Are Carnival Cruise Drink Packages WORTH IT in 2023?

Before You Decide to Purchase a Carnival Cruise Drink Package in 2023 you need to know all the details. To help you decide if a Carnival Cheers Package is worth it, we put together this video covering all the costs and inclusions.

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0:00 Introduction
1:10 Drinks Included on a Carnival Cruise
1:48 Carnival Drink Package Basics
2:53 Purchasing a Carnival Drink Package
4:30 The Costs of a Carnival Drink Package
5:30 Drink Package Limits
6:30 Cheers Beverage Package Details
7:58 Bottomless Bubbles Details
8:54 Carnival Drink Prices
9:50 Is a Carnival Drink Package Worth it?

Currently, @Carnival offers two drink packages, the Cheers Drink Package and Bottomless Bubbles. Most likely, you are interested in learning about the Cheers Package. This is the Carnival Cruise alcoholic drink package.

Regardless of the drink package you choose, all drink packages have the same terms and conditions. Cruisers have to purchase a Carnival Cruise drink package for the entire duration of the trip. All cruisers in a cabin must purchase the package, and the package costs do not include an additional 18% gratuity added at checkout.

Our Carnival Drink Packages review focuses primarily on the cruise line’s alcohol drink package. Currently this package is $59.99 a day before the gratuity. This package covers all alcoholic drinks up to $15. This includes beer, wine, mixed drinks, frozen drinks, and specialty cocktails. The package also includes premium non-alcoholic drinks, like soda, specialty coffees and teas, as well as Powerade.

While there is no limit to how many non-alcoholic beverages one can consume, there is a limit to how many alcoholic beverages one can drink with the package. Right now, Carnival limits cruisers to 15 alcoholic drinks in a 24 hour period.

When determining if the Carnival Cruise drink package is worth it, you need to know your own drinking habits. If you would consume more than 5 drinks a day, on average, the package is probably a good value. Beers drinkers need to regularly put down closer to 7 lagers a day to make it a good value.

Neither of us regularly drink that many alcoholic drinks, but we do consume plenty of specialty coffee, bottled water, and other non-alcoholic beverages that we still think the Carnival drink package is worth it.


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Should you buy a carnival drink package well if 
you have that question you're not alone because   It's a question we get from a lot of Cruisers 
of course there are many factors involved in   Deciding if a beverage package is right for 
your next Cruise we've had the chance to test   Out the carnival drink package on a few recent 
sailings and we see several pros and cons of   Purchasing one so if you have a Carnival Cruise 
coming up this video is for you as we give you   All the details to help you decide if you should 
purchase a drink package up next good [Applause] Welcome aboard Cruisers I'm Don B from eat sleep 
Cruise where we help you plan the perfect Cruise   So you can see the world one word at a time 
now while there might be benefits to buying   A drink package there are also some reasons 
why a cruise ship drink packaging actually be   A complete waste of money so in this complete 
guide to dream packages on Carnival we detail   The plans drink prices and answer the most common 
questions we hear from Cruisers to help you decide   If a carnival drink package is right for your 
next Cruise now before we dive into the basics   You might be asking yourself what drinks do you 
actually get on a Carnival Cruise for free well   Some beverages that are part of the Carnival 
Cruise Fair are available 24 hours a day in   The Lido Marketplace they're also free while 
dining room dining rooms these options include   Non-bottled water lemonade iced tea hot chocolate 
and non-specialty coffees and teas along with   Some juices during breakfast so that's the only 
thing that's actually covered in the cruise Fair   So if you want something else to drink on a 
Carnival Cruise you will need to pay extra   Now before diving into details there are some 
Carnival drink package Basics that you need to   Know about the program all drink packages on 
Carnival Cruises are priced per person per day   You must purchase a drink package for the 
entire length of the cruise you're not able   To purchase it for slight dates the stated prices 
do not include the additional 18 service charge   Which is added at the very end when purchasing 
the package additionally applicable state and   Local taxes will be applied to purchases 
made in U.S Waters once on board the ship   The beverage packages are non-refundable and 
non-transferable after 9 pm the evening before   Your departure dream packages on Carnival are not 
offered on two-day cruises or chartered sailings   You can use the drink package almost everywhere 
in the ship this includes the bars and lounges   Complimentary dining venues and Specialty 
restaurants however Carnival's drink package   Does not work at the cruise Line's private islands 
Half Moon key or princess key in the Bahamas   They're essentially two ways that you 
can purchase the carnival drink package   You can purchase drink packages on Carnival 
online free Cruise or once on board the ship   Purchasing the beverage package pre-crews 
will save you 10 off the onboard prices   The cutoff for pre-purchase is 11.59 the day 
before embarkation if you pre-purchased a carnival   Drink package it'll be activated upon boarding 
the ship you should head to a bar once on board  

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The ship for a sticker which will be placed on 
your sale and sign card due to state laws the   Cheers package cannot be sold on the first day of 
the cruise on departures from Texas or New York   If you have pre-purchased the package it will 
only be activated at 6am on the second day of   The cruise drinks purchased on the first day of 
the cruise will be charged to the guest sale and   Sign card in the usual manner when sailing from 
those two states now while it's never mandatory   To buy a drink package there is no sharing of 
dream packages or using your package to order   Drinks for other Cruisers so if one guest in The 
State Room wishes to purchase a beverage package   Each adult in the cabin needs to purchase 
one as well cruises must be 21 years of age   Or older to purchase the cheers program which is 
Carnival Cruise Line's alcoholic beverage package   Now for the most part when you hear the word 
drink package that's what you're probably   Thinking about the cheers program however Carnival 
Cruise Line does offer a second drink package   Known as bottomless Bubbles and this is the 
unlimited soda program on Carnival Cruise ships   When compared to the competition the drink 
package on Carnival Cruise Line is actually   Pretty modestly priced the cheers package starts 
at 59 per person per day whereas the bottomless   Bubbles soda package starts at 6.95 per day 
for children and 9.50 per day for adults now   Of course those prices are before the 18 gratuity 
which will be added at the end of the transaction   Now if you're looking to save money we highly 
recommend that you purchase the drink package   Pre-cruise as you can save 10 on your Carnival 
drink package by buying it online however in our   Experience we don't really see any other discounts 
other cruise lines like Royal Caribbean often   Run pre-cruise deals where you can save 25 30 or 
even sometimes 40 off the retail price of a drink   Package also we rarely see travel agents give 
the drink package as a perk unlike some other   Premium cruise lines like Celebrity Cruises 
or Princess Cruises another major difference   Between the carnival drink package and some of the 
competition is a number of drinks included in the   Drink package again contemporary cruise lines like 
Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line have   Unlimited drink packages meaning in theory you can 
get as many drinks as possible throughout the day   However with Carnival Cruise Lines drink 
package you cannot consume more than 15   Alcohol drinks per 24 hour period which 
starts at 6 a.m and runs till 6am of the   Following day now soda and other non-alcoholic 
beverages are unlimited with the package   No matter what package you choose you can also 
only get one drink at a time and there's a five   Minute wait time between orders also with the 
carnival drink package there are no double shots   As that's actually considered ordering two drinks 
at once of course staff do have the right to   Refuse You by our service if you are intoxicated 
so knowing your limits is just as important on a   Cruise ship as it is during regular life back 
on land now as we mentioned Carnival Cruise   Line offers only one alcoholic drink package 
known as the cheers beverage package but many  

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Cruisers just refer to this as a drink package or 
the alcoholic drink package this plan covers all   Alcoholic beverages including beers wine and 
champagne by the glass as well as cocktails   And spirits up to twenty dollars per glass 
this also includes a self-serve beer stations   Further the carnival drink package also includes 
soda virgin cocktails juices specialty coffees   And teas milkshakes energy drinks Powerade and 
vitamin water and half a liter bottles of water   The GS program also entitles Cruisers to a 
25 discount of any drink costing more than   A 20 allowment wine in Champagne by the bottle 
and beverage seminars and classes however there   Are some exclusions to the cheers program this 
includes beverages sold in souvenir glasses and   Bottles of liquor also annoyingly drinks sold 
at the gangway aren't included in the package   Further room service or mini bar items are also 
not including this beverage package sharing   Cocktails wine machines pitchers and buckets are 
not included either while there is a limit of 15   Alcoholic drinks with this Carnival drink package 
soda and non-other alcoholic beverages do not   Count towards its limit with the bondless bubbles 
Carnival's unlimited soda package for one flat   Fee Cruisers can enjoy all the fountain soda and 
juices they want like the alcohol drink package   You can only order one drink at a time either a 
16 ounce glass of soda or a 10 ounce glass juice   On Carnival Cruise Line sort of choices 
include Pepsi products for juices freezers   Have the option of orange juice cranberry juice 
tomato juice pineapple juice and grapefruit juice   Like the chairs program this package does not work 
off the ship even at Half Moon Ki or princess keys   Bottled water and Specialty coffee are not part 
of this package it's literally just soda and   The juice is mentioned other exclusions include 
beverages sold in souvenir glasses beverages sold   At the gangway and room service orders now before 
deciding if the carnival drink package is worth   It it might be good to have a general sense of 
the carnival drink prices now in the description   Down below we have a link to our complete 
guide to Carnival drink packages on our blog   Which includes several menus so you can see 
the exact prices of the particular Brands and   Different cocktails and drinks that you might 
want to order but in general beers on Carnival   Cruise Line start around six dollars and fifty 
cents a serving Lines by the glass at around 9.50   Most mixed drinks are between 7.50 and some 
cocktails do go all the way up to twenty dollars   With specialty cocktails starting 
around 10.50 soft drinks cost about 2.75   Espresso-based specialty coffees range 
in price from around 2.50 to 4.25   Any drinks are around 4.95 and bottles of water 
are between a dollar fifty to five dollars   Of course this brings us back to the original 
question our Carnival cruise packages of good   Value essentially the question is whether you'll 
consume enough beverages to make the purchase   Worth it well you can use this chart on the screen 
which is also found back on our website to do some   Quick math to see if you would routinely hit 
the daily drink costs of the above packages  

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Ultimately you need to know your own 
habits to determine if the dream package   Is on Carnival will be a good value during 
your cruise of course you should consider   Things such as the length of the cruise and 
how many ports of call are on the itinerary   For instance would you be able to sustain the 
same drinking pattern on a three or four day   Cruise as you would over the course of a 7 or 
10 day cruise plus if your cruise is very Port   Intensive will you be on the ship long enough 
to make good use of your Carnival drink package There are some pros to dream package of course 
if you pre-pay for the drink package you never   Have to worry about the bar tab at the 
end of the cruise so it's very convenient   This also makes your cruise feel more 
all-inclusive while we don't go overboard   With alcohol drinks see what we did there we do 
consume plenty of bottled water specialty coffee   Vitamin water and Powerade and the occasional 
soda combining our alcoholic and non-alcoholic   Drink purchases we usually recognize a 
cost savings with the beverage package   This is especially true as my wife is a fan of 
cocktails and doesn't really drink much beer or   Wine those drinks often cost 10 to 15 dollars so 
it takes fewer drinks for her to hit that break   Even point and me well I just drink anything 
in general if you plan on drinking around six   Alcoholic drinks a day then getting the cheers 
beverage package is probably worth it for you   Of course if you wish to forego a beverage 
package you can always pay a la carte for   Your drinks purchase on the ship you can 
also purchase items pre-cruise via your   Cruise planner and be delivered to your state 
the price for bottled water are very reasonable   On Carnival Cruise Line when compared to some 
competitive brands further on embarkation day   Guests are allowed to bring on board a maximum of 
12 12 ounce cans slash cartons of non-alcoholic   Beverages per person in their carry-on yes 
21 years of age or older may also bring on   Board once 750 milliliter bottle of unopened 
wine or champagne in that carry-on luggage   Now if you're new to cruising or nude cruising 
with Carnival Cruise Line and you need more help   Planning a cruise don't worry we have you 
covered we suggest you check out our latest   Video of everything that's included on a Carnival 
Cruise plus what will cost you extra in that video   We detail everything that's covered in the cruise 
Fair plus all those additional costs the cruise   Line doesn't tell you about that way you don't 
get sticker shocked when you walk off the ship