PortMiami Records Astounding Passenger Count, New East Coast Port Likely

A Record Breaking Day for Port Miami

On April 9th this spring, Port Miami marked a significant milestone and made its way into the record books. With an impressive total of 67,594 cruise passengers passing through its terminals, the Port experienced the busiest passenger day in its history. The massive influx of travelers wasn’t down to one ship alone, but to several spectacular cruise liners gracing the port on the same day.

Ships of The Day

Docked at the port that record-breaking day were a number of renowned cruise ships. These included the Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas and Explorer of the Seas, Norwegians’ Norwegian Encore, Carnival Horizon, and Celebration, as well as the MSC Seascape, the Scarlet Lady, and Seabourn’s Ovation. In attracting such majestic cruise liners, Port Miami was able to serve thousands of eager passengers in a single day, thus creating a new record.

Another Feather in Port Miami’s Cap

This amazing achievement wasn’t the first for Port Miami. Earlier this year, in February, the Port had celebrated another record-breaking day when it welcomed 58,984 guests. However, it is worth noting that despite these landmark occasions, Port Miami recently lost its title as the busiest cruise port to Port Canaveral, based on 2022 statistics.

Searsport, Maine Seeks to Share in the Cruise Business

Following a recent decision to limit cruise guests at nearby Bar Harbor, the town of Searsport, Maine has set its sights on tapping into the state’s lucrative cruise business. In a recent vote, the Searsport board decided in favor of pursuing the necessary security clearances from the U.S Coast Guard to become cruise-ready.

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Aiming for Certification

Located about 100 miles north of Portland, Searsport aims to become certified for welcoming cruise ships that have already cleared customs at another U.S port. The town currently lacks the infrastructure to accommodate ships, meaning they would need to tender guests ashore. But, optimistic in the face of challenges, the town has reportedly received inquiries from Cruise Lines interested in calling there as early as October.

MSC Cruises Unveils High-end Accommodations

Bringing a wave of excitement in the cruise industry, MSC Cruise’s luxury brand, Explora Journeys, has revealed its lavish accommodations for its first ship, the Explorer One.

The Luxurious Owners’ Residence

Explora Journeys is set to stun guests with its exceptionally spacious Owners’ Residence, spanning a total of over three thousand square feet. The outdoor terrace alone boasts 1300 square feet, equipped with an infinity pool, providing vacationers unfettered luxury and aspects of indulgence.

Interior Highlights

Moving inside, guests will find an impressive 1700 square feet of living space. This exclusive suite also includes a separate bedroom with a king-sized bed, among other indulgences. Additional perks for this suite feature a butler service, a private driver at all port stops, and the bragging rights that inevitably come with such unmatched luxury.

Launch Date

The Explorer One’s maiden voyage is set to debut from Southampton on July 17th, adding to the anticipation for those eagerly awaiting the unveiling of these luxurious accommodations.

Cruise Line Stocks Report

In other recent cruise news, industry stocks had a sunny day on Wednesday, with Carnival Corporation reporting a 6.5 percent increase at 11.04, Royal Caribbean was up by 4 points, making its new total 79.60. Norwegian Cruise Line also saw growth, posting a 6.4 percent increase and reaching a new high of 14.34.

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