Best New Cruise Ships of 2023 | The Best Cruises You Can Take This Year!

If you are looking for a complete list of the best new cruise ships of 2023, look no further. In this video, we have our list of the new cruise ships debuting this year. Let us know in the comments which ships you plan to cruise on this year.

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New Cruise Ships 2023:
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1:10 Resilient Lady
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7:24 Celebrity Ascent
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12:12 MSC World Europa
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17:32 Oceania Vista
20:21 Viking Saturn
23:05 Explora I
25:35 Icon of the Seas

In 2023, there are 10 brand new cruise ships setting sail that we are very excited to check out.

Virgin Voyages will launch its 3rd ship in the fleet. Resilient Lady will be one of the best new cruise ships for 2023 when she debuts in May. The ship will sail the Mediterranean, Australia, and New Zealand. Resilient Lady will offer the same great dining, bars and lounges, and adults only vibe of her sister ships.

Norwegian Viva will be the second ship in Norwegian’s Prima Class. This mega-ship will have its inaugural cruise in August 2023 offering Mediterranean cruises. This new cruise ship features a race track, Galaxy Pavilion virtual reality complex, freestyle dining, signature entertainment, and so much more.

Carnival Jubilee is the third in the Excel Class of ships. This new ship will offer the same great casual dining, multiple pool areas, and family-friendly fun as Carnival Celebration and Carnival Mardi Gras. Plus, this new cruise ship will have some exclusive features of her own.

Carnival Venezia is another ship that makes this list of best cruise 2023. This redesigned ship from the Costa Cruises fleet will sail from New York. The ship will offer Carnival FUN Italian style with unique dining and public spaces found nowhere else in the cruise line’s fleet.

Yet another best cruise ship for 2023 is an addition to Celebrity Cruises Edge Class, Celebrity Ascent. This enhanced version will mirror its sister ship, Celebrity Beyond. With exquisite dining, first-rate entertainment, and upscale bars and lounges, we can’t wait to check out this ship.

MSC Seascape set sail at the end of 2022. This ship boasts plenty of outdoor space, several specialty restaurants, and 5 signature productions in the main theater. Not to mention, there’s the thrilling Robotron overlooking the pool deck.

It is easy to see why World Europa is the one of the best new cruise ship of 2023. This massive ship has a variety of onboard attractions, bars and lounges, new dining concepts, and lots to explore during 7-night Mediterranean cruises. This new MSC cruise ship certainly rivals megaships from other cruise lines.

Oceania Vista makes its long await debuted in 2023. The ship features a brand new design with luxurious public spaces, contemporary dining options, chic bars and lounges, and other special touches that make Oceania one of the most popular in the small cruise ship market.

Explora I, the new Explora Journeys ship, will offer several decks of top-notch dining, live music and enrichment, as well as a focus on health and well-being. This all inclusive cruise covers all onboard expenses, including alcoholic beverages, access to the thermal suite, WiFi, and gratuities.

Viking’s 9th ocean ship, Viking Saturn, will begin sailing Northern European cruises this spring. This luxury cruise line includes a tour at every port, beer and wine at meals, free specialty dining, as well as several other amenities. Making this new cruise ship 2023 a must.

While technically not sailing in 2023, Icon of the Seas also makes this list. This Royal Caribbean cruise ship will be the largest to date at over 250K gross tons when she debuts in January 2024. So, you better start planning this cruise now!


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The new year brings several new cruise Ships from a variety of cruise lines There are also many ships that set sail In late 2022 so if you're thinking about A cruise vacation this year then this Video is for you as we have our list of The best new cruise ships you can Sail On in 2023 up next [Music] [Applause] Welcome aboard Cruisers I'm Don B from Eat sleep Cruise where we help you plan The perfect Cruise so you can see the World one port at a time and it's 2023 Which means there are a ton of brand new Cruise ships slated to be released this Year From some brand new designs to sister Ships we have our look at the best Cruise ships that you can Sail on in the New year Of course if we missed any of your picks For the best new cruise ships let us Know in the comment section below and Let's start our list with the third Vessel and a brand new Cruise Line Virgin voyages is Making Waves in the Cruise industry after the successful Launch of adults only Scarlet lady and Valiant lady the new Cruise Line plans To debut two additional ships resilient Lady will launch in 2023 followed Shortly after by brilliant lady in 2024 Resilient lady will embark on her

Mermaid and Voyage on May 14 2023 on a Round-trip Greek Isles voyage During the summer season the ship will Sail two unique itineraries the Greek Island Glow and the Adriatic Sea in Greek gems resilient lady will then Depart on a 44-night repositioning Voyage Heading down under for a winter season In Australia and New Zealand Perhaps one of the most appealing Aspects of Virgin voyages is its All-inclusive nature Cruise fares Include all dining all gratuities Basic Wi-Fi and group fitness classes of Course the other big draw for many Cruisers is that there are no kids We've sailed both on Scarlet lady and Valiant lady twice now and we really Enjoy certain aspects of the Virgin Cruise experience We love the laid back Vibe including the Aflacay dock which features great Cocktails and small bites Also really enjoy the variety of dining Options for Mexican to Italian to an Upscale Steakhouse and a Korean barbecue There's so much diversity not to mention The food is hands down the best at sea Virgin voyages also features some of the Most unique cabins at Sea complete with A Terrace hammock That's right you can actually relax on Your balcony in a hammock why hasn't the

Cruise industry thought of The Suitor Further if you're looking for something A bit different when it comes to Entertainment virgin voyages delivers The signature Productions found across All the ships include dual reality and Untitled dancehall party thing Both shows are very different but Equally entertaining If you follow along with our travels Then you know we've recently seen on Origin Cruise Line's newest Cruise Ship Norwegian Prima As ncl's first new class of ship in Nearly 10 years Norwegian Prima Succeeded in delivering a completely Fresh take on cruising and what's better Than one ship Well two ships Prima sister Ship Norwegian Viva is Debuting in 2023 Norwegian Viva will set Sail in August from Italy visiting ports Of call on the Mediterranean before Making her way to the United States Here she will sail the Caribbean from San Juan Puerto Rico Norwegian Viva will Feature many of the same amenities and Design Elements as Norwegian Prima Boasting upscale staterooms and public Venues the Prima class ships are Certainly more elegant than other ships In the NCL Fleet With ncl's signature freestyle approach To dining Crews have the option to dine

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In the newly transformed main dining Rooms one of the many specialty Restaurants Or the new indulged food Hall Personally we love the adult Food Hall Which shows up a variety of Quick Service options You'll also find new bars with signature Cocktails like the Belvedere bar and the Sustainable Metropolitan bar When it comes to onboard experiences There's no shortage of things to do on Norwegian Viva from the Viva Speedway And the drop slide for Thrill Seekers to The elevated mandera spa and thermal Suite for those looking to relax there's Something for everyone Perhaps the most stunning addition to The Prima class ships though is the Ocean Boulevard This decade Waterfront now offers double The space and a greater variety of Experiences and dining options The new Ocean Boulevard is 44 000 square Feet long and wraps around the entire Deck The area features several unique spaces Like The Concourse with a brilliant Outdoor sculpture garden and infinity Beach Infinity Beach features two infinity Pools designed to get guests closer to The Ocean than ever before America's favorite Cruise Line Carnival

Cruise Line also has another new ship Debuting at the end of 2023 Carnival Jubilee will set sail from Galveston Texas For the first time in December of this Year If you can't wait that long to hop on Board Carnival celebration recently set Sail from the new terminal F in Miami Florida Both of these ships are sister ships to Carnival Mardi Gras Colonel Jubilee will sail the Western Caribbean visiting ports like Mahogany Bay Cozumel and Costa Maya As the newest ships in the Excel class Carnival Jubilee will share many of the Same features as our sisters Including the bolt roller coaster The cruise line is also hinted that the Ship will feature a few unique Experiences zones and signature venues Of her own We're thinking there'll be replacements For the 820 Biscay and the Gateway zones That are now on Carnival celebration When it comes to dining Carnival always Delivers with its Quick Service venues So you'll be sure to find Carnival Staples like Guys burger joint The Blue Iguana Cantina and Shaq's big Chicken Chibang Cucina Del Capitano guys pick an anchor

Fernand55 Bonsai Sushi and Teppanyaki And Rudy seagrel will also return on Carnival Jubilee where there's food There's also drinks you don't have to go Far to find your favorite poolside Cocktail at the two-story Red Frog Tiki Bar There are also favorites like guys Pig And anchor Brew House Piano bar 88 The Havana Bar And heroes tribute Lounge additionally Adults will love the serenity Retreat Forward on Deck 18. while kids will love The ultimate playground complete with Mini golf Water slides and a Ropes Course For entertainment guests can enjoy Players Productions in both the main Theater and on Center Stage in the Three-story Atrium as well as the Signature Family Feud live game shows Not to mention the fun Squad hosts some Of the liveliest pool parties and Activities at sea If a fun ship doesn't really appeal to You then you'll love the luxurious Resort Vibes on Celebrity ascent As a fourth ship in Celebrity Cruises Edge class celebrity Ascent will debut In December 2023 as well As a newest sister to the beautiful Celebrity Beyond this vessel will

Feature most of the same amenities Venues and experiences When celebrities sent debuts she will Sail the Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale For the winter season She'll then head to Europe in summer of 2024. While part of the Edge class celebrity Scent and summer Beyond have a few Unique features of their own as well as Elevated design and decor Perhaps the most stunning transformation Is the Sunset Bar This two-story space has been completely Reimagined With a Moroccan style Vibe comfy Furniture a new signature menu great Views and live music in the evenings Also new to celebrity ascent and Beyond It's a specialty restaurant lure voyage This restaurant created by Chef Daniel Belude is inspired by travel and Showcases global Cuisine With an intimate atmosphere and upscale Menu selections this venue is a great Addition to the Celebrity Cruises Fleet In terms of other bars and restaurants Frequent Celebrity Cruises will be happy To know that they can still find the Martini bar in the Grand Plaza Cafe albacio Fine cut Steakhouse Love petite chef and more The world-class bar and craft social

Also make a return on this vessel Like all Edge class vessels celebrity Scent will feature four complementary Made dining rooms these dining rooms Offer a rotational menu as well as a few Exclusive dishes at each venue giving Cruisers plenty of options When it comes to entertainment celebrity Scent will surely include signature Productions in the main Theater Eden And the club just like her sister ships Add all the dining bars entertainment Options to some of the most luxurious State rooms at Sea celebrity scent is Certainly one of the best new cruise Ships for 2023 MSC Cruise's newest ship MSC Seascape Just debuted in Miami Florida at the end Of 2022. We were lucky enough to hop on a recent Caribbean sailing on the ship and you Should too MSC Seascape is the fourth ship in the Popular Seaside class of ships And the second Evo subclass This Evolution means that MSC Seascape Is larger offering more cabins an Expanded Yacht Club more outdoor spaces And a variety of dining and Entertainment options In keeping with MSC design there's Plenty of Glitz and glamor on Seascape The ship is adorned with metallic Finishes

And Swarovski Crystal Stairs There's also the stunning Bridge of size A glass floored bridge over 70 feet Above the infinity pool which makes for A great photo op Further you'll find signature Italian Touches throughout the ship like Multiple gelato shops And espresso served at every bar Not to mention there's a venky chocolate Bar serving up amazing alcoholic and Non-alcoholic chocolate infused coffee And Cocktails although the only problem Is that it's not included in any of the MSC drink packages Msccape delivers on bringing guests Closer to the Sea offering a waterfront Promenade and the Beautiful infinity Pool The adults only space at the after the Ship offers great wake views further the Kids are sure to love The exquisitely themed jungle pool This pool has a retractable roof meaning It's a pool day no matter the weather Outside Of course there's also the marina pool Which has a more traditional Lido deck Vibe If you are a thrill seeker you'll love The VR attractions in the whole games And the signature Robotron this robotic Arm 170 feet above sea level delivers The Thrills of a roller coaster at Sea

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Set to your favorite music There's also expanded offerings for kids And teens including interactive game Shows And Partnerships with Brands like Lego Making MSC Seascape a worthy choice for All ages Msccape offers delicious specialty Dining options too from the butcher's Cut Steakhouse to the Casual Ola tacos To Kato Teppanyaki And the ocean key seafood restaurant There's Cuisine to suit all pallets not To mention there's even a sushi conveyor Belt a Cato sushi As the fastest growing brand MSC cruises Just debuted another new ship as well MSC World Europa this ship is a Company's most innovative And most environmentally Advanced ship Today it's the first ship in the world Class of ships its sister ship while America is scheduled to sail from the US In 2025. Currently World Europa is sailing from Dubai in Doha but the ship will head to The Mediterranean this summer Thus 2023 is a perfect time to test out This new ship With a variety of embarkation ports the Itineraries will visit popular ports in Spain Italy and France MSC World Europa is designed to elevate The crew's experience and compete with

Mega ships from other Cruise Lines With features like the Venom Drop the New longest dry sided sea the largest Water park in the fleet bumper cars and Onboard microbrewery new restaurant Concepts And more balcony staterooms than any Other ship we can't wait to check it out Of course Cruisers will also find Familiar favorites like the butcher's Cut and Kato Teppanyaki especially Restaurants The ship has seven swimming pools and Expansive indoor Promenade with an Interactive LED Dome ceiling the Hall of Games and Sentra entertainment venues Like the Panorama Lounge The Coffee Emporium certainly has us Intrigue this venue offers a Customizable coffee experience along With Cafe seating indoors and Outdoors Not to mention it also serves espresso Martinis in the evenings For even more variety there's a new Tea House The Masters At Sea pub with craft beer The Gin project and The Elixir Mixology Bar There's also a zest juice bar and sweet Temptations for gelato and soft serve When it comes to dining options we're Happy to see more variety including the New Luna Park Pizza and burger There are also two new specialty dining

Concepts Chef's Garden kitchen And LA pascadelia For entertainment World Europa features The multi-purpose Luna Park arena The world theater and the Panorama Lounge Across these venues guests can enjoy Concert style shows five new signature Productions and other themed experiences If you're looking for another European Cruise option MSC uribia A mervillia Plus Class ship Is also debuting in 2023 While not technically a new cruise ship For 2023 Casa Valencia will join the Carnival Cruise Line Fleet Sally from New York Beginning in June Carnival Valencia will Offer signature Carnival Fun Italian Style Blending the Carnival Cruise Line Experience the guests love with Exclusive Costa elements this ship will Bring something unique to the cruise Market Built in 2019 and set to undergo Enhancements before entering service Carnival Valencia will be home to many Of the activities and experiences guests Enjoy onboard other Carnival ships These include popular restaurants and Bars like piano bar 88 Heroes tribute Bar Onite 555 Steakhouse

Bonsai Sushi and Teppanyaki Pizzeria Del Capitano And the Seafood Shack you guys can also Enjoy the Cloud9 Spa The surrounding adult only Retreat and Carnival Waterworks In guest board Carnival Valencia they Will be surrounded by Italian ocher Texture in the atrium which is Maul After venice's feign Piazza San Marco One of the main dining rooms will even Include a real-life Venetian gondola The ship's outdoor spaces feature Italian touches as well including a Lido Deck modeled after the Italian Riviera This pool features a retractable roof so It can still be enjoyed when in New York During colder months Some new touches include a new bar and Serenity featuring Spritz tomodaro with Mexican Italian Fusion creations Grilled Italian tree food And sandwiches at La Strada grill a new Specialty Italian restaurant And a variety of new bars with Italian Inspired cocktails and decor Further a carnival of the NCAA will Introduce new terrazza state rooms these Eight rooms are similar to The Havana State rooms on other ships They will offer exclusive access to Terrazza Carnaval an outdoor Terrace Deck This deck will also feature two

Whirlpools and plenty of lounge space Further terrazza gas will also enjoy Additional perks like a lounge with Continental breakfast items Special CDA brunch and exclusive Sail Away event In addition some signature Carnival Venues will feature Italian Touches for Instance Java Blue Cafe will offer Gelato The menu at Guys burger joint will Include a pepperoni pizza burger and the Big Moz a burger smothered in melted Mozzarella cheese As the first ship and Oceana Cruises new Allora class Oceana Vista will debut in Spring of 2023. Sailing to iconic destinations including Rome Athens Istanbul Barcelona London And more this is certainly one of the Best new cruise ships for 2023 Following a transatlantic in September The ship will sail from Miami for the Winter 2023-24 season the visiting tropical Locales Oceana Vista is a 67 000 gross ton ship that carries 1200 gas Vista will Mark the seventh ship in the Oceana Fleet Meticulously designed to create a small Ship luxury Cruise experience Oceana Vista will feature a number of inviting Spaces restaurants bars and experiences

A reimagined martinis bar an upscale and Tranquil pool deck A state of the art aquamar spa and Vitality Center A library exclusively styled and Ralph Lauren home and culinary Excellence Across 12 dining options can all be Found on board this new ship It starts with the grand dining room This venue is inspired by the early 20th Century Paris and features a globally Inspired menu including Jacques Pepin Classics Further Ember is a new addition to the Dye lineup this restaurant will feature An American menu with dishes like short Ribs crab cakes swordfish and more Aquamar kitchen offers healthier options Like press chooses smoothies power bowls And salmon to name a few Previous Oceana Cruises will be happy to Hear that Paulo Grill Toscana And red ginger can also be found on this New ship Not to mention there's also Baristas and The new nearby Bakery You won't go thirsty on Oceana Vista Either as the ship's debuting a new Mixology program inspired by the latest Cocktail Trends Cruisers can now Savor Low and no sugar wines and zero proof Cocktails There are also negroni's Asian wooden Barrels and Specialty beverage carts

Like the bubbly bar and ultimate Bloody Mary bar Many of the restaurants will also Feature signature cocktails to pair with The menu offerings The staterooms 2 are an upgrade from Contemporary Cruise Lines They boast new standards for comfort and Luxury All Veranda cabins and new concierge Level Veranda staterooms just for solo Travelers Further the standard State rooms on Vista are the most spacious at Sea Measuring in at over 290 square feet If you enjoy exploring the world in Comfort the Viking Saturn's rank at the Top of your list for best cruise ships For 2023 The newest Viking ocean cruise ship will Debut in Spring of 2023. As a ninth ship in the ocean Fleet Viking Saturn is nearly identical to our Sister ships With just 930 passengers these 47.8 000 gross ton ships visit a variety of Destinations across the globe Vikings focus on the destination driven Itineraries that complement the Unparalleled service and inclusive Nature of the cruise line Thus Viking Saturn was pen or a maiden Season sailing northern Europe including New Nordic voyages visiting port in

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Iceland Greenland Norway and more Viking ocean ships boasts State-of-the-art technology and all Veranda staterooms On a viking Ocean Cruise you can also Enjoy a free tour in each Port of Call Wi-Fi Noah charges for specialty dining and Complimentary room service Additional occlusions are beer wine and Soft drink at meals specialty coffees And bottled water and access to the Thermal Suite Further Viking ocean ships offer several Dining options in our opinion it's some Of the best food at sea if you're Looking for a casual atmosphere the World Cafe offers buffet style meals Including a sushi and seafood bar with Indoor seating or Alfresco seating with The aquavit Terrace Guests can also enjoy Mansons or Gourmet Scandinavian Deli and afternoon tea in The Winter Garden For a more gourmet meal Viking Saturn Has a main dining room the restaurant Manfredi's Italian restaurant And a chef's table Here you can enjoy delicious Multi-chorus meals with upscale menu Selections that are all part of the Cruise Fair While you're not enjoying your ports of Call you can relax in a thermal Suite

Which even features a snow Grotto Or you can admire the views from the Cantilevered infinity pool There's also a main pool with a Retractable roof meaning it's always a Pool day Perhaps you might choose to enjoy a Performance in the theater Or dance the night away at toys Haven You can also sip a drink in Good Company In the Explorer's Lounge while admiring The Scandinavian design or simply relax In tranquil Winter Garden If you're looking for some cultural Enrichment Viking features resident historians Guest lecturers and even destination Performances For even more luxurious Cruise options In 2023 MSC group is unveiling a brand New Cruise Line Explorer Journeys the First of six ships for this new Cruise Line Explorer one will set sail in July The ship's maiden voyage will be a 15-night cruise from Southampton England To Northern Europe and the Arctic Circle Explorer one will also make her debut in The Caribbean this fall The 64 000 gross ton all-sweet ship will Emulate Boutique Hotel vibes The ship will feature a variety Stateroom options ranging from the Ocean Terrace category at 377 square feet All the way to the owner's residence

Measuring at 3 000 14 square feet each With its own private Terrace It will also boast four heated pools a Variety of restaurants and bars And a plethora of Wellness offerings Explorer one will be home to six Distinct restaurants as well as ensuite Dining and 12 bars and lounges Anthology will offer global Cuisine with Specialties from guest chefs unique wine Pairings and more Sakura will feature a Pan Asian Cuisine While marble and Company Grill is your European Steakhouse at sea And Phil Rouge is an intimate French Restaurant Further the med Yacht Club is Reminiscent of a Beachside Mediterranean Restaurant while the Emporium Marketplace is your go-to for all-day Dining Selections here will include sushi Made to order a pasta pizzas Charcuterie and more there's also the Impressive Chef's Kitchen experience Bars will range from social lounges to Malt Whiskey Bar to a European Cafe To pool bars Explorer Journeys offers Unlimited beverages Fine Wines and premium Spirits including Ensuite mini bar specialty coffees teas And soft drinks available anytime Explorer 1 will also feature over ten Thousand square feet of space devote to

Health and Wellness This includes a luxurious Spa thermal Suite Fitness facilities and Outdoor Sports Court and a running track When it comes to enrichment Entertainment music's at the Forefront With resident artists There will also be cultural and Destination focused talks Tastings and classes and a whole lot More further the exclusive Journeys Provide unlimited beverages access to The thermal Suite gratuities and Wi-Fi [Music] And finally we save this Royal Caribbean Ship for last since icon of the Seas Won't technically set sail until January Of 2024. At least according to the current Schedule Still this completely new and Innovative Class of ship for the brand deserves a Little attention this year too after all If you plan to sail on one of the Initial icon and C voyages you better Start planning now This once again game-changing vessel Will deliver iconic family vacations Weighing in at over 250 000 gross tons Icon of the Seas will feature 20 total Decks 2 805 State rooms seven pools nine Whirlpools and six record-breaking water Slides this means that icon the Seas Will be the largest cruise ship to date

Royal Caribbean icon the Seas will sail Year round seven night Eastern and Western Caribbean vacations from Miami Further every Cruise will visit perfect Day at CoCo K in the Bahamas Icon the Seas will feature eight Neighborhoods Thrill Island will be home to category 6. the largest water park at Sea with Six record-breaking sides They include some of the longest tallest And fastest slides in the world This neighborhood will also feature the Crown's Edge Part Skywalk part ropes course and part Thrill Ride Along With The Lost Dunes Mini golf Adventure Peak Rock Climbing Wall And a Flow Rider The new chill island is a three-deck Slice of paradise with multiple zones And experiences Featuring four pools there's a pool for Every mood each with prime ocean views Bringing guests closer to the water The vibrant swim and tonic is aligned For a swim up bar at Sea with a large Pool and resting spots within the pool While the Royal Bay pool is the largest Pulled sea with over 40 000 gallons of Water In water loungers and raised whirlpools The new Surfside neighborhood is Specifically designed for families in

This neighborhood Grumps can soak up the Endless views at Water's Edge pool while The little ones enjoy Splashway Bay and Baby bay Further there are nearby dining options A bar a reimagined Carousel and an Arcade There's also the Hideaway with the first Suspended infinity pool at Sea the Multi-use Aquadome and an even grander Royal Promenade As well as the largest and boldest Ice Arena today absolute zero Further guests can still enjoy Central Park The largest Suite neighborhood in the Fleet 28 different statement categories and a Plethora of restaurants and bars now if You can't wait for some of these cruise Ships to debut in 2023 then you should Check out our video detailing our picks For the best cruise ships of 2022. now Last year the wife and I sell a nine of The newest Mega ships to debut and in That video we give you our honest take Comparing all these ships on categories Such as best state rooms best pizza at Sea and best entertainment that way we Can help you decide which of the best Cruise ships from 2022 is right for your Next Cruise vacation