Ultimate Miami Cruise Port Guide: Essential Tips for Cruising from Miami


Every seasoned traveler, particularly those with a penchant for cruising, instantly recognize one city as the cruising capital of the world. This city, adorned with serene weather, pristine beaches, sumptuous restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, is none other than Miami, Florida. Welcome, I’m Sharon and Jamie, your hosts from Sharon as you travel. Today, we’ll be sharing our insights about the Port of Miami, one of the world’s most populous cruise ports.

The Port of Miami

More than 20 cruise lines and over 50 cruise ships make their way from the port’s nine cruise terminals, making this the perfect port to commence your search for your next cruise vacation. Despite its size and busy nature, the Port of Miami remains one of the easiest to navigate.

Getting there

Miami International Airport, less than 10 miles from the Miami cruise port, is just a 15 to 20-minute car ride away, making it one of the most convenient places to fly into for your cruise. While convenience is key, it’s worth noting that sometimes travel choices are more budget-driven. That said, if Miami seems a bit too steep, you can also consider flying into the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, merely 27 miles north of the Miami cruise port. With a quick 40-minute drive down the I-95, you will arrive at the Port of Miami without much of a hassle.

Booking Flights

As seasoned travelers ourselves, we’re always happy to help our fellow travelers to nab the best flight deals. One lesser-known trick to getting cheaper flights is to book your flights as two one-way flights rather than a round trip. Booking one-way flights at different times can save you a great deal of money. For instance, American Airlines has a round-trip flight for a family of four to and from Miami airport for a total of 1768, about 442 per person. However, if we look at the same dates and book one-way from Phoenix to Miami on American and a similar return flight home on Southwest from Fort Lauderdale to Phoenix, we would save approximately $224 after factoring in the cost of travel to Fort Lauderdale. Thus, don’t hesitate to check those one-way flights.

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Quick Note

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Staying in Miami

Whether you’re flying into Miami or Fort Lauderdale, deciding where to spend the night before your cruise isn’t all that difficult. We always opt to stay as close to the cruise port as possible for the sheer convenience of a five minute drive to the ship on the morning of the cruise. High-end options right near the port include the Intercontinental Miami, the Hyatt Regency Miami, the Hilton Miami downtown. One of the best options for cruisers is the Holiday Inn on Biscayne Boulevard, which is right across the street from Bayside Marketplace. Another stellar option for those craving beach vibes is the Ritz Carlton or the Fountain Blue Hotel at Miami Beach.

Dining in Miami

Whether you’re looking to dine simply or lavishly, Miami’s multicultural culinary experiences have something for everyone. Websites like viator.com and tripadvisor.com are excellent places to start if you’re looking for dining recommendations.

Pre-cruise entertainment

From spectator sports to public and municipal golf courses, Miami has something for all sorts of vacation entertainment. If you’re willing to venture out, consider checking out places like Virginia Key Beach Park or Key Biscayne. The Bayside Marketplace also is a fantastic spot to do some shopping, grab a bite, and take in the city’s sights.

Don’t miss the Sail Away

One thing you cannot afford to miss is what is known as the best Sail Away view in cruising. The sight of the city shrinking behind you as you sail away from the Miami port is nothing short of breathtaking.


Miami has certainly earned its title as the cruising capital of the world. With its easy access and vast variety of entertainment, dining, and accommodation options, it’s the perfect gateway to your cruise vacation. Thank you for joining us on this virtual tour. We hope this information proves valuable to you as you plan your next cruise journey departing from the Port of Miami. As we sign off, we have just one last bit of advice – Do not miss the sail away. Happy cruising!

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