Cruising solo has become a popular option for many cruisers. When it comes to taking a cruise as a single traveler, there are several things you need to know. We put together this video with 25 cruise tips for singles to help those navigating the waters as a party of 1.

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0:00 Introduction
1:12 Pick Your Cruise Line
1:26 Know the Demographics
1:50 Choose the Right Itinerary
2:12 Opt for an Adults-Only Cruise Line
2:40 Select the Right Size Ship
3:28 Look for Meetups
4:10 Right Onboard Activities
4:50 Consider a Theme Cruise
5:15 Beware of the Single Supplement
6:00 Dedicated Solo Cabins
6:48 Book Early
7:24 Look for Sales and Promotions
8:15 Dining Solo
8:33 Speak with Maître D’
9:14 Request a Table Change
9:35 Specialty Dining
10:25 Bar or Counter Seating
11:08 Room Service
12:17 Reach out on Social Media
12:48 Act Responsibly While Onboard
13:25 Live a Little (or a Lot)
13:48 Going Ashore
14:12 Join a Cruise Line Tour
14:54 Tips to Explore on Your Own
15:32 Do Some Homework about Ports
16:15 Hire a Private Driver

Traveling alone can sometimes be daunting, but cruising as a single can be a unique and rewarding experience you won’t forget. Choosing the right cruise line and ship ensures a memorable cruise. When cruising as a single, be sure to pick a ship that has amenities you will actually use. Some cruise lines cater more to solo cruisers than others, offering meet ups and other events just for single cruisers.

Another cruise tip for singles is to examine the cabin options. Know the overall costs of the cabin and whether there is a single supplement. While most mainstream cruise lines do charge solo travelers that dreaded single supplement, some cruise lines do offer solo cabins, referred to as studio cabins. NCL even features a whole Studio complex with a lounge and other amenities. Other cruise lines, like Virgin Voyages, offer special discounted rates for single cruisers.

Additionally, remember why you decided to take this solo cruise in the first place. Do as little, or as much, as you want. Cruising solo is a fantastic way to just relax or to meet new people. You can join social activities on board, such as dancing classes, trivia games, or cocktail parties. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make new friends and connect with people worldwide on a cruise.

When dining as a solo cruiser, speak with the host on the first night of your cruise. That way, you can get the ideal seating arrangement for you, whether that means a private table or a large table to mingle with others. Also, don’t be afraid to inquire about switching your assignment if you don’t like your table after the first few nights.

Further, specialty dining is another great option for solo travelers. Sometimes, they offer bar-style seating which is an excellent alternative to dining with others. Remember, there is always room service as well if you need a break from the crowds.

When going ashore, remember to keep your wits. Make sure to have the contact information for the ship with you just in case something happens. While we recommend a cruise line tour if you are venturing off on your own, some solo cruisers may opt for private tours as well. This could be the best way to do and see everything, with the help of an expert guide, even if it will cost you a bit more money.


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Cruising as a party of one is becoming more widely 
recognized as a choice and less as a circumstance   Of course decision to cruise solo is 
personal but this vacation option isn't   Just for widowers or people without a partner 
in fact cruising is one of the best vacation   Options for those looking to travel solo as 
you have unhasseled relaxation and upbeat   Atmosphere and a built-in ship of companions but 
of course like planning any vacation there are   Special considerations to think about when 
cruising solo but don't worry we have you   Covered as we have our expert tips and tricks 
for cruising solo up next [Music] [Applause] Welcome aboard Cruisers I'm Don B from eatsy 
Cruise where we help you plan the perfect Cruise   So you can see the world one word at a time now 
if you're thinking of taking a cruise solo there   Are several things you need to consider from 
jacked up room rates the social gymnastics as   Well as issues like safety at port or where to sit 
at dinner that's why we put together this complete   Guide to cruising solo so whether you've cruised 
before or you're completely new to cruising in   This video we guide you through the process of 
picking the best cruise for your next vacation   The first step in selecting your solo 
cruise is choosing the right Cruise Line   That's possible you've been loyal to one line 
for a long time and know it well but even for   First-time Cruisers or first-time solo Cruisers 
it can be important to pick the right setting for   Your cruise vacation first consider how old you're 
like your fellow passage to be on average bring   You in luxury cruise lines and have a more mature 
clientele through the price point but newcomers   Like Emerald yacht cruises attract affluent 
couples and Cruisers in their 40s and 50s as well   The same token budget friendly cruise 
lines like Carnival make cruises more   Accessible to younger demograph are you 
looking to party with the 20-somethings   Demographics are also affected by a time 
of year itinerary and length of the voyage   There are typically less kids and families 
during off-season times of year like fall when   School starts or just before and after winter and 
spring breaks longer and more exotic itineraries   Will attract older or retired couples at 
the time and money to travel Atlanta you   Could avoid families and kids altogether 
by selecting an adult's only Cruise Line   Cruise lines like Viking ocean cruises and virgin 
voyages offer those 18 years or older Viking is   More likely to track mature couples interested in 
the destination in Richmond while virgin voyages   Welcomes an 18 plus crowd we're looking for a good 
night out if this is all new to you then we highly   Recommend you talk to a travel advisor about the 
fellow passengers before selecting a cruise line   Another thing you want to consider is crowd 
size are you an introvert or an extrovert   Not every solo Cruiser is ready to jump in and 
mingle with thousands of other guests choosing a   Ship style that suits your personal Comfort level 
sets you up for a success when cruising single   If you rather be among a small group that you 
can get to know over the course of the sailing  

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Then consider something like a river cruise 
an expedition ship or small ship cruising   If you don't like the idea of everyone knowing 
your business or the possibility of traveling in   A sea of of couples and families then a mid-size 
or a larger ship might be a better environment to   Thrive in as a solo Cruiser Mega ships might seem 
intimidating at first but they allow you to get   Lost in the crowd or meet a different group of 
people every night another way to determine if   Your perspective Cruise Line is solo friendly is 
to see if they offer meetups or single Cruisers   These get-togethers can be as casual as a 
standing time and place on The Daily program or   More formally organized by a designated host again 
work with a travel advisor or even ask a cruise   Line representative if that particular Cruise 
Line offers meetups or look for reviews online   Select ships even offer a dedicated solo Cruiser 
Lounge this Lounge is a built-in Social Hub for   Cruisers standing on their own and staying in a 
single room Norwegian Studio complex and Lounge is   Available on a handful of its ships that feature 
Studio or solo cabins make sure when investing   Cruise lines and cruise ships you find one that 
offers programming that actually interests you   If it does then the connection should flow are 
you a home chef then you can book a cruise to   The onboard Culinary Kitchen like Oceana Cruises 
then get created with fellow Cruisers during a   Cooking class or do you love to dance Canard line 
offers free dance lessons in its formal Ballroom   Luxury Cruise Line Silver sea offers a gentleman 
hosts unselect cruises for evening dancing   Or as Shore Excursion escorts while this 
gendered idea might seem a tad Antiquated   It is intended to make single women of certain 
age feel more comfortable at Social gatherings   Another way to ensure you'll meet some other 
like-minded individuals is to book a themed Cruise   Signs offer theme sailings for everything under 
the Sun from jazz cruises to Star Trek to Broadway   Get lost among some fellow fans on a cruise 
celebrating your favorite celebrities or pastimes   A theme Cruise provides a built-in Icebreaker   Another thing you need to consider are the cabin 
options and staterooms on your particular ship not   All solo cabins are created equal and here's why 
the single supplement most statement categories   Are priced at Double occupancy which means the 
cruise fair is based on two individuals in a row   Unfortunately for solo Cruisers they're not 
getting a 50 discount for being the only one   In the cabin in fact to make up for estimated 
lost Revenue Cruise Lines charge a supplement   To most single Cruisers that is a hundred percent 
of the fare which honestly to us seems very unfair   Be vigilant before booking your cruise cabin 
regarding what you're getting for the price   Some single rooms don't come cheaply but 
include a dedicated lounge and social space   Other Cruise Lines might wave these extra 
fees especially on river cruise ships   Now one way to avoid the single supplement 
is to decide on a dedicated solo cabin   Cruise Lines including Canard on markeline 
Norwegian and Royal Caribbean all offer  

Cabins designed and Soul 2 solo Cruisers sometimes 
referred to as Studios these rooms are relatively   Small on average but are priced for a single 
Cruiser now virgin voyages shook up the cruise   Booking game when it introduced fares that 
automatically adjust based on the number of   Sailors to room therefore if you are one person 
booking room the rate will drop from a double   Occupancy price to one for a single passenger 
although honestly this is not a 50 discount but   It's still cheaper than paying for a double 
occupancy room keep in mind because there's   Only a small block of solo cabins on any given 
cruise ship they sometimes sell out in advance   So if you want to be in with others cruising 
solo make sure to NAB one of these rooms early   There are a host of other benefits of booking 
early those include greater room selection so   There are more cabins to choose from and you 
typically get the lowest price once booked you   Can take advantage of other sales and promotion 
in the cruise planner like discounts on shore   Excursions drink packages and other upgrades in 
our experiences booking 6 to 12 months out often   Gives you the lowest fare and for some reason 
the cruise rate actually does drop you can always   Contact the cruise line about getting a credit 
we are all for saving money so another tip is   To watch for sales and promotions that waive the 
single supplement set up a Google alert or employ   The help of a Vigilant travel advisor to be on 
the lookout for these solo friendly promotions   Vantage Travel and talk are Cruise companies which 
also offer land tours that won't charge a single   Supplement on most of their itineraries river 
cruise lines are notorious for weaving single   Supplements or greatly reducing them to 10 or 25 
percent on any Cruise it never hurts to ask simply   Requesting to waive the single supplement could 
work in your favor and if that tactic doesn't   Work looking early or last minute could result in 
a better chance of getting a cheaper single fare   For some individuals sitting alone at a cafe is 
nothing out of the ordinary but for many of us   There's nothing more anxiety-inducing than having 
to Brave an entire meal by ourselves this can be   Especially true and the meals are three courses 
and in a grand dining room hundreds of tables no   Need to fret as we have several tips to help you 
when dining solo on a cruise ship first speak to   The maitre d on the first day of your cruise this 
crew member oversees the main dining room and can   Be a bit of a puppet master when it comes to 
seating arrangements and guest preferences   Befriend this individual early sure you can 
sometimes submit seating preferences online before   You're bored but nothing guarantees you'll get 
the right fit like speaking directly to the Matrix   Scope out your assigned dining room if you have 
one on the first day and ask to see your table   Do you want a tiny Nook for one or are you 
willing to bet on a lodger table with other gas   If you thought you found the perfect seating 
arrangement and find out after night one or two   It isn't for you don't worry it's never too late 
to speak up if you get stuck at a table with some   Undesirable fellow guess no one is blaming you 
if you ask to be removed for the remainder of the  

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Voyage especially if you end up making friends 
during the sailing and want to dine with them   After all it's your vacation whether you're 
sharing with anyone over bread and butter or   Not more and more cruise ships offer a range 
of specialty dining venues some have so many   Different restaurants that it's impossible 
to eat at them all during a one-week Cruise   This can work to your benefit as a solo Cruiser 
if the idea of eating in the same dining room   Night after night doesn't appeal to you make 
some reservations at specialty dining venues   You'll not only treat yourself to an elevated meal 
but give yourself the luxury of a night off from a   Sea of couples in the main dining room While most 
specialty dining venues charge an Associated fee   Some also come with a show like Teppanyaki and 
Norwegian Cruise Lines or a little petite Chef   On Celebrity some MSC cruise ships also offer 
Cirque du Soleil shows and dinner theater   These distractions are enough to keep everyone 
entertained and most certainly not wondering   Whether you're there on your own now another 
bonus of specialty dining is the ability to   Sit at a bar or a counter there you can 
interact with the chef or the wait staff   And your solo status is less conspicuous some of 
these venues might include a sushi restaurant or   A pub on board your cruise ship with a lively 
counter or a bar seating some Cruise Lines   Even have casual pubs with bar seating that are 
complementary like the local restaurant on many   Norwegian Cruise Line ships also many Cruise Lines 
offer other casual dining options that are more   Quick Service which might just hit the spot a few 
nights of your cruise these venues might include   A buffet or a pizza parlor or sandwich shop these 
options are great for individuals who are always   On the go and don't really want to sit down for an 
extended longer meal then of course occasionally   Room service can hit the spot of course we're 
not encouraging solo Cruisers to hide out in   Their cabin for every meal sometimes though the 
social energy is lacking in those cases it's nice   To have a space to enjoy a meal in the privacy 
of your own room nearly every single cruise line   Except for some River and Expedition lines offer 
room service and it can be an indulgent treat   To watch a movie in bed while chowing down on a 
burger you do need to watch for room service fees   Typically you'll only be charged a few bucks per 
order so order as much as you like off that menu   If you had the ability to splurge on a room with 
a balcony it can be a great place to wake up for   Breakfast or a sip of glass of wine at Sunset 
before heading out for the evening keep in mind   That there are very few to no single cabins that 
come with a veranda so most likely you wouldn't   Need to pay some type of single supplement to 
get a room with a balcony when cruising solo   If you made it this far chances are you've given 
serious thought to cruising single but there are   A few helpful pointers worth mentioning that any 
Solo Traveler connecting on Facebook or on message   Boards prior to your cruise can be a great way to 
connect with other solo Cruisers but it's worth   Remembering Internet 101 which is never give out 
any personal information to strangers even if they  

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Seem like friends use a first name or a handle 
only and keep your state room number private   While tagging yourself to a location instantly 
via Instagram where Tick Tock might seem like a   Fun way to keep friends and family in the loop it 
can also make you a Target consider waiting until   You're back on board and heading to the next Port 
before giving away your whereabouts to the world   Also know your limits with alcohol and stick to 
them before saying or doing something you might   Regret being intoxicated without a trusted 
companion around intervene can be dangerous   Also watch your drink and never accept drinks 
that you don't see made or serve at the bar   Unfortunately being single on a cruise 
also means being responsible for yourself   And keeping a certain level of wits about 
you at all times especially in any port   But this doesn't mean not to put yourself 
out there this might sound a little corny   But remember why you took this trip in the 
first place you won't be able to make any new   Connections or meet any future Cruise friends if 
you don't step slightly outside your comfort zone   Do what makes you happy go to trivia enjoy 
those dance classes attend the shows and other   Onboard entertainment but remember that nothing 
ventured nothing gained this applies as much to   Your attitude on board as it does to booking 
your solo Cruise while we focus mostly on your   Experience on board you do also need to consider 
how to cruise solo when ashore getting out in each   Port and exploring the destination is part of the 
thrill of a cruise while this is a hundred percent   Possible to achieve without a group setting out 
in an unfamiliar place on your own can be daunting   There are plenty of options when it comes 
to booking shore excursions and tours or   Sightseeing as a solo Cruiser all Cruise Lines 
offer a brochure of short surgeons in each   Port while group size varies depending on the 
number of guests on board and the type of tour   A cruise line sponsored Shore Excursion includes 
other participants from your cruise ship   A friend of the Cruisers during a day of 
snorkeling or on a walking tour or you can   Scan social media groups or those message boards 
to find other people on your ceiling looking   To organize a group for a tour in Port another 
benefit of signing up for sure excursions through   The cruise line is that it guarantees you won't 
be left by your cruise ship it also ensures you're   Spending the day with a vetted tour operator 
and with other individuals on the same ship   But honestly traveling solo is a Time honor 
tradition and there's nothing wrong with stepping   Out on your own in Port however it never hurts to 
be Savvy about your surroundings and your safety   Before disembarking get a sense of your 
whereabouts include the name of the pier   Where the ship is done bring a map of your daily 
program which includes important phone numbers   And contact information in case of emergency or 
simply snap a picture of this on your mobile phone   Make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged 
and bring a wireless charger if possible also   Check your data settings see if you are able to 
access GPS functions like Google Maps this can be  

Helpful to find your way around in a pinch while 
keeping your wits and belongings about you is   Recommended in any port make sure you do a little 
homework or ask a short Excursion representative   About the place you'll be exploring before you do 
some docs are located in remote industrial areas   And is recommended to secure transportation to 
the city center instead of walking alone or at all   Many cruise lines also offer destination 
or Port talks these might be a valuable   Source of information to help you plan your day 
ashore and while it might seem a bit excessive   Consider letting a trusted friend or family member 
from home know about your plans and when you   Expect to be back or check in with the front desk 
and make sure they have your contact information   If you're a little nervous about seeing the 
sites alone but are also definitely not into   A crowded bus tour you could consider hiring a 
private driver reputable Private Tours can be   Found in many places but most cruise lines also 
offer this option through a service that they fed   Any kind of car for hire especially an all-day 
tour doesn't come cheaply however the luxury of   Your own private Excursion might make this 
option worth it for some imagine the peace   Of mind that comes with not having to navigate 
your own transportation and we can speak from   Personal experience that some private tours 
we've had in Europe the Caribbean and Alaska   Still rank as some of the best Horrors we've 
ever taken now that you're super excited to   Plan your first solo Cruise why don't you check 
out our video for the top 15 Cruise tips all   First time Cruisers need to know whether you're 
traveling solo or with the family our expert   Tips let you know exactly what to expect 
and give you more information about dining   Onboard activities entertainment and more to help 
ensure your first cruise is truly Unforgettable