Cruise News: Warnings for Cruise Fans, Access Denial by Royal Caribbean & More

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US State Department’s Advisory on Travel to Jamaica

In the latest stirrings, the US State Department elevated the travel advisory level for a popular cruise port destination – Jamaica. Recognising the spike in crime rate in Jamaica, including violent crimes and armed robberies, the travel advisory was moved to a level three out of four. This development may not precisely fall into the “unprecedented” category, given past advisories, but it’s notable due to the amplified spotlight on crime affecting even the once seemingly invincible all-inclusive resorts.

The advisory further treads into discussions on the local law enforcement’s ability (or the lack of it) to respond to these crimes and cautions travelers about comprehensive prosecution periods and medical care standards. This advisory is indeed valuable intelligence for those planning to cruise to Jamaica. It gives them a chance to adopt a more informed stance on their travel plans and the activities they may choose to engage in.

Yet, amidst these unsettling updates, we invariably find ourselves returning to the words of Bob Marley – don’t worry, every little thing is going to be all right. However, as the government’s advisory looms overhead, how can cruisers be expected to make an informed decision? How do you balance the weight of caution against the pull of exploration?

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Carnival Cruise Line’s Extensive Deployment in Norfolk, Virginia

Launching of Carnival Magic’s Cruise

In the wake of this, Carnival Cruise Line is preparing to initiate its most extensive deployment in Norfolk, Virginia. This comes through the upcoming launch of Carnival Magic’s first cruise. This extended season will carry the prospect of attracting large volumes of cruise guests, potentially the largest in Norfolk’s history. This mammoth operation will run over a span of five months, with a series of 26 cruises set to sail from four to ten days until October 27th, 2023.

Carnival Venezia’s Itinerary Change

Adding to the list of updates from Carnival Cruise Line, the anticipated sailings of Carnival Venezia have been embroiled in a considerable extent of speculation. While initial plans suggested Venezia would undertake year-round sailings from New York City, there has been a change in plans. Venezia is now scheduled to sail from Port Canaveral, Florida, starting with a 12-day Southern Caribbean Journeys cruise from New York arriving in Port Canaveral on December 18, 2024. What follows is a series of seven-day getaways to popular destinations covering Eastern and Western Caribbean.

Carnival Journeys Cruises: A Trip to Southern Caribbeans

As part of the new schedule, two unique 14-day Carnival Journeys cruises have been introduced to transport passengers on a visually compelling spectacle of the southern Caribbeans. This announcement certainly rises to carnival fun in the Floridian sun, but what is your take on this?

Port Miami: A Record-breaking Day in Cruise History

On a different note, let’s turn the spotlight to the erstwhile busiest cruise port in the world, Miami. It had what can only be described as a remarkable day, hosting nearly 70,000 cruise passengers in a day! This feat was achieved with the help of some of the world’s best cruise ships including Oasis of the Seas, Explorer Of The Seas, Celebration, Carnival Horizon, Scarlet Lady, Norwegian Encore, MSC Seascape, and the Seabourn Ovation.

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Sophia Loren as Godmother for MSC Uribia

Lastly, let’s dive into some exciting news that has the entertainment world buzzing. The iconic Italian actress Sophia Loren has again been designated as the Godmother for the launching of the MSC cruise ship, the MSC Uribia. The grand ceremony will be held on June 8th in the gorgeous town of Copenhagen.

Embarkation Day Allowance: The Debate between Carnival and Royal Caribbean

Finally, we conclude with a debate on the embarkation day allowance policy difference between Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean. The former allows passengers to drop off their bags in their cabins even before the rooms are ready, while the latter prefers to keep cabins off-limits until they are good to go.

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