Complete Guide to Disney’s Castaway Cay 2022

If you have a cruise heading to Disney’s Castaway Cay, this guide to everything you need to know about Castaway Cay, Bahamas is for you.

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0:00 Introduction
0:45 What is Castaway Cay
2:15 Getting to Castaway Cay
3:40 Free Activities Ashore
4:35 Serenity Bay
5:00 Pelican Plunge
5:42 Youth Areas
6:38 Dining on Castaway Cay
8:20 Bars on the Island
9:32 Additional Activities
10:15 Island Rentals
11:05 Water and Land Tours
13:50 Shopping
14:50 Cabanas
16:10 Cell Service and Internet

Castaway Cay is Disney Cruise Line’s private island in the Bahamas. So, the only way to visit the island is to book a cruise that calls in this exclusive Bahamas port of call.

Unlike some other cruise line private islands, Castaway Cay has a pier. Thus, cruisers can just walk ashore from the ship. Once on the island, you can choose to walk or take a complimentary tram. There are four tram stops around the island.

Further, you can spend the entire day ashore without spending any money! There are several things to do on the island that will not cost you a dime.

Disney’s Castaway Cay has several stretches of long sandy beach for you to have a day of fun in the sun.

Family Beach is the largest of the beaches. Here, you will find plenty of lounge chairs, colorful umbrellas, and hammocks scattered throughout the area. This is also where you will find many of the activities like watercraft rentals, snorkeling, and swimming.

Serenity Bay Beach is the adults only area on Disney’s Castaway Cay. This area is reserved exclusively for guests 18+ and is located the furthest away from the ship. Serenity Bay features most of the same amenities as Family Beach just minus the kids.

While at Disney’s Castaway Cay, you are bound to get hungry…and thirsty! Luckily, there are plenty of food and drink options located on this private island. Most of these items are complimentary, minus the bars. There are three food stations on the island that serve a free buffet-style BBQ lunch with plenty of tasty options.

Of course, if you want an adult beverage, the island has some bars as well. Though, these drinks will cost you extra money.

If your idea of fun isn’t lounging on a beach all day, Disney’s Castaway Cay offers plenty of activities to keep cruisers busy as well.

You can book excursions for parasailing, fishing charters, and glass bottom boat voyages. Or, you can rent watercraft activities like waterbikes, hobie cats, paddle boats, kayaks, and paddle boards. Further, there is a 22-acre snorkeling lagoon at Family Beach, In Da Shade games, and the Pelican Plunge water platform.

Disney’s Castaway Cay also has bike and nature trails for you to explore during your visit. So, pick up a bike for an hour rental and set off along the airstrip to the nature trails.

Castaway Ray’s Stingray Adventure is another popular shore excursion option on the island, where you can interact with these friendly rays up close and personal.

Not to mention, you could run a 5K, get a massage, do a little shopping, or live it up in a cabana.

There is even an area exclusive for kids and teens on Disney’s Castaway Cay. Scuttle’s Cove is for kids ages 3 to 12 years old. Here, your little ones will be supervised by Disney cast members from the ship for a complimentary day of fun. Similarly, Hideout is for teens ages 14 to 17 years old.


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If your next cruise is heading to Castaway key in the Bahamas then this Video is for you as we have a complete Guide to everything you need to know About Disney Cruise Line’s private Destination up next [Music] [Applause] Welcome Bora Cruisers I’m Don from eat Sleep cruise and we’re on Disney Cruise Lines Castaway key and in this complete Guide to the island we’re going to show You everything all the dining shore Excursions all the activities and public Areas and More in our exclusive guide The Disney’s Castaway Key For Cruisers that aren’t familiar with Castaway Key the island is a private Island in the Bahamas formerly known as Gordon key This exclusive protocol for Disney Cruise Line ships is located near Great Abaco islands in the Bahamas The island is three miles long and Covers a thousand acres and is located Just 70 miles north of NASA In 1997 Disney signed a 99-year lease on This island with the Bohemian government Anne began transforming it into the Magical Cruise destination it is today Now while Norwegian Cruise Lines Great Stirrup key was the first cruise line Destination when it was acquired back in The 1970s Castaway key was actually the

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First Private Island where cruise ships Could dock instead of tendering to shore Another little fun fact is that Castaway Key is largely undeveloped with only 55 Acres developed into Disney cruise lines Of private Resort Some other interesting tidbits you may Want to know before visiting is that There’s actually an operational post Office on the island where Cruisers can Mail postcards to friends and families Back home that has stabbed Castaway Key There’s actually an Airship that was Built in the 1960s but later abandoned That’s actually now part of the island Parts of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean the Curse of the Black Pearl Were filmed here and you might just see Jack Sparrow stumbling his way around The island during your visit Mentioned above disease Castaway key is A private island so the only way to Visit the island is to book a cruise That calls in this exclusive Bohemian Port much like other private islands Including Royal Caribbean’s perfect day At CoCo K or Holland America lines Half Moon Key Castaway Keys only available to Disney Cruise Line guests unfortunately You cannot get to Disney’s Castaway Key Without a cruise you can also not stay Overnight on Castaway Key The dtl ships that do dock there only Stay for the day your cruise itinerary

Will dictate how long you spend a Castaway Key however in general your Ship will spend approximately eight Hours in Port The good news is that unlike other Private islands in the Bahamas Castaway Key has appeared thus Cruisers can just Walk ashore from the ship once on the Island you can choose to walk or take The complimentary tram there are four Tram stops located throughout the island There’s the cargo handling stop right Off the pier As well as a scuttle’s Cove [Music] Pelican Point Answer and eBay tram stops of note You’ll need to transfer trams at the Pelican stop to the serenity Bay tram Which will take you to the other end of The island if you need assistance there Are complimentary strollers and All-terrain wheelchairs are available as Well Of course the crews that you book to get The Castaway key will cost you money Better news is that you can spend the Entire day ashore once you arrive Without spending any money there are Several things to do on Castaway key That won’t cost a dime when you think of A cruise line Private Island you’re Probably Envision stretches of beautiful Manicured beaches and Disney Castaway

Key is exactly that Family beach is the largest of the Beaches here you’ll find plenty of Loungers colorful umbrellas and hammocks Scattered throughout the area This is also where you’ll find many of The activities like watercraft rentals Snorkeling and swimming Located off this beach is the in the Shade games The Shaded structure offers a variety of Free games like basketball Billards ping Pong and more not too far from this area You will find the beach Sports area here You’ll find games like volleyball and Soccer again the use of these facilities Are completely complementary to all gas Further away from where the ship docks Is Serenity Bay Beach this is the Adult’s only area on Castaway Key this Area reserved exclusively for guests on An 18 plus and is purposely located as Far away from the ship as possible Surrounding Bay features most of the Same amenities you find at family beach Just minus the kids It’s a quiet spot to relax for a few Hours while the adults will love Serenity Bay kids will love Pelican Plunge Pelican plunge is a kids water platform Located just off the shores of family Beach This activity is completely free and

Includes two slides a drench bucket and Water cannons Do note that the minimum height for the Pelican plunge of water slides is 38 Inches and anyone under 48 inches must Wear one of the provided life vests Further to reach this 2400 square foot Floating platform guests need to swim Out to If you’re traveling to Disney’s Castaway Key with younger ones there’s also Spring a leak the splash pad located out Near the beach Sports area is perfect For toddlers Further there are dedicated kids and Teens areas on Castaway key in the Bahamas Scuttle’s Cove is for kids ages 3 to 12 Years old here your little ones will be Supervised by Disney cast members from The ship for our complimentary day of Fun Likewise The Hideout is for teens aged 14 to 17 years old Here teens can enjoy their own slice of Paradise on the island without the Adults Another organized activity for the Little ones is the dig site your little Ones can join the youth activity staff As they search this theme archeology Site in search of buried whale bones and More Finally what’s a visit to an island

Created exclusively for Disney gas Without some Disney characters that’s Right there are even character greetings Around Castaway Key throughout the day Be sure to check the daily program for a Listing of character locations and times With all this Fun and Sun at Disney’s Castaway Key you’re bound to get hungry And thirsty luckily there are plenty of Food and drink options located on this Private Island Most of these items are included in your Cruise Fair minus the bars There’s no need to buy a soda or bottled Water at the bars as there are Fountain Beverage stations throughout the island If you bring a refillable water bottle Like a Yeti for example it will stay Cold longer and save you from making Multiple trips these stations include Water soda and even vitamin water and Powering Additionally there are water refill Stations outside many of the restrooms There are also three food stations on The island that serve a free buffet Style barbecue lunch Depending on what time your ship is in Port launch is generally served from 11 30 to 2 PM Each of these locations serves mostly The same items including ribs chicken Hamburgers and hot dogs salads corn on The cob with fresh fruit and of course

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Soft serve ice cream there’s cookies Barbecue which is located on the family Beach closer to the ship Cookies two barbecue which is located in The family beach but further down the Sandy stretch And serenity Bay barbecue this is the Dining option located at the adults only Beach In addition to these barbecue spots There are several covered seating Pavilions around the island These include pops props and boat repair Dig in Gumbo Limbo And grouper If you prefer a little Sun there are Three outdoor seating areas as well Strategically located next to each of The Buffet locations If you want to enjoy an alcoholic Beverage during your time on Castaway Key there are a few bars for that of Course these drinks will cost you extra And unfortunately Disney cruise line Does not offer a drink package So you will be paying a low card for These beverages The clunk out bar is located near family Beach and is the closest option to Cookies barbecue this bar includes a Nice shaded seating deck area that Overlooks the beach A heads-up bar is located on a small

Boardwalk that overlooks a pelicating Plunge [Music] This is also a great spot to get photos Of your ship At least that’s what I tell my wife when I head down there to get a beverage The Sandbar is located further down Family beach and is the closest bar to Cookies2 barbecue Finally the Castaway air bar is located In the sorini Bay Beach Each of these bars serves a frozen Specialty drinks cocktails and beer There is one additional drink spot on Disney Castaway Key you don’t want to Miss the summertime freeze Serves upcharge smoothie specialty Drinks in souvenir cups These are great frozen drinks that the Whole family can enjoy While there are a number of free Activities there are also things to do At casaway key that will cost extra Besides alcoholic beverages other Activities are an upcharge include Massages equipment rentals shopping Cabanas and shore excursions if you plan To purchase any of these items you might Be wondering how do you pay for them at Castaway keep The answer is simple Your key to the world card also known as Your stateroom key card

Which you use for purchases on the ship Can also be used at Castaway key to Purchase these items Of course you can always book shore Excursions and other rental items ahead Of time on the cruise lines online Planner Marches barges and sea Charter’s dog It’s where you’ll want to head for Parasailing fishing charters Glass bottom boat voyages and other Adventures Gills fins and boats as well as flippers And floats are two stations on the Island that rent snorkel equipment tubes And floats The windsock Hut is your go-to spot for Float rentals at the adult only Serenity Bay Beach In terms of equipment rentals there are A variety of water sports activities Available for 30 minute rentals at Various pricings some of the options Include Aqua trikes a Banana Boat Ride Water bikes hobby cats paddle boats Kayaks and paddle boards You can find all this equipment at the Aptly named Boat Beach which is the First Beach you’ll come across After exiting the ship If you’re looking to snorkel there’s a 22 acre Lagoon at family beach So rent your snorkel gear at one of the Huts or bring your own then head to one

Of the two Trails depending on your Expert level either beginners or Discoverers Keep an eye out for Sunken Treasures Hidden Mickeys and even two submarine Ride vehicles from the now closed Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea submarine Void dried that was once at Disney World Disney way Castaway Key also has bike And nature trails for you to explore During your visit So pick up a bike for an hour rental and Set off along the Airship to the nature Trails During this leisurely ride they’ll cover Approximately 1.5 miles over two Trails But mostly even terrain through some of The more undeveloped areas of the island The observation tower deserves a stop Where you can climb to the top for Breathtaking views of the island Castaway Rey’s Stingray Adventure is Another popular short Excursion option On the island During this 60 Minute activity you’ll First participate in an up close and Personal feeding session with the Rays In shallow water Then you’ll have about 30 minutes to set Off on a self-guided snorkel amongst the 60 some rays that call this area home This is the perfect Stingray encounter For all guests ages 5 and Up If you’re considering a few of these

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Options there are package deals Available these package bundles some of The more popular items for a full day of Fun at Disney’s Castaway Key The getaway package is a three-in-one Rental this bundle includes snorkel Equipment for the day a float or two Rental for the day and a one hour bike Rental There’s also the extreme getaway package This package bundles snorkel equipment Rental for the day a one hour bike ride A float or two rental and the 60-minute Stingray Adventure If you want to burn off some of those Extra Cruise calories that you may have Accumulated during a couple days on the Ship Disney’s castleway key also offers A 5k challenge This Castaway Key 5K is a great way to See the island quickly while getting in Some exercise Currently the activity is free there is No longer a group race thus all guests Can now run or even walk the course on Their own You can pick up a medal at the Completion to certify that you Officially complete the challenge Yes now it’s on the honor System Whenever you want to run just head to The start line near the bike rentals and Follow the 5K markers along the way some Of the 5K path is shared with the bike

Path so just be careful If you want to do a little shopping and Castaway Key you have a few options There are two main stores on the island Where you can find all your Castaway key Logo merchandise Much of this merchandise is sold Exclusively on the island and can’t be Found anywhere else not even back on Your ship Two shops are she sells seashells and Everything else And buy the seashore She sells seashells is located closer to The ship nearest the Scuttle Cove tram Stop By the seashore is a bit further down The island near the Pelican Point tram Stop If you’re looking for more authentic Bohemian arts and crafts you’ll want to Head to the Bohemian retail This market area is also nearest the Pelican Point tram stop If you want to upgrade your experience At Disney’s Castaway Key you should Consider renting a cabana these Cabanas Are located on family beach and answer Any babies There are 20 total Cabanas on family Beach The family beach Cabanas are 320 square Feet in size And for party sizes over six guests each

Cabana includes plenty of indoor and Outdoor seating A refrigerator a safe a ceiling fan Towels sunscreen a freshwater shower Hammock fresh fruit and snacks and Unlimited bottled water and soft drinks Alcohol beverage packages are available For purchase at Port Adventures These family Cabanas also include Snorkel equipment a floater tube rental Sand toys and a one-hour bike ride Rental There’s one family Grand Cabana Urbana 21 which is 650 square feet and Accommodates up to 16 guests Finally there are six Cabanas at Serenity Bay the serenity bake Banas are Also 325 square feet in size and come With similar amenities If you want a little pampering while on Vacation you can also book a massage on Disney’s Castaway Key massages are Offered in open-air Cabanas at Serenity Bay guests can book both 50 minutes solo And couple massages These services are available to book Online prior to your cruise or at the Census Spa once on board the ship now We’re sure you might still have some Questions about Castaway key so we’ll Try to answer the most frequent ones but Of course if you have any additional Questions please leave them in the Comment section below

If you’re wondering about cell service It does depend on your carrier and your International plan coverage if you take Your cell phone out of airplane mode you May incur additional fees while staying Castaway key if the Bahamas is included In your international plan then you may Be able to use cell service while on the Island regardless if you have Wi-Fi or Internet service on the ship the Disney Navigator app will work on Castaway Key You can still view the navigator app the List of daily activities and such while Visiting the island Castaway Key does have Wi-Fi if you Purchase a Disney Wi-Fi package on board The ship the service extends the Private Island as well however the Wi-Fi signal Can be spotty and works best closer to The ship and when going ashore you don’t Need to pack towels as you get off the Ship and Castaway key there will be a Stand that provides towels for you to Use while on the island there are also Tile exchange stations around the island You can always get fresh towels Throughout the day Now if you’re thinking of booking a Cruise that stops at Disney Castaway key And you’re not sure which ship to choose You should check out our cruise review For Disney’s newest ship Disney wish and That Cruise review We detail everything About this new vessel from the dining to

The onboard activities bars and lounges Entertainment and more we cover it all In our Disney wish Cruise review to help You decide that that ship is right for Your next Cruise vacation Thank you