was paying attention to like other doing the mo cap how much production values going into stoppage too because if you think about stalker the original games. They were very much- held together by duct tape and those were incredible games- so deceased doctor given. That sort of platform given that that production value. I'd still maintaining that that spooky spirit of like Chernobyl but supernatural like. That is that was my second game of the show and I think the third one was probably halo infinite because- I was getting hyper golden boy that was like his game that he was waiting for. I'm like you know what. I can get the I can get into halo again but that that's still but there's like so many independent games like superhot. Tammy did super for me all manner and here's watching. That yellow. That was a game from Philippine I was honored. At U. also she dreams. Because I got to give love to avoid.

You are good in. So many great games at E3. Yeah there are a lot of amazing games and it's good to have you back I predicted those would be your game so I'm glad that I know you well enough to predict that stuff. Right next stop we have a gameplay video for a little game called boyfriend dungeon which is as weird as you probably expected to be also Razer any coal. And yeah we're gonna have pro CD who's in that game on the chart E3 but more about that later. Enjoy the gameplay. Pretty weird hobby think about it. Yeah. And that was a look at some new gameplay from a boyfriend dungeon now michael highgam you've actually played some boyfriend dungeon before right I sure have boyfriend dodges the really cool- that's how I met of chess sets of Victoria Tran- who runs the who's the comedian manager for among us now but- I met her at pax the thing is twenty nineteen because she was working with kit fox on boyfriend AJ I got hands on with it it's really cool like as you saw from the game play that it's- isometric dungeon crawler but has a visual novel elements so the thing is that.

Your weapons if you take into the dungeon are your companions in the real world and you take them to power up your weapons you take them on dates and you are you have to like say the right thing so it's like a like- like that social sim element that you get out of it. It's really fascinating I think the dungeon crawling it's really fun it's really smooth so Adeoye has the that unlock for the gameplay element but- the I think the character art is sold you'll all the characters are hot what I'm looking at you like all my god my sort of soul 5 only gosh this.

Not only I looks like a cake pops are I think that's a that's who I can't remember who's who in terms of weapons but it's a fascinating concept I think it has come together really well when I played it all those years ago so I hope it's- hope developments coming along because it was really promising in its early stages and I can't. Wait to see what the full games actually being.

Yeah I mean also. Has the speaking his. For like. Malone DLC- friend engines- reading it. Him this morning he not only. Hot Lotusphere. Apple doesn't believe me. So yeah. I time I you mentioned proceeding before we as a group it took like a boyfriend dungeon- and you mentioned he's gonna be not charity stream. Yes RPG is playing a character named boyfriend dungeon- and we're going to have him on next week- to talk briefly about the game and I'm mainly talk about him a little bit- he's he's had a meteoric rise to fame and success- you know climbed his way up the voice acting. Community via the anime community appealing to the niece and- so what we're gonna do is we're gonna have him hang out we're gonna try about he's kind of off and use.

It's kind of like a rare case where he is talk about boyfriend under the band and then we're going to a big old anime quase. It's gonna be me M. and- hello we. Jordan- that's going to be this to be a good. Time my get someone else in I don't know the significance. In I am for a- and we go from there. But yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be fun and obviously we're raising money for a bowl game is- you can you know the lan Kwai able gamers is live now- I think it's time you all dot com forward slash.

Play for all twenty twenty one. I think that's right- so if you want to make donations now you can but the entirety of next week. Donate yeah we'll be talking more about our charity streams very shortly but now can take a look at nobody saves the world. That was eight gamer video for nobody saves the world which looks cute all C. thing running around getting stuff done I'm into it- alike yet. So for this segment we're gonna quickly run down what we've got coming up- following yes we're going to have a if you all I bought actually no we're gonna show off. All wearables. An interview for that well as women west Austronesian dave jewitt press conference and surprisingly it looks quite funny I was I was surprised at how much I was locked in a trailer so I'm excited for that. And then we'll come back to Austin we have a fallout seventy six interview followed by.

A collection of really cool people joining lucy james tell us who you call on on the panel Lucy. Yeah we've got- liana from game informer liana ruppert with god gene park from The Washington Post and- Amira Virgil A. K. A. X. mere Amira I took about Lizzy biggest announcements and what their favorite games from E3. And so very excited to talk to you. And then we've got a mobile. In come up and then a bunch all of. Is in. At Razer one lonely outpost- no place for bravery Roque spirit and a few of those. And following not we've got another. Collection of cool people joining us to charge. Me I'm and then we'll have the new face of video games blessing.

June yeah. Somewhere in the room in the room in the apartment michael highgam somewhere around there it measures in the room down. Also joining him is no Mike Mike. The legend and all very own Jeff. Ocular thank you lord Jeff macula. Bacula I couldn't back it up because I need to say I need to make it removed. Mac imagine. I got a guy- and then after that it's going to be the end of E3 stocks a floral rock pop and we're gonna get a bit weird with it we've come up with some awards that are completely non official okay those awards out. It's gonna be a good a good time michael highgam hasn't hasn't seen the list of awards by might give it to you so you can contribute okay yeah and you can present their okay all right so all of yeah yeah the wards like yo games what is it like GameSpot's- like I would suggest like best of show what is it like nobody's.

Gonna data revealed or like yeah a six eight when working with Zachary exactly like that we've got categories including a game of the show obviously we've got the least necessary showcase award. Okay we've got we've got the best use. Of zoom award- we've got the biggest goal. 1 we've gotten most unsettling expression award. This is a little weird categories. It's going to give us an opportunity to have a little fun talk about some of the games that were shown and why we were that we send me mobile moments from mac- and you'll be a good time and it'll be a nice wholesome way for us to wrap up the week long coverage over a week at this point- of E3 as part of a four oh. One the question have the winners already been determined. Are we assuming okay I mean we can so they want to come and find me. Yes we can have a debate. Debate and figure out we can figure out okay we're gonna figure out this is a dictatorship now.

All right let's go over to the web almost within interview. Howdy folks welcome to this very exciting and special interviewed during this play for all E3 week extravaganza I'm joined with none other. Than Sam Richardson the star producer of the new film wearables within based off the Ubisoft video game Sam. It was a pleasure to have you how are you doing. Greatest pleasure to be here thanks for having. Are you kidding me pleasure's all mine so to kick it off. In your words from Sam himself tell us about wearables within. I woke where was within is a- the horror comedy whodunit thriller mystery- restores me as forest ranger fan Wheeler who's new to this. Snowy mountain town called beaver field- and everything gets turned on its heels when the townspeople are snowed into small in and fin tested figure out who or what is terrorizing the townspeople so not only are you the star.

The cool cat glues this whole thing together- telling- you're also the producer so before we get into some other questions I want to get that I want to get an idea of that Beyonce with it with what's it like to be in this film with the- all stars cast of. Rambunctious personality is also being able to be a little bit behind the scenes. I was really cool to get to produce and star in a movie- because first off like with a cast like this everyone it is a brilliant. And just. Hello Leo yes actor and performer within things like get a play off those energies- as a lever moves like this and kind of be like the through line through that is a complex one- exercise and I got a really great opportunity for me and then as a producer it's great to get that kind of thing a macro view. It's like this and kind of feel ownership and really feel that you are. Kind of guiding- or do you feel like you feel certain a huge amount of ownership over something like this and you know I really feel that I can put my- little specificity is and in my vision on things really cool experience.

You're an EIC extraordinarily nice guy in the movie so here we go into some other questions are you is actually as nice as your character is. Not nearly not nearly no are you aware wolf. Could be could be a moment you know now. Would you want to be a world if you could. I would want to be a werewolf because like it's a lot the enhancement I first of a lot of red meat so that to begin with you know the idea of using the freshest red meat which may be you know animal maybe people- I'm I'm like excited for that and also. You know I'm naturally hairy like a hairy chest and but and all that stuff so- you know I feel like I'm part way there anyway I got like.

You know sharp teeth- thank I think that the probe prolongs- so now. We're over muscle. Something I don't. If I were or were not aware will sandwiched in real life you know- I think it changes my facial structure and features but- it's nothing I'm opposed to I do like a dog. The money be turned into a world do you think. I think so- I think I think.

I I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna one hundred syncing yes they can- eighty a vampire also I don't think we ever seen this remember being turned to where will. I mean seems plausible right the- you're both like that out at night so where will you know when the full moon comes that's when we're will shine and let my time S. own time a vampire can be around so that's why their rivals but I think it's.

It's that that rivalry will end one day- the- who would win the game of basketball team will for air but- he will because he's got all the powers of- but plus you. Does does that mean there's basketball this movie- without giving any spoilers no. There are there is a there is kind of a sport that involves throwing something but we will we will get into that- if you had to hang out or be stuck in a scenario in real life with any of the 1 characters. That are in the film who would. I'm I have to be stuck with any of the characters in this film yeah it would be Cecilie. About Moana Vandross character because she's fun funny. You know- quirky without being as crazy. As the others. There is- the cast as I mentioned earlier it's quite rambunctious and quite exciting what was it like to be on set with all of those.

How do I put it- screaming personalities. It was really really fun to get to like work with everybody ambience that would bite my kind of working off of everyone because there's so much. Energy that is the kind of harness into this movie and EIC into these scenes and- be it you know it's hard to not laugh when you successfully appreciating these performances when our on the other side of the camera boards on the other side of them in your on camera you know definitely a challenge to try and- it I they're not last we're not going to go wow. And some of those moments that are like E3 I think everybody in this movie that really adept at doing both it was really cool the game of course is- it's kind of more medieval setting.

From your standpoint being on the other side of Cameron certain ways was there a conscious effort in kind of placing it into this small town village- and what was that like kind of adapting this this. Mystery whodunit. Style thing into a snow covered land. I will. Well mission will who wrote this- sort of had but my guess was in her interpretation of what. The game could be into the movie from the your soft property.

I and I think. The idea of it being set in not medieval times kind of takes and elements of sort of. Hokey mess out of it because you know EIC- in in in which works for the game but to put in the movie I think it's gonna be. One too many hats on hats you know- so- having it set my time it makes a little bit more identifiable or make it helps you identify with the characters a little bit more. So it's like one less barrier. Between the audience and the cast where the- characters cast. Well our this is unfortunately that's all the time we have but with this brief moment that we have left Sam not only thank you for being here but the show floor is yours what do you want to say anything you got you want to tell us.

Yeah watch where worlds within- it comes to theaters. June twenty fifth. And then D. O. D. D. N. on demand and rental. July second. It's howling good time I came back on the spot and I'm very proud of it. Take that and you're gonna launch a for every single interview from this point out put it on all of the posters that's it perfect I'm getting to right here. Yes yet to match the hairy body. Exactly how time and then there's- the this is a sexy mommy on the top one- all right. It's been such a huge pleasure Sam seriously thank you so much for taking the time to do this once again I'm Kurt.

That's Sam. Till next time go check out world within sealer. So that was our very own kurt indovina speaking with one of the stars- behind the upcoming I Ubisoft movie well it was a game. As a kind of board game first in the U. was off game and now it is a movie- levels within. Let's take some PC to discuss a little bit- Gaming video games movies or movies based on video games a recent university we just had mortal combat Castlevania non movie TV show but still.

On down the stone. Town meeting the tide is turning them. I think it might be you know we had some we've had like peppering all of- decent movies in the past but mostly. Absolute junk like some real life top ten stinker movies on there like so bad that it's like. Oh my god this isn't just a bad video game movies this is just a straight up bad movie. However I think like what's happening now and it's exciting to see is 1 video game companies are starting to understand that. They can make their own things they have the power to. Attain some creative control and there's also a reason to put the effort into making the most of you know. The opportunities and to the people that are making them the- right as directors creative people behind it have grown up in a generation that you understand- games- understands how to best adapt source material.

The days of rainfall are gone thanks for the I believe I mean I'm sure he's out there still making movies and telling. The boxing fights- unlike. You know there we're starting to get away from me I've not seen the monster hunter movie and let me I was gonna say may I see monster hunter. I will not be watching them once on a movie I do pray that whatever. Information the secret stop hold. The. WS Anderson has on senior Capcom execs like I'm I if the Capcom was a high meter like get that information back hit Moscow all take care of it for you because please please stop him your movie- Frazier values like the perfect things of what everything you should not do with your franchises when making movies don't do what Capcom is doing we're present evil monster hunt and everything else. Do you. Yeah yeah I mean I mean I'm I know take it from pulled S. and give to pull comes on because I would love to see. And then there will be blood.

Change I don't know I know get Daniel day Lewis in to play wesco or something. I think you I agree be fun no I it's. Go on. I was gonna say like give resin evil the maybe cap doesn't have the car for apple like you can present a to my James all like know among Toro and you've got some things and you hands Gary.

You give a to a pole W. S. I. and you got yet another please stop to handle coming through with heat though all kinds of ten day relax well you're not wrong- and ten ten mention like coming in through headmaster I'll yasa people hit man movie- I already. But yeah the awesome people the hit man movies but- you know I. Okay Transylvania's great because it was a series- and a lot of there's a lot of anime adaptations of certain other games I think the P. 4% for- anime adaptation was actually pretty good or was it was okay- the persona five anime adaptation was I didn't do it for me but what I do want to shout is the persona three movie series so it's a four part movie series that adopted the core of the game. And it was really really good so I don't know I feel like the case with a lot of anime adaptations that they're very hit or miss and I think video game movie adaptation has been very miss.

I don't know what it is I think it's like. I don't know it's like. Feels like just get something out with the game's name on it and we're good- it was yeah. That but once once you start Ludwig digging into kind of having creative control of the source material trying to recapture the spirit. Which I think is like what monster hunter didn't do what the rest of you like resident evil movies were.

Fun on their own but if you're coming into that as a resident evil fan you like kind of like. And- I whatever. It was I don't know he definitely tried to do like in the first resident evil movie oversee being in- the mansion they tried to do the dog. Leaping through the window or at least their own take on that seeking. You can see where they've they've tried it but like.

I'm intrigued by the new resident evil. Series because there's two of them those that live action 1 where is- is it lance Reddick is Intellivision 1 playing Wesker. I want to. Or is the voice of- western one of them's Saddam act he is actually I know I think I think he's in the library I. Google yeah. If he's alive action what I am well up I am yeah yeah. Snaps internet risque but also there is going to be that C. G. I. version yeah he's gonna be I'm all the western- hello yeah live action series so there's not one but then there's also going to be the- the CG I want. Which are full of Liana class it looks.

It looks interesting I just hope it like it seems like it's gonna have the sort of. Coffrini Sirius toned resident evil and then it'll probably have just like reading wacky 1 lines that. You'd like if you are just a TV or movie watching you really what the hell was that but he played resident if you like yeah. Yeah I mean. The other thing I was gonna mention is like. Obviously Ubisoft days in a position where they kind of understand it now well they're trying they're doing their best it seems like this result well who is an- but then they announced during the- the Netflix gift week that they're doing splinter cell and they- got- Derek. Kolstad whose- 1 the craze of Jean-Luc on the- which- really interesting like I like the sound of that so far I'm not a 100% sold on the animation style it looked a lot like one of the- shorts that they use for.

Remote sixties when he when they put some pressure in there and he didn't say anything like Sam Fisher. But it looks kind of like that but what would that kind of like pedigree of talent behind it if you it feels like the tide is turning on. On these kind of adaptation so I'm excited. To see that unfall cries all the- well I mean it's yeah. I'm looking at you- film TV. Website new thing a minute it's like. They go out of an mythical with with is that. There got the S. creed feature for they have rap. Live actions and I'm- high- these. Creek come to Netflix they have a beyond good and evil live action slash hybrid feature film. The division. Allegedly a just dance feature phone- the senior citizen Australian projects. And go in bones live action TV series. That was a- game. Yeah get up before the game- I did. Even know that they the animal that they had like they're basically doing. Like movie or series adaptations of every single. One of the franchises that's while yeah- no sequel to J.

Jim. Prince of Persia the old. He is going to be in the foe so Hey maybe it's a- without a cause I mean. Is that is assassins creed movie an animated live this is the so there's a lot of our assessing creed series there's a size creed film. To send me to reason I to. They like over going. It was the first Russian been one right now my trust in the 1 so it's not just like gone. Should be. I don't they've they've been like at least three different assassin's creed projects as well as far cry like the blood dragon stuff is getting its own animated series well- so. Trees but like yeah the previous assassin's creed movie and prince of Persia.

Not that. It's but I will say mythic quest is surprisingly I should stop saying surprisingly because of the people who are behind its like rob Michael Haney- and- Charlie day behind and actually birch is writing it and there is someone else as well- here I feel bad for forgetting Megan Ganz- they they kind of creative team behind the quest and I think that is it.

That is a series that is like. Written clearly by people who know what they're talking about and know what will appeal to gamers like there are so many. Inside jokes there are so many references and it feels like- you know that like the old saying- the- do give you say about the Big Bang theory this is arrested development where. Arrested Development is smart TV about stupid people but- like. And then Big Bang theory is small character is but stupid TV so it's like it's very it's a very similar thing it's more in line with the rest of development and it's always sunny.

Where it is very smart jokes aimed at a very specific audience but they do land. And three against seven other V. watched mythic quest. I haven't but I did- added to my- watchlist because I- I subscribe to apple TV to be not going to watch what I want to rewatch ten blast so and then there it is I was like yeah I was like yeah I guess a lot of subscribe go watch this again tell us so all time great- I am is a quest seems real cold- I'm not sure about the- other show that they did those scenes I've heard a lot about things.

It was a cold it's always funny and so it. Is so the- something like that I don't know seems. Like a no show. This as one there's one time I'm you if you ago- we will stay in and it was like oh June something and F. how on it's always marathon. And I may a swath.

The night Namco is and the Dennis system and- Tamilisai know about it I was like this is some I was like this is a country with everyone in here is annoying as hell is it was it- to Jacoby in for you. Is the while young Gouveia is. Ian Breaux hi you no more Peavey glue white she. Zero Dan looking at the bar that I'm not that- like M. I get I risk the you know always I likely I think what mathematics does like- it's- I think really down like the okay of the things that you to see in- like invalid where my me of she Bach which is a while enemy about make anime so. I kind of got the same vibe it's but it's also really funny I just I know I I've seen bits and pieces of meat the quest but having like seeing it as a as a whole but- yeah yeah I think it's been impressive and I'm glad they're gonna get like a new season and also other stuff because- yeah I'm really interested to see where that goes it's like finally years later something that's yeah it it's funny but if it's it does have a serious edge to it where it is can be inside.

Also I got a lot of respect for that. Yeah so- well. Mike you. This segment it's an interview you did with the team behind four of seventy six- what were your big takeaways. It's really it's really dope to see that fall seventy six is found its footing because we all know what it was like at first at lunch when- no one really knew what this game was there wasn't much to do. And there's no NPCs you just had to interact with with the players in the world and it was really confusing what that game is but I think over time with the updates they've really found a core audience and have the building out and- struggle to GamePass because it is one of the most played games off of GamePass and it's really cool to see.

The impact of connecting with your community- understand what they want to see in the game and working with them through the different updates and kind of helping them. Be part of how the game is shaped and its future because there's so many games as service and when they find their footing it's really cool but also just how powerful GamePass can be. I think you what you'll see in the conversation is that all of the steel rain update which we- dig into a lot more is kind of- really nails that it's a continuation of the previous update and a lot they have a lot of exciting things especially if you are into the fallout.

Xbox Series X thank you and yes. After michael highgam upon us and six into. We'll be joined by the- gene park and Amira vigil to discuss all of that favorite games from this year's E3 cystic around. This is play for all GameSpot's Gaming showcase for the summer and charity efforts for able gamer is what we talk about the latest and greatest in video games. And we're talking about a game that has been out for a while but is not stopping in terms of DLC and updates we're talking about fallout seventy six and here to talk about it with me. Is Jeff Gardner project lead and mark Tucker the design director how are you all doing today. Wonderful yeah we're all we're all hanging in there saw I'm good- and there's a lot of exciting stuff gonna fall seventy six I'm glad that you all can join me. Let's talk about steel rain that trailer kind of has a lot of into implications for where fought seventy six is going to go so. I can kind of give it give us a quick run down of those who may have missed it.

Yeah so. It still rained is the second half of our brotherhood of steel a story arc. So we kicked it off last year with steeled on. We introduced a lot of new characters obviously you. The brotherhood of steel that returns appellation. And you know over the course of that story arc you you learned that. There's some conflict with in the leadership. Of the brotherhood of steel. And so as you know. As a player. You know. It engaging in these quests are gonna make some interesting choices are going to learn a lot about these leaders.

And the mission for the brotherhood of steel. And by the end of still don- you know things that really kind of come to a head with that conflict. But you know- trouble and- you know various events coming to the threes right so at the end of still dont. Right when this conflict comes to a head. You're dealing with this other. Conflict with this. And so that's of where you the Boston still gonna we pick up still rain. So now. In still raining. You know yes your dealing with the conflict within within the leadership in trying to decide. Who you know who do you think is gonna force the best path forward for the brotherhood. But in an industry that got the super means right now that has emerged and- reports of missing people across. Across Appalachia so. That's kind of where we pick up that's where- single player has to- take different quests are you're gonna you're gonna be talking again with- dealing with raiders. And rich caravan makes fun of parents so there's- you know we were kind of tying back into a lot of the existing.

Factions and PC so we better use- prior sort of the evolution of fallout seventy six kind of going into a more- story based kind of direction. I think was very exciting at first of course- things take time to kind of flesh that out and it's good you're kinda. Starting to see the fruits of that labor- and it's very fascinating how it's done for a live service game obviously MMORPGs done this. For a while but- how's the team handle trying to tell stories within a live service game what.

Specifically would still rain how are you able to handle factions and- choice and consequence in a persistent world. Yeah you're right that's a really- tricky challenge and a multiplayer game. You know a lot of the choices. We offer players. We have to reflect those choices are in unique and different ways and single player again so. We have to leverage- well. Our instance in technology where we can kind of reflect. The choices that they've made within within the spaces inside the game in the case of still raining. Choices you made still dont. Are going to affect. Your dialogue choices and how help of these NPCs interact with you.

I instill rand and I will say like. We have some pretty meaningful. Long lasting choices at the by. The end of this- content that really are going to sort of determine. The future of the- and- now. You said. Very fascinating about you know that having dire consequences at the end of the steel rain stop sort of storyline now course. I'm not gonna ask you to give away what happens- but- but with that in mind- does that present like new challenges that you've had had to face before in terms of okay where do we take the seventy six story what's the next story contact a look like or have you planned ahead for that and accounted for.

Those sort of different directions like all these players can make there's a lot of planning that goes into this- you know we have a lot of unique challenges with this with this game because players complete content in different orders so we have to take that into account when we're creating content- we also have to deal with. The reality that our game is a prequel incomes before all of the other follow up title so that means anything we create or add here needs to fit within the greater you fallout universe and more so that those are challenges right there that we have to contend with and are always thinking about because we can't.

We have to be cognizant like if we add something into this game you know it needs to stand up and sit with them and everything else that's that's come before and so that you know that right there is a huge challenge being a prequel is something that's- in the barber's don't do. I always have to on our idea. Who is the lead is fall three and he's a our warm now- and it's there's there a lot of okay are everything we do.

But as far it makes it it a it's a very interesting michael highgam about it but at the same you have creative restrictions there that you don't. The thing that we want do longer term it's- you know we have a lot of ideas. And things that we're thinking about but- you know we're not. Committed to any one thing just yet. We do you listen to our players we- we like to hear what they say what they think about the things we put in the game. So that that kind of helps. The decisions we make longer term yeah I actually have a question about that a little. Later on but I guess Alaska now since you brought it up. And ask a lot of last I asked developers to do MMORPGs an ongoing gains about this like. How do you balance player feedback with. Your vision for the game because I know that. When followed semi six kind of started. There was a very vocal community about the direction at lunch and then kinda adjusted course now it's grown into something that. You know maybe no one expected back it when it first launched so.

How do you balance your vision with player feedback and- yeah hi how do you deal with that now- with the fallout seven six in the place that it's an- there's- you you wanna always read and if you try to look at quite a few back and try to take it from the point of view of the fans just want what's best for the game that they will offer even if it's negative. So you look at it you take into account and then hopefully mark and I and others on this project have a meta version of the game and we realize things both in terms of what we can do what we can't you for different reasons right there's always time restraints everything is sort of a priority waiting on something else- it's a very interesting take on this is we've found one of the things that we have done in the last years we've watched a private. Public test server. I'm PC. And so we really read and take that feedback very seriously and marking talk more details about their- there's two systems we put in the game.

Legend our parks and our our our newest one legend or crafting. We have taken that feedback into account and changed. Course have agree on what we were trying to DO. Because all best all the best laid plans. Like they don't. You think you're doing the- right stuff on paper. Or in a microcosm of the game you're testing the twenty thirty forty people when it was a hundred. Thousand seems. Very different. Especially we test games. When you're testing game like this in a very isolated where you're talking a very specific thing.

For folks hoping for thousands thousands thousands or see it very differently. We think that we do but we just. Like we- shortcut that content. Difference even. Yes Sir. Sir Future Christine took how. Players are playing the characters that they they- they noticed her strawweight started playing at the- there's all these sort of psychological things but we really. Didn't the crux of it is we- take it very seriously we read on we try to explain our reasoning. I was different first year in the past we sort of did things we never really explained folks why and- how. But we took choose from other games and services that your better job of corn Hey we- we understand. This is an unpopular decision this is why we're- and I find that works well.

In game development and also with the community up. Also sometimes decision and made are made from. Re for on. Each to explain- now before we move on from C. rain do want to kind of ask a little bit. Some specific things that you saw in the trailer so- there's two phrases- choose justice or choose unity. Also I will mention that those teams kind of represent the choice you have to make. Within the brotherhood- but also there is a power suit with- like this. Red white blue power suit like. You tell me more about what what what. So you know we when they saw there were some people are.

I'm sorry I'm on the and then I'm a regular design director. Ernest by him I'm gonna get a third take another put it in even more so. Any and I don't. Yeah I'm- a superstar that power armor in relations the story marking talk more about the story thanks to my yeah. The power over that case I think which is something that looks really cool instead the moment. Excited to look. I don't know if this is a secret or not but I guess someone can don't yell at me we are launching this right after the fourth of July as well so it the street there right now it's July seventh- now in terms of- the teams as I mentioned earlier the two the two step two I guess split into factions for the brotherhood- can you tell me just at least a little bit about like thematically what you're going for in terms of storytelling because I know.

It can be kind of. The brotherhood is if the organization. As though they bring forth the fallout since day one. But you can only go back and forth about how you feel especially throughout all the different games that you played- throughout the series but- yeah what kind of themes are you hitting here. When you're trying to tell the story about a rift in the brotherhood of steel.

Well you know from the get go- we really wanted to try to capture some of the- big this seems that you've seen within the brotherhood across the different- follow games right. And we wanted to capture that- it really kind of show the conflict within- those scenes right like. The brotherhood. Has done a lot of different things it's there's a lot of different options and whatnot and so we wanted to capture this. You know there was a sort of idealism- within the brotherhood originally were sort of this.

You know. Humanist organization where there really are trying to help humanity. Right but then there's sort of. You can with any idealism you can twist it right things can change and you can kind of make it into something different so then you have this other version. That is still trying to help humanity but in a much more sort of- hardliner rigorous way and so we kind of. Reflected that with her to. A to her main characters we have- paladin Ramani. And night Shannon and using that you folks that are.

At odds with each other brightly. Colored Ramadi's really more interested in directly helping people and- it's not necessarily as concerned with. You know. Keeping technology in Ording technology from everybody we're- persia and these the dangers and technology. And you know chin also sees the dangers of you know acting. What he- the way he feels like rumahnya. Rationally and we touch a lot of that. With our story or so we have this kind of. Two different ideals- coming to had because they're- so isolated and they're far from- you know the west coast of the headquarters and leadership of the program.

And they they've lost communication are kind of on an island another sort of. Having to compete with each other for whose whose ideals are gonna take- take the lead and that's where you know a lot of the player choice and agency comes at. Right and so by the end that will be heavily reflected in what the players get to doing- but you know. The story across like. Try not to spoil too much. Yeah yeah- now the other I that for are curious about the pet now I know that you all have too much just on it quite yet- it is with ways out but it is part of follow at seventy six is efforts to what are called expeditions which are venturing outside of well what we know as the faults of the six- Virgil map- and that seems to be really genuinely exciting stuff- and I feel like y'all can do a lot of experimentation. With with what were were false every six goes so- am I on the mark there in terms of like.

Expect expeditions are kind of your way to be experimental I know there's not much to share but- yeah tell me a little bit about more what you what you all are trying to do with these. We always wanna go off map right. Especially after Gaming been out for two or at this point it'll be. Two three years. Folks have explored mac thoroughly we can do different things biomes creatures and- some sites and skylines. So there's and then. When marks in the folks in Austin came with a list of. Places to go trust me there's a lot of new places to- but this seems like an obvious choice- I was lucky enough I worked I was a we produce- original. Long time ago each is required. So hi hence all John and I think Tom how. We just wanted to do like what I love history city it's near us it's one of my favorite to go over my wife on weekends stuff so we just really wanted to do it.

And we're super excited to be able to go back there and expeditions are are in the way for that to come up with to gamer find it gamer find a little more into to open up the idea that there are more to come yeah I mean a high level the way we think about them and talk about them- internally- just sort of our taglines like. Your expeditions are repeatable and randomized offsite missions. Are two very exciting locales and all the universe and- coupled with that you know there's- we have. A strong story behind it right we have a lot of love story German- elements behind it so- so yeah it's- there are. It's fun because- we're offering glimpses into different parts of the following universe at this point on the timeline so you know we're going to the pet. But it's actually before the fallout three DLC right so that's kind of interesting we're going to get to- see sort of where things were at that point the time line and we get to do that with.

Other within the following universe in some locations we may end up going to. My team source smaller locations that may never make it into a real game so it's kind of a fun. Opportunity as a fan to see sort of these small windows within the following university wouldn't probably ever get to see otherwise. But I can't wait to go back to Vegas. You never know in a living room. Follow to follow my fallen Vegas fans out there know the five. But yeah. Yasiel of men but- yeah before we close this out I want to give you an opportunity is there anything else that you want to share about false every six- before we let y'all go- just quickly for me.

Remember it's just this press one a great liberal love and I just always want to thank the fans of the folks working on it for sticking with us. And in seeing this through. It's one of the most- play games on GamePass right now- you know it's- sort of a small renaissance and we like to do experimental things are patches we haven't. Really had a cadence of. This release on these dates or anything so we just we like trying different things and see what works and- and that is largely driven by the fans. On both internally and it does you're an externally on the forms of Twitter and reddit. Discord now- you know and again like this updates free all the things weren't were or talking about are free so if you're on the Gaming and turn it on a long time please come back. If you have it you know. Check it out it's- it's a great place it's kind of unbelievable community a very welcoming players will cool.

Cool draw you when and- I'm sorry this universe in a way that I think is you. To a lot of. So I'm I'm I just couldn't. It's been a great joy of my career. Here's thank you that's cool yeah that's cool here mark yeah I think I yeah you know- for those players that it's- got to Gaming we first released and haven't. Been back you know we've been busy the last couple years so encourage you to come back and see all the things we've added and changed. It's a pretty different game from when we launched and- we're still adding a lot of cool new stuff. You know we've been talking a lot about still rain today. Other things that we've got an entertaining. We have a whole new season coming out. Which is gonna be super awesome. Featuring a Kitty well- which we introduced our previous season. Really fun stuff there- and we touch a little bit on legendary crafting that's a whole new expansions to our listener item game.

We're also adding and- power armor- legendary however in the state which is gonna be really exciting- and we have a new vendor that's gonna show. You how to clean the world- that's going to offer great deals with our gold bullion currency so. There's a lot of cool stuff coming out- really appreciate the fans are stuck with us and looking forward to seeing some old ones come back- and- yeah.

As Jeff mentioned this is been. Definitely a privilege to work on it's a really fun game to work on- and we really appreciate our fans and- yeah I'm looking forward to- just to rain and we've got a lot of other cool things like. The jet coming up- in the future so. We're gonna be busy Jeff Gardner project lead and mark Tucker design director. On fall seventy six. Thank you so much for sharing so many details about the what's coming up in the game and- all right thank you all for watching as well. And I want you to stick to GameSpot dot com because we have so much more. For play for all with our charity efforts are live streams.

And so much more fun stuff in the world of video games so thank. You all for watching we'll see ya next time. Welcome back to games with coverage of E3 twenty twenty one and once again I am joined by industry friends. To discuss all of the biggest reveals from this week. I'm also clearly hitting puberty I'm very sorry. Joining me from Gaming Palma is liana ruppert hello I'm excited thank you for having me thank you for being here from Washington post gene park. Everyone happy to be here on GameSpot. Yeah it was great to have you I'm as well we are joined by ex mayor mayor prolific I Yujiro streaming my seen her on- the Sims sparked last year as well hi hi.

I do. Glad to be here thank you for having me. Yeah well thank you all Ijoma it's been fun kind of getting these panels together just to kind of this is the best fit E3 like when everything sort of dying down all the announcements over you can finally just like no doubt about the games that were shown- weekly friends so let's go rather how is you E3 been obviously this is. The first year it's kind of old when did you tell if it's very it's a different show it's the it seems like there's way more press conferences there's way more. To use Bo Burnham vernacular but like a little bit of everything all the time for well more than a week which is what we used to used to- study on it what's your E3 been like.

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Weird it's like you said it was been you know usually it's- could that work condensed and knowing it spread out. And I don't know I feel like some of those showcases that necessarily. Need to be showcases they could have been an email but- whatever but it was. Yeah I think that. Honestly though I think Xbox what really took it this year and that was what I was both excited for so it's nice to kind of see like everybody had a really hard twenty twenty and- it's kind of able to make.

That work for them in. Yeah it's- been busy but- kind of a big to do that or- the Square Enix would say chaos. Thank yeah I mean I think you're right I think I seeing- the fact everyone did come through twenty twenty and it seems like this year E3 there's been a lot more of like Hey here's a big press conferences the most we just wanna show devs playing and being excited and talking about the game's gene.

What do you think that you think that's a fair point- totally- to build off what. Liana said- you know- obviously everyone had a really rough years so I feel like it's expected that. Like that not a lot of folks will show. Up it makes me think about how. E3 has. Kind of become like a homework assignment. That publishers and developers need to like build time for. Like like we all we need to trailer we need a vertical slice to show off and- you know as we definitely saw from. A quite a number of publishers there really wasn't much to show- you know- I'm gonna bring in Capcom because Capcom.

I'm gonna first base Capcom Capcom has out of amazing. With you the best selling games. Of the year. And so. The shop E3 and it's like whoa we've already like done our thing you know. Average people village in monster how to rise a tearing up the charts- so we got more updates on that you know- so that's kind of what I felt like like I wonder. What we could do to help. Ease this pressure off studios and in that way it we can ensure a better show for fans too because it's hard it's really hard not to think of you to be a something for the fans out. That's something that ESA husband has positioned E3 as now to- so.

You know that maybe they'll be just be left disappointed at- people if but they're just a little bit more concern this is people are able to show. Yeah and Amira before we discuss our favorite reveals miss your show. Do you think like that this is the future of E3 like everyone kind of impact in. Two a week or do you think that publishers would benefit from sort of. Going out and doing it their own way like kind of do what Sony's done and pull away from E3 and- make more of a splash themselves later on when. Things on so busy. I definitely think so- as a content creator and a consumer myself I feel like things being spread out will give us. More time to. Take in the information without it. You know feeling like it's overwhelming because I admit it was so much going on this weekend that I had to like most of my information is like from the time line and recaps- because I had such a busy.

Like work week. I wasn't able to like her tune into things and- actually I'm just so used to like being there so this is different. From like. I'm at home I'm I'm used to just being in Los Angeles and like seen the shows seeing them live in being in the- in the middle of the action but I definitely think they would benefit from spreading things out. This is a lot of information. Or you know consumers to take in at once but this is also a lot of. Information and news. For the people to have to put out in such a short time it's a lot of I feel like it's a lot of unnecessary pressure.

On those. Out this constant. Yeah totally I mean. Let's talk about kind of because would like hundreds of games twenty being talked about over the last week let's talk about some of the ones that. Caught our attention Liana what was your your favorite game that you sold was revealed at this year's E3. I all professionalism the window when they showed us hello infinite I don't even. Care I hate. It I have like six different variants of the energy stored I have like the giant Needler it's one of my favorite franchises of all time. And I kid you not when they show the story trailer because aspects like one of us and one of my favorite games. When they show that story trailer with him like. Master chief falling down to the debris and into the car the end to the pet and then you had like the Reds and blacks just the color theory.

Kind of reminded me of the opening sequence of aspect too and like my heart is like pounding. And then they started showing off the multiplayer. Member my boss. With yeah are you. It was I I'm so happy because I know when I went three for three for showed hello if it it was not met with the best reception and I'm so glad that they took the time that they needed to kind of re orient themselves and what their vision was for the game environments looked incredible the- Cortana light.

The mystery of what actually happens like. Mysteries afoot to timer master chief to figure it out again and I don't know it's- everything about it was just. Open and multiplayer with the grapple hook in the changes they made this night being and the recall Sir and the new vehicles it's like. Because in the words hi I just. I got a thought. Thank talking about it we're- but- that was a couple of notes that they loved him and it was like. Just because- and like you said I mean we found what everyone was talking about you know the last time we saw hill incident last year it was kind of like a little bit of it that's sour taste in everyone's mouth everyone felt like a little bit disappointed oversee they kind of Sir Craig and run away with him being mean but it I'm really glad that they took the time to delay the Gaming like work on it to get that kind of reaction because like.

You say you cry I will not name names but when hello if it was an initially revealed I was in the games but will remain E3 and one of my colleagues. He's so. There is no she- let me excited about getting he yeah. A gene what about you. Well I don't wanna make a halo if show- but I will see if you have a wonderful nice. It was so nice to see Joe Staton- the author of the first three halo two- stories of back on the stage- I'm old enough that I was back in E3 two thousand two.

And I saw Staten- play halo to live and that was like the big trailer that really set the standard for like big budget trailer is back that. So it just felt really good to see starting back in a project and- and that I'm surprised it to be really really excited for battlefield twelve twenty forty two- and I'm not a huge battlefield fan. But I love- disco that that that this year is always done and it's just really really nice to see a multiplayer game- just really really push the boundaries of what a large scale a worker look like and it's nice to see- the battlefield. Series entice really really needs seeming to have to really take that. As a focus. Yeah totally I mean NATO. Yeah I mean there's rados ripping of buildings I mean like and it just looks like a such a huge map- that the hundred twenty players love it I feel like like we haven't seen the experience like this in a while so. Yeah and especially I mean it it always feels unfair to kind of pick one French I 1 Gaming series against another but you know with call of duty taking a more quiet E3 you know typically.

In years past they would be all over the Sony stage- we're just like making their presence felt and so for them. To be a little bit as a part of just show- you don't have any G. M. John ferries that just took a little bit about could you see but then it felt it felt like. I'll feel re still the show when it came to- well between the two of them I was gonna say between office procedures but we have. Seen a lot hello. So yeah and Amira what about you. Me is a bit a game but I would say it's a toss up Mike's is a toss up seats.

The new Super Mario party and also read full- I'm super excited for read full and like the trailer it looks really really cool at this point I'm just really ready to see like a game playing characters look really good they pick some good voice actors and actresses. And I love vampires I love shoot em up games like I love that type of stuff you know- so I'm really curious to see what the game play is going to consist of because I'm really interested like I thought it I think I watched a trailer like ten times. I'm like okay this is good- you make fun of Arcanum games. I'm yes but this right here like. Like I was I'm excited- definitely they have another game coming out to that I was- looking at that I guess it hasn't released yet- yes we yeah that's coming out in September yeah definitely so that's not even it was another one it was I think.

Man it was a it was a superhero game I think is a DC area it wasn't but definitely definitely something we're waiting on to- right. Is right here I yeah I was like no I need game play like as soon as I see things I get excited about the first thing I'm just like where's the game play. What. And every feeling vampires are having something of a moment sometimes I like co op shooter is- noon everyday kind of coming back into into vogue at the moment yeah I'm right there with you read full I am a huge fan of arcane and sort of like I was genuinely so surprised to see them this old for this project not to leak but also to be the big surprise me in the Xbox is shown and like like you said I think we'll just dying to wait and see work begin playing through looks like are you also mentioned- the new Mario parties while.

And which is going to marry opposing and I brought it back with my new fun twists which I think is great- hi Matt like than the stalls a I am getting like we played on a Super Mario party awhile back and it was amazing it was just like the good old days on playing with your friends on your console and- in it was really exciting they're a little bit of drinks in there too and. It was really a fun turn up I'm- those. Yeah you got a little box though I'm all lie got a little time late it was great anyway just this so many like many game we have get to we couldn't even get through everything in like a knight I'm like we're going to have to come back to this place. This was so fun. Yeah I want. And I'm like yes- yeah I mean the thing is like I hadn't played- my apology for the longest time that I've played the most recent one and I played it actually a few weeks ago because London is way more open up we went to a blockades and they had Mario party and we were those obnoxious people in the corner screaming.

Stealing stars of each other like doing the whole thing so I'm very excited to do that with some more classic boards- keeping on Nintendo I mean Hey it's go online place I will I will play with you if you want to do it transatlantic Lilly- look. At the game but I'm down here for. Me you just put blame blame the online displaying the server that's what I do. Thank you flag. The both that I'm- I'm- but let's give Nintendo because they had- one hell of a show I Jeanne what do you make of Metroid dread yeah- I am super excited obviously a lot of people are waiting for major crime- me included but I've also wanted to two D.

Metroid a new treaty Metroid- so I'm really really excited- I have faith in Rikers stream- there at the dare to Spain in Madrid Spain based you DO that's making- Metroid. Dread and they did a pretty good job with Samus returns and- they've cut their teeth on the Castlevania game Konami and most of them were were pretty good so I'm really excited to see- how much they've improved- it's always a relief to see- the series original director one of the regional directors a U. S. U.

S. I. Komodo- back at the helm as producer and he's writing this story it is making sure that it stays true to Metroid- scene- you know it's nice to see metric go back to its really scary you you re routes- I played Metroid back when I was a kid on the any S. and right from the title screen.

It just launches and it just comes in with this really really like the dark and cold **** beat and music and it's nice to see Metroid dread kind of like the lake could continue to honor that as you know you are Samus Aran your loan women in this planet and you have no idea where. You're going like like I'm into it. Yeah I mean I you will kind of throw my hands up here and say that I. I've never really had the much experience of metro. But just I kind of. Working the show seeing everyone I work- exploding slack and seen the reception. On Twitter. I I'm just like I'm really pumped for it like it looks. Like the- creepy stuff- I cried- Liana. Amira what's on Metroid. That's a lot she did throughout that whole part she never comes to make those cover it was great. Sorry. I'm excited for it that is definitely something I thought I was like oh I want to play this I haven't played much writing years so it's going to be cool and when I say years I mean like back in the day like I was a little kid- so it's gonna be really cool to come back to measuring and joy that hi I definitely was happy about that too- another game that I was really excited for.

The wild even though they gamer stresses me to no end number from my sister soon. It's just. It's hard for me. I think I just like the epic games and it's not as simple as like- I'm one of those super casual casual like I play games on wind in the slightest bit of stress annoys me but I'm like I have to come out of that- in kind enjoy things- that breath of the wild. You know used to stress me out because those monsters are hard- yeah. Eight to get I think it's sort of quite a bit. Well that's a fun game that I like to just you know lay in the bed and like play on my switch and I'm I'm really excited to see- but this. Week was going to consist of and how this is going to call. Yeah I'm I'm like I've been replaying- one of the things I never finished the first time in play but I've been playing breath of the wild myself over the last year or so- because lockdown nowhere else to be.

And I go through these phases with it where I have like I feel like I'm breezing through it and then I will find a trial where it's a trial of strength and I would just get so mad I have to use all my food that I've cooked all the potions that I've spent all this time making. And so I'm already I'm already right there with you I get what you mean about the kind of he's thanks in it yeah read on. Like but it is such a fun game and it's influence is being felt all over like everything. All these games kind of like lord it and you can tell these developers love it so much and it's definitely. I set a new standard I think his older as well Liana what do you think about with the world's.

Do you I. Cool I need to know what's going on planes armed man because like. I know we got the glimpse of it like corrupted by I don't know when that first teaser at him and linker Hammons older going in and you discover this dark cave in you know it's betting up for the danger ahead at I don't know I feel like. Ten point foil hat time but I feel like we're. Waking up. Got it or if it were. I think EIC either he had like so kind of a- to. Laid and like maybe links. From the but tripped it or- or E3 when he woke up he woke up and he just got mad somehow but I want to learn more about that that portal jumping move he did in the trailer. Hi that was one thing that bugs me like you talk about you know stressing out this game. The a weapon breaking really annoyed me. Because it took so long to make it feel balanced it didn't feel meaningful at all until much later in the game so a lot of people I feel like maybe you might have quit before it got meaningful.

But more than that is like the stamina FRAP was like I just. Let me go look this cliff I. Think I swear. I don't know that I thought would do that portal job extra right up until the- let's but- over to number claiming number claiming no. Rules now Nintendo they called me like make sell the player will make it couch co op with all the optional if you want it.

I just want to know and more dogs it needs more dogs we thought yeah he actually needs. To happen this time. Yes it would be dope buildings are becomes like a hobbies are you like that power. Because the way. They thank you does look like the dog and it was like you know I to worry about. Yeah I like whatever energy michael highgam energy or whatever that you have it installed on- I be brought that allowed three times four to sixty Korat seeds- I played it so much and I can't wait for part two of- I.

Like the I don't want to even know anything about it. That's the trouble of being games your list I have to like I don't I don't know anything about Hey look how do you do. That is one no I want to play it. Of but now. Have I because it. My job I have to know about these things and it sucks because I wish I could have a media blackout. Well I feel the same way like. This is because I'm like right near the end of breath of the wild. And like seeing I want to see what breath of the wild fecal looks like for the same time I'm like I don't wanna spoil. Inadvertently spoil myself I don't I think that keeping things. Very very under wraps. So I mean they're not talking until I didn't even say what.

The name of the game. Is so I think I'm- by. It's brother well too until they tell us otherwise okay so all right. Is going to breath. Well I. That's why we're that's likely to be the name just rather the flight. Or something like. A not charged Gaming games. The wild to the skies and beyond- something I'm only good times hearing our panel I'm Mary Jean the only thank you so much for joining us- to the handles on the on screen after to go check out all the incredible work that these three do coming up next we have an interview. But the future of Marvel's Avengers. And I am jordan ramee and I am joined by Josh Bassett's project director for Marvel's Avengers thank you so much for joining us today to talk about some new Marvel's Avengers content. Absolutely excited to be here thanks for making time to speak with us as well. Of course now like right before sitting down like literally right before the ten minutes. Ago I got to see a new trailer for some of the new content coming to Marvel's Avengers.

Of the New control the new cosmic cube events that new content coming in the Wakanda expansions. Lots of cool stuff I had to mute myself but it wouldn't embarrass everyone in the discord call. But I have loads and loads of questions and I really want to start with the cosmic cube events specifically- because this like new event seems like very geared towards like finally taking on. Monica who's kind of been the story of the Avenger side for a very long time- is this like a closing chapter for an arc for Marvel's Avengers. Because it feels very final occur finally going after the big bad who's in charge of paying this kind of been around for awhile and now we're finally going after her and- the feels like a sort of like in tame type of moment.

Yeah we absolutely showcased our upcoming- event cost to keep event which launches next week- and yeah and it we have our an exciting news on sector as you said will face off against Monica refugee. Assigned to supreme and it's sort of a battle for control over the cosmic cube which is. The motion ultimate superweapon that she can use to bend reality itself for her when her will. Over to our heroes. I'm really really excited about the story that we're gonna be telling their and it's part of the narrative arc they'll be continue before with our future beats and roadmap- but we're partnering that on Thursday with a limited time.

Cosmic threat event- will you be able to partake in special missions and challenges to earn our unique courts. And that event that mission that were getting is it's sort of like- here's a little bit more story kind of one and done thing or is it- sort of event that like you and your friends should be playing over and over again to. Grind out for some new rewards- we definitely want you to be planned as both- if by yourself if you'd like but also with your friends- it'll be multiplayer- content. And I think you'll definitely enjoy it if you do so. S. and we've got of first. Kind of first look at the new patrol that. Kinda coming out that's that in like the post apocalypse wasteland- what type of missions are people gonna be able to expect from that new patrol. Yeah like you said we're we're really excited to provide that sneak peek and not a- wasteland patrols will come out.

Later this year and in it when players selected from the work table. The intermission where. They can. Play against random encounters of enemies and villains any fast landscape- where there is no time restraints of the conjoined. I'm looking forward to jumping back into some. Marvel's Avengers express only four and like I think this. This might be where like most of my excited squeals came from. When you all finally showcased. Black Panther and so the story beats. That are gonna come in the Wakhan expansion I'm like.

This looks so does. Thanks cool. As they look a little bit- the little bit MCU inspired in its- design- what inspirations did you take and designing this- to try all of this Wakanda we definitely inspired directly from the comics material- from all the runs of Black Panther and especially the more recent- rise of the Black Panther run. I said I I'm pretty sure that was sherry like his sister I'm like it seems like her she's got that Spohn she's got that personality but I'm like there's no sometimes I can't tell like who the speaker. Yeah yeah well I edit we tease Black Panther without his mask we definitely showed sharia throne room- we also showed a claim EA. And the rest of the Dora Milaje eight. Are we also teased are you this is Claude the main villain for this expansion and in our story he's- alternately trying to steal avocados vibranium it's up to you plan as Black Panther with the rest of the ventures and the rest of Wakanda.

To stop. As I E. it was hard to like get a gist of just like how. Much there was just looking at that trailer is this something that's similar in scope to what players have seen already with- Hawkeye and- Kate bishop expansions is a little bit bigger is a little bit smaller. Yeah I think that the expansion is considerable in size to the past operations that we've done both between the Hawkeye and I kicked isha and we're we're excited about. Continuing offering- additional content on the monthly basis in which we're doing that we see that continuing in the future. I'm not sure how much you can go into this but like the fact that like Black Panther he's- he's not an archer he's not like Kate and haka like even though they had very different skills that's both of them had abilities and fighting powers that were.

Very like year around the fact that they have about one error on their tools that can you speak to anything about how. To chala fits into the overall like squad make. Up like what type of character yes. Well Jeff be covering that more as we do our updates to our road map- but what I can say is it's been so exciting- clans Black Panther it's done in the last few months- on the development project it just. You know celebrating the power of the suit the wacom technology the ancestral past- and- you know. Just. These are both his traversal and stroke combats it's gonna be really exciting. Back to that because mac- cube. Van for just a little bit- should players be like expected to grind out a little bit to prepare for it is there like a minimum level for it like what's the way of getting into.

Fighting against Monica. I yeah I think it'll be content that's available to all players to partake in and we look forward to two people jump in there and facing off against. Monica S. A. it's definitely things are going up against Monica it feels like a very. Post campaign thing probably not something you want to dive into. Before you actually- playing the story but- should players go through hot guy and Kate bishop's- campaign first before jumping into. The events of this upcoming event or does it not connects to much to those post launch stories- absolutely I would definitely recommend you know plants the single player campaign planes and Kate bush of taking aim plan through our Hawkeye. Future in perfect it's just gonna make the experience all the more richer and- and yeah like read the comics. Look for the inspirations I have fun while you play it- and all of our stories I'm sure you're used to. It seems that that the quality the crystal annexes been putting out- for the story of our games- and it this is no exception with.

Every beat that we. Do is Delbert intentionally. R. Ford. S. A. N. for one of these- thing that we saw in the trailer so we can go through them one by one so the cosmic cube event- new patrol the Wakanda content like what's the overall goal for each of these things like what is the ideal for what each one of these are supposed to bring to the Marvel's Avengers experience the way I could answer that is it's generally touching on are generally our whole focus- for moving forward and I think it's quite clear and if there's one thing I want to say it's this which is. Crystal and I'm X. is absolutely dedicated to delivering the Marvel's Avengers game our fans want answer- we aim to deliver compelling content- you know we're talking about things like I Katoch supervillains I conduct locations from just the comics- and ever expanding cast of heroes and partnering that with meaningful rewards and progression our players want to serve as a new kind of detailed out like a road map for this that we start in June with the cosmic cube event like.

People are gonna be able to play the first part of this trailer like very soon is this kind of the plan for the rest of twenty twenty one or is this kind of like oh here's like the next few months but we have more in the pipeline after this well we definitely want to talk about the road map as we update it and definitely celebrate that with the community and talk through those beats- I think they'll be a little bit of it's not necessarily that we have a formula that we want to follow- but given the time and E3 and the cost to keep. It made a lot of sense to talk about here and we're really excited about it- but that site were also taken the same opportunity to release speak up about just that same level excitement you have for Black Panther you know sure that- and so we love to talk about that and through the course of the summer we'll be updating a roadmap and engage in that conversation thank okay I feel like I've done my due diligence I feel like I've done enough of going back to talk cosmic cube and.

Patrol that I can now selfishly go back to our- you. Questions- Black Panther- I. Okay I very curious like if one of those like. Weird bizarre things that as we get into more and more like game as a service games like Marvel's Avengers it's like oh you're gonna tracks like new players like months years after the game. Has already come out like is there any way for someone to just jump straight into the Black Panther content at their like on picking up Marvel's Avengers. Later this year like in the holidays or something and I would like to just jump immediately into this story just to see it because I want to try it or is it more like oh no this is. This post launch like you need to grind up to this yeah we want people to participate in the content they're really excited about and so yeah there's no- rules restrictions for a new player jumping in and immediately clans Black Panther and experience your mac. The story missions. Same with- feud now story missions under the belt like a bishop pakai.

And the cosmic cube event is coming. Black Panther after that like stories like beginning to. Fill up where is there any plans to kind of do like a- here's like a quick story recap if you're like. Jumping in here is like is anything like that in the works or is it more of a like the player kind of. Needs to fill in the blanks themselves yeah it's definitely something we talk about internally in the del Valle. Development team and- we'll definitely share- any updates that question as they come in the roadmap. All right awesome that is all of my questions for now the don't like jump immediately into please tell me like every single detail of the story for Black Panther site know what it is because it looks very cool I'm excited to play. Thank you Josh that was for putting up with my D. ky and tex I I'm like.

I'm like partially like shivering and like excitement over here and I'm really really hoping it doesn't come and on the video that I was like bouncing in my chair and certain moments with a looks unprofessional- so. Parris but- that's all the time we have thank you again so much for joining me and answering questions it's been fun learning about what's coming in Marvel's Avengers with the new patrol with the cosmic cube vans.

With Wakanda with Black Panther a lot of exciting stuff a lot of things that I think people have been still playing the game we're gonna be looking forward to and for everyone at home who was watching remember. Stay safe and stay tuned to GameSpot for more Marvel's Avengers and play for all content. Via. We are back that was a and feature length interview for Marvel's Avengers showing off some of the Black Panther stuff which was featured earlier in the week at the press conference and- that's right explained- I may not laughs I'm active I would say laughed if I was trying to preserve any so if they can if I am actively playing tomorrow's. Event so. You need. I actually I think there's lots of. What time is we it now yeah did in out you know I'd wanted some comes with a look at my Kokomo she's alright. So she's turned okay all and yeah that that is that is what it's about but- yes so- why I am super. About getting the stuff in because it looks meet it looks like a big old Avengers steak.

Thank 1 for his biceps. Well we know from the- lack. Yeah both classical. Yeah that's the flip that's the flip DLC though like because do you think about Avengers and I've talked to Greg about this too- when ready E3 is that it was contemplating Greg is like the biggest like Marvel's Avengers stand out there I guess and my god kind of. I can respect that- so it's nice to see the like again this kind of goes into what I was saying about philosophy six as in the with Marvel's Avengers is that. The content roadmap it's all about the road map and the kind of the feedback you take in what you do with that I think like. You know- Black Panther is that he is that character- like the whole the story about Black Panther is the like something that will grab a lot of people including myself. So like a plate I understood what it was I still don't know if the core of that game is necessarily up my alley but I do want to see how the game is going to fall because obviously.

This being Marvel is such a huge you do anything you do anything with Marvel- so I think the future is bright for it and I think a lot I think my- my taste for is really depend on how this a Black Panther DLC- plays out- but it looks like just judging from the trailer and kind of. The different elements they're putting into it I do think this is gonna be very interesting for those who may be lapsed or if keep playing like.

I don't know man I don't. You do it but- I respected. Lucy is anything there about ten. To come back come back to us Lucy. You know I don't think that is at this point I think the black the stuff looks really cool. One of my favorite- although heroes and- I think I would defend it play that and then leave. Ultimately because I think my issue with Avengers is that I thought that the campaign itself was really strong and I loved the way that heroes played and I love to be credible touches that they had on that campaign.

But when I go to the live service stuff I would I just bounced off it so quickly I have. A very low threshold full reputation- in games and- Marvel's Avengers wasn't nothing but repetition it was a slow grind. And you know watching you- friend of the show Simon Cardy obviously living with Greg at the time. Andrew Goldfarb like all of you guys going to the platinum well you guys trying to hit level cap. Like you would just I would just his stories about you hitting hives over and over again and I was like come on to that too he spelled I'm sorry I need to be I need to do it like I'm terrible for.

Lake just bouncing off games dies I was a terrible thing that I do all the time but I feel like once I completed the Avengers campaign and bounced off the live action I felt like I was justified. They have a ladies and gentlemen lucy james. Thoroughly explaining why she does not want to play video games. Stephanie I hate to see it even. I mean. Of. Yes it. Yeah I am I like I said I'm excited for it and thankfully I have Craig I've been to go far I have some quality so I'll be. E3 friend I've got three friends.

Don't need you. Simon Harding of them as yeah- wow gold Lasko I've said that so- in- both ended up doing nothing well we will hang out in a pot you try and play different games which is. Presently phone 5 and jazz. Coming up next we've got a block of trailer is hot trailer is coming hot off the presses I say hot off the presses. They're actually sent by email last week and- so they are they are like fully fully. Cool down but it's still good trailer. We've got games including tell him. I've got residual we've got one lonely outpost no place for bravery no coal and drugs I know what you're thinking. I know how to any of those games. If you have those games great job everyone the people who are like I am head of any of those games trust us there were sticking around for they're worth checking out because- we picked. We know a thing or two about video games.

I do. Michael highgam does this he doesn't have any. So. What do you guys know any about anything about any of these games yeah one lonely outpost- was a stand out when we were at- hello pointed up here just make sure I got I got it straight yeah it was one of the standout games during the various indie showcases that were happening during E3 I think there there is also a- like a like a development developer all interview about it where it's basically you know. The hopper the harvest moon well yeah I'll kinda like harvest moon Stardew valley type thing- but for space and like I think that's- it's really interesting because I think a lot of it has to do with isolation and how to deal with isolation and when you think when I think back to Stardew valley and the kind of like the relationships you build black and I'm not sure if when we oppose the strike and hit like the same notes is that but when I look at that game might.

I feel like I get notes of that no one really want to try it for myself to see like how it spends that sort of genre so I got my eyes on it I think a lot of people are tall talking it up to once it was revealed during E3 so. Definitely keep an eye out for. Anything on that list that you. Personally I have not of a of the ones so I make just to get a fresh of trailer this meeting will be. Sorry yeah I think hi this keep your little. Things yeah I think for me that 1 nahi outposts and no place for bravery ready stick out as the two games I'm intrigued in love games over the lost we can offer I need to write go back and watch trailer to write their names down of thankfully I've started using the Jiji app which allows me to.

Create lists and I've got a list of indie games I want to check out- shot he G. were not sponsored by them but if they want to focus on sponsorship money. Hello are you boys. The blessing. I DO Eugenia. It's a G. anyway let's kick it over to the trailer is enjoy. What probably. The. But after. At if. You. At seven but Xbox. But. But but and- the- 5. If. It. Not. I don't. Some already here maybe something interesting it's. If you is make me. It's an orange pixel anyway. It's kind of an extrapolation a modern kind of debate that we have now where there's people saying that organic food is so much better there really isn't a clear cut answer the player will make that choice the synthetic route is more about mass production and control in a lot of ways a greater degree of control over the outcome still with your plan.

By selecting specific genes and it'll give you very likely result. Max is much more distance kind of like say forget it so it's less engaging ultimately will be. Produce high quality of staff it was organics you're focusing on. Your tending to the individual plants and experimenting with cross breeding to try and come up with new varieties naturalistic is more hands on that means that you're almost always going to have to check in on. Someone with the naturalistic farm probably will never have this big farm as a synthetic. Tier two after you've made that decision and growing your calling a little bit more you get into the third narrative game which is kind of the last arc and it's about colony independence so you're winning certifications.

Your own independent little self government entity. In the greater universe. We. The. It. Hi I'm part of the kids was sixteen and I'm here to show you a run through of on you gamer. Read it. Zero spirits. Say confirm inspired D. rose light flashes. Add in proceedings and it levels a dash of stealth. And a whole heap of studio Ghibli inspired on. And that's pretty much all game you play as the- some in spirit of the prince of the kingdom of mudra. You mean ability as you've probably already seen. This and switch between the bodies of your feelings. Each anytime has their own six stance skills in a taxi so you find yourself.

To decide when and if you should change to a new host body depending on what the levels during it you. As you battle through enemies who come across various perks and modifies can you choose between as well as- a freight train carried over from the future and. The overall story in goal over experience read the kingdom of major from an ancient evil is taking over the land defeating the great chaos demon. For now though which try to find a way through next you find an exit to the federal level. So not only does the ghost form offer you the chance to faster and stealthier around enemies.

You can also see the best way through the level. Full some secrets that might be hidden. All right let's skip ahead just a little bit. They're very secret strangers in challenges stream trout the levels that's up to you if you want to take the bonus or. So he has the exact we just got one boss battle to deal with first. So that was a successful run of just one of all levels. We know the games like for experience live and breathe through close community feedback so we plan to release in early access sometime this year. Followed by full release in twenty twenty two. If you currently have the free steam demo like trying to solve.

Thanks Watson. And that was a look at some more trailer is not michael highgam did anything grab your hi- yes- was a call was the first game call with the black and white one with the- yes. Because I saw that blow up on Twitter recently because of how creative it handles- different camera angles and it's a photography game so you're you have like this top down view and then you can snap in the first person.

To snap your photos and I think it's just such a such a fascinating way to build a world because obviously perspective changes you look at the world differently. I definitely want to check that out I really like the art style there I think the game is doing something very creative. And now I got my eyes on it even more so. Now that we saw trailer. What are you. Our you are Carmen which it was I think it was one lonely outpost- the one that was- start your body what we've got okay so. That I'm I know what was going on there but I just look like acoustic single gonna hi Kelly Xbox is get the vegetable and add on those crops so I'm gonna be playing that game roleplaying as Goku Baghdad west dad Goku is just trying to build up far like.

Half the characters named after vegetables anyway. Yep BBC yeah exactly yep okay Turkey origins that works that's what's if you. Home is very little on- I was and you to be very. Right now though was going to go over those two time another group of industry piles of this time we have blessing Adeoye junior from kind of funny as well SO what Mike from kind funny and- giant bombs very own Jeff Bakalar to talk about their favorite meals are from in this year's E3 and it's a good group of lads so I'm sure you'll have a very nice time. The company to watch and see. What they thought take a- you're watching Spohn cover all of E3 twenty twenty one as part of play for all and for this special segment I've assembled a triple threat of amazing people from around the games industry we've got. But I should get up up up up blessing that is when the blessings come in how you doing blasting.

I'm doing good man how you doing. I am doing really well because we've also call. The king of high. No bicycle my sickle how you doing man I'm so good I'm gonna talk video games and share the love and the passion with you you know that I'm excited. Fantastic and we've called the one and only Jeff. Macula bacula how you doing Jeff. Like I wanted I'm hungry now is what I. Talk with you find people I'm excited. Fantastic so first things first I want to kind of get your temperature of E3 twenty twenty one you know it was kind of a weird one not impressed and very did you owe a lot of conferences that if you've been watching kind of funny.

You would assume a lot of face problems from the crew that but we were given facepalm tempat like kind of a weird E3 blessing what did you make of the three twenty twenty one. E3 twenty twenty one was. Fairly interesting as he put it you know coming off of a year of. Not having E3 and have having the Summer Games fast and having all the different. Showcases and presentations spread out over a summer I think the thing that was nice about having E3 back is that so much of it is condensed into this one week and so we don't have this.

Long summer where by the end of it we feel super exhausted granted we are still to have things like opening night live and things like I EA play happening in July and I'm sure Playstation is gonna do something somewhere- so they're still gonna be some of that but I do think it's nice to have. E3 back to be the central- week of announcements and showcases- that said I feel like this. This weekend E3 it's been hot and cold in terms of how different publishers have been approaching it I think you see folks like. Nintendo and Xbox some of the some of the big ones doing it right so making sense kick off doing it right in terms of. What should a showcase B. how to how do we showcase these games and what are the big announcements we want to bring to the show. You know in a year that's been so. Weird and difficult for so many in terms of what it what it's like to make a game that you have game delays you have- publishers after being unsure about when their team's gonna come out which leads to that maybe not knowing when to announce.

Thank you and how to announce thing. You know seeing the fact we got announces. That had concrete dates to him I think is impressive by itself. I so with that you know I'm very excited that we got starfield for next year I'm very excited that we got red fall for next year things like- Brussel out to you that for next year then halo infinite for. This fall still I and then with Nintendo so many games are laid out for this fall I think that alone made for a very. Exciting E3 for me and a very impressive E3 in terms of you know pivoting and figuring out what that looks like. But then on the opposite side I think you also had a lot of publishers having showcases just how showcases. And a lot of those where. This is a into mischief the most part like. We know it comes to like what you let Gearbox. Okay me those a huge mess for me that. Koch we- show okay. Was kind of a mess for what they're trying to do their Capcom as well like. You got you kind of had. Both ends of the stick in terms of.

All right cool the big guys doing it big and then the other guys are. Seemingly or just having a showcase because they know they can't because- digital which means it's- easy- but I think that's the evolution E3 and- we'll see where it goes from here we'll see what next year's E3 looks like. Yeah I think I feel like that's a- pretty great summation of the entire event.

Mike- you know that. We're gonna come we're gonna have one of the host of the Xbox on here without specifically talking about Xbox- but obviously. How how do you think microsoft fat. This this year because we had a couple. On shore E3 is. Previously like what was your take on microsoft this time. I was really impressed with microsoft this time I think a lot of the community around the game for happy to see if they come back and I think. They saw microsoft do really good job of listening to what their fans and their viewers want out of a ninety minute press conference right you it have the addition of.

But as the now and we thought before is but that's going to have their own conference so they can have just a clear divide. Of Xbox and it does not think they did a really great job and building both of them. Opponents of great faces like Serra bond at Todd Howard Pete Hines it was really exciting. To see the meld between both of these companies coming together and sharing the spotlight. And that's for Xbox and just the ninety minutes it really listens right they brought us games games games we didn't have to go into deep developer diaries we didn't have to get lost. With just the faces talking for an extended monologue so all in all ninety minutes of just fun right and they get you with someone else like blessing said. Red fall coming in twenty twenty two the anybody was ready for project Elmander just kind of splash on the screen. And halo multi player I mean that was a big one right there halo infinite multiplayer got a big boost out of everybody.

Adam re energized for the halo franchise after a poor showing last year and- they didn't have to harp on it right we didn't have to bring out break the brute. We don't have to show you all what we re did was like Hey. Here's our bread and butter let's get excited we'll talk more and so. Microsoft. Empathize that they did a great job this year. Yeah I'm Jeff EIC of want to get. Take on- show was a- bowl. What do you think E3 is looking like in the future- you know obviously Sony is.

I'll for now do they need. Does the FAA need to figure out a way to bring Sony back given that. The time that they would have taken up is being spent with smaller. Kind of showcases like passing mention the Capcom the Gearbox. Is essential for the essay to build that bridge again do you think all or do you think that they've got something here that they can really.

Finesse and fine tune into something that works even without Sony. I mean I've surprised if they were not actively at all times trying to repair that- but- you know. I think what. ESA's learning and they have learned a while ago with a lot of people realize is that. You know the these big vendors don't need E3 as much as E3 needs them and I hate to B. as sort of brutal as as that but that is what this.

World is now that is what. The world of you know shows are regardless of the medium whether it's games or any honestly any other sort of. You know. Being- in the world in terms of like what industries need to do to get their things out in front of people. We're on a different sort of. You know schedule now it's been like that for awhile even before the pandemic. I think E3 before the pandemic was on pretty shaky ground I feel like every year we- get out to LA we get back we're just like Hong. What's that gonna look like next year in that story. You can go in the in the direction that I think the essay you wanted to go to and look this is just.

How we are evolving right this is just the nature of it- so I think. You know all that said- if you look at like how did the show go right like what was that what was the takeaway what what was that. You know kinda knee jerk reaction for me. I said a lot of like Hey All Things Considered and I think that's kind of where I landed you know. All Things Considered when you take into account the way the plan it changed in the last twenty months. The fact that like. We got out of E3 kind of feeling good about the state of our industry- that's a win right that feels good- that's what you want to see. So in that regard I think that's that's- pretty impressive that. You know we- you know all things considered we got out of this. On you know it in in the right sort of frame where there's some solid momentum and- and their stuff to look forward to- but again. You know in twenty two we're going to have this conversation again and- kind of reset the deck in and see where we're at.

Yeah show. So I'm going to hell in a couple of games. For each of you that Randy kind of start out and captured your- attention blessing was that a game or two games whatever maybe have that really stuck with you and- I kinda like holy moly this is something to get excited about. I think for me the obvious one is altering ten or no you're one of the but when the most high people want to come Seldon. Is patient now I'll- it makes me feel like how a snow bike michael highgam lives so it's like.

I get it. I want you I want to feel like the way tam feels when about altering all the time well I got a lot of that and sell that over the counter I want that okay. But yeah I got a recent fan of from software games you know I've I be bloodborne back in December and then right after I was like I got a place at corona B. Secker own I absolutely fell in love segro. And you know I've had this kind of hunger to play more and of course I have I've dipped in the demon's souls I wanna get into dark cell dark souls as well- building is when I've been hyped for because coming off of both bloodborne sector I feel like. From software has this flow that there and where they are like Hey we got something with our formula and we know how to make different types of games played games I still fall into that core- ethos of.

That political souls like you know souls born in our design philosophy of games that can be brutal in punishing but also has immaculate level design and also have. Just fantastic combat and also kind of play around with with that can be and- we've been waiting for altering for awhile you know we got that we got the original trailer awhile ago- and I think. So many of us were anticipating seeing it this week into the fact that we got it was 1 by itself very satisfying thing but- I think the look that we got a game play was very exciting as well you know seeing. Civil what that open world looks like some of what exploring the open world looks like some with the combat looks like- we got interviews with me is akki afterwards talking about- how the world's gonna be open what what the dungeon like- aspects of the map we're going to be and how they connect together- it with a different biomes of the world.

Are going to be in so much that I think struck me as exciting and yeah for me though is that the one the one of the most exciting. Things I got from this E3. Yeah Mike yeah I know your also. High for. M. is a same with you have some. Else that's really like at tickling your- your- you know excitement. More the that. I get this couple game action when appointed to and we're gonna keep it was some extreme sports over on my side so I want to give a big shout out to riders of public. Would you be soft of course but I just want to shine the light on a smaller team and that's shredders. The idea Xbox game coming out of- Xbox is team with a small development squad shredders. Is trying to be the spiritual successor to amp to.

And that's 1 for me being up here in Tahoe being ingrained in the snowboard ski industry. For all my life I've always been on the search for that grounded realistic snowboard game without EA big NSX tricky around really. All the down on the extreme sports fun I've always been looking for who's next in who's gonna do it right who's gonna bring it. That more grounded level and make me feel like I am on the slopes but I'm not during my downtime in.

This squad really looks to be diving into what skiing and snowboarding is all about the fun of being out in the back country with your friends. Going out there and hit no rail hit the box the one massive offer some jobs and I'm really excited to see. What this team can do come December and- no online multi player is going to be a big one for me and my friends to go straight the slopes but- traders and rides a public definitely have my. Eye right now for the extreme sports. Living up to the snow by. Money that. Talking about like hidden by like that easy thank. Yeah for when I a ball on I just get. Can make it the whole way. But I respect your confidence. I yeah I wanna see some. Good age when I Gearbox is I mean I'm physically colliding into boxes.

A lot yeah Jeff what what what do you see the- excited you. So Q. games really stood out for me one game I'll parolee had been announced ready and I didn't really catch wind of it that's a comic heart. I a comic card spoke to me even though it was a short little trailer I was just like. I don't know what's going on here but this is so weird and strange and- feels very much cut from- the- cloth of like a bioshock if that cloth was soaked.

In acid like L. S. D. or something like that so I'm down with that whatever that winds up being I just want to know more about it. And yeah also- Somerville- I think thank Gaming. It did something to me- when that trailer ran about like a family of three kind of just making their way through whatever the hell is going on in that world- I feel like that's the game that's gonna make me cry a little bit. And I- I don't necessarily want that out of the game but there is something- about that the creepiness. You know it like. I don't know either you know there's the pedigree there that- there's like a bat pleaded pedigree there and I think.

You know I wanna I wanna see what's next for that kind of thing and that story is just- the drip feed is just enough that that has me- curious about what exactly that story is gonna look like. And if they kill any of those family members. I'm not happy at all okay. Yeah some of- definitely really cold it hasn't been said so I'm just gonna drop halo in for me- that game looks incredible like- the multiplayer specifically and- the thing that excites me most is like my friend circle has grown in a- massive way over the last few years like when I played halo loss really intensely. It was a smaller group of people now you know I'm like surrounded by people that I know that love halo and I'm gonna be into it like I cannot wait I can't come out and it's free the multiplayer jump.

Hello my. Friends it's gonna be awesome. Before we- close this I will to. Return to E3 a whole point and- kind of go around and get the ideal what do you think that the SAT sure- kind of. He all I know- impacts change to make sure that the next time we do this it's a success- anything everything busing what do you reckon is a key thing for them to either change or do to make sure that. Next time we come back it's good time. Yeah I mean that's a that's a very good question because next time we come back it'll probably be an in person E3.

You know I know for us people on the media side you we kind of missed out on. Having those in person demos the behind the closed doors previews and all the things that really make E3- a valuable experience for us being able to report on games he missed a lot of that this year and so. A lot of our reactions you come purely from trailer isn't talking about. The gameplay demos that we see in the Nintendo treehouse live and things like that- inside I want to see them. Go back to that and figure out how to make that still worthwhile especially if they're going to stick to a- hybrid or somewhat digital model. Because for E3 I don't ever imagine E3 is going to be. The same E3 that we knew and like a twenty eighteen you know I don't think E3 will ever go back to being an all in person if and I think.

In the future is going to be somewhat of a mix between we have now. And what we had in the past and so. With that I want to see them figure that out I also want to see. Better and clear communication regarding. What makes a showcase a showcase because I know when they put out the whole E3 calendar. You know. Not all showcases are equal in terms of. What their purpose is and what the level of announcements are at them. What I what I get for a microsoft but that's the game showcase is way different from what I got from the Capcom showcase. And I want to see them- that. Specify that out in a way that feels clear whether it is changing the language in making it so that. The Xbox but that's the thing that's presentation- that Square Enix thing that's a presentation what- I Gearbox did that's more of a- who knows ad or marketing they are at thank they got if I feel you gotta find language delineate yeah Hey this is this and this is this this is gonna have big announcements this is a must.

Let's see if being a must tune in thing where is this is more of a that programming thing this is here just take up the slack I think them figuring out what that is what that looks like for them is going to make it so that there is there is more value in terms of Hey you know everybody gather through and watch this thing together because this is going to bring an excitement versus people leaving with this point in what they do to. Do tune into a Capcom showcase. And there's not much new there. Yeah michael highgam you reckon it was really well said blessed I would add ons that of like kind of that take to that Koch media could almost be slotted in this like Hamels quote unquote right we no panels no welcome packs and all these other events we've gone too and I think with the transition back into us being there on the show floor I think you will see things of like a this is a pain all right you can go to this you can tune in online.

But this isn't going to be your prime time slot where you have to be there I think that will definitely be a good one is right with the wording blast but for me I'd actually go on the flip side and say Hey let's find a way to work with Jeff Healey you know I think we have this weird delineation of Summer Games fast and we have E3 and I think he did a great job like kicking off the weekend they make you feel like this big thing. But then there's like this hard line of like- that's not part of us right we're a whole different thing then we started to see overlap of like Hey there's a couple in the conferences that could have been the same as this in the conference and now they started to get model down you see the same game over and over it almost becomes a meme and I think Abingdon Jeff in his you know.

Expertise and what he can bring to elevate your presentation and your van it would be really good for them and expressly a team with the ASA loves you know taking a lot of negative feedback is try to figure out that criticism to make the best look to Jeff and see if you guys can work together because I think he does a really good job and I'd like to see that more clear in the. Cohesive as one unit. Yeah like this one is a- of. I mean the- and- I. Him as like pretending. Does exist. Jeff what you reckon yeah I think that many of that- keep. Now I definitely agree with what- bless Mike said it you know. View yet to deny it like- you know Keely sort of existence is sort of crazy and I think a lot of people already conflate- this being that he does with the three as well so they're sort of they're they're just kind of. Not really figuring out the right way to acknowledge that and sort of mesh it all together I think the ESA definitely needs to learn- from this sort of.

You know unique E3 in in ways of organization- just- sort of echo- what blessings saying you know there's a lot that we did not know till the very sort of last minute. Felt like a lot of things were just sort of coming together in a way that you know you look it can right we can get away with that sort of you know planetesimals because of the situation we're all in but- at the same time you know it's gonna take a lot of. Messaging and sort of righting the ship in that regard I think listening to press and journalists to have these not so great experiences with the things that with the tools that the is a sort of put out there and- and what that is like in.

You know in and how- and how to make that better. Ears up a little bit in hearing what people have to say about that entire experience- book I realize you know there's still you know bills that need to be paid and you know that you're not going to get away with. Maybe having to have you know Verizon spend a lot of money on the thing. And I don't claim to have the answers of how you make that work it's- I do not envy the people who have that as their task- but it's just something that is continually gonna have to be figured out and- you know it will look a lot different next year- I can I can almost guarantee you that but- where the where the gradual changes come. I think- are going to be the most important. Well that's thank you so much for your insight it was super valuable and I've enjoyed talking to you a lot about games.

Mr can a sap- thank you to everyone watching we're gonna kick it back over to the desk now. Thank everyone I. Thank you to snow bike might. Jeff Bakalar and blessing for joining us on the stream is a lot of fun trying to them now. Sadly our time is coming to an end who this is the last segment of all the live show. For the weeks that we've been at a- I we're going to go I was most E3 is due by presenting some awards. You know these are awards that we've thrown together very quickly but we feel like they're a good representation of E3 we want to award. The highs and lows all of all of the week so far- so how this is gonna work is I'm gonna read out the category.

I have a short discussion about what that means. And then michael highgam hime is- is gonna is gonna read out. The winner. We haven't nominees every time nominees it's gonna it's going to give it. Now you might be asking how in depth have we gone with these awards have we printed them out have we- forge them into using three D. printers. Like we have been previous yes but gamer the able get awards made and give it to the developers. And what I can tell you is. Ladies and gentlemen we haven't done any of that because- lazy as hell that's how we roll we opened up a Google doc we came up with some awards. And then we assign them the women and by we I mean me I did it. And everyone else went that that works and now we're going to give a great michael highgam and I made suggestions to.

Our I said I said I said to together yes so I the- I'm gonna read them out. And then- all the bad awards off from me all the good actual good awards all from Lucy and michael highgam- because that's how we balance each other out- three years. Yeah yeah the first award category is the most K. all a game all of this show on. Lucy what what games do you we think of what is K. EIC mean to you.

K- six to me is- an energy it's a way of life. It's something that goes against the grain you know and so when it came time to discuss this awards. Many games of chaotic aspects but really only one. Click away it took the element of chaos and really just became 1 with it yeah J. to kind of bring up some of the potential we had battlefield the new battlefield was shown and that is an extremely K. alright game. You the explosions there's a sand storm that rolls fruit a and mac one point there's a harder cane that rolls through at one point. Eight absolutely wild- another chaotic game that was shown during the actual- showcase Mario Rabbids those. Rabbits known for their chaos- so another big bacon that. But that could only be one and michael highgam are you ready to reveal what them big chaotic the most chaotic game on the show was I gotcha all right so most chaotic game of the show award goes to.

Stranger in paradise final fantasy origins. Origins of course no other game wants you to once you take take take chaos to another level quite like that when you know it's not even just like it's not even just about like killing chaos fighting chaos becoming chaos. That demo that drop created chaos because it took twenty four hours more than twenty four hours for anyone to actually play it was just up to you stranger paradise they are no stranger to chaos.

Well do you know what I mean your paradises like maybe the office of chaos because you are that to kill chaos so maybe if anything it's orderly. I understand this obsession with chaos hi. I don't understand where it's gonna go I wouldn't be surprised if the like. Mission chaos well why not. The next award is the least necessary showcase award what does this mean I think you know it means everyone this means. Everyone knows when you're all logged because you look at the schedule and it says showcase name of company showcasing you're like oh boy this is going to be interesting there's gonna be some game show there's gonna be some costar Sean and the recent news and- then you can feel yourself aging you can feel yourself.

That time fox is like it's like washing over you like your body's going is deteriorating as the as the- showcases happening law of contenders for that this year there were quite a few. We had. Many many many of them Lucy with the cold describe mythical yet can you describe the feeling that you feel when you go into one of these showcase and you. Suddenly realize that it's a it's a at one of the least necessary showcases.

Well I mean first does the is the disappointment right because you know the news team is prepped to take a new stories and write them up the video team is practically about videos to post- to cite you cheapen social and then we are all here like making notes ready for our reactions. And then you just get a damp squib of a press conference press conference- and it's disappointing but also a lot of them sometimes just a bit like- he did that huh. In. There was a lot of them you mentioned- mythical on that. Yeah Capcom Capcom rolling out being like kissing games thought you know I'll Ole we'll be coming out like in about ten minutes- I'm ever and then they'll EIC also resident evil village DLC is happening but that can only be one winner. Michael highgam are can there only be one winner. That is not true because we have two winners for least necessary showcase award at E3 twenty twenty one it is a tie between Gearbox and Bandai Namco congradulations played yourself.

You play the sun you wasted our time well done. These kind of like- front runners for different reasons I guess the Gearbox want they had a lot of things that. We were interested in but they gave us nothing all of nothing of value for those. He three times did you know that whole world one one year back in two thousand three overall three coming soon. Like I guess I guess type deal. 1 Amanda it has the same trailer that we saw earlier in the week as a matter Kevin Hart in with Randy Pitchford now yeah Karen Hodges given just absolutely not a high 5 and Randy Pitchford one bit Randy Pitchford walking around an empty warehouse. Just being like this is where the movies being made.

They gonna show us the cost you maybe no help and then of course Bandai Namco devoted their entire showcase to one game. Which made me how that looks has. Yeah house of Russia's does look cool could be an interesting game but the epitome of should have been an email just to stick a link Hey but they've got a round about it they have us talking about it so maybe who's so maybe we don't let ourselves. Yeah use the religious half. From this point on we're gonna get very specific. Our next category is the best use of zoom award what does this mean. I don't know I got close I just wrote the best use of zoom because there's one there's one showcase that happened which was. It wasn't a showcase of games it was a showcase of video conferencing tools. Michael highgam what is the what is the winner of this award.

And best use of zoom award goes to. Kok media Koch media ya can't even get your own name straight how you'd probably that's the problem is the pro what worst worst use of a company name I would guess I you know I'm giving out awards to **** crash. I don't know whatever you want to be is. Still shots of the- I don't know well. This this your status. Where it was just. I felt like it gonna do me the entire time for us day. Again they were just like throw from person the other interview and I was. They played extreme loud label. The show video the star the hop I think during the CUNY's. And it was the loudest trailer of the show- but yeah and then the other thing they did is one of my favorite things was watching the kind of funny that like- free show for this and they were like Hey. No matter what happens we'll get a definitive answer on how to pronounce the name of the company and then they proceeded to pronounce it in four different ways during the showcase.

And then it comes back to that kind of funny right now like. God you truly hate this. Well done to them. Biggest flex award. Now this is. Obviously easy you know exactly which means this is a game a company coming out there. Just ripping the show off and just- while. Love well product just look at this rippling. With oil not for this lots of potential death we had. We had professor showing off starfield. We had. Nintendo Lucy can you think of any flexes that you think might be contenders for this- no you said Nintendo and that was going to be yeah but what you could do.

So much in there Maitreyi should gone with trade that was the way he said Nintendo like an umbrella term monthly I got because it at Square Enix is guardians looking good. That was that was a good one actually works York Smith Rocksmith plus. All relax- and now to say something but we'll save for the for a leader award actually. Okay okay michael highgam will you please reveal the biggest flex award all right so the biggest flex they came out and said it with their chest. We're giving it to specifically Xbox GamePass baby every single thing revealed you know what all the sick **** game that you want to play right now it's working day one you'll be able to play on Xbox GamePass your subscriber. Don't trips talking to you all played out for the rise Bungie will play a little campaign one play that go beyond GamePass.

I also like the game of the year twenty twenty is also on GamePass now Yuccas elected drag. I got to tell me tell me that's not the biggest flex the shop right there you know I'm saying why custody should be. Coming through shirtless boy let's get. Do we give yet twenty. I did. That's all matters no we gave it to. Get up about. Give me that's unfortunately no on GamePass suddenly- yeah microsoft out here like Oprah just given games to everyone for free- you I truly love to see it next category we have is the only ship what is this award and- that is every anytime you say it has to be said about holy **** what is this and that is something that caught you by surprise something that you did not expect and it has blown you away Lucy is there anything that sticks out in your mind as doing that- and plus all Rocksmith.

Plus get news in an apt now- are you think read full to death means sending- I also think- merry plus rapids- huh let me see I think- holy **** what is this- me blessing Adeoye what's- this game was released during show your Nintendo is press conference and that is the game that you're trying to think of right now yeah. Yeah that was specific well this'll work will get will we're going toward my personal game the show will that laid out so I'll save it for and then but- if we want to know. If you all want to know what the holy **** what is this award for E3 twenty twenty one it is replaced. Tell us about him. Replaced it was shown during the Xbox press conference and it is one of the coolest looking game Stephanie does a lot of indie games this year.

I think that's one of the side effects all of having last. Played you know developers and publishers eating up all the air- you know the- the Indies really got the- chance to. Yes some breathing room and they were everywhere on big showcases like microsoft. And even in their own ones and the price was one of the coolest looking ones I called granny explained why looks like quite a striking all style has. You know quickly become the talk of Twitter and its wayfinding that the trailer- on a you tube and check them out because. It is real real cool. I the next one is the- global war which means a game that might have been shown nvidia. In the year or previous yes the house- repaired and is looking fine as hell. A lot of opportunities that but- we're going to speed things up because I have quickly started to lose my voice- and what's going to because I had. Michael highgam print.

Whoa whoa are you all y'all okay yeah- nvidia. Stuff michael highgam off the streets is that the three can you reveal the game that won the biggest global war. End the biggest global awarded E3 twenty twenty one goes to. Halo in finance because and you were looking for fine right now- that lighting textures the fax floating through space in for Spartan armor school boy Hey low end is look and write.

Hello hit the gym hello when how and so our stylist hello you know put in the work you know did some light because Medicare came back and he's looking irresistible currently. Fiftieth the trailer the next category is the most explosions E3 twenty twenty one awards Lucy. Do you think there's a threshold for explosions is there such thing as too many explosions trailer.

No I think I think we are long past the limit of too many explosions and trailer they just have to be good ones you know they have to the of different sizes- different sounds. You think they can never be too many explosions. Yeah and there certainly was one game which had a different kinds of explosions small ones big ones- multiplexed lotions next to each other explosions within explosions it was wild- michael highgam can you reveal the winner of the most explosions of E3 twenty twenty one award. Absolutely the most explosions of E3 goes to. Battlefield twenty forty two because it's not just grenades and missiles and guns popping off climate change is also exploring and battlefield 214-214-0220 forty two. Boy there are tornadoes sandstorms all kinds of things you'll you'll you'll want to listen the roots answer can you turn that up you play Balfe battlefield. Less edit and- then. What the CMX award I've been I've been told in my ear that we are taking far too long with this award ceremony so we need.

To speed up I'm by told in my area I mean I read it and try- because I don't it was just normal headphones no we can actually talk to me for these so- the mirror magic is broken that. The next award is busy one hundred two zero real quick award. Michael highgam what does this mean. And who is. Sold if you watch the official coverage of E3 twenty twenty one there was one idiot onstage was hyping up this game. Who stormed the stage in front of Greg Miller and golden boy and Jacki Jing and said. That this was going to be game of the show. So his dumbass look like a dumbass so. One hundred to zero real quick. Or goes to Babylon's fall and goddammit I was so sad to find out that a game that was that was involved the creators of mere automata are making a live service Gaming platinum games is doing- an endless game that looks like it has almost no story F.

Breaks my heart. The ATC. We Gaming our reactions when that happens because times faced literally did the Ralph Wiggum you can see where's heartbreaks and they said it was a live set remember how scream of pain because I was like no. This next award we're gonna start switching things up and I'm going to PC to read the winner of this and also speak to the actual winner this is the Microport. And sounds it's a is the moment where someone drops the might and just walks out and because- you know you want ready for that and now it's going to change your life so. PC can you one of the Microport. For twenty twenty five. The wind is Xbox for the read full review. Okay we would like we with that- doing a pre show when Eldon. When starfield leads and we were like oh my god this Xbox is big you get an ounce from the showcase and gone like the trailer is off we can watch it right now- watch it live on stream- into like all is this does this mean there are no surprises left Xbox no Akane was there to save the day and closed the store and everyone is super excited about right.

Voided they- the next award I will be presenting and is. The hottest E3 host award. There is I have been watching and I could only ready tell you all 1 E3 house that caught my eye and made me feel feelings I was not ready for. Of course I am talking about the one the only Michael hi am he caught it. My mom. Looking as help did you guys see him he was looking Chris. At first in. First off I just want to thank god I wanna thank my mom- maybe my dad I don't know- I would also want to thank you all my fans out there for supporting me and- you know making sure I was crispy soul while I really appreciate this work and I won't disappoint you next year because you put your boy's gonna consult goalie only up from here John Sam. Yep love seeing this next award a slightly risque and we call on me I'm not sure if we can now we can't we can't let's just talk about it to add the conversation that's where the conversation happens and when there's a press conference happening that is where you go to get common trick so you see some absolute bangers tweets.

What they can only be there's usually only one defining tweet all of. The E3 period. And this year. Who did that come from Michael hi am. I know this the best tweet of the show goes to our good home girl Linda Garcia yellow you. And she said you know this. Absolutely **** on main- Garcia who truly an inspiration it was a screen cap of 1 Yousef Majeed a good friend of ours as well and she said I can't believe I get to sit on this space wow wow wow wow. Truly Yousef and Belinda are true inspirations to us all oh my god if you saw yourself on the Ubisoft Ford stream. Look at nice hole we was looking at. Your love love it yep yep Lucy. The water is the best quote tweet of the show can you tell us the winner for best quote tweet of the show and also the context around this. This quote three of the show close to a good friend you Stephanie. Belinda's tweet amongst the Batman discourse he quote tweeted Belinda's dream to say who's the real hero now how about.

Being PC indicated that. Superheroes don't performs certain actions to satisfy their partners and- you know new heroes emerged during this period and one of them was our very own Yusif Makki a true true hero. I'm next is the hottest protagonist award lohas pro tags law of help protect but this this award could only go to 1 pro tag michael highgam who is. The hottest protagonists revealed that E3 twenty twenty one was not Stevie class to be clear that protect us was not revealing anything it was just dollars sure yeah this protagonizado Pataki it wasn't like naked protagonist revealed. Assert EA date thank you first for setting up but the award for hottest protagonist goes to the shin Megami Tensei 5 protagonist. Their name is pro tag holy **** you saw as far as revealed the protagonist transforms into the sickest looking. And I've ever seen in a video game oh my god S. and T. has the group best eyelashes- and the best eyeliner but yo the transformation the outfit the laser store on the long flowing blue hair.

Home god S. and P. five love to see. Given the- like our count on time on the screen was literally all read two minutes wrapped please. Okay the speed. We're gonna wrap this up real quick now we've got hot expanded the show the award goes to parris lilly put and call call cook on his custom Xbox controller the MVP award goes to Jean-Luc site key our very own gag dies who has been who has been absent in the killing and the back and- best. Award goes to GameSpot dot com. Interesting great pic though and then finally. The V. cover eighty games for game of the show as unilaterally decided by tamoor hussein goes to Alvin ring. You love to see it the gamer. During well I pick by games little thought Razer job given thought not jobs good.

And that's the show fothis year thank you to every puts in and we're be back nexteek with charity stres thas going to be soany of them please tune in we're going to be raisg money for able gamers and we've g a whole bunch of cool gas and it's gonna be fun so make sureou tune in R. everyone say goodbye. To the chats. 5 thank you for joining us all week and see ..

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