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American Cruise Line Announces a New 35-Day Civil War Battlefield Cruise

Departing from New Orleans on May 4th, 2024

American Cruise Line has recently announced a new and exciting Civil War battlefield cruise, set to take passengers on a journey through history. Spanning 35 days and visiting every major battlefield from the war, this unique experience will begin in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 4th, 2024, and conclude on June 6th in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Visiting 13 States and Highlighting Major Battlefields

The voyage is set to traverse 13 states, providing passengers with the opportunity to explore battlefields from Fort Sumner to Shiloh, and from Vicksburg to Antietam. To ensure an enriching and informative experience, the cruise will be led by Burton Hayes Davis – the great-great-grandson of Jefferson Davis, the only President of the Confederate States of America.

Three Ships to Sail Key American Waterways

This special journey will take place on board three ships, sailing along the Mississippi River, the Tennessee River, the Potomac, the East Coast Intercoastal Waterway, and the Chesapeake Bay. Prices for the Civil War battlefield cruise start at $24,700 per person, depending on the state room chosen.

Princess Cruises Honors WWII Veteran with a 100th Birthday Celebration

Lieutenant Colonel James H. Harvey III Celebrates on the Discovery Princess

In more heartwarming cruise news, Princess Cruises recently honored World War II veteran Lieutenant Colonel James H. Harvey III by hosting a celebration for his 100th birthday aboard the Discovery Princess cruise ship on Monday.

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Saluting a True American Hero

Lieutenant Colonel Harvey, a retired United States Army Air Corps, and Air Force officer is one of the surviving members of the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African-American Army Air Corps pilots who served during World War II. His military service also includes participation as the first African-American fighter pilot in the Korean War, flying 140 missions between 1949 and 1950. In recognition of his heroism, Lieutenant Colonel Harvey and his fellow Tuskegee Airmen were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 2006.

The McChord Field Honor Guard welcomed Lieutenant Colonel Harvey and his family onboard the Discovery Princess and presented the colors in a traditional United States Air Force display. The ship’s crew also joined in the celebration by presenting the decorated veteran with a birthday cake.

Discovering Alaska with Discovery Princess

Passengers on the Discovery Princess will have the opportunity to explore Alaska’s breathtaking landscapes, with the ship setting sail from Seattle every Sunday through September.

Carnival Cruise Line Responds to Passenger Concerns About Dogs Onboard

Addressing Allergies and the Inclusion of Service and Drug-Sniffing Dogs

A Carnival Cruise Line passenger recently reached out to Carnival’s brand ambassador, John Heald, with a complaint that the cruise line was not considering the needs of people with dog allergies. The passenger’s concern stemmed from Carnival’s inclusion of service dogs onboard, as well as the use of drug-sniffing dogs at the terminal and on the ship.

Heald addressed the issue in his response, stating that cruise ships are large environments, ensuring that the number of service animals and drug-sniffing dogs onboard is minimal. He also emphasized that passengers have ample opportunity to avoid close proximity to these dogs, effectively minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.

Travel Tips for European Cruises: Currency and Clothing

Handling Different Currencies During Your Cruise

When traveling on a European cruise, it’s essential to understand how to handle the various currencies you’ll encounter. Most countries accept credit cards, but it’s crucial to have a card that allows for multiple currencies and doesn’t charge exorbitant conversion fees. It’s also helpful to have some local currency on hand for tipping and other cash transactions. Cruise lines often offer currency conversion services, making it easy for passengers to access the necessary funds.

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A Layered Approach to Clothing for Changing Weather

To stay comfortable in unpredictable weather, travelers should adopt a layering strategy for their clothing. This may include starting with short sleeves and adding layers as the weather demands, as well as bringing rain protection. This approach will help ensure passengers remain comfortable, regardless of the conditions they encounter during their cruise.

In conclusion, cruises can offer unforgettable experiences and learning opportunities, whether you’re exploring the history of the Civil War or enjoying the beauty of Alaska, it’s essential to plan accordingly. With proper attention to currency and wardrobe needs, travelers can focus on embracing all that their cruise has to offer.