We Tested Out 9 of the Newest Cruise Ships – Here’s How They Rank!

We sailed on 9 of the newest cruise ships of the year. Now, we are back to tell you how they rank on 15 categories. From quick service dining, to entertainment, staterooms, and more, we have the best cruise ships based on our first hand experiences cruising in 2022!

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In 2022, we sailed on 9 of the world’s newest mega ships. These included Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas, Holland America Line Rotterdam, Carnival Celebration, and Celebrity Beyond. Also, we sailed on Princess Cruises Discovery Princess, MSC Seascape, Norwegian Prima, Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady, and Disney Wish.

On every ship, we spent at least 6 nights onboard. Plus, we stayed in the line’s standard balcony cabin. So, based on these cruises, we are back to rate how these ships compare on several important cruise categories.

For quick service, our pick of best cruise ship went to the diverse offerings on Carnival Celebration. Carnival Celebration also took the nod for best hamburger at sea with Guy’s Burger Joint. Although, Discovery Princess and Valiant Lady to home the best pizza at sea. Valiant Lady also took our top prize for best main dining room. Although, Celebrity Beyond was a close second place.


When it came to entertainment, no ship could beat Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas. The various entertainment venues and spectacular productions were certainly the best at sea.

Likewise, Wonder of the Seas shined with its wide selection of bars and lounges, most offering signature drink menus. Not to mention, the pool deck is an impressive outdoor space that has been enhanced when compared to its sister ships.

Although, when it came to the best music, Holland America Rotterdam’s Music Walk was the clear winner. But, for those who like to stay up late, Valiant Lady and MSC Seascape offered the best nightlife with parties and clubs open until the wee hours of the morning.

For the sports deck, our pick for best cruise ship went to Norwegian Prima. With a great mix of complimentary and upcharge experiences. For those looking for more traditional, Carnival Celebrations sports deck is a great option.

When it came to the best cruise director, Lee Mason on Carnival Celebration and Duvual Gamble on Discovery Princess tied for top spot.


For us, you couldn’t beat the staterooms and overall décor of Celebrity Beyond. The ship is certainly stunning, with upscale and sophisticated stylings.

Similarly, we are also fans of Norwegian Prima’s chic and modern layout and furnishings. The ship’s oversized balcony staterooms was also a nice departure from the line’s typical accommodations.

For our first Disney Cruise Line sailing, we really loved the theming and décor of Disney Wish. The ship’s Festival of Friends dining was some of the best quick service at sea. Not to mention the intricately themed public areas, such as the Bayou bar on deck 2.

See how your favorite cruise ship fared with our first hand look at the top cruise ships of the year!


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In 2022 we see out on 9 of the world's Largest new cruise ships Of course the common question that Cruisers want to know is which cruise Ship was our favorite so to answer that Question we put together this video We compare all of these brand new Mega Ships to see which one wins the title For best cruise ship of the Year up next [Music] [Applause] Welcome Boron Cruisers I'm Don B from Eat sleep Cruise where we help you plan The perfect Cruise so you can see the World one point at a time now the wife And I have to admit that since the crews Come back we've been very fortunate the Crews more than ever before On one of those trips we had the Opportunity to spend at least six nights At nine of the newest Mega ships to Debut These vessels included the world's Largest cruise ship Royal Caribbeans Wonder the Seas Princess Cruises Discovery princess Disney Cruise Lines Disney wish Norwegian Prima Virgin voyages Valiant lady Celebrity Beyond Cardinal celebration MSC Seascape And Honda Mark Alliance Rotterdam Of course we have reviews for each of

These ships here on our YouTube channel But the more interesting analysis is how These different vessels compare to one Another So we created this video to rate these Ships on 15 different categories Now since the name of our website is eat Sleep Cruise you'll know that several These categories have to do with the Food and overall dining experience However we also include other categories That we feel are important to the Overall Cruise experience Like entertainment Overall decor and of course several Others and by the end of the video You'll find out which ship took top Awards for the best cruise ship of 2022 And you might be surprised at the Results So let's get started at one area we feel Is very important to cruise experience And that's quick service dining In 2022 one cruise ship outshine all the Others in delivering the best casual Quick Service options at sea In fact no other ship can match the Variety of options food preparation and Flavor as well as atmosphere of the Quick Service On Carnival celebration Guys burger joint remains one of the Best takeout burger joints at sea Likewise Cruisers can get customized

Burritos bowls or tacos for breakfast And lunch at the Blue Iguana Cantina on Lido deck Further Street eat stirs up small bites With loaded french fries and options Like dumplings Pad Thai or chicken Sautes These plates are just the right size for A quick snack when returning from a day Ashore Not to mention aft on Deck 16 is Shaq's Baked chicken This quick service spot Cooks up Addictive crispy chicken sandwiches and Tenders Cruisers can grab a pizza at the Miami Slice Pizzeria until the early morning Hours or a sandwich from the nearby Deco Deli finally the Java Blue Cafe served Up some great grab-and-go options like Breakfast sandwiches in the morning and Sandwiches chicken pies and empanadas in The afternoon Needless to say there are so many Options you don't even need to step foot In the buffet on Carnival celebration But the ship has one of those as well Carnival celebration takes a title for The best overall quick service at sea We do have a few honorable mentions in This category First up we give a nod to the indulge Food Hall on Norwegian Prima this quick Service venue offers seven complimentary

Food stations And perfectly prepared menu items Cruisers can dine on items like beef Brisket Pad Thai with shrimp and totopos All ordered on a tablet and delivered Tableside Likewise the Mickey and Friends Festival Foods on Disney wish is a great poolside Dining venue there are a total of five Different eateries offering Family-friendly favorites like like Pizza Hamburgers hot dogs and chicken tenders Fresh barbecue or Tex-Mex favorites plus Soft serve ice cream All steps away from the main pools If you thought we were done evaluating Casual dining with just one category Then you don't know us very well While the aforementioned ships did an Amazing job delivering great flavors and A diversity of options Some cruise ships did a better job at Delivering specific menu items Now every cruise ship has Pizza on board Whether it's a standalone pizza joint or Station the buffet Grabbing some pizza is almost mandatory On a cruise Although not all Cruise Pizza is create Equal While some Cruise Lines Pizza tastes Like it's straight from the freezer some Other offerings rival the best parlors

In New York City This past year Discovery princess helped Princess Cruises retain its title for The best pizza at sea Gigi's Pizzeria on Deck 7 is a casual Complimentary sit-down restaurant that Serves up mouth-watering pizza The pizza is complete with a crispy and Airy crust and massfully combined flares Of flavorful pizza sauce cheese and Deluxe toppings You can't pass up the princess pizza or The traditional pizza margarita For a quick fix deck 16 is home to a Second pizza place slice which offers Hot fresh pizza slices poolside Although coming in a close second for Best pizza is Virgin voyage's Valiant Lady The pizza place dishes out freshly Prepared personal sized Pizza You can dine in or take your freshly Prepared pie to go The pepperoni and four cheese are among Our favorites Another nice bonus is that Cruisers can Enjoy freshly made salads in grab-and-go Containers alongside their lunch The venue is open during the day and Then reopens in the evening for those Late night munchies There's nothing better on a hot Caribbean Sea day than grabbing a burger And some fries poolside not surprisingly

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Many Cruise Lines feature grills that Are a short walk from the main pool area When it comes to the best burgers at Sea Though Guys burger joint and Carnival Celebration edges out the competition Found on many Carnival ships this fast Food style venue still delivers It offers a well-prepared hot beef patty With the right mixture of toppings and a Complete fixings bar These burgers are served up with a Hearty offering of seasoned fries which Are actually also a contender for best French fries at sea While not the healthiest option this Lunchtime offering is quite delicious If you're looking for something a bit Less indulgent Our honorable mention for best hamburger Tea goes to the dive in on Holland America lines Rotterdam These burgers are a bit more Gourmet Than guys with equally tasty fries Not to mention the dive in also serves Original Nathan's Hot Dogs And chicken sandwiches for additional Choices Another bonus for this honorable mention Winner is the ability for in-app Ordering You can skip the lines and order your Burger and fries in the Holland America Line app and then receive a push Notification when they're ready to be

Picked up Certainly Cruisers are familiar with the Main dining room which serve as a Multi-core center every night Plus these venues usually offer a Sit-down breakfast and lunch on select Days For all the Foodies looking to Experience the best cruise main dining Room look no further than verge of Voyages Instead of one dining venue serving a Rotational menu each night Cruisers can Select from six different theme venues On Virgin voyages All these restaurants are included in The cruise fair just like the Traditional main dining room on most Cruise Lines Further the food quality is Top Notch And the execution is flawless A pink Agave Cruisers can share an Endless array of small medium and large Plates Like roasted corn guacamole seared Shrimp and roasted pork to name a few At the Wake premium Steaks and Chops Come Fresh Off The Grill alongside Delectable sides and sweet satisfying Desserts There's also brunch with Gourmet Offerings like eggs bandic steak and Eggs and more Extra virgin

Valiant ladies Italian restaurant serves Up classic starters entrees and homemade Pasta that Rivals anything you find in The best restaurants on land Other options include the first Etsy Korean barbecue gun Bay The vegan friendly Razzle Dazzle And the sixth course experiential dining Experience at The Test Kitchen Our honorable mention for best main Dining room goes to celebrity Beyond Similar to Virgin voyages this new mega Ship has four different main dining Rooms Each main dining room has an exclusive Menu with select items only available at That venue Plus each restaurant offers the same Rotational menu which changes nightly Along with Classics that are available Throughout the cruise at all four Restaurants These four main dining rooms include the Greek Cypress The Italian Tuscan The French Normandy And the American cosmopolitan Not to mention Cruisers and aqua class Cabins have their own main dining room Blue featuring health conscious menus Further those creatures staying in one Of the retreat Suites on slaughtered Beyond Have a private dining room luminae

Illuminae boasts an elevated Mediterranean menu which includes Signature items from Michelin Chef Daniel ballude While there are plenty of complementary Dining options to see these new Mega Ships also offer a number of upcharge Venues Honestly there are so many great new and Classic specialty restaurants that wowed Us this year But if we're forced to pick one ship A celebrity Beyond had the perfect Combination of various upscale options That were well worth the cost in Arabic New to celebrity on is a specialty Restaurant Laura Voyage from Executive Chef Daniel ballude this Exquisite and Intimate restaurant features a globally Inspired menu offering a taste of Cuisine from around the world I was particularly fond of The Tamarind And peanut crusted prawns And the Brazilian okeka It was one of the best meals I've had at Sea Among other standouts on the ship is the Fine cut Steakhouse This restaurant offers succulent Starters like a lobster cocktail and Ricotta Yaki further the several premium Cuts of beef pair well with Gourmet Sides like bacon mac and cheese and Greer tater tots

More girl favorites are available at the Rooftop garden Grill This Alfresco restaurant showcases Smoky Favorites like chicken wings Seafood skewers and baby back ribs Further Cruisers compare dinner with a Show at the local tea Chef or indulge in Fresh seafood and land Meats at Raw five There's also the experiential menu at The Eden restaurant This restaurant's newer menu offers some More approachable items like a GNC Ceviche and the Tandoori style beef While celebrity Beyond gets our vote for Best overall specialty dining we can't Help but mention some of our other Favorite specialty restaurants from 2022. We applaud Royal Caribbean's wonder the Seas for its new Southern Comfort Restaurant the Mason jar Along with great dinner options the Venue serves an amazing brunch and some Of the most flavorful signature drinks Alongside live country music For Cruisers who are fond of fari's Flavors Tamarind on Hallmark lines Rotterdam Delivers some authentic pan-Asian Cuisine From The Lobster Pot Stickers Szechuan Shrimp and red curry chicken as well as Dungeness crab fried rice Tamarind is Leaps and Bounds better than the

Competition When it comes to cruise ship steakhouses There are two that tie for second place In our opinion The Butchers caught on MSC Seascape Sears up an amazing filet With equally Hardy sides like mac and Cheese Fries and decadent lava cake for dessert Similarly the crown Grill on Princess Cruises takes an odd for Best Value this Steakhouse is only 28 and still manages To offer a delicious meal Complete with the lion signature french Onion soup fine seared steaks and sides For those who love Italian food Anda buy Scarpetta on Norwegian Prima is a must The freshly made pastas pizzas And entrees are exquisitely prepared and Well worth the cover charge While not many Cruise Lines do Italian Food well Anda on ncl's Prima deliver Us a perfect evening on any Cruise Encompasses a delicious multi-course Dinner with a dynamic and captivating Show While all the new cruise ships debuted With signature entertainment there is One ship that shined above the Competition Royal Caribbean's wonder the Seas wowed Us once again with its signature lineup Of shows granted it's tough for the Other Lions to compete with a that

Offers so many unique entertainment Venues at sea In the aqua theater the show intense Features an all-female cast of athletes This high energy performance mixes music Dance acrobatics and high diving feeds With special effects and amazing Choreography Additionally the main theater is home to Two signature Productions the special Effects spectacular is the effectors 2 Crash and Burn This larger than live performance Features superheroes villains and a One-of-a-kind drone show It's certainly a technical Marvel that Shouldn't be missed The theater is also home to the new show Voices this real world meets Zoom World Production features a mix of Pre-recorded voices and live performers It was a powerful show some of the most Talented singers we have ever seen on Acusha Other entertainment on one of the Seas Includes ice spectacular 365 and Studio B the skating show portrays the changing Of the seasons With well choreographed numbers complete With elaborate costumes and intricate Sets It's probably the best ice show that We've seen on a royal agreement ship Coming in a close second in the

Signature entertainment category is Norwegian Prima The ship's transformational theater Allows for several distinct setups which Are on full display with the unique Shows feature on this new ship Summer the Donna Summer musical rocks The house with the Disco Legends classic Songs The show features three lead singers With amazing voices and a strong Supporting Cast Following the final performance at night The theater then turns into Studio 54. For Cruisers to dance the night away The Prima theater morphs even further For the dynamic Noise Boys Bringing the performers closer to the Audience this show mixes hip-hop R b AP dancing and even beat boxing For one of the most unique shows at sea Not to mention Norwegian premium is home To the Price Is Right Cruisers have the chance to come on down To compete for real prizes and they Could even win a Corvette if they come Close enough to the retail price at the Showcase showdown without going over For the most part the newest and largest Cruise ships in the world offer a Variety of music venues Many ships have a lounge and offers Piano music

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Further several ships have venues that Feature live rock music Or bands playing contemporary pop hits You can also find Duos playing pop songs Occasionally there's a standout Performer you might find yourself Frequenting throughout the week Like the country band and The Wonder of Seas mason jar Or the string Trio On carnal celebration in the golden Jubilee Although there is one mega ship that Really kicks things up a notch with its Music programming The music walk and Hallmark lines Rotterdam reign supreme with its mix of Musical styles and outstanding Performers On Deck 2 forward you'll find the Billboard onboard on the port side This piano bar is home to two musicians Who play theme sets along with all Request hours During our trip Megan and Gabe did an Admiral job of recreating the most Popular piano songs On the starboard side of deck 2 you'll Find the Rolling Stone Rock Room this Venue exclusive to pinnacle-class ships With by far our favorite music space on The ship The band here led by Mr McMillan is Certainly not your typical Cruise Ship

Rock Band They had a wide catalog and were not Afraid to improvise or add in some Instrumental solos Additionally deck 2 midship is a two Deck space that doubles as both the BB King's Blues club and the Lincoln Center Stage During the afternoons and early evenings The space hosts a quartet of musicians For classical August cassettes They're a nice change of pace for what You typically find on a cruise ship At night the BB King's all-star band Plays Jazz and classic pop music The spot also turns into the dance club With either the band or a DJ closing Down the joint later in the night While none of the other ships compared To the music programming on Rotterdam We do have an honorable mention this Category for a specific music venue On Norwegian Prima we were big fans Of Sid Norman's Poor House This venue on Deck 7 is intricately Themed transporting Cruisers to a hip Music room from the 20th century The Band 2 is fantastic With theme shows like sail away with Sid And their rumors tribute Just be sure to show up extra early if You want to see for this rocking Performance Admittedly we're not usually part of the

Late night crowd While most cruise ships begin closing Things up around 1am There are two new cruise ships in Particular that will have you partying Until the wee hours of the morning Virgin voyages Valiant Lady it's Certainly a cruise ship for those who Like to have a good time You can find live rock music at the Roundabout all hours of the evening Not to mention the DJ is often in the Manor until the early morning hours Whether it's a theme party or just a Regular Club Vibe this venue is one of The busiest on the ships at all times at Night Of course virgin voyage's Valiant lady Is also home to several Signature Events For instance there's a pajama party on The first night of the cruise Towards the end of the cruise there's a Shipwide immersive anything but ordinary Scarlet Knight party with pop-up Performances Dancing in the pool alongside a giant Octopus and a mega after party it's the Biggest celebration on the high seas Not to be outdone MSC cruises might hold The title For the latest party at sea If there's one thing this International Audience of Cruisers know how to do it's Stay up late

While several the bars and lounges on MSC Seascape close around midnight or 1am la cabre rouge is a place to be late Night And the host wasn't lying when he said The venue was open until sunrise As the club was hopping until 4 or 5 a.m Even if you can't stay up that late The cruise activity staff starts the fun Much earlier Almost every night of the cruise there Is a deck party From the white party To the Brand's Tropical Party these Events are very well attended when Compared to Tech parties and other Cruise Lines In fact there are even pre-party Kickoffs that occur in the atrium Complete with live music themed costumes And selfie station the party gets Started before dinner on MSC cruises For us the cruise director and their Staff are crucial to having a good time On a cruise From setting the overall vibe to hosting Events these are the men and women that Are responsible for all the fun While it seems many cruise lines have Started to downplay the cruise director Role over the last couple of years One ship's Cruise director leaped over The competition with his funny Energetic and charismatic personality

Lee Mason on Carnival celebration sets a Bar very high for a cruise director He was everywhere from hosting many of The activities To just roaming the ship interacting With guests He always had a smile on his face and Was happy to take a quick selfie with Guests He led the fun Squad in events from the Sail away party To the evolution dance party in Celebration Central While Lee was fantastic we like to give An honorable mention to Deval gamble on Discovery princess Again here's another high energy And great host for the week on our Mexican Riviera Cruise While his presentation was a bit more Subtle The Vault won people over with His smile and smart one-liners He was a skilled host for games like yes And no and majority rules in princess Life And likely Duvall was regularly found Around the ship saying hi in England Guess While many of the cruise directors we Had on ships this past year were pretty Forgettable both Lee and Duvall stood Out from the crowd With all the new cruise ships cruise Lines also debuted some brand new

Attractions in 2022 Hands down the most exciting new ride on A cruise ship is the Robotron on MSC Seascape In fact this robotic simulator is Perhaps the most thrilling attraction at Sea For a full three minutes the Robotron Whips spins and turns Cruisers upside Down on a heart pumping ride Cruisers can move to their own music on One of the medium settings or turn up The speed with one of the preset fast Rides Either way it's unlike anything else at Sea For something that's a bit faster and Even longer our honorable mention goes To the record-breaking Prima Speedway on Norwegian Prima On this three level track Cruisers can Test their driving skills during an 8-minute race with a longer straightaway Than its processors and 14 turns Or new to this mega ship Cruisers can See if they can break records with the U And the track experience Free laps just you and the racetrack Versus the clock We'd also like to give a special nod for Best attractions at Sea in 2022 to the Bolt sea coaster on Carnival celebration Clocking in at over 30 miles per hour This electronic roller coaster at Sea is

Pretty amazing Even if it only lasts less than a minute While many cruise ships offer a variety Of bars and lounges none can beat the Lineup of venues and signature menus Found on Royal Caribbean's wonder of the Seas There is a Latin inspired menu and live Music in boleros Not far away is the English pub complete With a wide selection of beer and Proppers There's even a bar for kids well sort of The bionic bar is home to robotic Bartenders that mix up popular cocktails Or you can craft your own Apparently our nephew is in love with His non-alcoholic concoctions Traditional Cruisers like us can't pass Up the martinis Collins and other mixed Drinks at the Schooner bar The sidecar and lavender Daiquiris are Go-to cocktails here Sport lovers can enjoy beer and some Wings at playmaker sports bar and arcade While wine lovers and Savino snack on Some pizza Alfresco style at Giovanni's Wine bar in Central Park If you love the Caribbean Vibes of the Pool deck then you'll never have to go Far for a poolside drink as there are Three lime and coconut bars on one of The Seas Plus there's a slurium bar

The colorful View Bar And the Cantina Fresca bar with Margaritas Did we mention the Mason jar has an Addictive PB and J old-fashioned Cruisers can also rock out the music Hall with themed Libations like the Metallica or Strawberry Fields more Taking a ride in the rising Tide bar Which ascends from the Promenade of Three decks to Central Park While under the Seas took the top spot For best bars at sea there are a few Creative bars and other cruise lines That we love as well The wife and I could not get enough of The New Orleans themed Bayou bar on Disney wish From the decor to the drinks and the Beignets we kept coming back to his Venue for more If you're looking for the most chill bar At Sea the dock or the Doc House a Valiant lady is like spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon An exclusive yacht club resort with Fantastic fuse And great cocktails For early 20th century Libations Done Right the Half Moon bar on Han America Lines Rotterdam shows up a classy good Time Or for those who like their drinks with Some backstory and freshly Sauced

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Ingredients The good spirits bar on Discovery Princess delivered handcrafted Concoctions worth telling your friends About King the best pool deck for the newest And largest cruise ships was not an easy Task Many of these vessels offer more outdoor Spaces than ever before Not to mention almost all the ships Boast multiple pools with summers are For families and others just for adults Yet when it came down to warning the Best pool deck one cruise ship did the Best at dispersing the crowds without Sacrificing the fun So with its four separate pool areas Carnival celebration snagged this title Just like those chair Hogs due to pool Loungers Beach pool midship on Deck 16 is Carnival celebration's main pool Cruisers can adhere for live music and Poolside games For a more relaxed Vibe but still okay Near all the Lido food and drinks the Tides pull aft on this deck is home to Another Pool more loungers And two whirlpools Adults will also love the massive Serenity this sun deck and pool area all The way forward in deck 17 is the ideal Escape from all the families and kids

It's home to an exclusive bar Outdoor pool and whirlpools Salad bar and sea days And some of the most comfortable Lounge Furniture on the ship That's not enough Cruisers can head to the summer Landing Zone on Deck 8. With whirlpools on the starboard side This infinity pool overlooks the ship's Wig For some amazing views while lounging Poolside Further it's right next to guys pick an Anchor Smokehouse Brewhouse The Watering Hole Bar And a short walk from Miami Slice Pizzeria For Cruisers who prefer a more cohesive Leader deck Wonder of the Seas takes our honorable Mention for best pool deck With three giant pools and the Family-friendly Splashway Bay Aqua Park The whole family can enjoy this pool Deck The sun deck has been redesigned from The other Oasis class ships as well With an additional Stadium style seating And unique alcoves to give this outdoor Space more character and privacy Not to mention the adults still have Access to slurium all the way forward And those staying in Royal Suites have

Access to the Sweet neighborhood Sundeck Which includes a private plunge pool Outdoor decks on modern cruise ships are Adorned with plenty of Amusements Many include attractions like a Basketball court or water slides For us the cruise ship that offered the Best mix of activities Was Norwegian Prima of course the Centerpiece of the sports deck is a Three-story race track which ranks as One of the best attractions at sea Still NCL supercharged the rest of the Outdoor activities as well Trading in the typical basketball court There's a stadium This complimentary outdoor space is home To games like pickleball Ping pong Shuffleboard and even beer pong Let's not forget some of the most Thrilling dry slides at Sea the drop and The rush These slides are completely Complementary as well Nearby it's a nine hole mini golf course Now we do agree that this activity Should be free However this Vegas themed Putt-Putt is Still a lot of fun Automatic scoring and interactive holes It's the most high-tech mini golf of any Ship as well Next door is the bullseye Dart Lounge

For a nominal fee you can challenge some Friends in classic games like 301. Similarly automatic scoring and an Interactive digital display makes this Game stress-free unless the loser has to Buy drinks While not technically part of the sports Deck there's also the Galaxy Pavilion This virtual extension of the sports Deck includes two of the most intricate Escape rooms And some of the most advanced Experiences at Sea including an XD Cinema When it comes to sports decks if you're Looking for something more traditional Our honorable mention goes to Carnival Celebration Along with the electronic roller coaster Bulk the sports deck on this ship boasts A number of complementary offerings for The entire family Features a nine hole mini golf course A full Sports Court A 230 plus foot long ropes course which Includes a zipline And a plank A jogging track Tabletop games And even a water park with three water Slides Most Mega ships have a variety of Statement categories Thus to be consistent we stayed in a

Standard balcony cabin on all nine of These new cruise ships And the clear winner for best stateroom Is celebrity Beyond Even though we're not huge fans of the Infinite Veranda the rest of the cabin's Furnishings decor and small touches make This our favorite stateroom of 2022. The stateroom's color palette is mostly Muted featuring light wood tones with Pops of red color According to celebrity Cruise's website The room measures 243 square feet with a 42 square foot balcony The spacious State Room includes a King-sized bed and plenty of storage The closet is smartly tucked around the Corner behind the bathroom With additional storage throughout the Room Beyond the bed there is a sofa on one Side and a desk and dresser on the other The desk included several outlets and One centralized location for charging Multiple devices Not to mention the dresser has Additional drawers for storage and the Mini fridge Even the bathroom is an upgrade this Marble bathroom is more Chic than most Contemporary Cruise Lines It has plenty of space storage and an Oversized stand-up shower Although we do have to give a shout out

To the cabins on Norwegian Prima The generously sized balcony staterooms On this ship are for plenty of space Plus the decor is more modern and Sleek Than other in-sale ships We also appreciate the number of powwow Outlets in the cabin and the upgraded Bathroom Likewise when it comes to style and Decor the new and improved celebrity Beyond won us over This third Edge class ship has been Enhanced with several redesigned spaces The Grand Plaza and martini bar are more Open stylish And feel livelier and more inviting The newly added world-class bar and the Craft Social bar add even more Sophisticated fun to the inside spaces Likewise the newly enhanced two-story Sunset bar is a welcome addition Now almost twice the size it includes a Trendy Casablanca inspired bar Plenty of comfy seating Great app views And live music in the evenings Additionally the resort pool area feels More like a five-star Resort than a Cruise ship And the rooftop garden is the adult Replacement for a sports deck With green spaces lawn games Outdoor movies And newly added float pools we love this

Outdoor space Celebrity Beyond also features other Design Staples like the Tranquil Eden Aft on Deck 5 and upscale restaurant Decor from complimentary main dining Rooms to The Elegant specialty Restaurants This premium cruise ship is gorgeous With an easy to follow layout it's Simple to navigate And it's filled with so much to do See any that you might need a second Cruiser experience at all that's why we Already have one booked for our Anniversary in 2023 However we do have several honorable Mentions that we'd like to Dole out for Best cruise ship decor The cruise Line's first new ship in a Decade we're very fond of the new Disney Wish While so many DCL fans are not impressed With this new ship we love this Deluxe Resort at sea There is immaculate theming a variety of Venues and one of the most intricate Youth areas at sea Even us big kids were quiet pressed with All the public spaces and Disney touches Likewise Norwegian Prima is certainly Ntl's classiest vessel We love the sophisticated design and Layout For us Ocean Boulevard and the Penrose

Atrium are big improvements over similar Spaces on the Breakaway and Breakaway Plus Class ships And honestly Ocean Boulevard wins best Waterfront Promenade all day long Lastly if you're looking for a ship that Sparkles MSC Seascape is your gal The ship's metallic finishes And Swarovski Crystal staircases were Made for the spotlight Thus this newest MSC cruises ship is Worthy of an honorable mention for Bess Ship decor Now if you're still undecided on which Cruise ship is right for your next Cruise vacation check out our cruise Ship review playlist right here on YouTube as we mentioned earlier we have Individual cruise reviews for all nine Of the newest cruise ships to set sail In 2022 Or if you're looking for something even Newer you can check out our picks for The best new cruise ships of 2023 In that video we give you a complete Breakdown of all the new ships to set Sail this year from all the major Cruise Lines including Celebrity Cruises Carnival Cruise Line MSC cruises and more