Travel Warnings Issued Amid Rising Violence in Mexico

Safety Concerns in Cancun: What Travelers Need to Know

The allure of Cancun as a go-to destination for tourists is well-known. However, recent findings by local officials are giving cause for concern as over 112,000 people are reportedly missing in Mexico. Of these, eight bodies found within and surrounding Cancun are still being identified. The bodies were discovered in an abandoned building and wooded areas, in what officials are describing as clandestine or secretive gravesites. The situation has become a concern, especially considering Cancun’s popularity as a tourist hotspot.

Questioning the Reports

The reported discovery faced some resistance from the Attorney General of the state who disputes the discovery as false. Yet, the Associated Press has reported on the State’s head prosecutor confirming the discovery of five bodies in a construction site with the remaining found on the outskirts of Cancun.

Cancun: A Tourist Destination in Security Crisis

The latest discovery is indeed chilling, and it adds to a series of events that have long raised concerns over the state of tourism in Cancun. This city is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations. Earlier in April, four people were gunned down due to an altercation between rivaling drug dealers, causing a wave of panic and tourists scrambling for safety.

Only last March, four Americans were reportedly kidnapped while on a trip to Mexico. Of these, two were tragically confirmed dead. This string of events draws attention to a growing problem within the area, fuelled primarily by intense control over street-level drug dealing.

Drug-Related Violence and the Innocent Bystander

According to Michael Ballard, the Director of Intelligence for Global Guardian, the rise in violent incidents can be directly linked to street-level drug dealing. This dangerous situation puts not only visitors but also Mexican civilians at great risk, as they frequently end up as innocent victims, caught in the cross-fire. Ballard further advises American visitors to always perform thorough research before choosing to travel abroad, particularly to Cancun.

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Better Safe Than Sorry: Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

When choosing to travel to Cancun – or any foreign destination deemed potentially risky – it’s always advisable to stick to the resort areas, known for their high-security levels, complete with in-house camera systems and controlled access. Ballard strongly advises against heading out to downtown at night.

If exploratory ventures are a part of your itinerary, ensure those are restricted to daylight hours. Such precautions can significantly reduce the likelihood of unpleasant incidents.

Heeding Warnings Issued by U.S. Officials

The U.S. officials too caution travelers to exercise increased vigilance when in resort settings like Cancun or Tulum. This warning comes in the wake of recent instances of gun violence and kidnappings. While the urge to travel and explore can be powerful, it’s always wise to prioritize safety above all. In the present situation, the potential risks associated with visiting Cancun are all too real and can, unfortunately, lead to devastating consequences if ignored.


The current situation in Cancun underscores the importance of careful planning, due diligence, and increased awareness when travelling. Despite its allure as a top-rated tourist destination, recent incidents of violence and insecurity make for a stark reminder that all that glitters is not always gold. Visitors to Cancun or any other location globally should stay informed, heed official warnings, and prioritize their safety during their stay.